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  1. Is BMI still doing onboard status match?
  2. Online shopping status just changed - will I get credit?
  3. Rant: On line echeck in failure
  4. Expert flyer - accuracy
  5. No catering...
  6. Sensitivity of smoke detectors in EDI DC lounge bogs.
  7. Redemption Help: They never have the fights avaliable.
  8. MAN - Any Chance to get into the T3 lounge when departing at T1?
  9. Lost my DC Gold card
  10. Redemption Help: Stopovers
  11. BD miles from Expedia booked US Airways flights
  12. LHR-TXL Business Class £293 RTN on bmi.....
  13. Newbie Question: How to claim my missing status miles from AMEX card
  14. HELP! Gold phone number?
  15. Promo: Double destinations miles with Hilton 7 July to 30 Sep 2010
  16. Restrictions on ANA redemptions
  17. Urgent help please - missed connection on separate itinerary - how to get going again
  18. US lounge access w/ BD*G but not in booking
  19. Promo: Flag this message Exclusive spend bonus with your bmi American Express® Credit Card f
  20. Reward flight - Gold privileges?
  21. LBA Lounge - Is it shut?
  22. Missing Miles
  23. A Rant : award cancellation due to overbooking?
  24. Is it just me or is LHR T1 much improved?
  25. OT: Google buys ITA
  26. Call Centre: Rant: Good to Bad to Good
  27. Domestic Summer Schedules
  28. Promo: Win a free trip to Berlin for 10 People
  29. From comped silver to gold
  30. DC Partner: Miles for the UA flight operated by United Express (OO)?
  31. Sign up Bonus - Any chance to get it?
  32. AMEX miles gone AWOL
  33. Promo: "Diamond Club programme update"
  34. Rerouted onto LH during BA strike - how to claim?
  35. Austrian Airlines Booking / BMI flight F&B Q
  36. DC Partner: Booking SAS flight on bmi or sas website?
  37. Customer relations - how long to respond?
  38. No *G lounge access @ TBS
  39. Redemption Help: RQ status in ANA, ICC process?
  40. Redemption Help: Different YQ same flights
  41. Redemption Help: ana accuracy
  42. DC Partner: Now we know DC will become M&M.... what are my credit card options?
  43. TAM car transfer service - anyone know how to book it on award tickets?
  44. Redemption Help: ANC-YVR-UK
  45. Prock-Schauer : "Roadmap for integration „Diamond Club“ in M&M agreed"
  46. How do I book a swiss flight using my diamond club details
  47. Rant: Downgrading ...
  48. Redemption Help: Flight cancelled and rebooked - Can I change?
  49. Redemption Help: Booking made - Mrs now Pregnant
  50. Call Centre: Do I have a case to ask for a refund of the change fee?
  51. Claiming retroactive miles without original boarding passes
  52. BMI and Relais Chateaux group
  53. BD Charging more 'tax' on reward tickets?
  54. DC Redemption Question
  55. BMI A321 Business Class
  56. Promo: The bmifriday promo.....
  57. Dominic Paul jumps ship.....
  58. Newbie Question: Where to credit DC or MM?
  59. Cancelling one leg of return award flight ?
  60. Anti-bmi Facebook campaign about the Freetown 757 service
  61. No mileage posting for last week?
  62. Missing miles?
  63. Rant: How do I earn miles with LH?
  64. Rant: G-MIDX Star Alliance painted bird
  65. Call Centre Issue
  66. Any ideas for status run?
  67. Redemption in C class - domestic-US flight in F - cost ?
  68. BMI Activity: Do Family transfers count?
  69. Call Centre: Gold card Guaranteed Seat
  70. Bl***y Marvellous
  71. Promo: Amex Plat: 40K/42k MR bonus (= 40/42K bmi miles) for £300 fee (less £60 Quidco)
  72. Help! At the airport, 1st leg canx, what are my options?
  73. Man and Abz Capacity changes
  74. Newbie Question: eGUV question - original miles earned?
  75. DC Partner: LHR hotel recommendations for earning miles
  76. ANA now (tries to) require you to have a Mileage Balance to use the Partner Search !
  77. Newbie Question: Interlining Questions and others - BD and Air NZ
  78. How do I book Awards online?
  79. Redemption Help: Redemption Help.
  80. Redeeming via ICC v Internet
  81. Newbie Question: Slight panic to save miles from expiring...
  82. Wyndham Issue - and a resolution
  83. diamond club credit cards question
  84. Flight to Vegas booked...but no ESTA visa :( what to do?
  85. Help! Cannot find any availiability for Virgin or other major airlines!
  86. Rant: Redemption to Beirut
  87. Newbie Question: befuddled, baffled and bewildered....
  88. Redemption Help: yet another "how to get incorrectly charged tax back" question
  89. Heathrow T1 Security Queues
  90. BD 992 Bishkek - London 15th June, 2010
  91. DC Flight Credit for UA Flight
  92. Redemption Help: changes/cancellations before ticketing
  93. Redemption Help: Do infants travel for free?
  94. Brussels Airline / Star Alliance
  95. New User of BMI DC Silver
  96. Newbie Question: 7000 Miles - but involves a train??
  97. Invol Downgrade 1st to J on TG
  98. Newbie Question: Membership points for partner code-share
  99. Q: "Membership year 11/10/2009-11/10/2010" - what does it mean
  100. Newbie Question: Credit card has been charged, but agent said the card is not acceptable, why?
  101. Use of eGUV
  102. OT: Cheapest Star Alliance sector from London?
  103. BMI website up for TravelMole award shock horror
  104. Miles and More
  105. DC Partner: How long for partner activities to post?
  106. Earning DC Miles on Swiss/Edelweiss Flights?
  107. Redemption Help: Available on ANA and Expertflyer not at the ICC
  108. Newbie Question: Midhaul A320 seating choice
  109. Someone elses account info showing in my account! (More cats)
  110. Indian airport taxes
  111. Newbie Question: Address in Thailand
  112. OT: Is it fare paid or fare class that leads to upgrade?
  113. What to do after 250K?
  114. Please help - booking class
  115. Redemption Help: how close to departure can you request an itin change?
  116. DC Partner: BAA WorldPoints - 'My Loyalty Bonus' page gone from website?
  117. DC Partner: Qatar on V booking class?
  118. Has "Board at Leisure" for Golds all but disappeared?
  119. Hello all + Minimising taxes
  120. Newbie Question: Mileage run help pls!
  121. Odd check-in and seat allocation
  122. Redemption Help: Seats to Accra, Ghana
  123. Redemption Help: Finding seat on SK731: Expertflyer, anyone?
  124. Maximum Mileage??? Z2-Z# redemption
  125. Newbie Question: The fastest known and most economical way to achieve Diamond Club Gold status
  126. Redemption Help: ICC- Can I book for both myself and friend (different Accounts)
  127. Redemption Help: Redemption seat releases
  128. BD10 Yesterday - aborted landing at GLA
  129. Redemption Help: ICC (again) or PTS?
  130. BMI MBNA 'Volcanic Ash Disruption' Credit
  131. OT: Understanding fare rules
  132. Newbie Question: Help - I want to build up my Status - Hopefully to Gold
  133. Opodo.de: bmi Diamond club will cease 30/9 (false alarm : just a website glitch)
  134. Full flex fare only - plane less than half full
  135. OT: Even bmi would not make such a mistake
  136. Why is getting BD*G on boarding passes so hard
  137. Reward Flight Cancelled - What refund should apply?
  138. Typical wait time for miles to post from Continental?
  139. Promo: "Fly to these worldwide hotspots"
  140. LX Cabin Downgrade, BD miles+cash booking
  141. BMI charges Japan Consumption Tax on NH domestic flight ?
  142. Virgin Clubhouse - BMI Gold
  143. car rental question
  144. Trying to Redeem Business Class
  145. Has anyone here ever flown ABZ-NWI?
  146. BD A330 and VS A343 inseat power
  147. Aberdeen lounge question
  148. Buying Miles DC at a Discount
  149. Date change , will YQ be recalculated ?
  150. Bonus miles question
  151. Cabin Baggage Allowance for Short Haul
  152. Redemption Help: Overcharged miles
  153. Hold baggage allowances - shorthaul economy just 1 piece now
  154. BMI Call centre - pretty poor
  155. ANA Tool - Is There A Better Alternative?
  156. HELP: SQ won't let BD Gold into their lounge, claiming system showing as Silver
  157. UK Amex MR points to DC: two questions
  158. OT: iPad at Dixons Travel (BAA Worldpoints opportunity)
  159. Best Use of Miles London to Boston
  160. Combining C&P and one-way C award?
  161. Rant: Silly flight prices :(
  162. Just chit chat on availability
  163. Business Class to Milan, BD Metal, LH Ticket, Miles?
  164. Miles/cash query - advice needed, please
  165. Redemption Help: Quick Question Re- Expert Flyer Availability
  166. OT: MLE - Where does everyone stay?
  167. Redemption Help: Which is better in C - LX 343 or JJ 773 Brasil-Europe?
  168. Where is the excel table for the fuel surcharge
  169. Where is the spend miles online link?
  170. Call Centre: LHR-EVN: I asked for Business class, but have been given Premium Economy...
  171. Thai Airways - bmi points
  172. Newbie Question: Codeshare with Qatar
  173. Flight cancellation - compensation or no?
  174. Using eGUVs beyond membership year?
  175. Diamond Club login not working again?
  176. :( EX BMI A330 at Manchester
  177. Buying miles for Famly Membership members
  178. Let's help BMI to return profitable !
  179. bmi lounge at MAN for US Airways arrivals
  180. Ticket help
  181. To credit or not credit to bmi... that is the Q
  182. Need 4,974 status miles - any good ideas?
  183. How painful is BD895 ?
  184. DC Partner: LH unveils new A380 First Class
  185. DC Partner: BMI joins Star Alliance Company Plus / Partner Plus
  186. Taken the plunge!
  187. Promo: Win tickets to see The bmi Diamond Club Ace of Diamonds garden at Chelsea Flower Show
  188. Call Centre: Can you cancel award ticket an hour prior departure?
  189. Thailand refunds ?
  190. bmi online starts to show membership period
  191. Any risks changing one leg of a two-leg trip?
  192. When will I get my miles with partner airlines?
  193. is Ercan (ECN) a recognised airport?
  194. Moscow has lost Business Class?
  195. Help with booking at Hilton
  196. OT: Ash 3: More airspace closures expected from 16th May
  197. Redemption from Hannover (HAJ)
  198. Book award today - fly tomorrow. Is that possible?
  199. Chauffeurdrive question
  200. Redemption Help: LH First Miles + Cash
  201. DC Partner: LX availability on ANA
  202. Access a lounge at LHR?
  203. Promo: 20% extra when you buy or gift miles
  204. Earning period (membership year end date) back on line
  205. OT: APD to be scrapped
  206. Promo: My employer is offering 12 months Silver DC; can I upgrade my Blue+?
  207. BD *G says 6/10 expiry, boarding pass shows *S
  208. Please help me understand my mileage activity
  209. Redemption Help: Cancellation due to volcanic ash cloud
  210. Business ("I" Class) award turns into "Premium Economy" or "Economy"
  211. SQ awards from BMI miles
  212. OT: Times online chat "The best frequent flyer schemes"
  213. Redemption Help: Book Y now and hope for C being released?
  214. YES REALLY ! *Some* Wyndham finally POSTING! : Report your 'post experiences' here
  215. Showers
  216. Changing my Award Flight
  217. Redemption Help: LHR-VIE-TLV vs VIE-TLV: how much tax?
  218. Can ICC only upgrade not downgrade?
  219. Joining DC: Some Qs
  220. Call Centre: Pending LH redemptions being cancelled due to IT problems
  221. When is the Mastarcard Platinum not a Platinum?
  222. Not able to book flights on flybmi.com, or access "http" version
  223. BMI adjusting the incorrect bonus miles for CO flights from 125% to 25%
  224. Cancellation of award booking to BKK on TG
  225. SN operated by bmi Regional - what service level?
  226. Open award seat via KVS M&M but not via KVS ANA
  227. Call Centre: ICC Screw Up - Refund of other costs?
  228. Promo: bmi and MyVoucherCodes Competition (2x LHR-CAI tickets)
  229. Promo: bmi & Diamond Club Promotions and Discount Codes - Master Thread
  230. Newbie Question: Online check in for return flight
  231. DC Partner: Good WorldPoints promo in May newsletter
  232. Redemption Help using DC miles on Virgin
  233. Wolfgang to focus on London, cut domestic routes to 5x daily
  234. Checking in for the Transaero code share
  235. Redemption Help: London to Hamburg 12/13 May
  236. Credit for flight cancelled due to ash
  237. Promo: Join e-rewards and earn 500 destination miles [By invitation only]
  238. 350k Miles to Burn - But WHEN?
  239. Will BD check me in for *A separate references?
  240. Changes: 20GBP and done 1 week in advance? Cancellations - 48hours before flight?
  241. Dear bmi, have you completely lost the plot?
  242. Removal of domestic business class and tax refund
  243. Where is Dresden?
  244. Newbie Question: How much miles it cost for PVG-SIN-SYD-AKL-NAN?
  245. Buying Points To Use in Business Class
  246. Volcano Ash II -week of May 3rd - closures etc.
  247. DC Partner: UA and CO Merger
  248. Promo: Bridge Bar & Eating House (LHR T1 Airside)
  249. Promo: bmi Regional - Double Destination Miles in May
  250. Newbie redemption help?