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  1. Schengen visa starting one day later
  2. 5 hours layover in amsterdam
  3. Any ideas where to find cheaper Bern accomodation?
  4. Anywhere to buy a picnic airside at IST?
  5. Car or train from Melk to Vienna?
  6. Tips for Bruges?
  7. Transiting at AMS, looking for airside shower facilities
  8. Euromast, Rotterdam, The Netherlands [REVIEW]
  9. Ferry deals from Santorini to Crete
  10. Passing through two Schengen countries with an almost expired green card
  11. Does New Passport Reset Schengen Clock?
  12. VIE and tips
  13. Does an infant need ID to fly within Schengen?
  14. Switzerland - Marriage Proposal Picnic Location Ideas?
  15. Connecting AA to A3 in Athens
  16. Not visiting country that issues Schengen visa
  17. Online Vienna street maps
  18. With the financial crises in Greece...
  19. Opinions on these places
  20. Check-in Baggage on Hidden City Ticket
  21. Zurich in Jan
  22. How To '' From Paris to Lisbon''
  23. Lithuania - an odd question
  24. Switzerland Rail & Glacier Express
  25. Any amazing bang/buck Santorini hotels Aug 31-Sep 2?
  26. Question for experienced expats in EU
  27. Where should I go? balkans, baltic or elsewhere?
  28. Help With Croatia Itinerary, Please
  29. Shengen Visa and Starting Work in Europe by Sept. 1st
  30. No Mövenpick stores in Zurich?
  31. Himare, Albania
  32. Greece - Maybe Milos - One week getaway advice?
  33. First time to visit Europe, Help needed for best Destinations and itinerary?
  34. Applying Spanish Schengen Visa in USA
  35. Leaving from Brussels Airport, which entry has shorter security lines?
  36. Traveling between ljubljana and dubrovnik
  37. Visa for Ukraine (transiting through Belarus)
  38. Issues flying into N.Cyprus (ECN), departing Cyprus (LCA)?
  39. Amsterdam: scooters on bike path?
  40. ATH security, layout
  41. Visiting Chernobyl in Ukraine..
  42. Changing Estonian Kroon (EEK) & Latvian Lats (LVL)
  43. Tax free shopping for Bose headphones in AMS, BRU, OSL, TXL, ATH, IST?
  44. Istanbul: Great Deal or Stupid?
  45. 4.5 hour layover in AMS, enough to time to leave airport?
  46. Istanbul
  47. New U.S. State Dept. Warning on Turkey
  48. AMS-Centraal Stn:last minute hotel booking.
  49. 9 hour layover in Schipol - enough to leave airport for I-I connection?
  50. Meeting place at Vienna airport?
  51. Using Award miles to get from ORD to KBP
  52. Seeking Drivers In Romania
  53. Tours/Attraction tickets In Cities like Paris, Switzerland
  54. Man emerges from suitcase at train station after sneaking across Swiss border
  55. Lower prices in Turkey?
  56. Recommend Best Europe Destinations (for me)
  57. Greece?
  58. Is Schonbrunn in the Vienna 100 Zone?
  59. Slovenia??
  60. min connect time -- MUC
  61. With only a few days in Vienna in late October....
  62. wonderful small Swiss destination?
  63. 3 hrs Connection in Heathrow (LHR)
  64. ZRH terminal E to A/B airside possible?
  65. Trabzon + Batumi OR Izmir + Kusadasi
  66. VAT refund schengen to non-schengen
  67. weekly MUC-LON commute
  68. First entry into Switzerland on a Schengen visa issued by France
  69. Restrictions at e-Gates?
  70. IST layover with children - 4pm to 1am...
  71. Purchasing a Persian Rug in Turkey
  72. Traveling to Macedonia on a one-way ticket
  73. New Year Break
  74. Explosions And Gunfire at Istanbul Airport (28 June)
  75. Query about being refused to fly
  76. Lithuania -> Latvia
  77. Layover in Istanbul
  78. Consular Warning About Turkey, including Izmir
  79. Unexpected Detour to Turkey
  80. 2 week Parking at PRG (Prague Airport)
  81. 30+hours in Zurich
  82. Styria
  83. Tallinn day trip to Riga and Hill of Crosses
  84. Is Amsterdam Dead?
  85. Trieste to Zagreb - Car Service Recommendations?
  86. Houseboat Hotel - Amsterdam
  87. One hour connect in Schiphol
  88. Question about Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal
  89. How to Run Through Central Brussels On A Long BRA Airport Layover
  90. 7 Day Georgia (Tbilisi & Svaneti) Trip Report
  91. Never Been to Europe, Help Narrowing Down Destinations?
  92. Fitness/Wellness Holiday Resort Suggestions in Europe in late Aug/Sept with sun!
  93. Istanbul - does it make sense to split hotel nights in different areas?
  94. NL Passport Photos in AMS
  95. Istanbul Ataturk Airport Hotel Suggestions
  96. EU Clarification of EC261/2004
  97. Trip Report: 1 Day in Baku, Azerbaijan. (also, great driver rec)
  98. What to eat/drink in Timisoara, Romania?
  99. Should I change US Dollars to Euro at Brussels airport?
  100. Best places for a college student budget traveller to go?
  101. 3 Day Armenia Trip Report; Great Guide: Hayk Avagyan
  102. schengen visa (H1b visa from USA)
  103. Schengen visa question (non-US citizen traveling with US citizen)
  104. Vienna Airport to Hauptbahnhof
  105. Is it possible to go by boat between Dresden and Prague?
  106. Istanbul Layover - 10 hrs! Honeymoon couple
  107. Current state of Cyprus border crossings?
  108. Amsterdam stop over
  109. Help flying SAN to Amsterdam
  110. Taxi's at Bucharest (OTP)
  111. Monte Carlo Heliport Car Rental
  112. U.S. State Dept Issues Travel Alert for Europe
  113. Acropolis - Licensed Guide or Not?
  114. Passport Stamps
  115. Seeking advice for a scenic drive in The Alps, in late September.
  116. Niederösterreich (Lower Austria)
  117. Turkish Airlikes - TK - (*A) Lounge at IST
  118. Luxury and Boutique Hotels in Vienna
  119. MSY to Europe need help!
  120. HAM - BEG in september
  121. Advice on travel to the Czech Republic
  122. Istanbul Hop on Hop off Bus
  123. safe/secure/guarded parking in the city center of Wroclaw?
  124. ATH airport : security ?
  125. Running with the Bulls (Pamplona 2016)
  126. Border crossing between Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia
  127. Visa on arrival for a Colombian
  128. November - where to go?
  129. Need help with Europe Itinerary over Christmas Holiday
  130. Suggestions for travel to Greece
  131. Baden Switzerland Spa/Hot Springs question.
  132. AMS Transfer (tight timings)
  133. Newark to Armenia via DUS, ATH, EVN, VIE, MXP
  134. Bucharest and Budapest, which is the Budcabest?
  135. Kiev/Baku?
  136. Shengen visa question
  137. best hot air balloon in Kapadokya in Turkey?
  138. Schengen Visa from a foreign country
  139. Which concourse at AMS
  140. Current situation flying intra-Schengen
  141. Athens advice please
  142. Pay As You Go SIM (Germany, Italy)?
  143. Which Destination/s to choose?
  144. Passport Count Ferry from Corfu to Albania?
  145. Schengen 90/180 Rule
  146. Day trip through Ukraine and Moldova from Romania?
  147. Amsterdam Restaurants
  148. International Drivers License - required in Croatia?
  149. ATH airport VAT refund
  150. car rental in Romania (Bucharest OTP)
  151. flying to ATH via LHR...how much time?
  152. Driving in Turkey: Pamukkale to/from Cappadocia
  153. MEL to AMS via LHR
  154. Connection time at Zurich and Brussels airports.
  155. MAN Radisson Blu Shower & Change $6.50 ?
  156. No VAT on Car Rental VIE if Car Leaves Austria
  157. Frankfurt to BCN
  158. A Brasserie Day in the Ardennes
  159. how much was 1,600 Swiss francs in USD in 2004?
  160. Sleeping in Istanbul Ataturk airport - lounge?
  161. Auschwitz/Birkenau area hotels
  162. 3 nights in Istanbul, need hotel advice
  163. austria in july
  164. Germany/Italy in August on points/miles, need ideas!
  165. Europe in August. Ideas for a week. (from Rome)
  166. Zurich Hotel
  167. Barolo, Italy to Nice, Frand in October - planning help/ideas
  168. Nordkette Cable Car (Innsbruck)
  169. greece/migrants
  170. European cities with cheap and easy airport transport links
  171. Best country to spend Christmas and NY ?
  172. Schengen "main destination"
  173. Hungarian Railways service between Budapest and Zagreb
  174. Overnight in Bratislava
  175. Vienna Airport from City with Early AM Flight
  176. Flying from AMS with 12 oz jars of strawberry preserves
  177. ATH Airport Buses: On & Off at Intermediate Stops?
  178. How many days in Plitvice Lakes National Park?
  179. 5/ngts in Vienna: Salzburg day trip? Other day trips?
  180. 7 hr layover in AMS in current situation
  181. Summer holiday destination opinion needed
  182. BRU airport - Pre-blast serious security lapses
  183. New security measures that apply at Belgian airports
  184. Budapest Hotels: Ritz Carlton, Boscolo Autograph Collection, or IC?
  185. Brussels airport and metro explosions 22 March 2016
  186. Prague stay: Hilton, InterContinental or Sheraton?
  187. Peloponnese Suggestions
  188. Warsaw Chopin Lounges
  189. Take the train from AMS to the Central Station?
  190. Day trip to Interlaken (or elsewhere) from Zurich, late March
  191. Cashback in Belgium
  192. US/Romania- Dual Citizenship?
  193. Grand Hotel Pupp Spa in Karlovy Vary, Czech Rep. Worth the trip?
  194. Sibiu, Romania: village accommodations nearby?
  195. Traditional Romanian and Bulgarian Items (textile, handicrafts, Jewelry... etc.)
  196. Greece prepaid sim card
  197. ath to hotel transport
  198. Travel to Greece in Late November
  199. ATMs at airport in Sofia?
  200. Overnight connection in GVA
  201. Summer deals for hotels/resorts in Greece?
  202. Any experience of new passport controls within Europe?
  203. IST Layover Situation
  204. Ash/Green Monday in Greece - Mon. March 14th
  205. Greek Island villa recommendation
  206. Amsterdam lounge access
  207. need Hotel help as confused in prague
  208. Aspirational Mediterranean award hotels?
  209. Private guides in Greece
  210. Short time luggage storage service at Athens (ATH) airport?
  211. Budapest (and Vienna) with the family, need advice
  212. Brussels Airport - Food
  213. Need suggestion for Zurich hotel near train station
  214. Tour in Amsterdam
  215. Eastern Croatia. What to see?
  216. 5 hours to kill in Athens - any suggestions?
  217. Planning two trips to Schengen countries at the beginning/end of UK stay
  218. Applying for Schengen Visa with type-C UK Visa?
  219. Help me choose the best plan (Istanbul-Cappadocia)
  220. MCT Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
  221. Renting a car in Netherlands
  222. sightseeing only tour in europe
  223. Waiting for connection in Athens
  224. Best Lounges in Istanbul Ataturk Airport with PriorityPass
  225. ATH Airport Luggage Hold (Storage)
  226. TXL transfer time?
  227. MCT/Transit Athens Airport (Moscow-Athens-Santorini)
  228. Which Greek Isles for Trip in May?
  229. What do with a 10 yr old in W.Austria/E.Switzerland/S.Germany??
  230. VIE Airport questions
  231. Brussels budget tips? Eurostar to BRU overnight transfer.
  232. Luxembourg - End of May
  233. Athenes and the greek islands
  234. Cinque Terre vs. Croatia
  235. Are Schengen countries required to stamp US passports at airports or land crossings?
  236. 4/5 days in Belgium - Base in Bruges or Ghent?
  237. Cell Phone Rental @ DUB Airport, or Cell Phone PickUp Advice
  238. Diamond Lounge in BRU
  239. 10 hours in WAW
  240. AMS flight transfer from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3
  241. Best F/J redemptions from USA to Greece
  242. Thousands Stranded Across Europe As French Strikes Hit Flights, Roads, Ports
  243. Istanbul or Crete...safety/convenience
  244. The 180 days visa policy in Bulgaria
  245. Anyone have anything to share about Croatia Car Rentals?
  246. Feeling overwhelmed...pls help a novice with 3 week Europe trip!
  247. SIM card at BUD?
  248. Uber in Budapest?
  249. Vienna airport lounge rules?
  250. Maastricht or Bulge?