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  1. Reduced fares from GLA,EDI & ABZ to LHR in April
  2. Promo: OT: don't look now but there's another Economist offer, for M+L this time
  3. Diamond club hasn't got back to me yet
  4. Biz-class seat on BMI
  5. I wish....
  6. 4 DC cards in a row... Equals confusion
  7. Rant: BD - Lufthansa no earnings
  8. Redemption Help: Possible to change date of a redemption within 7 days of departure?
  9. GLA Lounge update!
  10. Possibly a stupid question ...
  11. Redemption Help: SQ Redemption
  12. Advice : Bmi Lounge access @ Edinburgh on a *Alliance Continental ticket
  13. Advice!? TK 777W C Class or SQ old 773 C Class?
  14. Are miles always priced at 12 GBP per 1,000?
  15. Strange BMI website problem
  16. Another bmi operated LH flights LHR-DRS from 19 April 2010
  17. Best celebs on BD
  18. BMI DC Gold - VS Lounge Access (LHR T3)
  19. KVS support LX awards/upgrades
  20. bmi shopping : do you get miles for "collect at store" orders ?
  21. Bmi Blue membership packs
  22. Redemption Help: LON - Asia in 1st or Biz help
  23. Newbie Question: Clarification re: spending DC destination miles
  24. Newbie Question: Switch to Miles and More
  25. Very Quick Posting of Miles :)
  26. Not taking final leg on redemption flight.
  27. New BD bookings showing on website
  28. Redemption in C on LH
  29. BMI redemption on TG - how to book seats
  30. Access to SA lounges
  31. Promo: Knowing me, Diamond Club, knowing you, Flyertalkers.....
  32. BMI still sending Blue Plus cards!
  33. Promo: March Promo - Vienna double dest miles on new route
  34. Upgrade award flight with cash at check in
  35. Promo: March '10 Promo: Double Destinations Miles on FlexiY Tickets
  36. DC Partner: AC Y/J availability, TRACON and TATL
  37. Good Bye BMI Amsterdam
  38. Same award different classes
  39. BD codeshares ends with AC
  40. Swiss/bmi codeshares - EDI
  41. BMI Lounge vs Star Alliance Lounge - LHR T1
  42. Newbie Question: Quickie - I promise - Miles to Upgrade on LH metal?
  43. refund of taxes and miles for noshow
  44. Silver lounge access at Groningen
  45. DC Partner: UK-US on LH codeshare
  46. When is an amendment not an amendment?
  47. blue vs sliver vs gold
  48. Promo: Instant Silver bmi Diamond Club membership - targeted at companies
  49. Do the BMI lounge angels still accept a Gold... Gold Card? Not a black one
  50. BMI v BA - my experiences
  51. Rant: BD OLCI - Any ideas?
  52. Seat allocations - non-flexy economy
  53. Rant: I don't believe it!
  54. Liftetime Gold - Problems on renewal
  55. Cancelled Miles Booking - How long for miles to credit?
  56. Lounge access - using miles?
  57. Would you risk checking a bag T1-T1 with 70 min connection?
  58. Gold Upgrades on mixed BD/*A itineraries
  59. 321's back to DUB?
  60. Newbie Question: Buying miles in family account
  61. Redemption Help: DME-LHR-MAN, LHR-MAN Cxled, thoughts on rerouting choices
  62. Why retro reg. of SQ flights longer than other *A flights?
  63. OT: Angry Passenger Eats €10,000
  64. Cash + Miles on Continental
  65. DC Partner: UA Z Class now earning 2x?
  66. Redemption Help: to zone 8 with stopover ?
  67. Newbie Question: Buying destination miles
  68. Late availability LX J class CPT - MAN
  69. Need help with Air Canada redemption
  70. DC Partner: US miles not posting...
  71. Can I add an additional flight sector on an award ticket?
  72. DC Partner: New Redemption Opportunity - NH to start MUC from 1/7/2010
  73. Uploaded by crispy789 on Flickr.....
  74. LHR T1 Lounges - The London Room (née Domestic Lounge)
  75. DC Partner: DC and US Airways Express
  76. New York
  77. Redemption Help: Diamond club / upgrades / partners
  78. 1000 Miles as an Apology
  79. 108 miles
  80. Call Centre: Names of ICC agents who are "stars"
  81. Economy DC miles for paid AC Business Class?
  82. Silver 3 Month Trial 4000 miles achieved but deducted
  83. DC Partner: SQ think I'm *G...
  84. DC vs M&M and other *A programs
  85. Get off your backside, and put some EFFORT into it......
  86. OT: Endorsements/Restrictions Changes
  87. OT: Travel Insurance for Missed Departure
  88. Redemption Help: Canada availability in Business and linking bookings
  89. DC Partner: Receive up to 2500 bonus miles when you travel on Regional in March
  90. Turkish Airlines ? Fellow DC members, can you recommend?
  91. bmi blocking adjacent seats for Star Gold?
  92. OT: BA Strike is back on so it seems
  93. OT: Does bmi fly to the (Persian) Gulf ?
  94. Diamond Club Promo Y1K APO?
  95. Can I borrow your brush?
  96. bmi metal to operate LHR-Berlin & LHR-CGN/HAM for LH from 28 Mar 2010
  97. Redemption Help: Cancelling DME flights and Visa query
  98. How long before they close my account?
  99. Help with last minute trip...on TG/TK F to AKL
  100. Nightmare with crediting miles
  101. CO Z fare on UA metal earning multiplier
  102. Can I check-in with both LH and BMI?
  103. StarAlliance CEO list - bmi?
  104. *A First redemptions - x2.5 or x2.0? And a discussion on TG F class
  105. Newbie Question: DC Route passes and silver membership
  106. Mystery Solved ! 1,000 dest miles bonus: "Campaign Flight Y1K - APO". It's an apology
  107. LHR-BRU First Class OW UA B777 5625miles+50£cash+taxes
  108. Americans really want to go Tehran???
  109. Continental redemptions / other alternatives
  110. Booking Air Canada with Miles
  111. Diamond Club assumes I'm English......
  112. Redemption Help: Award Companion Ticket for Child
  113. Gold bonus miles after 55K
  114. UA award release
  115. LH Strike - how to protect miles if re-routed
  116. Agent has mucked me up! What can I do?
  117. *A award flight delayed - who will compensate me?
  118. Redemption Help: Changing / cancelling outbound portion of reward flights
  119. Redemption Help: Viewing reward availability on Virgin
  120. LH strike implications for Reward Ticket Holders?
  121. OLCI confusion... flying tomorrow (I hope)
  122. DC Partner: Has anyone earned any points with Europcar ?
  123. Rant: The disappearing BD64/BD65 LHR-EDI / EDI-LHR thread
  124. Amman?
  125. Redemption Help: Any ideas for LHR-YYZ in J? (Other than AC that is...)
  126. BD Silver & Gold
  127. Retaining Silver
  128. How can I check an award cancellation?
  129. Redemption Help: TLV-MCO-TLV
  130. Z2 - Z2 via Z5 (IST - LCA via CAI) possible?
  131. Is this a problem?
  132. Air Canada redemption
  133. BAA Wordcard (not Worldpoints) to Diamond Club points transfer
  134. Widerøe?
  135. Rant: Someone should really tell the staff at LBA.........
  136. Z earning, BD metal?
  137. BMI 2010 Calendar better late than never
  138. The February newsletter is here...
  139. Seat selection using iPhone for OLCI - IMPOSSIBLE?
  140. OT: Gatwick Lounge options?
  141. Lounge access - C-F-C redemption
  142. Help me Decide on LH F or C
  143. Redemption Help: UK - USA virgin / continental? US (if I must)
  144. LHR->FRA-> Phi -> YYZ Max stayover?
  145. Upgrade a leg on Award Flights
  146. LHR T1 Gate 2 seating area (where Costa Coffee is) closed from 9 Feb (BHD flights)
  147. RSS Feeds
  148. What Zone is Saipan (SPN) in ?
  149. "Prices to make your ears pop"
  150. Link to bmi shopping
  151. Booking agent switched my first and last names: should I worry?
  152. Reason NOT to transfer from MilesandMore to Diamond Club
  153. Award flights cancelled due to weather - advice please
  154. Upgrade to Business for Lounge ?
  155. Redemption Help: Bmibaby extra charges - bags, etc?
  156. Status miles on BD flight number operated by QR?
  157. DC Partner: Brussels Airlines Trip Report BHX-BRU
  158. Rant: Exclusive Offers: DUB-BRU € 345.68 ow
  159. How Many DC Status Miles will I earn....
  160. Blagging outbreak at MAN lounge
  161. Approaching year end and miles haven't posted? Beware!
  162. Rows 7 and 8 blocked for seat booking on mid-haul; not available at OLCI
  163. I received an Account Statement by email!!!
  164. Flight Time Change
  165. UK to Cyprus
  166. Newbie Question: How to claim hotel Miles?
  167. Promo: Earn 5000 BMI miles per stay with Wyndham Hotel Group : Discussion Thread
  168. DC Partner: US airways J fare earning
  169. Experience splitting a booking
  170. BD miles on a Virgin flight?
  171. Possible Cancellation of Award Flight due to Weather
  172. Fast Track from MAN on Y Flex
  173. Transfer miles to DC from AAdvantage
  174. MAN closed
  175. Any benefits for *A Gold when flying Qatar
  176. Earning on CO in Z class
  177. BD1 - food for all?
  178. Vienna - 3 class?
  179. Status match now requires actually flying on BMI flights
  180. OT: US Airways OLCI - "Premium seats" question
  181. Unusual Bonus Miles on CO?
  182. How many miles is it from Lisbon to Salvador?
  183. Confused about changes on a M+C ticket
  184. 38K status miles taken from my acct!
  185. Confused about upgrading (GUV or automatic) on award redemption
  186. Cancellation of unticketed booking
  187. Hotel booking
  188. 3 Month Silver Membership Trial (Jan. 2010)
  189. Anyone had a recent buy up offer to Silver?
  190. Slight OT: Using BMI Mastercard for paying stamp duty on a house purchase
  191. WARNING: Purple Parking Hand Car Wash NOT £00.00!!
  192. Miles Validity
  193. Burning confusion
  194. No option to print Virtual Gold Diamond Club Card?
  195. Changing Email address on Diamond Account
  196. Redemptions suggestions please
  197. Schedule change and change fee query
  198. Welcome to British Midland International
  199. Todays flight has not yet departed so we have had to delay the opening of check-in...
  200. What does this statement mean?
  201. My BMI award peaves!
  202. OLCI error
  203. DME going A321
  204. Newbie Question: Code on award reservation
  205. bmi Trade website: new partners
  206. Redemption Help: Buying miles for a child on a family account
  207. Flying again
  208. Technical question re: 25 GBP "redeposit" fee mechanics
  209. Blue Plus member get 3000 status miles for free
  210. General bmi query on how to successfully make a redemption
  211. Confused on expiry dates
  212. Redemption Help: Is it LH or LX the ICC will hold seats for?
  213. OT: Join Fellow FTers for London Drinkies Feb 12th-13th (and perhaps other times)
  214. ickle bmi makes guest appearance on the mighty Starwood board.
  215. Newbie Question: So Far...Not so good
  216. Cannot log in to DC : down to fix 'tecnhical error'/feed the cats
  217. Status Match from Diamond Club to another carrier
  218. Local lounge agreements
  219. Miles on bmi LHR-AUH?
  220. OT: bmi Gold on CO - Elite seats?
  221. Indefinite Ticket Delays - Why!?
  222. Why have bmi put 3 eTicket numbers against my reward reservation?
  223. Validity/Expiration of C+M Tickets
  224. Promo: Feb 2010 : 5K/10K bonus miles on bmi midhaul flights/£10 off/10% off
  225. Glasgow Lounge
  226. SK YQ question?
  227. Newbie Question: Reward leg changed to flight that departs before previous flight arrives!
  228. OLCI with the 'better' economy class
  229. Newbie Question: how to pay Tax and other surcharges on BMI air ticket redemption
  230. Codeshare flights - Lounge access or not?
  231. Allowed to change miles only award to miles + cash?
  232. LHR T1-T1 minimum connection time?
  233. bmi DC members above the basic blue level, status matched+ with ELAL
  234. Trip to USA - oneway redemptions - problems?
  235. Ohh 10,000 free status miles.... Ah! It was AmEx
  236. BMI 55K rules?
  237. Redemption Help: The DC redemption "Is this Route Allowed ?" Master Thread
  238. Redemption Help: DC redemption : Help calculating / checking award taxes - master thread
  239. Redemption Help: Lowest YQ Z2-Z8 / Z8 - Z3
  240. Redemption Help: Calculating taxes - post your queries here
  241. Question - buying miles
  242. Status Mile Calculation - Confused
  243. Avoiding transatlantic fuel Surcharges?
  244. Can't see my bookings
  245. Can't see the mileage balance
  246. Redemption Help: Trying to avoid having to be a good friend.....
  247. New BHD fast track lane
  248. BD TLV-LHR-TLV trip report
  249. Booking Engine for Mixed Economy/Business?
  250. So, is now the time to burn miles? And if so, all of them?