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  1. Munich to Split Driving
  2. Uber Suspending Service in Athens
  3. Passport number for credit card purchases at AMS?
  4. Greece Restaurant Reservations
  5. Comparing Eastern European Countries To Each Other
  6. Quick Question: Vienna for a day?
  7. OTP: 1 hr connection or 6 hour layover?
  8. Dublin Airport Self Connection Timing
  9. Best Ferry Companies in Greece
  10. 15 Hours in Vienna
  11. Round Europe Pass?
  12. ZRH to city and back same night
  13. driving from Pristina, Kosovo to Nis, Serbia
  14. 4:30 at HEL - enough time to check out the city?
  15. Help! Do i have enough time to make my flight?
  16. Taxi/Cafe costs in Dubrovnik
  17. Your favourite non-chain hotel in Europe
  18. Belgium for 1 day in December
  19. Transfer Time in AMSTERDAM
  20. Excelsior Dubrovnik / Hilton Dubrovnik question
  21. VIE and Austrian Airlines
  22. Hilton vs Marriott vs Radisson Blu in Brussels
  23. ATH : is there any paid lounge?
  24. Luzern to ZRH for 7:45 am flight?
  25. Best AMS Transit Hotel
  26. 5 Days in Moldova
  27. 15 hour transit through İstanbul
  28. London, Paris and Amsterdam?
  29. Honeymoon - Switzerland & Italy
  30. Immigration / customs forms for the Netherlands
  31. Honeymoon: Azores vs Greek Islands
  32. 10 hours in Athens - sightseeing?
  33. Road Trip - Croatia
  34. Opinion: How may days in each of Prague, Krakow, Budapest 2 weeks
  35. ATH (Athens airport) Germanos store
  36. Airside tranfer in AMS with Singapore airlines onward flight
  37. Travelling from and to UK with SAS on national ID
  38. Winter tires in Austria or chains ?
  39. Ljubljana airport (LJU) to Ljubljana downtown to Zagreb downtown to ZAG airport
  40. Extra Schengen -> Extra Schengen Passport Control?
  41. Connecting airside in AMS on separate tickets
  42. Driving from Bucharest (RO) to Odessa (UA)
  43. Rabac, Croatia
  44. What are the best beaches in Europe?
  45. Lemnos Greece
  46. Visa Support for Belarus
  47. Transit time for Amsterdam (AMS) Schipol airport coming from India
  48. Vienna - Free Tourist Attractions to registered Disabled
  49. getting from Zurich to Liechtenstein in 1 day
  50. Anyone used Uber out of WAW?
  51. ATL-AMS-INV 75 Min Connection
  52. Clearing Customs with a Stopover
  53. Texas - iceland - amsterdam
  54. Schengen Visa Biometrics Appointment Without Fixed Travel Plans
  55. Europe Trip Itinerary Help
  56. Suggestions for Pristina, Kosovo?
  57. Can I apply for Schengen from one country and fly to the EU from another?
  58. Vienna hotel at airport or city for a long layover?
  59. Traveling in EU with passport 3-6 months from expiration
  60. Shuttle buses between hotels and ZRH (Zurich) Airport issues
  61. Prague questions
  62. Connection Time BRU
  63. Kiev & Minsk itinerary
  64. Schengen Transit Visa Mistake. What should I do?
  65. Need suggestions - Sofia, Serbia or Budapest?
  66. Immigration in Alexandria, turkey HBE
  67. Hand luggage stolen while at security controls @IST
  68. Fly into Larnaca LCA and out of Lefkosa ECN?
  69. Help me plan a dream driver's vacation!
  70. EU prohibits credit card surcharge [Air Travel]
  71. When you travel to Santorini do you prefer a big chain hotel or an Air B&B
  72. Innsbruck
  73. Touring Europe in April --- Accommodations?
  74. Europe Favorite Destinations
  75. AMS-FRA trip suggestions and rental car help
  76. Summer in the Swiss Alps
  77. Clarification on VAT Refund
  78. Please help me plan a trip to Santorini/Mykonos from NY/NJ
  79. Great Hotels: Munich & Vienna
  80. Help w 14 days Europe: Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Dubrovnik
  81. Krakow - hotel old town
  82. Wheel chair rental at Frankfurt airport?
  83. Transfer in ZRH (Austrian to Cathay)
  84. Drone regulation in Europe?
  85. Croatia - 3 weeks in Sept.
  86. visiting serbia and question about visa free for US permanent resident
  87. Missed flight due to immigrations backup during connection - any recourse?
  88. separate ticket transit
  89. 95 minute layover in BRU
  90. 4 hours in AMS
  91. 5 hours in Brussels?
  92. Europe in Feb
  93. Brno, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava?
  94. Lunch recommendations for Jersey, January?
  95. AirBnb Amsterdam 9 Streets
  96. Help with CLT to Zurich Flight
  97. Currency exchange scam at IST duty free shops
  98. Rec on web sites selling last minute package deals FROM Belgium and surroundings?
  99. A sector run this June to/from SKG... info on seeing Mt. Olympus?
  100. How far out to book international/Europe tickets?
  101. VAT refund for EU citizen living in US
  102. Greece on and around Christmas Day
  103. Overnight layover near Zurich or Munich
  104. Found a great place to stay for a tier point run to RHO
  105. Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest
  106. 2 week stay in Istanbul
  107. Late night arrival in KBP- Services available?
  108. Skipping EU to US leg on return itinerary?
  109. Beer at Schiphol Airport Duty Free?
  110. Croatia or Amalfi Coast?
  111. Would a dual citizen (US/UK) require a visa for Italy to stay for more than 3 months?
  112. Reuters: U.S., Turkey restart issuing visas but tensions over detentions fester
  113. Geneva Car hire next morning
  114. Yerevan Airport - just booked a direct turn on QR
  115. BA check-in VIE, connecting to AA flight to U.S.
  116. Prague or Vienna for Christmas/NYE
  117. In case you missed it, clocks in Turkey have not gone back
  118. Overnight IST layover
  119. Layover in ZAG
  120. Antalya in mid-November
  121. London vs Paris for 2nd half of honeymoon
  122. Coastal towns/hotels for Athens stopover
  123. Passport/document checks intra-Schengen (in France)
  124. "Black Friday Sales" in Switzerland
  125. Short Central/Eastern Trip for Critique and Transpo Advice
  126. Help with itinerary - Bulgaria
  127. warsaw airport experience
  128. Greece: seeking itinerary suggestion
  129. Amsterdam Hotels
  130. What's going on in Amsterdam in late November?
  131. When entering Schengen, how many times do you pass through customs?
  132. Nationality confusion with a different citizenship
  133. Turkey suspends all visa (and evisa) services at Turkish missions in the US
  134. Best way to get to Corfu
  135. My Visa to Portugal keep getting rejected, I do not know what else to do. :/
  136. Extending short-stay (tourist) visa in Netherlands?
  137. Netherlands 2 Month Stay - Requirements?
  138. Negative experience Brussels customs
  139. Italy or Spain for ~6 nights in February?
  140. AF vs DL to CDG in J?
  141. Best PriorityPass lounge in ATH - non-Schengen
  142. Athens Airport - Transferring from Aegean to Delta
  143. suggested itinerary 30 days Eastern Europe
  144. Growler Fills in Belgium?
  145. Republic of Cyprus denying entry to 3rd country nationals if planning to go to TRNC
  146. Return to Greece after 40 years
  147. Airport Delays on the Continent
  148. Cesky Krumlov laundromat
  149. Where to spend 3 days...
  150. Mobile internet: Pocket Wifi
  151. 2 week Greek honeymoon in late Oct - Recommendations?
  152. Neighborhood suggestions - Athens/ Santorini
  153. "The Brussels Journey" + Itinerary Suggestions
  154. Buying goods from LHR duty free and re-importing back into EU
  155. Flying within Schengen
  156. BRU luggage storage - hours of operation?
  157. Split airport - is there a left luggage office?
  158. Best way to send passport and visa to Czech Republic
  159. 85 Minute Gatwick Connection
  160. One Morning in Istanbul?
  161. Switzerland (ZRH) in April
  162. As Turkey takes more tourists as hostages, Germany considering a travel warning
  163. Vienna Airport Question
  164. Sightseeing around Rotterdam/The Hague
  165. Air Berlin compensation?
  166. Switzerland trip Questions
  167. Lucerne hotel for two to three nights
  168. Lucerne hotels
  169. Greece - full VAT refund without 3rd party fees?
  170. Italy or Malta or Prague/Bratislava??
  171. Rental car from MLH
  172. Has anyone had experience with Swiss-Taxi.com?
  173. Barcelona Metro - how long from Liceu to Selva de Mar?
  174. Weekend Trip from Prague in Early Sept.
  175. checking/tickets/luggage for BRU connection
  176. Salzburg MUSTS?
  177. Tromso, Norway to London, England to Paris,France to Rome, Italy in 3 weeks?
  178. Dental Work Budapest?
  179. Where should I go (or not) in Europe during these four school holiday breaks
  180. Ideas how to travel Greece (Crete + Santorini)
  181. One week in a Greek island in late September
  182. Any best recommendations for hostel in AMS?
  183. Help me plan: 6 night Switzerland for 6 unseasoned travellers
  184. Eurostar Sale
  185. Transporting human ashes
  186. Unprotected Connection: POZ
  187. ZRH overnight
  188. Iad to Budapest
  189. Who has Flown into Geneva from US?
  190. Belgium (Leuven) - Luxembourg (Belval) routing recommendations
  191. BRU transfers, non schengen to US.
  192. Any tips for our 2 weeks in Bulgaria?
  193. Krakow hotel advice
  194. Prepaid SIM - Cyprus
  195. Parking near Geneva Airport
  196. Amsterdam Airport Schipol Layover
  197. Amsterdam Layover
  198. Crete Recomendations
  199. 3G/4G London/Paris network-compatible SIM Card rental?
  200. Pan European Pre-paid SIMs
  201. Fly only part of the route
  202. Do I have I have enough time transferring at Athens (ATH)?
  203. NON EU national Travellng from Sweden to Lithuania without a passport
  204. "Boys" week to Amsterdam
  205. Weekend in Rotterdam
  206. Half day trip from Amsterdam to some windmills?
  207. Just how basis is the M pier at Amsterdam?
  208. Guide for Croatia Trip
  209. How corrupt are the police in Bosnia?
  210. 1 Night in Paris
  211. Uber pick-up point at OTP airport, Bucharest?
  212. Hotel at Amsterdam Airport
  213. Croatia Travel MobilePhone & Data Plan Questions
  214. Istanbul Airport hotels with a free airport shuttle
  215. Baby Changing Facilities in the Netherlands
  216. Vienna Airport question
  217. Mykonos ATV rental at the airport?
  218. Europe in Christmas / New Year's
  219. Vienna Hotel?
  220. Buying Gas in Crotia - Do I need a chip and pin card?
  221. zrh (zurich) passport check delays
  222. Which Balkan country to visit - Albania, Macedonia or Kosovo?
  223. 3 hours enough to change airports in Brussels?
  224. College trip to Croatia
  225. Two weeks in Greece in November - Suggestions?
  226. Driving in Poland
  227. Leaving Europe with ID card
  228. Bloomberg: Krakow’s Essential Accessory: A Smog Mask
  229. Seeking advice on how to spend a few hours in Zurich
  230. Need help with Europe travel plans. Budapest to Copenhagen.
  231. Moldova and Transnistria travel tips tourist attractions photo gallery [trip report]
  232. Family restaurant in Salzburg
  233. Recommendations for where to stay in Paphos?
  234. Iceland - travel to and from
  235. Long layover - IST
  236. Geneva - Evian-les-Bains
  237. Travel/stops en route from BUD to PRG
  238. Situational Awareness/Caution while traveling?
  239. Are the Bratislava-VIE busses dependable?
  240. Cost of sunscreen in Belgium
  241. MAD returning to the united states
  242. Transfer Time Schiphol
  243. 16 year old staying in a hotel in Spain alone
  244. Visiting Auschwitz
  245. Looking for Ideas for 10 days in Europe
  246. Getting to Przechlewo, Poland & Things to See
  247. Itinerary - Italy and Switzerland (Swiss Part!)
  248. What is the Current Schengen Fingerprinting Policy for US Citizens
  249. Travel from US to India via Amsterdam with no US visa stampped
  250. Hoek van Holland - Rotterdam (Uber? Private car? Hertz?)