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  1. DC Partner: Spend 40 on MBNA Amex at Tesco and receive 500 extra Clubcard points
  2. Flight from GLA to SZG
  3. Promo: Special bonus offer - One Week Only - Receive 50% more miles (Dec. 2010)
  4. Is LHR OK today? BD3298 HAM-LHR on stand for past two hours
  5. BD1 GLA-LHR: economy seat selection starting at row 17?
  6. DC Call Centre Location
  7. Should I be concerned about lack of mileage posting?
  8. Redemption Help: CO to New York
  9. Redemption Help: What does it mean when ANA and EF disagree on availability?
  10. Newbie Question: When does rolling membership year start
  11. Missing New Card and Membership Year...?
  12. Cairo to London on BMI - different tax and miles on bmi.com
  13. Redemption Help: Cancelling redemptions
  14. online shopping redemption on flybmi.com
  15. O fare for fully flex economy?
  16. miles posting order?
  17. BMI major failings.....BD062/4 LHR-EDI
  18. LX Redemption & ExpertFlyer
  19. Questions about award flight next week
  20. Thank you for your recent call.....we value your feedback
  21. Redemption Help: Changing last leg of redemption booking after travel...
  22. Breakfast at LHR - Which lounge? What to expect?
  23. Missing (Expired) Miles - Help!!!
  24. Redemption Help: Route Scotland to Cairns, Australia
  25. Redemption Help Required
  26. 30 Nov BD50 to Edi cancelled
  27. Suggestions for DC missing credit (w/o mailing since I'm in U.S.)
  28. Redemption Help: BD Redemptions on SK (single class flights) Y or Y+
  29. Redemption Help: LON to SIN and HKG and TPE (any order)
  30. Big M&M devaluation seemingly in the works ...
  31. Downgrading
  32. What did I receive 4,000 status miles for?
  33. Redemption Help: First (and probably last) DC redemption
  34. Russia?
  35. Redemption Help: US phone number?
  36. Crediting of miles after using a free upgrade
  37. How to add a leg to an award?
  38. WW (bmibaby) leaving BFS, joining BD at BHD
  39. Why isn't bmi on the front foot vs BA?
  40. Using Diamond Club points for BMIBaby flight
  41. bmiBaby Cancellations
  42. 2 BD status miles vs 3 LH status miles - which do you value higher?
  43. Issues Joining DC
  44. Could JK be a possible replacement for Diamond Club?
  45. Redemption Help: Redemption FRA to CMB Sri Lanka
  46. Credit for involuntary change of carrier (CO->AS)
  47. DC Partner: When airlines are rejecting DC's manual credits...
  48. No credit card charge for booking BD on LH blackberry app and paying with PayPal
  49. Newbie Question: bmi Ticket operated by SAS
  50. In PRAISE of BMI, DC and ICC
  51. DC Partner: Travel insurance on MBNA bmi AmEx?
  52. 10% discount code for use until November 25
  53. Campaign October Activation S1K-1
  54. Newbie Question: Check luggage when connecting?
  55. Newbie Question: Expiry date on silver card + No. of pieces of luggage
  56. Newbie Question: Which is the closest loyalty scheme to DC that offers M&C?
  57. LX F Availability ZRH - JFK
  58. Can you still earn points staying at Wyndham Hotels?
  59. Booked, have reference, but no eticket and points still in my account!
  60. What do would you do?
  61. LORD Michael Bishop!
  62. DC miles posting problems?
  63. Newbie Question: Early man/lhr
  64. Interesting split award debits on account
  65. BMI Amex Lounge Invitation
  66. 30th Birthday, spontaneous and 100!!
  67. Redemption Help: Flying to Hainan Island
  68. Redemption Help: Changing F award to J
  69. DC lost in the M&M fog?
  70. Redemption Help: Changing flights
  71. Help , lost property on bmi flight LHR to dublin, today.
  72. TK - do they release award seats late?
  73. Rant: Manual credit.... now they want the itinerary?
  74. Baggage pieces on short-haul economy services
  75. Newbie Question: Change fee question
  76. Promo: End of year promotion: Fly x get y bonus status/destination miles!
  77. Newbie Question: Any way to speed up miles posting?
  78. Newbie Question: Didn't get the >55k threshold miles for Gold
  79. Travel Details
  80. bmi Miles burn!
  81. Online check-in fail?
  82. Yarwood Leather seats - the bmi cabin refit
  83. OT: BMI incident prompts Airbus to prepare safety warnings for A32x family
  84. 20,000 status miles by January 8th
  85. Remember before online check-in?
  86. Newbie Question: Minimum miles
  87. bmi XMAS Dublin drinks - Friday 17 December 2010
  88. Buy back Silver?
  89. DC Partner: New *A members: Avianca-TACA and Copa to join
  90. Greenland?
  91. Am I been fobbed off by the ICC?
  92. How much?? Taxes seem high?
  93. Will missing miles cost me Gold?
  94. BD Silver Nomination
  95. The consolidated "Are the DC / ICC phones down again ?" thread
  96. Redemption Help: SQ blocking new 333 cabins?
  97. BMI newbie questions
  98. Redemption Help: tagging on an open-jaw US domestic flight
  99. Redemption Help: 120,000 Miles to Burn..
  100. BMI plus Amex - 4,000 status mile credit - not posting?
  101. VS Lounge & Mileage Question
  102. Fast Track @ LHR for DC Gold?
  103. New Diamond Club numbers still don't work on hilton.com
  104. Seat Selection - I class reward booking
  105. Question about buying miles
  106. Silver question
  107. BMI email address - no reply?
  108. VS premium economy or SQ econ?
  109. LHR-HKG on NZ = How many DC miles?
  110. WSJ: Willie Walsh again singles out bmi as a BA acquistion target
  111. Call Centre: Should I be worried?
  112. CO miles and Diamond Club
  113. DC *G welcome pack: what's in it?
  114. How many miles would I earn?
  115. bmi miles
  116. Redemption Help: The Old Summer Hols TATL Problem
  117. Redemption Help: Redemption Zones/Help
  118. BD redemption query
  119. Gold Card staus points help
  120. Newbie Question: Book within 7 days of travel
  121. No room for Jungle Jets at LHR?
  122. GVA - am I missing something?
  123. YQ tax refund is no longer (for non refundable revenue fares)
  124. Newbie Question: :D Business Class on BD
  125. Redemption Help: Queenstown to Manchester ASAP
  126. After 55k, no extra miles for flying QR?
  127. Just quickly, how many miles will i earn?
  128. Redemption Help Needed!!
  129. Child labour?
  130. Redemption change, from Business to First?
  131. Redemption Help: Premium flight experiences?
  132. The Consolidated Jet Airways mileage questions thread
  133. BMI 3rd Quarter Operating Profit of EUR 3 million
  134. OT: Flying BD for the experience?
  135. *A Lounges in BHX and WAW?
  136. MBNA MC miles slow to post this month?
  137. Promo: Double miles on your shopping 1 Nov 20 31 Dec 2010
  138. Now that's flex economy (to Dublin)
  139. Worth making it Gold for 2011/2012?
  140. Which city in Germany for a 1 day DC MR turn around
  141. Newbie Question: Cancellation within 24h?
  142. From Nov '10, we will no longer be able to recognise your old 8 digit DC number
  143. Redemption Help: use iGUV to DME in March - Any Chance?
  144. Redemption Help: Z1-Z2: "Connecting flight" miles surcharge?
  145. About to to book MR on US to get DC gold
  146. Use of eGUVS on tix not issued by BD?
  147. How many people can I make reservations for in one go?
  148. Lounges with no status on LH and LX flights redemptions with diamond club?
  149. Redeeming for domestic (intra-USA) F
  150. UA P.S. service - very high tax for miles booking
  151. A simple/silly redemption question
  152. Newbie Question: UA paid upgrade to Economy Premium - any additional miles claimable
  153. Problem getting SK flight credited
  154. being messed around by bmi
  155. Vienna to LHR double status miles question
  156. LHR-DME Business with BD
  157. Swiss to TelAviv
  158. Newbie Question: BMI Routepass
  159. Please review my logic from silver to gold
  160. OT: Looking for Thread on Durham Tees. Airport Railway Connections
  161. What do fare classes map into on UA?
  162. Baggage interline on BD tickets
  163. Redemption Help: Far East Routing
  164. Purple Parking points, prompt posting - potential problem ?
  165. BMI online check-in Help Needed
  166. Any benefits in Central America?
  167. LH HON flying on BD / REDEMPTION
  168. Redemption Help: Does the 3 day redemption rule apply for existing bookings?
  169. Redemption Help: Are changes allowed once first leg flown?
  170. The CO / UA merger : earning rates for diamond club
  171. Advice needed: RTW ticket to maintain gold status?
  172. Fast Track with Flex Econ Ticket?
  173. A Trip on the Dark Side!
  174. Earn DC Miles with LH L class? (DC official answer : No)
  175. Alcohol on bmi flights from IKA?
  176. Rant: Inconsistent Buy/Gift Miles posting time?
  177. Call Centre: BMIbaby: Call to follow website quote
  178. Newbie Question: What's the best way to check o/w availability on *A flights?
  179. Z7 - Z1 (stopover) - Z3
  180. Redemption Help: Redemption likely or start saving?
  181. LHR-KTM (Nepal) *A Permitted Routing?
  182. Miles to burn to Japan - any ideas?
  183. Cash upgrades at LHR
  184. iGUV baggage allowance
  185. DC Partner: Lack of reward availability
  186. Fresh warning over losses
  187. Bmi slow in posting?
  188. Which way round should I do it?
  189. Downgrade?
  190. LHR-TXL business class...worth it?
  191. Anyone in LHR T3 Monday morning (11th Oct)
  192. Redemption Help: Confused about status
  193. Confused about status renewal
  194. So who is going to switch to BA?
  195. DC Partner: Europcar @ BMI - fallen over?
  196. Newbie Question: Jordan, 2011
  197. Redemption Help: Lounge access
  198. Redemption Help: Seat selection
  199. How do I check my flights have been ticketed?
  200. DC Partner: Starting 1 October: Free WiFi and alcohol in UA's RCC
  201. DC Partner: eStore Question
  202. DC Partner: New: Jet Airways!
  203. AC Status points for bmi Web fares?
  204. Slightly OT: bmi Travel trade website gone
  205. Redemption Help: Z2-Z8 creative redemption help
  206. HELP - Continental refusal to award DC miles
  207. On a LX redemption, is YR (not YQ) charged to the pax?
  208. 260K blowout
  209. Freetown to operate with technical stop in Malaga with A321
  210. Redemption Help: LHR-KIX best route avoiding LH
  211. 10% off with Amex from 10 October...
  212. Promo: 20 % off on BMI
  213. Can I transfer 5k bmi miles to M&M?
  214. Redemption Help: Honeymoon Blow out
  215. Fly bmi and earn up to 3,000 bonus miles (Oct. 2010)
  216. NZ look to have released a lot of seats
  217. Question about Waitlist and other options
  218. LH ticket on BD metal - U class
  219. Redemption Help: Help with ITA langauge to check taxes on redemption
  220. Redemption Help: Upgrade from Economy to Buisness
  221. diamond DOT club AT flybmi DOT com no longer?
  222. Newbie Question: Best way to NYC
  223. Economy Flexible.... is it???
  224. DC Partner: ebay
  225. Call Centre: BMI calling customers after attempted online booking fails?
  226. Sex Change for Joanna?
  227. DC Partner: OS flights booked on BMI codeshare not posting
  228. M&M is better than DC...
  229. New Route - LHR-TIP from 01Dec10, then deferred 21Feb11, now cancelled temporarily
  230. Diamond Club Re-Tweet Promotion
  231. Inconsistency on ANA award tool on SQ availability
  232. No expansion then for BD
  233. 1:25 Hour Connection @ LHR (MS T3 to BD T1), Am I Screwed?
  234. Newbie Question: Transfer BMI Miles to Priority Club
  235. Redemption Help: bmi economy flexible ticket
  236. Redemption Help: Far East Trip
  237. Mileage Run Ideas - October 6th-8th
  238. Redemption Help: Looking to burn 100k miles - best value and quality ?
  239. Tax increase from FRA?
  240. LHR - CAI on A321
  241. Do BA status match BMI Gold/Silver?
  242. DC Partner: US launching direct DUB-CLT service
  243. Unite to sue BMI over failure to honour staff pay award
  244. SQ earning question
  245. Rant: I shed a tear today....
  246. Money changing at Tehran (Only slightly off topic)
  247. Routes with very low tax...
  248. ABZ-BHX ending 30th OCT, ABZ-MAN using leased Eastern Airways A/C
  249. Best redemption for 24K miles
  250. RJ145 to DUB..