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  1. ATM Cards Chile -USA issued debit card OK?
  2. Inkaterra Machu Picchu Review: Beware, be very aware!
  3. Chile, Argentina and Brazil
  4. Cuban Cigars ...Chile?
  5. One night and day in Bogota
  6. South American cities covered by LAX & SFO
  7. Chile - Domestic Flights
  8. Which Side of Iguazu? ARG v BRA
  9. Galapagos cruise
  10. Patagonia in August
  11. Tigre, Argentina to Colonia, Uruguay
  12. Machu Picchu tours?
  13. Electric Power Conversion in Uruguay
  14. Rosario Islands recommendation
  15. Calling Caracas connoisseurs!
  16. scl-eze
  17. Suggestions for Restaurants in Montevideo or Punta del Este?
  18. SCL questions
  19. LIM Overnight Layover Advice
  20. Four Seasons Carmelo
  21. Cab question in Santiago
  22. 3 weeks South America
  23. Need help in getting hotel deals in EZE and SSA, please.
  24. Weather & Tempurature Difference between Buenos Aires & Montevideo
  25. Best Time to Visit S. Amer (Chile/Argentina/Brazil), best gateway to fly in/out?
  26. Punta del Este - Any good pubs to go?
  27. Chile Travel to Punta Arenas
  28. Boca Juniors Tickets?
  29. Day trip to Colonia from Buenos Aires on New Years Eve or New Years Day?
  30. Booking a flight out of Santa Cruz
  31. Looking for a Definitive Answer about Chile's Reciprocity Fee
  32. Two nights from Buenos Aires; Montevideo or Colonia del Sacramento?
  33. Santos Guide
  34. Best/quickest way to get to Machu Picchu?
  35. Apartment rental in Montevideo
  36. Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes - luggage storage?
  37. Ecuador airport lounges...3am
  38. trip to Iguazu Falls
  39. Salvador, Bahia Hotel
  40. Left luggage at MVD?
  41. What to do with a long layover at BOG?
  42. Overnight Bus from Mendoza to Santiago
  43. Who do you fly to EZE?
  44. Apartment rental service in Santiago?
  45. City or region for walks in SA?
  46. Question on plug adapters for Peru & Chile
  47. What to see in Santiago, Chile
  48. Chile entry fee for US citizens
  49. American securing a visa to Brazil while living in Buenos Aires
  50. Custodia/left luggage at SCL
  51. Recommended travel agent in Argentina?
  52. The best oneway from Buenos Aires to São Paulo: ~$300?!
  53. Iguacu Paraguay to other countries?
  54. Bolivia safety + suggestions
  55. Machu Picchu
  56. Suggestions for Sightseeing in Guayaquil, Ecuador
  57. Where to say in Santiago?
  58. Dom to Int Transfer in LIM
  59. Trip to Bolivia
  60. South America
  61. Best budget way to get to SA? Airport to avoid?
  62. Five days in Atacama or split with Bolivia?
  63. Seven hour layover in Bogataa
  64. English speaking Doctors in PARAGUAY?
  65. UK visa and Brasilian reciprocity
  66. San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile (Algarrobo)
  67. How long, pre/post cruise SCL and GIG
  68. Copa Airlines via Panama to Buenos Aires
  69. Robinson Crusoe Island (Mas a Tierra)
  70. Help me plan my 'every country' S. America Trip
  71. Need advice for nephew debit card or TCs
  72. Any Lucybell fanaticos in Santiago?
  73. Oneway transfer from downtown to Manaus airport?
  74. Help me plan my South American Trip
  75. 7 hours at MAO
  76. Emergency Trip to Panama City
  77. Patagonia (Torres del Paine) in October?
  78. Booking Sky Airlines online?
  79. Question regarding connecting flights in Santiago de Chile.
  80. What kind of vaccinations do I need to go to Colombia?
  81. Cheapest flight from Bolivia to Brazil
  82. International Driving Permit... forgot to get one
  83. Paraguay - Recommended places go eat?
  84. Anybody been to Guyana?
  85. Dependable Bilingual Driver in Santiago?
  86. USD Dispensing ATM in EZE or Paraguay
  87. Easter Island in July?
  88. Machu Picchu in late January?
  89. Quito / help
  90. Recommendations for multi country tours in South America?
  91. easter island
  92. Short term apts in SCL
  93. La Paz to San Pedro de Atacama via Uyuni Salt Flats
  94. 4 days/3 nights in Buenos Aires
  95. Eating in La Paz, Bolivia
  96. Iguazu Falls from EZE or MVD?
  97. Question about booking a trip....
  98. Connection time in LIM & is AA or LAN a better choice
  99. What up with TAM Aerolineas?
  100. Buzios Hotel Help Needed...
  101. Wine Train in Chile; bus to Vina del Mare from Santiago
  102. Do TAM have baby cots on the bulkhead in economy? Which row?
  103. Where to eat in Santiago Chile?
  104. Should I connect from Iguazu through either GRU or EZE?
  105. Seeking Member Feedback Regarding Forum Description!
  106. Buenos Aires in late December/early January
  107. Chiloe in Argentina
  108. How to fly cheaply from Buenos Aires to Iguacu/Iguassu to Sao Paolo?
  109. 1.00 Usd = 433.450 Clp
  110. Guarulhos hotels
  111. Private Tour in Cartagena
  112. Medellin International Airport - Money Changing
  113. How to get from Torre del Paines Canca Carrera to El Calafate?
  114. Leaving Explora, anyone take the "other" route
  115. Disounted Flight Websites - International
  116. Buenos Aires Steak House Recommendations?
  117. How much is a cab ride from LIM to historical center?
  118. Hotel Recommendations Guatape, Colombia
  119. SCL Reciprocity fee Credit?
  120. How to get to IPC (Easter Island)?
  121. Manaus Help
  122. Galapagos to Mexico?
  123. SCL / Chilean reciprocity fee now $160 for US passport holders
  124. Travel Advice on South America Trip
  125. OT: Sau Paulo advice
  126. Argentina/Chile Help
  127. SCL-BRC?- Or do I have to fly out of EZE/AEP?
  128. Punta Arenas Help-puq
  129. Tropical Maunaus or Business or Novotel?
  130. Cape Horn
  131. 10 Hrs Santiago Airport?
  132. Brazilian Visa Pain
  133. Looking to honeymoon in Floripa
  134. Enchanted Expeditions
  135. overnight flights from LIM
  136. Time in Chile
  137. Flights from EZE to LIM?
  138. Santiago In April?
  139. Left luggage at Guayaquil / Restaurant suggestions?
  140. Galapagos, Isabela vs. Puerto Ayora
  141. Rio, BA, or Santiago?
  142. Some Reviews of GRU and LIM Airports
  143. Transfer time in Guayaquil (GYE)
  144. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !
  145. Visa at SFO Brazilian Consulate - Timeline?
  146. New Year's Eve reccomendation for Copacabana
  147. Please critique my itinerary to Argentina/Chile
  148. Short-term (2-3 months) lodging in Chile
  149. Connecting from DL to Gol in GRU
  150. GRU to MVD/EZE - Suggestions?
  151. Sample Routing as gift for Wife (SCL/EZE)
  152. Internal air travel in Argentina
  153. Looking for travel advice US to Chile
  154. Travel Througout South America
  155. Convenient car rental near Copacabana Palace
  156. Intra-SA Travel
  157. What to do in Santiago for 4 hours with luggage
  158. Few days and miles to kill. Santiago?
  159. hotel at EZE-Airport?
  160. Getting from RIO to EZE with heavy luggage
  161. Valparaiso Chile hostal
  162. Extra day in GIG or LIM?
  163. EZE - AEP advise
  164. Barcelona, Venezuela (BLA)
  165. Hostels / Guest Houses Recommendations
  166. Is My Brazilian Visa Still Good
  167. 12 Days Plan in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil
  168. Easter Island hotels
  169. Shipping luggage/goods back to US (or to SCL) from EZE?
  170. Looking for general info on Caracas
  171. any charter flights to Colombia?
  172. LH / Avianca from Germany to Quito - To much luggage?
  173. EZE-Iguazu falls?
  174. ¿Any "liquids" issues w/in South America?
  175. Chile trip questions
  176. Buenos Aires or Sao Paulo
  177. Guyana
  178. MIA VVI non stop now
  179. Buenos Aires to Santiago
  180. Airport connection
  181. Inca Trail
  182. Chile: reciprocity fee
  183. Options with International J or F for GRU-EZE?
  184. Where to buy styrofoam wine shipping containers in SCL
  185. Guyana
  186. Brazillian Visa Payment Stickers
  187. Appropriate gifts - Columbia
  188. Newbie to South America - which country to visit?
  189. Photographers: What lens to bring on Inca trail hike?
  190. 6 hour transit in Santiago
  191. Help me plan a Galapagos trip
  192. Cheap Airfare within South America?
  193. Where to stay at Torres del Paine
  194. Medellin - Tips, Advice & Recommendations Needed
  195. From UIO to SCL
  196. Questions about Montevideo/Punta del Este
  197. Has anyone toured with Adventure Life?
  198. SCL transit question
  199. South American Cruise
  200. Bogota-US-London cheap flights?
  201. Brazil Congress may eliminate visas
  202. Typhoid shot for Chile/Argentina?
  203. Reciprocity Fees for Americans entering Chile / Argentina
  204. LAN schedule changes - will they ever stop?
  205. Decameron Hotel, Cartagena (CTG)
  206. Caracas layover - need advice
  207. 1 Day Iguazu 1 Day Santiago or 2 Days Iguazu?
  208. Safest South American Cities
  209. Patagonia, Atacama Desert, or Rio in Sept?
  210. GAP Adventures Machu Picchu
  211. First time to South America!
  212. SCL Airport .. wasting a few hours
  213. 10 Days in Montevideo, Uruguay… A Surprisingly Pleasant Stay!
  214. Bolivia Visa Requirement
  215. Transferring in BOG
  216. To Montevideo on AA
  217. Vina del Mar vs. Punta del Este
  218. Chile?
  219. Cochiguaz / Valle de Elqui Lodging
  220. Guianas info?
  221. Santiago Chile next month
  222. Relocation to Bogota
  223. Luv the labor costs in SA
  224. Santiago Car Rental
  225. Best way to go from SFO to REC
  226. SCL departure tax
  227. Internal flights in South America
  228. Machu Picchu
  229. Brazil/Argentina GSM Sim Card
  230. South America Airpass
  231. Galapagos Islands trip help
  232. Restaurants in Uruguay
  233. Montevideo safe with a baby???
  234. Ashes to Machu Picchu
  235. Santiago hotels with not too much travelling time from airport
  236. Bolivia to require Visa for US passport holders (?)
  237. Hotel SAN FERNANDO
  238. Brazilian civil aviation grounds to a halt!
  239. Southern Chile questions
  240. hotels/things to do Bogota/Santiago?
  241. Should i go to Montevideo
  242. General information for Venezuela
  243. SCL Afternoon Departures question
  244. Suggestions for S. America trip
  245. RIP General Pinochet
  246. Hotels near CCS airport
  247. Central Chile suggestions
  248. What to do/where to go for 12 hour layover at SCL
  249. Suggestions for spots in South America
  250. Go-Today.com-Has anyone ever used it??