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  1. Miles posting again !! Yipee!!!
  2. DC Partner: Baby to start partnership with Germanwings?
  3. Redemption Help: Screwed over once more...rescheduled to illegal connecting time
  4. Redemption Help: Booked AC segment in Y, C now available: re-ticketing necessary?
  5. bmi failed to ticket my redemption on SQ: what recourse do I have?
  6. OT: Moved to the darkside - LGW-EDI on BA
  7. Video of bmi stewardess and a hooker
  8. Redemption Help: Flight timing change - should I try to get swapped?
  9. Pssst... don't tell anyone, but...
  10. Oh deary, deary me. How unfortunate.....
  11. Redemption Help: Backtracking question and ground segment
  12. Any FT-ers at EDI today?
  13. Anyone got the MBNA UK credit card if BMI account domiciled abroad?
  14. Rant: BMI online booking problems
  15. Rant: EmBRUaer APD ripoff ?
  16. Lost miles, status never updated, totally confused
  17. Does BMI fly to the U.S. anymore?
  18. Points for airport upgraded business class with Air Canada?
  19. OT: A quick question... about BritRail passes
  20. BD Silver, LH ticket, BD metal - lounge access?
  21. Joining the Diamond Club in spite of Lufthansa?
  22. Redemption Help: Sydney from S America?
  23. Redemption Help: US F seats at x 2.5 miles and cash. You can't be serious.....
  24. Mileage earned on codeshare flight
  25. Rant: Last minute cancelation of connecting flight - how can they get away with it?
  26. Redemption Help: US Airways on bmi Miles - Seats Not Released or All Taken?
  27. OT: Dinner and drinks in London Oct. 11 or 12?
  28. Reservation confirmed/not issued/canceled/rebooked with upgrade
  29. A simple status question
  30. Newbie Question: Advice on flying with OZ plus Taxes
  31. Taxes for econmy to sydney using miles
  32. Which equipment used between LHR and GYD
  33. LHR TLV
  34. bmi gets a new CEO!
  35. BMI Upgrade Vouchers?
  36. Brussels airlines, do we now earn status miles after October 25th?
  37. US baggage fees on DC redemption
  38. The worlds gone nuts...
  39. EI on the rack - could BD benefit?
  40. Comped to Gold - what must I do to retain Gold?
  41. Champagne?
  42. expedia booking - online check in problem
  43. DC Partner: TAM Brazil : in *A 13 May'10, earning, redeeming, reports, reviews & comparisons
  44. Onboard chef being ditched on TLV & CAI
  45. Redemption Help: Long shot SIN-LHR C or F early jan 10
  46. bmi FAQ No.4b : A few useful websites
  47. System breakdown in ICC
  48. bmi Regional out of LHR
  49. Confirmation number missing after time change.
  50. Redemption Help: Air Canada redemption
  51. DC website, repeated requests for login details
  52. Call Centre: Somebody in getting something right shocker
  53. Bonus Status Miles for Return Flight Query
  54. Redemption Help: Redemptions to/from Accra - ICC says not possible
  55. Reduced winter timetable for domestic flights
  56. Redemption on code-shares?
  57. Destination Miles for Award Flights
  58. Am I overcharged for tax?
  59. Redemption Help: Advice with London to Asia trip
  60. Taxes charged on redemption flights
  61. Argugin about Taxes with ICC
  62. Claiming for Park Inn miles?
  63. Updating Advance passenger Info on Award flight
  64. Sandwiches in DC domestic lounges?
  65. Call Centre: My computer is down - I'll call you back in an hour?
  66. LH codeshare on BD metal
  67. Rant: Hertz - Miles not posting on bmi account
  68. BD DC cannot issue F awards on CA
  69. Computers down at LHR T1
  70. Newbie Question: What does "VALID BD 236" on an e-ticket mean?
  71. BMI New Livery
  72. IF you HAD to choose another airline/progam, which would you choose and why?
  73. Cash and miles
  74. Is this the most expensive bmi flight per mile ever ?
  75. Redemption Help: Advice request for a redemption ex-Baku
  76. Taxes on United from LHR and An Impartial View
  77. Is there really an American Call Centre?
  78. Rant: Single class A319's
  79. Does the LHR T1 Domestic Lounge have showers?
  80. *G status on partner airlines
  81. Tight connection LHR-MAN-LHR, doable?
  82. Can I change my redemption or must I cancel?
  83. Redemption Advice
  84. To redeem miles - does the flight have to start in the UK?
  85. Redemption Help: Taxes with LH, why so high?
  86. Promo: An exclusive Regus offer from Diamond Club
  87. Why does TK F only earn 2x?
  88. UK to California Business Class
  89. Switching between DUB-LHR LHR-MAN - different tickets/MCT?
  90. Call Centre: ICC say redemption ticketed; Swiss says it isn't
  91. With the uncertainty over the future of bmi
  92. Expert help with long award layover at ORD on award?
  93. Rules governing duration of stopover?
  94. Rant: 'rules' of lost boarding cards
  95. DC Partner: DC Gold access to Virgin Lounge
  96. Bought 3 tickets on bmi.com to Belfast, however, main passenger can't go..
  97. Redemption Help: Never any SQ business availability
  98. Exorbitant taxes on Redemption Tix
  99. Login problem on flybmi.com ?
  100. Lounge access for Gold
  101. Rant: Family / household membership
  102. Is this Star Alliance Route valid for booking?
  103. Strange status miles posting
  104. Not even bmi & bmi regional flights are posting now
  105. Claiming uncredited DC miles on other *A carriers
  106. Putting BD number into a Turkish Airline booking
  107. Redemption Help: London-Phoenix
  108. OT: Weird EDI experience
  109. DC Partner: Air New Zealand: W & T Earning Rate Change for Domestic Flights.
  110. bmi Miles for VS booking
  111. OLCI down (or is it just me?)
  112. BMI Premium Y Trip Report 24 hours in TLV
  113. Are PE fares now charged for online changes?
  114. BMI launch fares to ATH
  115. DC Partner: Earning BD miles on Emirates?
  116. Redemption zone change: migration of the 'stans
  117. Newbie Question: Lounge access and luggage allowance
  118. BMI BRU->EMA- How does she cope?
  119. Warning: LBA - GLA not posting
  120. Significance of dormant status of account
  121. Newbie Question: Lounge access quandary
  122. BMI -SIA redemption specialist?
  123. Redemption Help: Longest sector rule - can I get away with this?
  124. Bonus miles showing online but not available for redemption
  125. Redemption Help: United PS
  126. 14 A330s available for lease
  127. BMI Plus Card - No Status Miles :(
  128. Redemption Help: NH "Purchasing Time Limit"?
  129. Taj Hotels - Points Posting Time?
  130. Call Centre: Cancelling reward flights before ICC opens at 8am
  131. Help me determine my fare class
  132. EDI-BRU-ZRH mileage classes
  133. Redemption Help: Star mega-do - is anyone going, and thoughts how to get there?
  134. BD cancel 2 weekly flights to TLV
  135. Call Centre: Wait list for First?
  136. Newbie Question: Need some tips to gain 3500 DC Member Miles
  137. DC Partner: Europcar is now the bmi car rental partner, replacing Hertz
  138. How many miles will I really get?
  139. Redemption Help: Option to book redemption flights online is gone...
  140. Redemption Help: LON - MLE?
  141. Connecting flights and schedule changes
  142. Redemption Help: One way open jaw stopover, intra z7.
  143. Rant: Does BRU (BD155) often go tech or is it just me?
  144. Strange in-flight catalogue (Stella and Amex)
  145. Cancelling reward flight
  146. Changing DC status year date - any chance?
  147. The new, longer (11-digit) DC numbers may work with the following partners:
  148. Redemption Help: Routing questiong from Canada to China
  149. Award flight route cancelled: What next?
  150. bmi longhaul A330 - great service - poor seat!
  151. Redemption Help: How can I stop my redemptions going wrong?
  152. Redemption Help: bmi --> Cairo business class mileage?
  153. Need help with wrong tickets
  154. Something I found slightly amusing..
  155. Redemption Help: Am I correct with this calculation LH F & Swiss
  156. MR on UA/US this weekend - New or old card # ?
  157. Your preffered *A route to KUL?
  158. OT??? Healthy J class fares on QR to BKK/HKG ex LHR
  159. Lounge Access with Qatar?
  160. DC Partner: Virgin to simplify baggage policy
  161. Name changes
  162. Is DC always this bad?
  163. LHR domestic (upstairs) Diamond Club Lounge not looking good, closed on 11 Oct
  164. Redemption Help: Weird Taxes
  165. What if.................?
  166. Redemption Help: Is it possible to change redemption ticket to add overland sector?
  167. bmi 'Better for Leisure'.......really!
  168. BD address Q
  169. Claim miles at check in?
  170. Newbie Question: Extra baggage allowance query
  171. Member Get Member Points bonus?
  172. Newbie Question: 2 one-way flights?
  173. DC Partner: Has anyone ever got partner airlines/hotels miles posted with new DC number
  174. Redemption Help: *A Redemptions on bmi On-Line Booking
  175. September menu - LHR-TLV-LHR
  176. Rant: Totally fed up with DC
  177. Miles & More mileage equals ? DC miles?
  178. Redemption Help: Couples of Qs about redemption to Tanzania (Zone 5)
  179. Can you transfer miles from one DC account to another?
  180. Promo: Twice the miles when you rent with Hertz!
  181. Promo: Targeted ? Fly bmi 15/09 to 31/10 2009 : Bonus dest & status miles
  182. Promo: bmi Better for Business Sale Starts 9th Sep
  183. HERTZ Car Rental - bmi Membership Number
  184. Rant: Current Hertz Vouchers with new pack expire soon
  185. Rant: Baggage check in stupidity
  186. Newbie Question: DC and Hilton
  187. Make BMI Profitable - your advice
  188. VS code share with SAA - point earning status
  189. OT: East Midlands Airport Taxi company
  190. LHR, GLA Lounge Access with UA Transatlantic C BP?
  191. DC Partner: Continental Airlines Miles & DC!
  192. Redemption Help: Will ICC allow me to book with a break CHC-SYD, MEL-SIN as *A doesn't do MEL-SYD?
  193. bmibaby passengers being scammed?
  194. Choice between LH F and TG F
  195. Confirmed: end of MAN-GLA, EMA-CGN routes
  196. OT: Dress code in bmi business class
  197. Redemption Help: Do NZ ever have more than 2 award seats?
  198. Can I book a next day star alliance booking with bmi miles?
  199. Newbie Question: Help please on route check and mileage calculation?
  200. bmi Looking for Miracles
  201. Is this right?
  202. Adding an infant to an exiting award - problem?
  203. Flights booked with miles: Still Paper tickets
  204. How long: Award booking --> confirmation & miles taken?
  205. Jet Blue - will I get DC miles?
  206. Redemption Help: Using cancelled redemption miles on the same call
  207. Expertflyer - "Blocked seats" ?
  208. Redemption Help: Male (MLE) - Z1 or Z2 possible?
  209. Mileage transfer from bmi to M&M??
  210. Availability of PE seats when using upgrade vouchers
  211. Redemption Help: Expertflyer doesn't tally with Miles & More - who to believe...
  212. Pre flight customer service phone number anyone?
  213. Mid-haul J to Edinburgh?
  214. Which Lounge at LHR T1 on NZ C award?
  215. Redemption Help: Skipping the last segment when in same zone?
  216. Newbie Question: Will my shopping miles post?
  217. Can DC members use miles for upgrades with SWISS?
  218. OT: Well done NXEC
  219. Star Alliance Silver benefits on bmi?
  220. Still no new Gold card - advice for Lounge access?
  221. Newbie - need suggestions for spending miles
  222. Flight chef - just hot air?
  223. Confused by General Guidelines for Use award flights
  224. How strict are bmi staff with out of date GUVs?
  225. Upgrading a booked virgin award flight
  226. How do I find my BMI DClub Number?
  227. Newbie Question: Access to LHR T1 lounge with gold status, but without card?
  228. Routing Help Japan-Bali-Man
  229. Diamond Club Posting Hilton Miles Automatically?
  230. Getting a seat assigned on BMI charter - impossible?
  231. Missing miles with Electronic boarding card
  232. First time using BMI miles for a redemption - help
  233. DC Partner: Air Malta Codeshare
  234. bmi, which plane and the BEY route
  235. DC Award Booking Horizon
  236. Cooling off period - does it work?
  237. Bmi Manchester to Malta
  238. Three Continent Award Available Using BD Miles
  239. Gate 5
  240. Can you get your luggage back at a non-stopover stopover (on SK)
  241. No TLV flights Sep 27th -28th...
  242. Redemption Help: 140K miles - route suggestions MAN -> Japan
  243. Miles redeposit of unused return flight - cancellation possible part-way through?
  244. BMI treats - thumbs up
  245. DC Partner: Hertz and the bmi shopping portal
  246. Redemption Help: Can I spend my miles on a trip from San Francisco to Vancouver?
  247. Will a return trip to Cairo from London on Swiss get me 4000+ miles
  248. Redemption Help: Joint use of miles possible?
  249. Changing email address on flybmi.com
  250. Call Centre: "There is no nonstop TXL-FRA ; I can give you TXL-CPH-ORD-FRA