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  1. Amex (incl MBNA) double points weekend 5/6 Dec
  2. LHR T4 lounges for BD *G?
  3. OT: No Fuel Surcharge on SK Redemptions *for EB Members*
  4. Where will Diamond Club take you this Christmas?
  5. I'm sorry to ask I've tried my best
  6. First time booking help!
  7. 3X Mebership Miles promo - does anyone have their miles posted yet?
  8. Luggage Allowance: Is This Correct?
  9. DC login members area of website always gives me an error
  10. Newbie Question: question regarding UA Express miles
  11. MBNA certificate flybmi.com/claimmiles not working?
  12. Newbie Question: LH / SA Codeshare
  13. OT: A big thank you
  14. Redemption Help: Winter Sunshine DXB?
  15. Changing email address in DC account ?
  16. Can I earn DC miles with an Aegean code share flight?
  17. DC Partner: Experience with MBNA/AmEx Interest... OUCH! A wee warning...
  18. Redemption Help: Any way to check for any rewards in a date range?
  19. LHR-BRU redemption in UA 777 ?
  20. DC Partner: Oh yes...LX start up SFO from June 2010
  21. New OLCI system; new format BPs; scanning problems
  22. The consolidated 'Family Membership' thread : launched 1 Dec '09
  23. Redemption Help: Need help, delayed flight
  24. Cutting it really close for the 38K: Any ways to accurately predict mileage?
  25. The UA website now lets you pick your seat on redemption bookings
  26. Is OLCI supposed to not work for UA codeshares?
  27. Quick (and probably stupid) newbie question on status extension for comped members
  28. Goldness shining through
  29. Upgrading at checkin
  30. OT: Is there any travel insurance that covers a redemption booking?
  31. MAN quick turnaround advice please....
  32. Can I use the No1 Lounge travelling to EDI showing BP for later international flight?
  33. How long for 3000 status miles from bmi AMEX to post?
  34. ... whilst waiting for the card to arrive...
  35. NZ Business premier Redemption?
  36. OT: Close call for MS on EU black list
  37. BMI Miles on BMI Baby
  38. Suggested domestic Y redemption enhancement (Lounge for a surcharge)
  39. Redemption Help: Hkg-zrh-man-cph ??
  40. To Yerevan in business - really confused about lounges?
  41. Lounge access with Virgin from Gatwick
  42. Redemption Help: advice, suggestions please : warm / diving holiday Jan/Feb/Mar
  43. Bye Bye bmi
  44. Award booking fuel charges
  45. Redemption Help: Is NRT-LHR-CPH allowed as Z8-Z2?
  46. Redemption Help: Z8-Z3 - Routing and Stopovers
  47. Redemption Help: Lounge access on redemption flight
  48. Redemption Help: NYC-YYZ-LHR - Valid routing?
  49. LHR to IKA (Tehran)
  50. SQ award availability online?
  51. BMI announcement : 600 jobs, LHR-AMS/TLV/KBP/ALP routes, 9 aircraft cut
  52. bmi - bucking the trend in the aviation industry in BHD
  53. When does DC see SQ availability?
  54. OT: How to build a railway station in three days
  55. OT: bmi London Christmas Drinks : Wed 16 December 2009
  56. Rant: "Lunch" at 0930hrs!
  57. Newbie Question: Japan via ANA. Use BMI or ANA scheme?
  58. Which is best airline UK-LAS???
  59. Newbie Question: BMI Plus Amex Credit Card
  60. 3000 bonus miles. Not sure what for
  61. Swiss partnership - bmi metal to fly LHR-GVA; ends 26 Mar '11
  62. Finding 4 redemption seats - any routes?
  63. BMI is rubbish at posting miles from partners
  64. Fare increases for Premium Economy (CAI & TLV)
  65. Possible to upgrade using miles on BMI's *A Partners ?
  66. Award flight with CO
  67. Ebookers?
  68. OT: bmi XMAS Dublin Drinks - Thursday December 3rd 2009
  69. What's the status of CM (and allies) within *A?
  70. OT - Jetlag advice from BMI
  71. Will bmi BE the "Tipping Point"?
  72. The New Membership Pack (Ugh!)
  73. bmi Parking Aircraft at MAN
  74. SN Codeshares - currently cheaper than BD offerings on BRU
  75. What zone is SXM in???
  76. Need 3.5k miles - any suggestions?
  77. Easiest way to get receipt for C+M awards?
  78. Very good DUB service - weather delays
  79. Contrast in Service on
  80. Rant: G & T Sir ?
  81. Problems with the diamond.club email address?
  82. The 2010 Diamond Club FAQ - Everything the Newbie couldn't posssibly know yet (v.4)
  83. Eight digit DC numbers no longer working on website (false alarm)
  84. Redemption Help: KVS Availability but not able to book with ICC
  85. AMS service cuts
  86. Very interesting diamond club news !!! Unanswered FAQs
  87. Redemption Help: Reservable Seats
  88. Very interesting diamond club news !!! (MFUs, Family membership, iGUVs) : discussion
  89. Redemption Help: Pooling BMI miles
  90. Redemption Help: Which is better overall flight experience?
  91. DC Newbie Question on Bonus Miles
  92. When do they open up front row of PE?
  93. Bunkrupt in code-share understanding
  94. BMI bunkrupt next year ?
  95. OT SHOCK: bmi site copied by VirginTrains..
  96. Redemption Help: KRK-LHR, few Questions
  97. Earning on AC Jazz or CO Express
  98. Changing a booking?
  99. Is this routing valid ? LUX-ZRH-YUL-YQB // YOW-EWR x JFK-ZRH-LUX
  100. How to use the ANA tool?
  101. The 'posts deleted' thread
  102. Redemption Help: Cancelling a booking and Immediate Re-book
  103. Travelling to Zimbabwe with BMI and SAA... Which LHR lounge
  104. Standby Upgrade for Award Seats
  105. Successful redemption - but which LHR Lounge?
  106. Newbie Question: What is URL for BMI online redemptions?
  107. Just out of curiosity - are there stats available about the makeup of DC membership?
  108. Compensation when equipment goes tech/never arrives
  109. Predicament - travelling with baby in C - yay or nay?
  110. Lounge in AUH
  111. Reward booking for unborn baby
  112. Is Yekaterinburg(Russia) in Zone 2?
  113. Ouch. Astounding taxes on NZ redemption, what to do?
  114. E-Ticketing question
  115. Does status renew on anniversary date or calendar year?
  116. Newbie Question: Gifting destination miles
  117. Redemption Help: Help!!
  118. Redemption Help: Taxes question MEL - CHC
  119. Newbie Question: CO domestic/*A lounge with bmi status
  120. Future award flight cancelled, what are my options?
  121. Redemption Help: Assistance with trip to LAS
  122. LHR-MAN: How long is the actual flying time?
  123. LHR Gate 77
  124. Made it to Manchester... pressurisation problems
  125. Redemption Help: NYC-LAX-AUS
  126. Redemption Help: Does this seem a valid routing?
  127. OT: 2 for 1 Heathrow Express - groupon conga
  128. Looking for an old thread
  129. Redemption Help: Can I change this redemption OK?
  130. Mid haul seating to Edinburgh?
  131. Bmi Voyager magazine
  132. Redemption Help: Etix receipt not viewable
  133. Redemption Help Please?
  134. DC Partner: DC mile earnings for CO posted!
  135. Cancelled Flight - What Can I do?
  136. Seeking reassurance
  137. Miles required for this trip?
  138. Promo: 10% off Business, Business Flexible or Premium Economy
  139. Not able to waitlist for J. Really?
  140. Redemption Help: Bkk/sin - lon
  141. Newbie Question: No refund administration fee on fully flex tix?
  142. Promo: There's no point in offers like this (10% off biz, biz flex and prem Y)
  143. Tax Query
  144. Seat no. 0G and 0K
  145. When did that change?
  146. Question re equipment on LHR-DUB
  147. OT: First 1,000 UK rail ticket! ( Newquay to Kyle of Lochalsh)
  148. Rant: Going to miss out on Gold because of non-posting
  149. DC Partner: US Go cash upgrades
  150. Redemption Help: BFS - EWR on CO possible?
  151. Newbie Question: Downgraded from Silver to Silver?
  152. TK F vs. Possible NH F vs. Already tried LX F
  153. Upgrade bmi amex to bmi amex plus - how?!
  154. Lounge access on code share?
  155. Redemption Help: Cancelled flight - what assistance can I expect?
  156. Air Canada W Fare
  157. all my (destination) miles have disappeared...
  158. Promo: November offer : Triple/double dest & status miles. Or nothing.
  159. SN taking over LHR-BRU from bmi on Jan 10 2010
  160. Have anyone got miles posted from Egypt Air flights?
  161. Cancelling 1 sector of a 2-sector ow redemption?
  162. United Z class : twice the miles?
  163. Online Check in Bug
  164. DC Partner: Europcar & country of residence
  165. OT: Showers at DUB?
  166. Arrivals lounge access policy
  167. Redemption Help: ANA - request available triangles
  168. I want to miss my connection
  169. Which lounge at DUB?
  170. A chat with Nigel Turner
  171. WorldPoints offer LHR only; Earn up to 7,500 extra points on jewellery and watches
  172. Newbie Question: How long to get miles from VS flight?
  173. US Metal/UA flight number can I credit to BMI?
  174. ANA showing seats released DC saying not?
  175. Newbie Question: Is there a way to book a specific fare?
  176. BD14 / BD18 LHR - GLA Cancelled? General winter cancellations discussion
  177. Redemption Help: Changing an existing F booking
  178. Redemption Help: US Airways
  179. Praise before we lose them?
  180. Promo: Use your AMEX card to book a bmi flight and get BD silver
  181. ANA website down? To add CO availability, perhaps?
  182. Tom TLV on 320/1
  183. OT: Non-elected Government minister refused entry to lounge shock horror
  184. Advice needed on Shanghai (PVG) - Hangzhou (HGH) - London (LHR)
  185. Promo: A free flight for you and 50 for your company
  186. Redemption Help: Help redeeming DC miles on United Airlines
  187. Redemption Help: Redemtion Help & ?? - Any UK -LAS
  188. BD598 LHR-MAN (29OCT) zeroed out - is this the sign of a cancellation?
  189. Re-set a bit funny....
  190. W on UA but LH metal : BD miles?
  191. Redemption Help: A few quesions about the rules on redemptions
  192. DC Partner: ANA codeshare on VS metal
  193. BD/VS baggage help needed!
  194. Problems booking short-haul MoD fare
  195. Redemption Help: Mixed class redemption on one PNR?
  196. How reliable are CheckMyTrip.com error messages?
  197. Redemption Help: Is LAX-FRA-MAN for 2 in LH First Class one way possible with miles and cash?
  198. UK to Manila - route and miles help please
  199. Am I missing out by collecting miles on Lufthansa card?
  200. Redemption Help: Reward Z5 to Z3
  201. Redemption Help: Finding 3 seats in J to Australia
  202. Call Centre: Pre-booking seats on other Star carriers?
  203. Op-up miles?
  204. New joining offer, 4000 miles, no flight needed
  205. 50% LOT sale - great mileage run potential
  206. Newbie Question: Gold 55K threshold
  207. Redemption Help: Booked an Air Canada award - How long do I wait for it to be ticketed
  208. When are seats released to book with miles, cos the ICC says not yet
  209. Newbie Question: Changing a booked redemption from c+m to miles only
  210. OT: BD A320/1 (?) at PIK this afternoon
  211. BMI cancels flight - won't re-route me on another carrier (BA)
  212. URGENT: Baggage Allowance for C PAX
  213. YQ on reward flights
  214. F or C Mileage Run
  215. Newbie Question: BMI Redemption Manchester - US
  216. OT: Seeing as the first DC lol cat raised a giggle...
  217. Online shopping miles not posting
  218. Redemption Help: Hotel Vouchers
  219. Rant: Double charged for an award
  220. Contact Air and DC
  221. Where to Go?
  222. How long for BD*G to appear?
  223. Booked DUB-BOS Via Flybmi.com
  224. New at EDI - Security Xpress
  225. Flight retimed - if I miss connection its at my risk
  226. September Amex miles
  227. Questions regarding Astraeus metal, spec regarding wheelchair users
  228. Newbie Question: What if I miss my flight?
  229. Random qu: AKL-LHR... to earn or to burn?
  230. DC Partner: Europcar - a suggestion/ plea for Joanna
  231. Redemption Help: Current thoughts on burning miles?
  232. Redemption Help: Z-3 to/from Z-9 questions
  233. "schedule change" - no, it's a cancellation!
  234. Better for Business (and pleasure)
  235. Expiring gold card
  236. Cheeky bmi advertising in T5
  237. I hope the Captain knows where to go: Istanbul v Amman
  238. Rant: Rude BA Cabin Crew BD MAN-LHR
  239. Booking with TAM Airlines?
  240. A couple of CAI questions - meals, check in, lounges etc
  241. Mileage earned from BD flight operated by SAA
  242. tomvonc and mrs tomvonc are...
  243. Winter Timetable: LHR<>AMS
  244. Minimum miles
  245. Booked on BD stock, flying on UA metal
  246. Sorry . . . IAD and FRA info?
  247. Straight to *A Gold?
  248. NCP Flightpath (LHR) to LHR T5?
  249. Have "Cancelled" Flights after re-timed segments - Do I Need To Call?
  250. Newbie Question: DC redemption = LH M&M miles?