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  1. SAA 'Choking Tourism'
  2. any miles opportunity on kuwait?
  3. Double EK miles promo
  4. Flying ELAL thru Delta
  5. Royal Jordanian
  6. CAI-TLV
  7. EK PNR still available via Amadeus' checkmytrip.com?
  8. SAA(South African Airways) - Old first class seats
  9. new Abu Dhabi airline makes inaugural flight
  10. Gulf Air offers 2-for-1 deal F + J on new Sydney route
  11. Possible strike in Israel next week
  12. EK increases its service to NZ
  13. El Al flight diverted due to terrorist risk
  14. EK to launch A340-500 service
  15. Bumped on ELAL
  16. elal 767-200
  17. Air Namibia
  18. El Al Platinum seat power connector??
  19. C Class: EK or GF?
  20. SAA Equipment changes USA route
  21. Any thoughts on the new EK seats?
  23. Nationwide to start SA-UK service
  24. EK/CO codeshare offers free night at LGW
  25. Emirates, Gulf or Qatar in Business Class ?
  26. South African Airways (SAA) - Seat Assignments?
  27. How come EK hasn't joined an alliance yet?
  28. KQ BC seats advice: 737NG and 767
  29. El Al seating on LY14
  30. EK says won't launch no frills spin-off
  31. EL AL seating question for upcoming flight
  32. EK first flight arrives in AKL
  34. Denied boarding on Kuwait due to Israeli passport
  35. El Al seating
  36. Any tips on a cheap KWI-SFO-KWI fare??
  37. Gulf air Earning Miles
  38. ELAL Customer Service Number
  39. Ethiopian -- worth an upgrade?
  40. Kuwait Pilots in NYC hotels
  41. My "FREE" Skywards ticket costs me $115!
  42. Gulf Air Returns to Sydney... (an Olympic is code sharing) and it's on an A340!
  43. LY 744 All Y
  44. What EK lounge at HKG?
  45. Kuwait Airways - Any Experiences?
  46. EK will start DXB-AKL vv services on August 1st 2003
  47. Does SAA have baggage storage at JNB?
  48. AA miles used to get ElAl ticket question
  49. EK offer double miles from Germany to Osaka
  50. Ghana Airlines, your pick for the worst in the world?
  51. Your comments re. Skywards for Inside Flyer magazine
  52. EK Business Class
  53. Economy class on El AL layout
  54. diff between MatMid and Loyal
  55. Anyway around guaranteeing a seat on El AL without Matmid Membership?
  56. Singer Whitney Houston Travels to Israel on EL AL!
  57. How to book SA Express?
  58. Were flights from SA cancelled because of War
  59. SA LHR Lounge?
  60. SAA Change of Routing Question & CPT/JNB Layover Advice
  61. Emirates Y seat recommendation
  62. Comments re. Skywards for Inside Flyer magazine
  63. SA's 332
  64. Emirates cheap J class ex UK
  65. Egyptair First JFK-CAI?
  66. Domestic Fares in S. Africa
  67. ElAl might go under if privatized
  68. SAA increases my ATL/CPT flight by two hours
  69. Cheapest way traveling to Tanzania
  70. SAA Says Change Will Keep Voyager Running
  71. TLV is closed
  72. ELAL renumeration
  73. Skywards won five “Freddie” Awards (eg Best international FFP) – What did we miss?
  74. Is there a lounge for SAA in ATL?
  75. El Al 737-700 coach - Seat suggestions
  76. best Y seats on SA 744?
  77. Kuwait Air mileage run
  78. New First Config on El Al 744
  79. Skywards offer referral bonus
  80. Gulf Air Introduces New Identity and Livery
  81. Royal Jordanian does not meet reinforced cockpit door deadline
  82. Kuwait Airways shuts worldwide operation
  83. ELAL overbook on Business?
  84. Delta miles for inter-Africa SAA flts?
  85. ELAL's E-Ticket
  86. What's so good about Emirates??
  87. Has ELAL done away with First Class?
  88. miles not posted
  89. Emirates: DXB - SYD nonstop on A345 from 26-Oct-03
  90. Getting to SUN CITY, help please, no SAA flights?
  91. Emirates departing from YYZ: 2009, Nov 1 with A380.....
  92. Comments on SAA - Business Class ATL/NYC to JNB
  93. ELAL 777 Basinette Seats
  95. El Al - Child Under 2 years old
  96. Kenya Airways - also posted in KLM forum...
  97. LY 767 Seating
  98. Minyan at Lod (TLV) Early AM
  99. Any recent visits to Etosha?
  100. ElAl seat maps / business class
  101. SAA fly A340-600 on local routes
  102. SAA forming new alliance
  103. Ahhh, long awaited news: EK with new F and C
  104. SAA biz class seat differences
  105. 160 SAA pax denied boarding.
  106. First class on Emirates
  107. Gulf Air wants to join Star or Oneworld
  108. SAA: Alliance membership under construction (recommendation in Jan-2003)?
  109. No ID check on JNB-CPT-JNB flights!
  110. SAA biz class
  111. Emirates Partners
  112. New Emirates destinations in 2003, JFK/SFO on the list
  113. Menus request
  114. Does SAA offer status miles on any other airline?
  115. EK questions
  116. SAA First Class LHR/CPT
  117. Best SAA Coach Seat
  118. Comments on SAA - Business Class ATL/NYC to JNB
  119. Business Class on SAA FRA to JNB
  120. EK flight ex dubai to ISB lands at Karachi
  121. Dubai Hotels
  122. PIA To Upgrade Fleet With Boeing, Airbus
  123. EgyptAir Captain and purser fighting in front of pax
  124. SAA Air rage & F load factor
  125. Wanted: An Airline for All of Africa
  126. Emirates Laptop power
  127. Any FTers on the noon JK to TLV Thursday?
  128. El Al Seating
  129. ElAl to get jungle jets!
  130. Best way to get to South Africa
  131. Israel panel okays selling all of El Al Airlines
  132. Emirates - $499 to Melbourne
  133. Upgrade w/ Points for TLV-Rome (ElAl)
  134. ewr-tlv
  135. What lounge for SAA in HKG?
  136. Anyone experience free upgrades on Emirates?
  137. EL AL's NEW WEBSITE!!!
  138. EL AL: A 'Secret' Los Angeles-Toronto Fare
  139. Emirates DXB-Mauritius
  140. MEA's Major Fleet Enhancement Plan
  141. Gulf Air Chooses Former Ansett Man
  142. New YYZ-LAX flight offered
  143. Middle East Airlines/ Air Liban
  144. Kenya Airways Fires 32 Workers In Drug-Smuggling Probe
  145. Air Mauritius: Any Experience?
  146. Hotels in Dubai
  147. Why did LY choose 777-200 and not 777-300?
  148. SAA Uprades
  149. SAA NEWS
  151. transferring miles
  154. El Al First Class
  155. Airbus wins $3.5bn order for entire SAA fleet
  156. Basinette Seats on 747-400
  157. $999 -- South Africa, R/T from 20+ Cities
  158. JNB-Lagos-JFK joint service
  159. Choice of Business Class seats ATL to CPT??
  160. Finally SAA customers fight back www.neverflysaa.com
  161. El Al Security Breaches
  163. EL AL will match Continental's Gold Status
  165. El Al Pilots To Avoid Flying Over Cemetery
  166. Code Share with Any US Carrier?
  167. Voyager "issue"
  168. SA airlines discuss merger
  169. E-mail SAA if you expect the service advertised
  170. Expectations if flying SAA / Delta to South Africa
  171. Routes cancelled
  172. New F/C configuration 747-400 equipment
  173. Flying over the Holon Cemetery
  174. Israel's El Al says committed to another Boeing 777
  175. Boeing, El Al Study Joint Venture to Promote Aviation Security
  176. El Al makes modest profit in Q3
  177. EL AL .."IN DEMAND..."
  178. Ze'evi demands emergency assistance for Israeli airlines
  179. SA in urgent talks with Swissair
  180. Frightened travellers 'turn to El Al'
  181. My solution to the poor customer service phone lines of SAA
  182. work slowdown at Lod
  183. JNB - CPT on B737-800
  184. Delta Air Lines to Codeshare to Nairobi With South African Airways Partner
  185. Atlantic Southeast Files For Code Share With South African Airways
  186. Israel, U.S. sign new aviation code-sharing deal
  187. Sharon takes El Al to Europe
  188. Coleman Andrews rumor - verify?
  189. El Al to fire additional 300 employees
  190. EL AL Platinum Club
  191. EL AL Combines Biz & 1st
  192. South African Airways Gets Its First 737 With Advanced-Technology Winglets
  193. SAA - 1st Class help
  194. business 777 VS 747-400
  195. R-T-W from Johannesburg, South Africa
  196. South African Airways Extends Datalex Technology to E-Commerce Initiatives
  197. New FF program for dogs, cats & birds
  198. American Express Membership Miles
  199. South African Airways Chief Steps Down
  200. El Al Israel Airlines Celebrates Delivery of its First Boeing 777
  201. Swiss decision clouds future of South African Airways
  202. Help requested for travel within Africa
  203. Airlines Reduce Sydney Flights Despite Olympics Success
  204. South African Airways & Nigeria Airways pact unraveling
  205. El Al cuts one of six flights from US amid cancellations
  206. South African Airways price cut to Johannesburg from JFK or ATL
  207. SAA - Not the best way to SA
  208. El Al Upgrades
  209. Convert Visa points to El-Al points?
  210. AA miles to Matmid points???
  211. Does El Al match ff status?
  212. New FF program
  213. El Al Israel Airlines signs memorandum of understanding with DL for code share
  214. Possible Meningitis Exposure/Flight 17 June 23, '00
  215. curious about el al
  216. Lambda to begin flights between Tel Aviv, New York
  217. El Al will introduce direct ticket sales over the Internet
  218. Prostitution, Bribery, Money Laundering and Smuggling
  219. What's coach like?
  220. El Al's First/Business vs. Continental's BusinessFirst
  221. Synogogues in Planes?
  222. New Passenger Screening technology on El-Al
  223. Earn Double VOYAGER MILES on South America Flights
  224. New SAA Web Site!
  225. link to "in the news": SR buys 20% SAA
  226. why do flights to US leave in the middle of the nite
  227. Matmid Gold Members: let's organize