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  1. Strapped for time in ZŁrich
  2. Athens in November & December
  3. Bupadest 5 night honeymoon: New York Palace, Parisi Udvar, or Hilton
  4. Incorrect Year (Schengen Entry) Stamped in Passport
  5. First hand experience with large house in Spain
  6. Recommendations for 2-3 days road trip from Istanbul and back?
  7. Layover at AMS: enough time?
  8. Order of Itinerary
  9. Itinerary Logistics Netherlands, Belgium, France
  10. Recommendations for stops along Turkish coast Antalya to Izmir?
  11. Car Rental Slovania and Croatia
  12. North Macedonia - proof of medical insurance?
  13. Istanbul long stopover with ITA matrix
  14. Day Trips from Vienna
  15. Athens - where to stay
  16. Flight cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances and business secret
  17. GREEK ISLAND suggestions?
  18. Walking to Geneva airport?
  19. How safe is it to be in Schengen area for exactly 90 days?
  20. Amazing place in Portugal without anyone around.. any infos??
  21. Do BUD Schengen transfer require security?
  22. Uber or taxi out of BRU
  23. KBP when you’ve been working too hard.
  24. Crete - rental car
  25. MCT in AMS... is 1 hour enough?
  26. VIE - solo with too many cases. how to get to rental car?
  27. Minimum Connecting Time at London Gatwick - both easyJet flights Edinburgh / Bordeaux
  28. Transfers from IST to city centre
  29. Budapest - Chain Bridge closed?
  30. AMS: luggage carts from term to CitizenM?
  31. Restaurant recommendations for Passau to Vienna Danube Cycle Trail #2
  32. Poland trip Summer 2020
  33. ZAG Int-Dom transfer time
  34. Bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague
  35. Passport Control Time from New Star Alliance Lounge at AMS
  36. ROME - Need a birthday activity
  37. From Canada: visa in Czech Republic Starts in September - Arriving in August?
  38. Exiting EU at BRU: horrible delays
  39. Royal Brunei vs Vietnam Airlines Business Class?
  40. BCN Connecting Flight Time
  41. Authentic Belgrade experiences
  42. Planning travel to Ukraine
  43. Hungary-suggestions for visiting wineries?
  44. Netherlands Travel Warning
  45. Transit from Schengen to Asia: ZRH vs FRA
  46. ATH MCT - Arriving from US, transfer to Intra-Greece
  47. Has intl-dom transit time in IST new airport gotten faster?
  48. Zurich 5 days - recommendations
  49. Driving into the Brussels Lez with a Swedish rental car
  50. Germany to Hungary : Air travel without passport, with Aufenthaltstitel
  51. Prague airport: fast track security for Swiss Business class?
  52. Buying a watch at IST dutyfree
  53. Cyclades Suggestions (Naxos, Koufonisia, Paros)
  54. Most friendly SkyTeam carrier for flying with an infant
  55. OS 414 on July 2, 2019 almost 4 hours delayed.
  56. Istrian peninsula in mid/late October - weather?
  57. A weekish in Turkey, Istanbul and ?
  58. Luggage that meets both Delta and Swiss Air carry-on requirements?
  59. Greece / Turkey Area in Early April?
  60. Would you go to Tbilisi, Georgia right now? (protests against Russia)
  61. Bulgaria Travel Thread [was: Drinking Tap Water in Bulgaria....?]
  62. Euro net atm warning
  63. Schiphol - Amsterdam NS intercity direct
  64. OTP airport to Bucuresti Nord MCT?
  65. Bag storage in Edinburgh airport?
  66. Transit Time from Crete to Athens to USA
  67. Time required for Mount Pilatus from Lucerne
  68. Belarus Entry Medical Insurance - Does US Health Insurance Suffice?
  69. Georgia travel tips route tourist attractions photo gallery [trip report]
  70. Budapest with limited mobility
  71. Uber out of KRK?
  72. Basel or Saint-Louis for 4 nights April 2020 (1st week of Easter)?
  73. Flying from Athens to Larnaca - Immigration needed?
  74. Transfer BA to KL at AMS
  75. Connecting at BUD
  76. cross border from Slovakia to Prague back to Slovakia
  77. Standby travel to Europe
  78. Most reliable way to get from Syros to Athens
  79. Warsaw hotel recommendations
  80. Transit FRA en route to ZAG
  81. I day in Amsterdam What to see/do
  82. Prague /Budapest / Poland advise
  83. Transportation to the new Istanbul Airport
  84. Best Mediterranean luxury beach resorts
  85. Question about passport control/security in AMS\CDG
  86. SIM card suggestions for Europe?
  87. Recommendation for Lunch/beer in Brussels on a layover
  88. Immigration Clearance Time @ AMS (Schiphol)
  89. best things to do in Barcelona in terms of attraction and their tickets ?
  90. Experience with pets in cabinet with Austrian airlines
  91. Anyone been to the Tatras in Slovakia?
  92. Slower immigration times for non-Shengen people since the intro of EU 2017/458?
  93. Duty-free questions at Vienna airport
  94. What to do in Switzerland near Interlaken if it is raining?
  95. European Bank Account
  96. Evening in Budapest
  97. Security when connecting at Amsterdam (non-Schengen flights)?
  98. Schiphol landing restrictions this summer?
  99. BRU transfer, US arrival to Schengen departure
  100. Questions about Corfu
  101. New service for US citiziens in Austria - Get help from McDonald's
  102. Geneva for 4 days --place to stay?
  103. Digital marketing campaigns research (help a student)
  104. Where do I go through Customs/Immigration? [Flying to AMS with a connection in DUB]
  105. Enough Connection Time in BUD?
  106. Kiev/Lviv - 4 nights in August w/kid
  107. Visa in my old passport
  108. I live in Slovakia with Ukrainian passport but want to work in Vienna
  109. 24 Hours in Riga
  110. 4 weeks on the Greek Islands Itinerary
  111. Credit cards in Armenia and Georgia?
  112. Hiking in the Istanbul area
  113. 7 hour layover in Istanbul
  114. Amsterdam to Paris by train...on a Sunday?
  115. Greek Islands Recommendation
  116. Keukenhoff/Amsterdam in the rain?
  117. Glasgow and Zurich in June-July 2019
  118. Ukraine-Kiev
  119. Entering and Exiting EU twice - where to get VAT refund?
  120. Transferring at VIE- custom? Immigration?
  121. any priority pass lounges in the new istanbul airport?
  122. Can anyone tell me where this is?!?
  123. Late May, Pilatus or ?
  124. No Luggage Storage at New IST Airport
  125. GVA airport train station - near check-in enough?
  126. Can anyone suggest me a route from …vian to Tahko?
  127. Renting a Car in Romania - Canadian Drivers License
  128. Rental car Germany, Poland, Czech Republic
  129. International to international at zagreb airport
  130. Understanding the Amsterdam P+R
  131. New Istanbul Airport Gold Track?
  132. Buying reindeer fur at Arlanda
  133. Connecting in brussels
  134. Slovenia - Croatia - Car Rental Cross Border Fees
  135. Using only credit card in Europe?
  136. Bus in Europe: Any recommendations?
  137. Geneva vs. Zurich for Zermatt?
  138. Neuschwanstein from Zurich
  139. Need help navigating this itinerary
  140. 12 Days in Prague, Vienna & Budapest
  141. All-nighter in Istanbul?
  142. QUESTION: Athens Airport efficiency?!
  143. Attention all Budapest Travellers
  144. Best Places to visit in Europe?
  145. Romania Driving Advice
  146. Slovenia / Croatia
  147. Help with Switzerland/Austria/Germany vacation plans
  148. e-Passport does not work at ZRH gates
  149. Can I go landside while transiting at FRA on a passport valid for less than 3 months?
  150. Need unlimited or a lot of mobile data traveling to Europe. (sim card question)
  151. Tallinn excursion countryside
  152. IST late arrival
  153. amsterdam
  154. Global entry for amsterdam
  155. New here. Few questions about Europe travel?
  156. Airside transfer possible at Prague?
  157. 8-Night Swiss Itinerary - Help Needed - Oct. 2019 via JFK>GVA>ZRH>JFK
  158. Rental car travel in Europe (rent from Italy and visit Easern European countries)
  159. Private Car and Guide Recommendations: PRG, VIE && ZRH
  160. Checked Baggage: ATL-ZRH on DL, then ZRH-VIE on SWISS
  161. Which neighborhood to stay in in Istanbul
  162. 2 for 1 business to Paris from NYC on la compagne
  163. Switzerland - Liechtenstein
  164. Istanbul 'New' Airport ( IST/ISL ) - Master Thread ✈️
  165. TLV-CTA need help!
  166. Four days in Amsterdam, what not to miss?
  167. How early should I be at AMS
  168. Amsterdam Canal boat tour
  169. First trip to Amsterdam
  170. Why are intra-Europe flights so cheap?
  171. Late August 2019 Trip to Greece
  172. Suitcase transfer GVA - FRA
  173. 2 days on Malta - how to spend
  174. 36 hours in Zurich - first time visiting
  175. Help planning BeNeLux trip :)
  176. IST airport (whichever that might be) or SAW?
  177. Layover in ZRH or LIS?
  178. Swiss Army Duffle bags ques.
  179. Swiss passport full: what are the options
  180. Best Central European cities for Decemeber snow
  181. The View - Lugano
  182. IC Train Zawiercie -> Warsaw arrive 18:55, flight 19:40
  183. Turkish wine
  184. Brussels Public Transport
  185. Where in Europe is similar to Lauterbrunnen?
  186. Amsterdam hotels for 3 ladies in their 60?
  187. Hotel Near GVA
  188. walk from the boarder parking on the Macedonia side to the free shop in Serbia
  189. Skiing/boarding in Poland - Feb
  190. First Timer to London/Paris
  191. Music with bouzaki in Athens
  192. 11 nights in the destination hotels of London, Paris, or Rome for less than $4000?
  193. Taxi/Uber - OTP, ISA
  194. Zurich (ZRH) on Christmas day comments
  195. Currency Exchange advise, please
  196. Land Travel between Eastern Turkey and Georgia
  197. Athens or Barcelona and Madrid?
  198. Queries about Tax Reclaim
  199. Kroket recommendation at Schiphol
  200. Connecting through LHR input please
  201. Can't find flight from KUO to IST
  202. Blindekuh Zurich - how long is the dinner?
  203. Prague airport customs (food)?
  204. need help with last min 2 day trip to athens
  205. Driving from Warsaw thru the Baltics
  206. Help with Switzerland Itinerary
  207. One day layover--where?
  208. Frankfurt - Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris
  209. Good restaurant / nice town near ATH airport?
  210. Vienna Airport Passport control
  211. Where can I get a one day lounge pass in Brussels?
  212. Why are European shower doors only halved?
  213. Seaplane in Croatia
  214. Amsterdam DIY Zaanse Schans Windmills and more
  215. Advice for Turin multi city in business
  216. any arrivals lounge in PRG?
  217. 50min Layover in Vienna Airport?
  218. Hotel Amira Istanbul
  219. One day in Cyprus
  220. Entry in Slovenia - Passport for French citizen
  221. How to get to and from Corfu by car and ferry
  222. need help deciding which islands to visit
  223. Using the Swiss Half Fare Card
  224. Besides Gate 1, any recommendation for an independent package?
  225. Transfer at GVA Schengen to Schengen
  226. Taxis to/from Amsterdam Centraal
  227. Anyone need a taxi voucher for Amsterdam?
  228. Six Nights in Switzerland
  229. Please present yourself at the consulate general of Italy (Mumbai) upon your return
  230. Uber in Istanbul
  231. Looking for really cool hotel options in Paris
  232. What to do at IST Ataturk airport late at night?
  233. Istanbul Hotel
  234. Can I apply for Schengen Visa in Philly?
  235. Odessa vs Varna
  236. Best First (or even Business) Class to/from US to Europe
  237. US to Greece in J? September 2019
  238. Turkey 10 days late October
  239. Two days in Istanbul. Advice?
  240. Switzerland: 5 nights
  241. transit visa requirements ?
  242. transit visa requirement ? [Russian National flying MOW-FRA-CPT]
  243. Greece/Republic of North Macedonia border
  244. Flight planning advice, SFO-ATH w stopover or open jaw
  245. ARN - T2 to T5 staying airside.
  246. Transfer at Istanbul airport
  247. Sky scanner showing flights that donít yet exist? Sun Express
  248. Paris to Geneva to Turin to Nice to Andorra to Barcelona?
  249. Pictures from İstanbul New Airport
  250. ATMs dispensing EUR in Zurich airport?