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  1. Dual Passports and Bolivia/Peru Border overland
  2. Bogota to Villa de Leyva private transport
  3. Peru or Brazil / Argentina
  4. Brazil and Argentina in 2 Weeks
  5. 5 days in SA. Where to go?
  6. oneworld Visit South America Airpass
  7. Christmas Holiday travel to South America - cruise or land?
  8. Chile Toll tags
  9. SCL - International - to Int'l connection time?
  10. UIO Quito, Ecuador airport
  11. Colombia Trip - Need Suggestions
  12. Cheap flight from Lima to S America
  13. Small dilema: driving round-trip AR-Uruguay
  14. 1 week in SA: Santiago to where?
  15. Need tips for connecting in MVD (Montivideo) airport
  16. End of an Era in Puerto Montt, Chile
  17. A first trip to South America
  18. Lurking danger at your local Santiago Starbucks
  19. Opening date for new Quito airport? [obsolete]
  20. Any experiences with FlyBQB?
  21. LAX to VVI or LPB (or suggestions on getting to Santa Cruz)
  22. Colombian Resident Tax Refund - Spirit Airlines
  23. Iguassu / Iguazu Falls and Southern Patagonia March 2013
  24. Four Points Montevideo - help please
  25. Buquebus Colonia, Uruguay
  26. Multi-City Galapagos Flights: Booking Trouble
  27. New BOG open
  28. connection time SCL. arrival international LAN to domestic SKY
  29. TAM connection: GIG/GRU (TAM 8084) to GRU/JFK (TAM 8080)
  30. Chile visa requirement?
  31. GRU and EZE
  32. Viña del Mar hotel suggestions
  33. Santiago - BA one-way cheaply
  34. Colombian FF's - Question re: Copa/Immigration/Aeronautica Civil
  35. karmairi hotel caragena
  36. Arriving LIM; what next?
  37. Bogotá stuff to do (in photos)
  38. SCl connection, is this enough time.
  39. Which Side of Plane? (Papeete to Easter Island)
  40. BOG + CTG in 4 days?
  41. SCL airport: arrive on TACA, separate LAN ticket to MDZ--boarding pass?
  42. Rio airport transit allowance time
  43. Lots of new Colombia routes, various airlines
  44. South America travel itinerary help
  45. One parent traveling with a minor to Chile
  46. Bogota food tour(s)
  47. Studying Spanish in Quito: A review
  48. Bolivia "Visa on Arrival"?
  49. What to do in 5 days between Buenos Aires and Rio
  50. So, PLUNA is dead? Now what?
  51. Any updates on opening of new Quito airport?
  52. Nevado del Ruíz volcano erupts. AXM, MZL and PEI closed
  53. should I be wary of Paraguay?
  54. Looking for advice on my Paraguay Argentina Bolivia Peru and Brazil trip
  55. Quito / UIO warning: squirted with poop and robbed
  56. Adjusting to and coping with high altitude in South America
  57. SCL questions, Easter Island on a shoestring
  58. Cambio/busses from SCL
  59. Planning trip to Brazil/Argentina in December
  60. Transit in SCL
  61. Northern South America Preliminary Itinerary Planning
  62. Bogotá [Colombia]? Attractions and things to do?
  63. Ideas for a few day in Santiago with my son
  64. Snow in Santiago de Chile
  65. Day Hotel Buenos Aires
  66. Traveling to Caracas, Venezuela - travel tips & recommendations?
  67. Colombia dental tourism
  68. Chile
  69. Two nights on Easter Island - moderately crazy or plumb crazy?
  70. Calling for Ambassadors - South America Forum
  71. What are the Bogota must sees?
  72. Cartagena: Getsemaní in general, Casa El Carretero specifically
  73. MVD Airport Customs
  74. Visiting Rio/Buenos Aires and Santiago
  75. Aleve in Argentina and Chile
  76. GIG-GRU/GRU-JFK: Connection on different Airlines
  77. Santiago - Day Skiing Options
  78. MVD: Early flight - Spend night b4 in airport ?
  79. 7.2 Earthquake hits Chile near Talca
  80. Sheraton, Radisson, Grand Hyatt, or other hotel in Santiago?
  81. Inkaterra or Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge?
  82. Tap Water and Ice in Chile
  83. 4 days in Cartagena, solo trip
  84. Colombia: Manizales vs. Pereirra
  85. Safety in Chile Compared with Argentina
  86. Flights SFO to SCL or EZE
  87. Cartagena, Colombia questions.
  88. Asuncion, Paraguay
  89. MP Online Ticketing - without MasterCard "secure code"
  90. Santiago- La Serena?
  91. Please critique/ criticize my Bolivia and Peru plans
  92. Itinerary Help CUZ-Machu Picchu
  93. Questions about Colombia trip
  94. CTG Departure Tax
  95. Hotel Booking Strategy (for Europeans)?
  96. help plan a trip to South America.
  97. One week in Santiago OR Buenos Aires
  98. Costa Rican Currency and Other Travel Tips
  99. 2 out of 4 months for budget travel in SA
  100. Argentina/Uruguay beaches in March
  101. Puerto Montt - Bariloche by Boat
  102. Bolivia Onward Ticket / LAN Refund Process
  103. Inside SCL Directions Needed
  104. Driving
  105. Best hotel award value in Santiago?
  106. Doing Torres Del Paine (Patagonia Chile) trail in May?
  107. Colombia Ecuador flights to be considered "domestic*"
  108. How to kill time at Panama airport on a saturday afternoon?
  109. Santiago in 4 days?
  110. Help- Trying to plan trip: Miami+Rio De Janiero+(Buenos Aires or Cordoba or Mendoza)
  111. Vaccinations needed in Peru and Chile?
  112. Getting to SCL
  113. Foz do Iguacu rent a taxi/driver for a day; Brazil to Argentinan side and bacl
  114. Flight CUS-(LIM)-UIO
  115. Side Trip to Argentina Iguazu Falls Only?
  116. 6 full days in Santiago
  117. Connection advice at SCL
  118. Peru-Chile-Arg. hotel-transportation help
  119. Bogota & Santiago Questions
  120. Looking for advice on traveling to Uruguay.
  121. Crooked Taxi Drivers in Santiago - a new thing? Or a rash of interesting luck?
  122. Disastrous Fire @ Torres del Paine
  123. San Andres, Colombia - any experiences...?
  124. Bogota for 10hrs
  125. Rio or Iguazu Falls?
  126. multi-stop SoAm itinerary / visa-taxes strategies
  127. Intra-South America Fare Deals and Quirks
  128. Using Points for Hotels In South America
  129. Machu Picchu, Bariloche and Buenos Aires
  130. US Dual Citizen - Argentina & Brazil Customs
  131. Picks for S. America spring break
  132. Cartagena: Rosario & Baru Islands day trip
  133. 2 hrs enough time to make int'l-to-dom connex at SCL?
  134. Christmas Eve in Chile
  135. Seeking Help With Planning A Visit to Machu Picchu
  136. Santiago to Patagonia
  137. Looking for a private guide in Santiago
  138. Tour guide for Shore excursion in Valparaiso
  139. Best airline for business/first class to Argentina?
  140. Short connection in Santiago SCL
  141. Montevideo Airport (MVD) to Punta Del Este
  142. Lollapalooza Chile 2010--anyone else going?
  143. Off to Bogota & Cartagena Next Week!
  144. How to hire a driver in Punta del Este, UY?
  145. Puno to Iquitos
  146. 2 Day Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu
  147. Luggage storage in Colonia?
  148. Tejo in Bogota?
  149. Ecuador, Argentina or Chile
  150. Best way in/out of BRC and ZCO
  151. Help with first international trip
  152. need suggestions urgently about airpasses for south america!
  153. 2 Weeks in South America
  154. Volcan Hudson Red Alert
  155. Prohibition in Bogotá
  156. LAN Lounge for Platinum OW-Members in SCL
  157. LAN and the POS?
  158. Locking bags while travelling by air in Colombia
  159. BA unlimited stops itinerary
  160. Views on PAL, low cost Chilean airline?
  161. How to find a cheap flat in Santiago, Chile
  162. Thinking about Rio-El Calafate
  163. Any issues taking engagement ring through SCL customs?
  164. Penguins in Ushuaia in the first week of October
  165. Quito: best lodging choice for overnight stay?
  166. SCL in late Nov - will strikes be an issue?
  167. Taca Flights LAX-LIM having trouble booking
  168. South America Trip Planned...doable?
  169. Machu Picchu - 7 days. Doable?
  170. Peruvian SIM card
  171. Torres del Paine - Punta Arenas
  172. Questions about visiting Machu Picchu
  173. A few hours in Santiago or restaurants near airport?
  174. Why the $2400 difference between EZE and SCL fares?
  175. Long layover in Montevideo (MVD)
  176. Bogota airport and health
  177. Easter Island - Which side of the plane?
  178. LA 767 vs. 4M 767
  179. Risk of booking with Expedia, Travelocity, etc., versus directly with Airline
  180. cheapest one world/* alliance rtw origination in central/south america?
  181. South America itinerary
  182. Time to clear customs/security in Santiago SCL?
  183. Most Reliable Domestic Carrier in Ecuador?
  184. Rentering Ecuador with a different passport
  185. Why are Chile and Brazil so expensive?
  186. Cheapest way to get to Brazil, Uruaguay, and Argentina from YVR (Canada)?
  187. Which South American city have the cheapest flights to either Lisbon or Madrid?
  188. SCL to Vina del Mar bus service
  189. Peru and Argentina itinerary for ~17 days?
  190. Priceline bidding for Santiago (Marriott)
  191. short TACA connection in San Salvador
  192. Open jaws through South America?
  193. Group Tour Companies for South America
  194. baggage storage at scl?
  195. Hotel accomodation @GRU or closeby
  196. Visiting South America over Easter - good or bad idea?
  197. 8 hour layover SCL with Kids
  198. Flights between Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and within Colombia-when to book them?
  199. Rio De Janiro GIG Arrival Lounges?
  200. Need a little help finding award flight to Rio
  201. Toronto to Panama & Punte del Este
  202. Interlining at lim?
  203. ATM's at SCL?
  204. Yellow fever vaccination requirements for South America
  205. LIM or CUZ Admiral's Club or Wi-Fi?
  206. Splitting time between mainland Ecuador and Galapagos Islands
  207. Machu Picchu - With No Time Off Work
  208. Paramaribo luxury hotels?
  209. Any affordable way to the Galapagos from GYE?
  210. Ski Schools for kids in Chile
  211. Help going LAX-SCL with miles
  212. Bogota, CO Exit Visa Question?
  213. Best plan PHL-SCL?
  214. 24 hrs in Santiago - suggestions?
  215. declaring gifts on customs form - Chile
  216. Proof of onward travel if arriving in Bolivia by air
  217. 9D8N Easter Island / Chile itinerary: Help?
  218. Machu Picchu & ?
  219. S. America itinerary - maximizing BA miles
  220. Chile Extends DST Again Due to Energy Crisis
  221. Buenos Aires: Airport AEP to Subte?
  222. Very silly Easter Island passport question
  223. Easter Island Duty Free?
  224. How to get to Uyuni
  225. Rio or Buenos Aires?
  226. kosher food
  227. U.S. Dollars Accepted in Santiago?
  228. Air Seychelles - RAF Brize Norton > Falkland Islands
  229. Sheraton in bogota
  230. Reselling Lollapalooza Ticket
  231. Sao Paulo: Hyatt or Hilton?
  232. Chile reciprocity tax for transit passengers
  233. SCL -> EZE
  234. LHR to Ecuador via Barajas Madrid
  235. Where are the cheap tickets LAX-SCL?
  236. Safety in Bogota (Airlines and Traveling Overland)
  237. Colombia Questions
  238. Bogota: free hotel stays review
  239. Guayaquil, Ecuador
  240. What happens in Chile right now ?
  241. A week in Santiago for School, any suggestions?
  242. Santiago Airport transportation
  243. Torres del Paine to El Calafate
  244. Daylight Savings Time Changeover in Chile
  245. week in Colombia
  246. 6 Days in Buenos Aires- Looking for a chill beach/surf town nearby
  247. Best time for both Machu Picchu and Uyunu Salt Flat?
  248. Chile exit fee
  249. Sleeping in SCL or overnight lounge access
  250. Cigar Smoking in Santiago?