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  1. Transit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  2. Transit Visa in JED
  3. RJ as OWE (Oneworld emerald) with guest
  4. Ethiopian takes delivery of first 737 Max 8
  5. Oman Air Stopover Offer
  6. Did RJ really cut lounge access for Business Class!?
  7. Airline paperwork - clearance for take off
  8. Oman Air - questions about redeeming upgrade vouchers (Sindbad Gold).
  9. Upgrading on ET ticket stock, originally booked through NH
  10. Royal Jordan / Alitalia separate tickets
  11. Air Tanzania 787-8 almost delivered
  12. RJ DTW to AMM
  13. Help Will I have Time? AUH- 8:50 a.m. Arr. AMM Dep 9:40 -ORD
  14. Connecting in Amman with Royal Jordanian
  15. Realistic I/D minimum connecting time at Addis Ababa (on ET or otherwise)
  16. RJ’s website is down
  17. Agoda PointtMaxx to Gulf Air Falcon Flyer
  18. 9 hour transit in CAI: visa-on-arrival or TWOV
  19. Gulf Air - any recent experiences?
  20. Oman Air Business Class KUL to MCT
  21. RJ: CAI - US biz website errors??
  22. Earning Ethiopian flight (P-subclasss) other *A program on
  23. Ethiopian 787-8 reconfigured?
  24. ET schedule out of LAX
  25. Royal Jordanian at JFK
  26. Award seats on LAM Mozambique
  27. Questions about Kenya Airways
  28. SV tag bags to final destination with GA?
  29. ET - short connection and upgrade bid
  30. RJ short checking
  31. Oman Air - Confused about Business Class seat map
  32. Revival of Uganda Airlines
  33. Oman Air - bid for both upgrade and long leg seat?
  34. Luanda lounge
  35. Oman Air Sindbad Gold
  36. MEA gold benefits with QR?
  37. Advice on reaching Ethiopian Customer Service Desk?
  38. *G to RJ?
  39. Update for everyone flying ET on a 787
  40. Does MEA have 5th freedom rights ACC-ABJ? How to find out?
  41. ET sale ex UK, marking 45 years ops - flights from Ł45 plus taxes
  42. egyptair.com can't access their website
  43. ZanAir, Coastal or As Salaam ZNZ-Pemba and ZNZ-DAR
  44. RJ: No showers at Crown Lounge in AMM
  45. [fwd] EGYPTAIR proposing Hong Kong launch in July 2018
  46. Does ethiopian provide free transit visa if you mis-connect forcing overnight?
  47. Oman Air: business class one way ticket
  48. Saudia (SV): JED-CGK, angled flat or fully flat J?
  49. RJ Cancellation Compesation
  50. GF falconflyer devaluation ?
  51. Solo Female on Saudia
  52. ET new destinations: ORD/GVA. 2xMiles to GVA June-Aug
  53. MEA’s A330-200: is 34G a good seat?
  54. EgyptAir MS Award Availability
  55. Egyptair advance seat selection on award ticket?
  56. Taag to start flying to Singapore from Luanda
  57. RJ Baggage Interline Question
  58. Codeshares, transit (w/o aircraft change) and lack of visa clarity (Ethiopian/ASKY)
  59. Major Schedule Change (Oman Air)
  60. Saudia - is it worth upgrading?
  61. Arriving Domestic at Jeddah
  62. Ethiopian and EC261 compensation with DUB fuel stop
  63. Oman Air to Easyjet connection, Paris
  64. Seat Selection Oman Air Code Share on Malaysia Airlines from MEL to KUL.
  65. TAAG Angola Luanda to Havana: Reasoning?
  66. Question re: flight rules Oman air
  67. MEA opens its new 'Cedar Lounge' at Beirut.
  68. Safe and reliable domestic airline for Nigeria
  69. Egypt air 986 Apr 8 cancelled jfk
  70. 08APR RJ183 BKK-AMM delayed 9 hours - why?
  71. RJ Exist Row and Bulkhead Seats
  72. Requalifying for RJ RoyalPlus Gold
  73. Ethiopian Airlines
  74. Royal Jordanian Business Class
  75. Gulf Air Bahrain transit
  76. Gulf Air 787 Dreamliner
  77. Does RJ181 KUL-BKK provide biz fast track at BKK?
  78. Casablanca (CMN) customs clearance arriving on Royal Air Morac
  79. Is it dangerous to book a flight with Saudi?
  80. Which lounge? Kuwait Airways ex FRA
  81. Ethiopian Airlines - Credit Card Authorization
  82. Sending baggage RJ->TG
  83. RJ miles while flying RJ codeshare flight
  84. Ethiopian airlines - time to make a sub-forum perhaps?
  85. Oman Air A330 Refits
  86. Stopover permitted on ET award?
  87. Seat selection Royal Air Maroc
  88. Addis Ababa Airport ...... Question
  89. RJ preferred seating in Y for OWS/OWE
  90. EgyptAir (BOM-YYZ), 20 hr transit, free accommodation?
  91. MK 256 MRU - ZSE load on march 24 (air mauritius)
  92. “Invalid VCR” error on ET mobile CI
  93. Can't enter Miles & Smiles FF number on ET booking
  94. ET SA Interline question
  95. Royal Air Maroc: Cancelled my booking due to no show, without any notification
  96. Minimum check-in time for ET NRT-HKG. Surely not 3 hours?
  97. Earning Al Fursan miles on Delta flight
  98. Oman air layover at muscat
  99. Oman Air Economy - Where are the smaller seats on a300-200?
  100. Saudi Arabian family pool for girlfriend
  101. Best Way to Redeem on RJ
  102. ET Inter-Africa February sales
  103. Royal Jordanian check-in experience
  104. Malawian Airlines - 1hr 15min layover in Lilongwe
  105. Ethiopian Airlines 737s
  106. Egypt Air Business Class | What to expect?
  107. Ethiopian airlines, ADD-VFE-GBE
  108. Saudia J class meals
  109. Kenya Airways E190 Upgrade
  110. Ethiopia Air to VFA Experience
  111. OMAN Air ex KUL
  112. ET schedule change - "Please contact us to confirm your arrangements."
  113. Ethiopian short stop-over - baggage?
  114. MEA Fare classes
  115. Fare Rules for Ethiopian Airlines
  116. Oman Air Lounge Access
  117. OmanAir: Which airlines can I deposit my flight miles to?
  118. (minor) airline availability confusion
  119. Kenya Airways announces daily non-stop flights to JFK
  120. KQ NBO-JFK
  121. Nile Air
  122. Kenya Airways 50 min connection in NBO
  123. Cairo and Addis transfer with pet in cabin
  124. Where is the ET Lounge ADD
  125. Royal Jordanian Credit Card Payment
  126. Wine in a checked in bag transiting in JED with Saudia?
  127. Long layover in Amman
  128. RJ up to 40% off today only Feb 1st Mar 24th, 2018
  129. ET Special Meal
  130. RJ last minute upgrades
  131. Royal Jordanian BKK fast track
  132. 15 min layover AMM on RJ?
  133. RJ Status match
  134. How to book Egypt Air
  135. Delayed seat selection with RJth RJ
  136. Difficulties Flying Oman Air: onboard service and security checkpoint.
  137. Free companion ticket on RwandAir with Visa Platinum
  138. Is Al Baik available for transit flight in Jeddah airport?
  139. ET rant: Lounge invaded by angry passengers.
  140. EWR-ADD ?
  141. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Saudi Arabian Airlines Alfursan benefits nominations
  142. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Gulf Air Falconflyer benefits nominations
  143. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Ethiopian Airlines ShebaMiles benefits nominations
  144. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 EgyptAir Plus benefits nominations
  145. Oman Air seat assignment & changes after boarding
  146. Gulf Air & Star Alliance ??
  147. Royal Air Maroc Lounge Access for Qatar Airways PC
  148. Saudi Biz Worth ? IST - SIN 1-way
  149. Oman Air Upgrade Offer
  150. Kuwait: YQ?
  151. Royal Jordanian: Do they have Wifi?
  152. Saudia to RUH from IAD and back
  153. Flying Saudia from IAD
  154. Ethiopian Airlines (ADD layover)
  155. Ethiopian Airlines NBO Lounge Access
  156. TUNISAIR delayed flight - search for correct arrival time
  157. Obscure African airlines - worth the risk?
  158. Angled flat on ET--do you slip and slide down? Like AF?
  159. RwandaAir - upgrade to business at checkin?
  160. ET--ADD to LAX thru DUB in J--still angled recline?
  161. Air Namibia A330
  162. Oman Air Booking issue
  163. Is there the interline agreement between Air Namibia and LAM Mozambique?
  164. Taag - complete ban on lithium batteries in checked and carry on
  165. Royal Jordanian / Connection in Amman
  166. ET offers free one-way limousine service from NRT (through March 2018)
  167. Layover in JED on SV
  168. Ethiopian Airlines - 2 questions
  169. Al Fursan Miles
  170. Gulf air falcon flyer award ticket
  171. Where best to credit Ethiopian "P" class
  172. ET P Class
  173. Oneworld award ticket using RJ miles
  174. cloud 9 seats on ET507 GRU-ADD
  175. Ethiopian - 25 min. international connection at ADD
  176. Oman Air Lounge Access
  177. Interline with Ethiopian Airlines
  178. Royal Jordanian? Royal disgrace!
  179. Egyptair (MS) Same-day Standby
  180. Anyone know how SV are handling the laptop ban KSA->UK?
  181. Ethiopian-pets
  182. Ethiopian Flight cancelled
  183. Tunisair
  184. Israeli security where on RJ / Royal Jordanian FRA-AMM-TLV?
  185. Award availability JNB-ADD
  186. Any Air Arabia Maroc experiences recently?
  187. ET's Africa Air Pass fare bucket?
  188. Can I cancel the ticket for one passenger on Ethiopian?
  189. Gulf air
  190. Crediting P class on Ethiopian
  191. Saudia vs Kuwait in Y: any opinions?
  192. Question re Ethiopian 787 in business class
  193. Royal Jordanian Cancelled my ticketed without my consent before flying
  194. Not enough connection time on WY... Options?
  195. Angola Airlines (TAAG) How to book LAD - HAV?
  196. Saudia CMB-RUH
  197. [WY] Ancillary Seats?
  198. RJ JED-AMM-GVA in Y, Transit Hotel?
  199. Kuwait Airways advice wanted: delay and missing bags
  200. Saudi Airlines refuse to fly passengers not properly dressed
  201. Three carry ons in J?
  202. OmanAir - Chauffeur and Pyjamas
  203. Great confusion with ET from ADD - DUB - LAX?
  204. TAAG to Havana - not sure if I'm being thick or not...
  205. Understanding Middle East Airlines' refund policies/Phantom fare on ITA
  206. ET & EI: Interline agreement?
  207. Question Checking Bags Through at CAI on MS-A3 connection
  208. Ethiopian Airlines Check-In Cut Off Time at JNB
  209. Ethiopian Airlines Domestic Discount
  210. Royal Jordanian failed to credit mileage to AAdvantage: Please Help!
  211. Saudia is a hidden gem!
  212. RJ online check-in not available for tickets issued by other airlines?
  213. Ethiopean star alliance
  214. OmanAir MCT lounge?
  215. Royal Jordanian 737
  216. Are ET flights operated by Malawian Airlines *A?
  217. Anybody know if royal Jordanian still subject to laptop ban?
  218. Does RJ Block Adjacent Seats for OWE?
  219. Royal Air Maroc load factor: NBO-CMN
  220. What is Oman Air Business Class like?
  221. ET suspending ticket
  222. Aseman Iran experience & airliner update
  223. Transfer in Jeddah or Riyadh with SV
  224. Kuwait Airways - worth it?
  225. Kuwait Airways & Inflight Smoking
  226. Flying Oman Air with a nut allergy - cabin snacks include nuts?
  227. * upgrade question on ET ADD-GRU
  228. RJ vs QR for LHR to DXB
  229. Ethiopian 737-800 Economy seating
  230. ET bidding for upgrade to Cloud 9
  231. GF J
  232. Business Class Seating on EgyptAir 737-800
  233. Alfursan Miles
  234. How do I choose a seat on Royal Jordanian?
  235. Royal Jordanian Heathrow check in time
  236. Kuwait Airways : KU411, does this flight still operate on 18DEC17?
  237. Cash Upgrades on Ethiopian
  238. Ethiopian airlines and regional connection
  239. Angola's Sonair opens Houston Express up to public
  240. Air Mauritius Advice
  241. Gulf Air and managing flights
  242. Book J on Kuwait Airways (KU) or Y on EY/EK?
  243. Oman Air Cancelled MCT-SIN - Options?
  244. ET awards availability
  245. What's the booking code for a 'Light fare' with Egyptair?
  246. ET fares higher flying into ADD on non-ET itinerary
  247. Who should I fly with - 4P, AW or VL?
  248. Ethiopian Cabin Baggage Policy
  249. RJ Amman Electronics ban implementation
  250. ET - bid upgrade HKG/ ICN