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  1. CDG Separate Tickets
  2. Paris in December
  3. Burgundy hotel recommendations - countryside
  4. Minimum connection time at CDG
  5. ORY new layout- very specific question
  6. 5hr [email protected] (Paris), any chance to sight seeing Paris with kid?
  7. CDG Acces No 1: their priority security and passport control is useless
  8. Time to allow between 2 flights (2 PNRs) at CDG?
  9. Museum of the Liberation of Paris
  10. French Equivalent of Global Entry
  11. Heads up! France: Speed limit 80 km/h but not posted
  12. Charging your phone in Paris cafes or shops
  13. Bordeaux Airport
  14. Any points of interest with a Vietnamese (colonial or otherwise) focus?
  15. Paris to Giverny and Château de Vaux le Vicomte (by train)
  16. Any Paris Locations that Serve Thanksgiving Meal?
  17. Changes to Navigo?
  18. Transit time from Gare du Norde to Louvre
  19. Buying TER tickets at Nice, Monaco and Ventimiglia train stations?
  20. Buying metro tickets with USA issued credit cards
  21. Business class from EWR starting from $1400.
  22. Provence trip
  23. Tolls and license plate scanning? Congestion zones?
  24. Quick trip to Èze from Nice
  25. Child traveling to France w/o parents - requirements?
  26. GVA to Chamonix private transfer
  27. Travel in Corsica
  28. Shower on arrival at CDG
  29. Nice Airport Tram
  30. Using RER B to get beyond central Paris (is the fare any different)?
  31. Cataract surgery clinic recommendations
  32. Which airport motorcycle service?
  33. Where to buy a bottle of good wine in Levallois-Perret on a Sunday afternoon?
  34. CDG T2 TGV station level 5 to T1...
  35. Oh RER B...How do I hate you...? Let me count the ways....
  36. FedEx dropoff locations in Paris
  37. Asking people who know Paris really well
  38. 14 July - Paris oui or non?
  39. Paris Air Show 2019
  40. Notre Dame is burning
  41. Which Paris hotel is most like Claridge's in London?
  42. CDG meet and greet
  43. Paris: Praluent Rx refill?
  44. Lyon to Paris by Train Cost
  45. CDG-Paris 8eme Flat Rate Taxi?
  46. Navigo 2019 Information
  47. Best Apps for Paris
  48. Uber Paris Vehicles and How to Use
  49. Suggestion for stop btw San Sebastian to Paris?
  50. Going to Monaco for Formula E race 11th May - transport from Nice airport
  51. Roissybus or RER E/B to CDG T2-E- Sunday morning from St. Lazare
  52. Best means of travel (air/train) to a Languedoc village
  53. TLS Customs
  54. Paris protests
  55. Nice Airport Car Hire
  56. Where to clear customs (JFK -> MAN -> CDG)?
  57. CDG Meet and Greet?
  58. Going up the Eiffel Tower
  59. Tour companies in the Loire Valley
  60. Paris CDG: Car/limo service from airport to city?
  61. Family departing CDG
  62. Car travel in and around Cote d'Azur and Provence
  63. Paris Public Transport - Meudon to CDG
  64. Discount tix for SIMA 24–28 Feb?
  65. France Beyond Paris, Cote d'Azur
  66. When is CDG construction going to be over?
  67. Is Paris Burning(out)?
  68. CDG Terminal 1 to Terminal 2A/C Transfer
  69. Best Train Options: Paris CDG to Bruges
  70. CDG AC question re: Terminal 1
  71. LYS PARAFE now has facial recognition for all EU citizens
  72. Hotels Esprit/Favart/Josephine Bonaparte/Six
  73. Advice for Paris - Hotel, public transportation
  74. Deadly Gun Attack in Strasbourg (11 Dec)
  75. Riots in Paris
  76. PP lounge in CDG when flying out of 2D
  77. Couple days in Western France/Belgium around New Year's - where to go?
  78. 16 hour layover at CDG
  79. Fuel price hike protests
  80. Sending 1 bottle of wine to usa?
  81. FRA to LYS flight: going through full passport control in France
  82. Paris one Month Rental - other than Airbnb?
  83. Where to Eat - Paris?
  84. CDG to Latin Quarter Taxi advice?
  85. SIAL exposition disrupting traffic to CDG?
  86. Applepay and kids recommendations
  87. Paris Hotel Advice
  88. CDG to hotel with no stairs/steps?
  89. Do I need Short Stay visa for a landside transit (Pick bagagge and recheckin again) ?
  90. Schengen Visa Application Questions
  91. Two days in Paris. Advice?
  92. Access to a gym in Paris near Luxembourg RER
  93. Cheap accommodation in Paris?
  94. Tight Connection at CDG
  95. Is Recepisse of Carte des sejour enough to travel in Europe
  96. Going to a chiropractor while in Paris
  97. CDG: immigration time and time to Paris?
  98. Visiting Chablis Wineries from Auxerre?
  99. Marseille Airport - Provence Queues in late August
  100. When to arrive CDG[1]: 9:45AM departure, wheelchair, checked bags, VAT refund
  101. Time needed through CDG on two itineraries?
  102. Anyone use Uber in Nice?
  103. Nice to and from Monaco: car rental or public transport?
  104. French Riviera in January?
  105. How crazy to get with a CDG connection?
  106. CDG 2E to car rental
  107. When to arrive CDG for 6:30AM departure
  108. Where to get a QC3.0 charger, Paris latin quarter
  109. Wine tasting in Bordeaux
  110. Can Musee Rodin Tickets be purchased at CDG?
  111. Sofitel Lyon
  112. Supermarket "Drive" Services
  113. Provence - Menerbes
  114. Cheapest way to get to CDG for a 7 AM flight?
  115. G7
  116. Mont Saint Michel Lodging Recommendation
  117. 3 1/2 days in Paris with 2 Teens
  118. Speed limit change from 1 July
  119. Champagne Region Day Trips from Paris
  120. G7 taxi rejecting credit card
  121. Transfer questions btw CDG and Hotel
  122. NCE security
  123. Two weeks in Provence--looking for 3-4 base cities
  124. Last min trip: France (outside Paris) with kids, suggest an itinerary?
  125. Considering pre-paying for Hôtel Le Clos Médicis, Paris — Anyone know this website
  126. Hotel near Musee D'Orsay or Rodin Museum
  127. SNCF discount cards go on sale May 23rd
  128. Paris : Airport Transfer CDG to Paris Hotel (Peninsula)
  129. Paris with two kids 7 and 10 for 48 hours
  130. Champagne region vs Loire Valley
  131. Backup plan on getting to CDG
  132. Suggestions for Provence
  133. Neighborhood for Niepce
  134. CDG to train
  135. 3.5 hour at CDG, what to do?
  136. Question about connecting through CDG
  137. Recommendations for Paris restaurant with great food and ambiance
  138. Non - chain hotel in Paris
  139. Paris to Normandie?
  140. SNCF strike 2018
  141. Eurovelo 6 - Bike store recommendations
  142. Are there security checkpoints at tourist attractions?
  143. Paris: Indoor Activities with Very Small People
  144. newbie J redemption NYC>PAR
  145. Overseas flights from CDG departing from 2F.
  146. Paris Floods
  147. Arrive CDG from USA (on AA) - continuing to Montpelier; TGV or AF ?
  148. Fluctuat Nec Mergitur: Has Paris Gone in Seine?
  149. CDG T-2A to T-1 connections
  150. RER or RoissyBus or Taxi to Opera
  151. Connection at CDG T1
  152. New security checks at CDG going to USA?
  153. Best BW in Paris with toddler
  154. France Roadtrip Itinerary
  155. CDG connection 2A to 1 and back
  156. Winter is coming. So is Christmas.
  157. LHR-CDG with BA, then onto AF with terminal change
  158. LYS new terminal T1B
  159. What's the point of intra-Schengen passport checks on departure?
  160. Getting to CDG Early in the Morning
  161. Car rental suggestions for Toulouse/Gascony for 12 days?
  162. reims to paris
  163. CDG Same Terminal [1] Transfer
  164. Car rental fee - "Airport Surcharge" (warning?)
  165. AIRBNB recommendation in Paris
  166. One night in Toulouse as a jet lag stopover: Airport or Town?
  167. Transit CDG to LHR
  168. CDG Transfer
  169. french consumer protection laws question
  170. CDG connection - duty free from USA
  171. Question about timing at CDG Terminal 1
  172. Hotels Recs in Paris - Sept 28 - Oct 1
  173. CDG - United Premier Access/Security or FastTrack
  174. Leaving luggage on a 22-hour layover between CDG and ORY
  175. I Love Paris by Guy Martin at CDG. Thoughts?
  176. Evian les Bains to Grenoble
  177. 20 tourists robbed outside Paris hotel
  178. Taxi App in Lyon
  179. Getting from CDG to Montparnasse at 5pm on a Friday
  180. Motoring concerns in SW France
  181. A (Possible?) Day Trip from Paris -- Giverny/Rouen
  182. Uber for 5 people in Paris
  183. VAT Return - is it possible to get a full 20% refund?
  184. Lunchtime Layover at CDG (3½h)
  185. Driving Paris to Beaune - where to stop (lunch, wine tasting)
  186. Uber Paris
  187. French Open Questions
  188. Sim card France, Italy, Switzerland help
  189. Take 3: What is Your Favorite "Secret" Thing to Do (or Place to Eat) in Paris?
  190. How to determine if France is my "main destination" for Schengen Visa
  191. Which area in Paris to stay?
  192. Speeding ticket in France over 90 days old – letter with fixed fine never arrived.
  193. French Cheques
  194. Are RER tickets between CDG (airport) and Paris good in both directions?
  195. Separate Flights but same terminal at CDG
  196. Mont St. Michel
  197. Five (July) nights in Normandy?
  198. 4 Day trip to France in July
  199. RER ticket prices online?
  200. Still ISO the perfect Paris business hotel
  201. Avignon & Marseille
  202. Help with Provence/Savoie itinerary
  203. Luberon bike tours
  204. annual baguette festival?
  205. Basque Country and Paris
  206. Anyone Processed Tax Refund out of LYS?
  207. 7pm-10am in CDG what to do
  208. CDG Car Rental Return question
  209. Platinum lounge options at CDG?
  210. How long for customs/immigration at Orly?
  211. Long weekend on the Cote D'Azur
  212. ATM machines in france- chip needed?
  213. hotel recommendation /paris
  214. Barrier around Eiffel Tower - Say it ain't so!
  215. CDG departure - how early to get there?
  216. France outside of Paris
  217. CDG area meetup this Sunday 12 Feb?
  218. Few hours to spare in Paris
  219. Getting luggage from Bordeaux to CDG
  220. Best place to stop between Cologne and Mont Saint-Michel?
  221. Delhi -> CDG -> Houston connection question
  222. One Night Stop Over - Best CDG Hotel?
  223. 8 hours at CDG
  224. CDG Connecting btwn Terminal 2 and Terminal 1
  225. Disneyland Paris Hotel
  226. Avoiding the heat/crowds in mid-July
  227. 12 Hours lay over in CDG: Which lounge to choose from?
  228. Altercation with airline manager @ CDG
  229. CDG to Avenue Bosquet
  230. Do I need a transit visa?Airport change: CDG to ORY-JFK flying in from Nigeria.
  231. Spring Break itinerary help
  232. Uber at TLS
  233. Express Train between Paris and CDG Coming in 2023
  234. Huge queues CDG T1
  235. Going to ORY on New Years
  236. Paris-Belgium 6 Nights 7 Days - Advice?
  237. Renting a car in France
  238. No exit stamp on passport.
  239. Loire Valley or Burgundy - recommendation & transport
  240. Booking Train Tickets
  241. VAT Refund: Berlin or CDG
  242. CDG Airport in Paris Experience Terminal 2D to 2E
  243. Stamped on intra-Schengen flight from France?
  244. Hotel in Toulouse sleeping 5?
  245. Do taxis in Paris and Nice take credit cards?
  246. Connecting in CDG
  247. Montmartre Wine Festival 2017
  248. Laundry in Lyon
  249. VIP Arrival Service at CDG
  250. 45 min connection in CDG