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  1. (Promo ended) earn 2.5k bonus miles, posted yet?
  2. Connection thru LHR
  3. How long does it take to issue an award ticket?
  4. Claiming miles - mobile LH BP
  5. Miles on BD for FRA-NKG on LH
  6. A few Q's from a new GLD
  7. DC Partner: Time frame for Hhonors double dip to post?
  8. How early can a bag be checked?
  9. Rant: Where's the early morning flight MAN-LHR gone?
  10. Error for Loyalty bonus by gold member 35%
  11. Lufthansa First with DC
  12. Miles charge for awards
  13. Intercontinental award in F with domestic connection in Y - normal procedure?
  14. Rebooked J award into Y to get home
  15. Keeping my rdms
  16. Changing credit from M&M to DC
  17. Why cant the ICC operator see the same as ANA?
  18. Proof of booking cancellation
  19. Thailand award bookings & re-routing?
  20. Speed of miles entering account
  21. Redemption Help: Award Transiting FRA with CT of 2 Hours Not Allowed - married segments?
  22. Belfast Drinkies - Friday June 25th, 2010
  23. Problem downloading taxes chart
  24. Quick Lounge Access Question
  25. BD1 GLA to LHR
  26. Madagascar with miles
  27. Call Centre: Is it me or is the ICC much better now?
  28. CO trip miles - talking a month to be recorded
  29. CO Award Ticket on bmi
  30. Redemption Help: Booking 355 days out
  31. Quick Lounge Question
  32. Via Almaty - off plane or stay on board?
  33. 75,000 miles to burn for Christmas
  34. Baggage allowance question
  35. BD Interlining baggage question
  36. DC refuses to credit miles despite original boarding pass
  37. Miles for Magazines or news papers
  38. Refunds - Volcanic or Glacial?
  39. LX P booking class
  40. Best C-class experience LHR - BOS - LHR
  41. OT: VS to launch MAN-LAS
  42. I can't find my DC expiry date online, where is it???
  43. Card payments on flybmi..
  44. Promo: Open me quick, I expire at midnight
  45. Spending miles - I have almost given up!
  46. 7-day rule for award tickets
  47. Redemption Help: How long can one stopover on an oneway award?
  48. Refunds of Business Class tax
  49. Transferring at MAN
  50. bmi Tweets: rubber chickens, news, offers, discounts, misinformation & general drivel
  51. Redemption Help: NZ seats disappeared from ANA tool and BD system
  52. BMI A321 DAM-LHR - Real business class or nothing really?
  53. e-Rewards surveys "expired"?
  54. Does BMI offer one way awards?
  55. 20/06: 2 J seats YYZ-LHR just released back into the system!
  56. New Silver here with a question
  57. Fare sale this weekend for future travel
  58. Time to credit miles for *A flights
  59. bmi Mastercard, and the continuing tale of Oxon Flyers emergency underpants....
  60. How many BMI miles for Hawaiin internal flight (KOA - HNL) ?
  61. Refunds
  62. Time to receive silver card after call to request
  63. Any way to minimise taxes
  64. Recent volcanic event suggests case against booking one-way awards
  65. New to DC and need answers....
  66. Can't transfer miles - family account
  67. OT: Twin engine routes avoiding Iceland
  68. Problems with OZ and NH points posting!
  69. Redemption Help: Starting points for Oz Treks
  70. Advice? Suggestions? Visit to Australia in June or July
  71. Redemption Help: Anything else I need to do?
  72. CO Z fare now earning only 1X ?
  73. Quick and ignorant question
  74. Mileage expiration?
  75. "Long" or "short" Diamond Club number on TK?
  76. Flying on QR - Status or Destination Miles
  77. Can I Change Return Flights Mid Trip?
  78. Redemption Help: Fuel surcharges
  79. Locating aircraft (The Where's Wally thread)
  80. Rant: So much for being *A Gold
  81. OT: Are there many BD flight & cabin crew stuck downroute?
  82. Redemption Help: FM domestic flight redemptions - F & Y only?
  83. Now that DC is closing in NL, UA and Israel - Any option to still hold on to it?
  84. Reward flight problem (Ash related) - here's a new one for you!
  85. DC Award Redemption - Time Changes
  86. Anything as good as Diamond Club?
  87. Two weeks left to earn double miles‏
  88. Trouble getting LCY-HKG LX redemptions on ANA/ICC?
  89. DC Partner: 20,000 BMI miles for 35! (Amex Gold relaunch)
  90. OT: Not sure if I applied for a credit card!
  91. Legality of terminating programme in one EU country & what the 'service' actually is
  92. Issue getting DC miles for recent Continental flights
  93. Collecting on one *A card and lounging on another
  94. Lounge Access
  95. Please don't worry - Diamond Club is not closing (Official - 15/4/10)
  96. Iceland volcano cancels flight - refunds painless?
  97. extra miles from Manchester?
  98. DC panic (over) - forced migration to M&M for Netherlands, Israel and Ukraine
  99. So near, yet so far
  100. Seating question in Business Class
  101. Further cuts ?
  102. Unused outbound, return leg validity?
  103. Gold card validity period
  104. DC Partner: 20 off Lufthansa flights courtesy of Avis
  105. bmi around for the longhaul - WSJ article
  106. No more codeshare on SK ex OSL?
  107. Heathrow APD and PSC
  108. BMI standby policies
  109. TAP Portugal
  110. bmi baby awards
  111. Newbie Question: Earning question
  112. Points posting to two FFP
  113. Please help how much to get to Sydney?
  114. Mysterious bonus: 12,000 (12k) Status (Yes STATUS) miles
  115. Why wont Singapore airlines website accept DC numbers?
  116. Redemption Help: Booked flights with BD Miles, on VS
  117. No miles for E and T on LH?
  118. Redemption Help: Which carriers open up (TATL) avail closer to time?
  119. Tight connection time at FRA on redemption flight to NZ: advice will be appreciated
  120. Just in case you're travelling from Kyrgyzstan today.....
  121. Family Membership Down, and BMI technicians.
  122. Europcar upgrade vouchers
  123. OT: BMIbaby connecting to award advice?
  124. Economy Extra for BMI Shorthaul?
  125. Award cancellation: credit card refund
  126. DC Partner: DC Shopping problem
  127. Retro claims for the new *A partners possible?
  128. How many miles will I earn BHD-BEY rtn in Y?
  129. Transferring Miles from other SA account
  130. Massive increase in UK&I change fees to 50
  131. Is bmi now a reasonable or possible choice for you?
  132. LHR Lounge
  133. Redemption on A3 possible?
  134. London----Barbados help needed
  135. Redemption Help: flying to Karachi (KHI)
  136. Stunned! Hilton posting within DAYS
  137. Need 16000 status miles before the end of June
  138. YVR - FRA bad, VYR-FRA-ZRH good?
  139. Need help with routing and booking - computer says no!
  140. Fuel surcharge back for BD?
  141. Newbie Question: Have you try to buy miles recently?
  142. Need Help with Routing to Santiago, Chile
  143. BMI hotel partner list
  144. Has anyone reached Silver status recently?
  145. Redemption Help: Points protection strategies
  146. Lounge access question: BD*S in Swiss C
  147. Slightly o/t: mileage run to keep silver; Swiss or LH Italia?
  148. Newbie Question: Can a Y award be upgraded to J if seats become available?
  149. GUV problems
  150. Promo: bmi - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
  151. Rant: New Gold Card - The wait is getting ridiculous!
  152. HELP! Baggage missing from LHR-GYD-TBS (My bike and I need it!)
  153. Will card arrive after signing up or first miles credit?
  154. DC Partner: LH Easter Business Class sale
  155. A quick silly question - what countries in what zone?
  156. Redemption Help: Edinburgh to Bangkok
  157. Will BD implement a new award redemption rate?
  158. So we get to travel LH F (once again) using miles & cash
  159. "Yes sir" - One ICC experience too many...
  160. Where to go with 40K miles?
  161. Win a New Jaguar XF: BMI's very own scratchcard
  162. Rant: Obnoxious People with Blackberries
  163. bmi's Saturday schedule
  164. Newbie Question: how much mileage for this flight?
  165. DXB redemption advice
  166. BMI DC or AAdvantage for non-flyer
  167. OT: Swiss Availability now on ANA Tool
  168. 321's MAN-LHR route
  169. BD status miles with ANA/VS
  170. Access to T1 Louge flying CY
  171. Goodbye A330's
  172. Can you help a numpty?
  173. Redemption Help: Contact number and adv booking
  174. DC Partner: Best partner for US routes with Gold/Silver?
  175. Have you ever flown bmi?
  176. Quick question about changing award
  177. New European Product to Vienna
  178. Problem with connecting flight OLCI
  179. Miller Harris (as seen in bmi lounge) - Available in Heathrow Terminal 1?
  180. DC Partner: Some New Earning Opportunities from May 2010 on JK
  181. Membership expired
  182. OT: Photo of the day
  183. OT: Sunday nostalgia: "Is it hemorrhoids?"
  184. Orlando to New Orleans redemption?
  185. Reservation cancellation six months out for no obvious reason
  186. Schedule change e-mail not received, call not answered by me, apology e-mail!
  187. How long have I been Gold?
  188. Will I remain Blue Plus until December 2010?
  189. Claiming Missing Miles
  190. Newbie Question: Changing/Returning Award Tickets Online
  191. bmi timetable to GVA
  192. Redemption Help: NZ Taxes and YQ discrepancy - unduly high?
  193. BMI lounge at IKA (Tehran)?
  194. Which class maps into what on codeshare flights
  195. Online Activities Statement Now With EXTRA Details!
  196. Website & members area
  197. Promo: April 2010: Fly X & get Silver/10% Voucher/Double Destination or Status Miles....
  198. DC Partner: Minimum milage
  199. DC Partner: BMI Hotels Earning Q
  200. BMI Irish Crew find jobs with EI Regional
  201. BD7961 operating DUB-GVA on 20/03/10
  202. Paypal topup card for recycling BMI Amex miles
  203. Earning miles on Thai "V" International Fare from 2009?
  204. UA 777 service LHR-BRU-LHR miles
  205. How much is that 'Free' ticket !
  206. Status Miles over 55,000
  207. Diamond Club Vs LH M&M
  208. Redemption Help: Connecting TG to BD at DME
  209. New Silver Member Questions
  210. Rerouted with 40 min connection
  211. Am I reading this right or am I seeing things?
  212. SK flights - do they ever post automatically?
  213. BMI Spouse fares (Wondering what this is)
  214. Finding fare rules for ticketed flight (unpublished)
  215. Connection time on redemption booking is now too tight - what are my rights?
  216. New bmi codeshare flights do not appear on their website
  217. What happened to BRU-BRS flights?
  218. Air China - Any fellow DC members flown?
  219. Is there a limit on the number of auto-Gold upgrades on Zone 1/2 redemptions?
  220. Amex Membership reward transfer? BMI says yes AMEX doesnt have on website
  221. Newbie Question: Lounge Access
  222. Redemption Help: Help planning a reward trip to NZ, please?
  223. diamond club online shopping / earning miles and US dollars
  224. Its no go at BA...Its all go at bmi
  225. DC Partner: Good WorldPoints offer
  226. bmi NY to LHR?
  227. Sanity check operating carrier rules for LX Q fare on SQ metal
  228. 2 new Miles & More credit cards for UK market?
  229. List of bmi wetleases and new 'LH family' routes Summer 2010
  230. Help w 1.5 and 2.0 in US...
  231. Redemption Help: BMI redemption confirmation:
  232. Newbie Question: Lounge access
  233. Man/lhr - sin - mle
  234. bmi silver question
  235. So Long LHR-AMS
  236. No of points required?
  237. Bizarre and creative ICC shenanigan ? (denied boarding on middle leg of award)
  238. OT: 2k Miles by end of May
  239. BA Strike / will BD benefit
  240. Redemption Help: TG or TK
  241. Excess Baggage - BMI internal flight
  242. DC Partner: CO connection
  243. DC versus M&M
  244. DC Partner: EMA-CGN is back
  245. Redemption Help: Help! Urgent appeal
  246. BMI non FE customer questionnaire
  247. NZ "L" class ticket, how much miles does it earn?
  248. QR: Time for miles to credit to DC?
  249. LHR-BHD Boarding Pass needed in ARN
  250. UA - Premium Economy