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  1. Transferring through CDG on my way to LAX
  2. Paris shuttle bus
  3. $1,100 RT flight from IAD to CDG?
  4. Burgundy: Avallon or Semur-en-Auxois for an overnight?
  5. New AF bus line: Etoile-Montparnasse-Orly
  6. Suggestions for a day trip to France from Frankfurt, DE
  7. Travelling By Train On Bastille Day.....
  8. CDG to Beaune by train
  9. Getting to Orly
  10. Paris wine shop selling independent winemakers' champagnes
  11. CDG Layover
  12. La Fermette du Sud Ouest -vs- Bofinger
  13. CDG -how early do I need to arrive at airport?
  14. Hotel in small town not far from CDG
  15. Free Museums in Paris
  16. Honeymoon in Corsica
  17. Hotel La Perle
  18. Provence tips
  19. Paris: Hotel recommendation for about $300-$350 US a night.
  20. Ground Transfers CDG-Hotel Franklin Roosevelt
  21. France with a 16yr old son...
  22. Hendaye hotel ideas
  23. Is this Doable? (3 day Paris schedule with museums and sights)
  24. Dijon car rental - never on Sunday???
  25. Clearing Custom at CDG
  26. Laundrette near Republique, Paris
  27. In need of Paris assistance
  28. Tournus for a few days and as a base?
  29. Best way to get from CDG to central Paris?
  30. best places to wine taste in Paris
  31. B-day in Paris, any restaurant recommendations?
  32. CDG-Beaune rental car options
  33. Ritz Hotel Paris
  34. CDG Questions
  35. Paris Public Transportation & Itinerary Help
  36. Eurostar London to Paris - Leisure Select food options
  37. Hotels in or Near CDG
  38. dinner boat tour in Paris
  39. cell phones and espresso
  40. Private guide in Paris
  41. Recommend Paris hotels for €100-150
  42. Advice needed: CDG-Reims-Paris-CDG
  43. Hotel recommendation for Paris
  44. Help needed from Fluid French readers
  45. Paris Hotels: Marriott Rive Gauche vs Novotel Montparnasse
  46. Hotel in Lyon
  47. Ease of using trains in southern France?
  48. Bordeaux and environs
  49. Suggestions for Southern France near Nice
  50. car insurance in france
  51. Weekend train ticket options
  52. how common is BNP Paribas? At CDG?
  53. Paris on Pentecost
  54. layover cdg
  55. Advice on visiting Lyon for 2 days
  56. Hotel rec for non-French (w/easy access to tours)?
  57. A few questions about Cassis
  58. question on staying in Paris
  59. I'm Trying Not To Get Lost in Paris
  60. Charles De Gaulle to CDG-TGV
  61. lodging advice sought for 4 nights in Provence (July)
  62. red Michelin France 2008
  63. Is the "carte de séjour" enough to travel within Schengen?
  64. Paris Metro question - local knowledge required!
  65. Disabled Blue Card-Where to Buy?
  66. French Rail ticketing limitation -- any options?
  67. Paris Hotels - Recommendations?
  68. disabled Blue Card
  69. Geneva-France/Switzerland border formalities
  70. French citizenship question
  71. Swimming Pool Hotels
  72. Badoit 750ml Bottles Needed
  73. Your favorite Boeuf Bourguignon in Burgundy?
  74. Paris Airports
  75. southern france itinerary for lala in march
  76. Help with CDG Arrivals
  77. Suggestions for anniversary dinner in Paris?
  78. Paris Classical Music Ticket Broker suggestion?
  79. cdg to gare du nord "free"?
  80. Chez Savy
  81. Paris dining...please comment on these restaurants
  82. Paris taxi strike January 30
  83. Alsace Lorraine gem - Obernai
  84. Bastille Day in Paris
  85. purchasing a "carte moblis"
  86. Poor treatment by immigration officer at CDG
  87. B & B in Nice or Riviera in general
  88. Hotel recommendations for Burgundy Region
  89. Troyes - Reims
  90. Passport Control/Security at Orly Sud?
  91. Arrivals lounge + shower in LYS? [moved]
  92. Conflicting dates re Cannes Festival
  93. Bordeaux
  94. My First Time To Paris:
  95. RIP Jean-Claude Vrinat
  96. Paris hotels with soaking tubs?
  97. Accommodations for 5 people in Paris
  98. French Open
  99. Lunch on the Bateaux Mouches
  100. 5 day trip from Paris to somewhere warm?
  101. Galette des Rois
  102. Travel to Fayence (Provence-Côte d'Azur region)
  103. Smoke-free Paris?
  104. christmas time in paris 2007
  105. customs at CDG
  106. Good food in an Eiffel Tower restaurant?
  107. Air France Strike Dec 20
  108. Paris metro now running later on Fridays, too
  109. Strike in December
  110. flying into Marseille - how bad is driving?
  111. ...So how is Paris nowadays?
  112. what to do in Paris
  113. Hotel Henri IV or Residence Henri 4?
  114. best place to exchange lots of cash to euro
  115. cdg private shuttle
  116. 48 hours in Paris...what to do? Where to stay?
  117. Shuttle CDG to Paris 6me arr
  118. CDG -- Getting to Paris -- Traffic Jams
  119. Paris: Where to stay?
  120. paris hotel advice
  121. Hyatt Vendome vs. Intercontinental Le Grand Paris
  122. Best time to buy ticket to Paris from US for May?
  123. Need a Ridiculously Trendy Restaurant a Paris, Please
  124. metro runs an hour later on sat. night
  125. Need hotel near CDG for November 14-15
  126. More strikes in November
  127. Annecy and French Alps/Countryside in early July
  128. Transfer time AF international arrival to CDG-Lyon TGV
  129. paris to brussels - no cheap tickets?
  130. Paris Winter & January Sales
  131. TGV to Champagne
  132. best way CDG-BERCY
  133. One nighter in North France
  134. JOUY31 joins chrissxb as moderator for the France forum
  135. Baggage storage in central Paris
  136. France transportation and energy strike on Oct18th
  137. Best URL for Paris events?
  138. Paris for the day - good restaurant for lunch?
  139. Do French taxis accept credit cards?
  140. Transfers from CDG
  141. Christmas Ideas for France
  142. Public Transport from ORY
  143. 75004 vs 75006
  144. Fauchon Paris restaurant question
  145. 6 hours in between plane and train at Paris
  146. Paris for a night, where to go?
  147. TGV reservation change question
  148. Paris Restaurant recommendation for around $600/couple
  149. Nice - Sunday parking?
  150. OT question about flues
  151. HELP !! Short Stop @ Paris : only 9 HRS
  152. RER Lux Garden-CDG
  153. MRS to Velodrome Marseille
  154. help me move to France :)
  155. Quick Help guys! Gifts
  156. HOUILLES, France
  157. should I buy a Paris Visite Pass?
  158. where to go?
  159. Where to live in Paris?
  160. "Timeshare" in Paris
  161. Going to Champagne
  162. French salaries
  163. Need Paris-based dermatologist
  164. Cab to Gare du Nore?
  165. Layover at CDG
  166. School Business
  167. Assistance with Hotel/Location before leave Paris
  168. Which arrondissement to stay in Paris in October?
  169. downtown Paris to Paris Disney on the RER train. Where to stop and see the sights
  170. Where to fly cheaply It'l from CDG early Oct?
  171. Paris Museum Pass worth on free admission Sun?
  172. HELP! Freiburg, Germany vs. Colmar, France?
  173. Mobile Phone
  174. American tourists enjoy Paris - and watch their passports (French TV)
  175. TGV Atlantique, First Class
  176. 2nts outside of Paris to where?
  177. Quesiton on transit at CDG-paris?
  178. iPod French lessons?
  179. Luggage storage ORY
  180. Need hotel recommendation for Houdan
  181. Boutique/trendy hotel recommendations in paris
  182. Cannes - Avis after hours car returns?
  183. Is Geneva airport in France too?
  184. Questions re trains in southern France
  185. Buy Apartment In Paris
  186. Do I stay in NICE or VILLEFRANCHE
  187. Rugby World Cup
  188. want to visit Eiffel : Transit thru PARIS
  189. One day in Paris
  190. Cycling through France
  191. Velib' Frenzy! The Ultimate Paris Free Bike Scheme FAQ
  192. RER CDG to Paris - cheaper tickets!
  193. Paris transfer to/from CDG airport
  194. ADP Invests 25 Million Euros for International Passengers at Orly-South
  195. Lido Or Moulin Rouge
  196. La Baule - anybody ever been??
  197. Taxi from Gare Nord to LM Etoile
  198. Chance of an empty adjacent seat on TGV?
  199. Internet Access in Paris
  200. Hotel Opera Cadet
  201. CDG Brasserie Flo hours?
  202. CDG to Munich via Provence
  203. VAT Refund Process at CDG
  204. Bonjour - the France Forum Lounge Thread
  205. Ground Transport From BOD to St. Emilion?
  206. Ground Transport From BOD to St. Emilion?
  207. HELP! with travel in Paris....
  208. Searching for radio programs for children
  209. NYC-Marseille
  210. What Are Your Rights In France?
  211. Le Meurice For Dinner
  212. How to make phone calls from France to US (cheap)
  213. Why Aren't There More French Members Of This Forum?
  214. Humiliated by French Police in Nice
  215. Update on Carte Orange
  216. Charles de Gaulle Business Centre
  217. Searching for perfect Paris Hotel
  218. CDG airport to train station
  219. Apt for Le Cordon Bleu
  220. Taxi fare from CDG to Versailles?
  221. Brilliant TV Ad showing why it's time to learn French...
  222. Suggestions for hotel to relax near Geneve?
  223. Hard to rent cars on Sundays?
  224. Paris in the news, this week
  225. Rue Sofia in 18e
  226. Weekend Trip in Paris
  227. Moulin Rouge Seating
  228. 2007 Paris Airshow
  229. Riviera - rental car/train and good day trips?
  230. Best deals for French mobiles w/prepaid minutes?
  231. Cheapest way to get from Paris to Amsterdam?
  232. Anyone ever get compensation from SNCF for a late train?
  233. Best way from Amsterdam to Nantes?
  234. Free WiFi throughout Paris
  235. Paris in springtime
  236. TGV: 1st Class or 2nd Class?
  237. Collect calls from France?
  238. I'm looking for health clubs
  239. Basel SBB / Bâle SNCF
  240. What is Your Favorite "Secret" Thing to Do (or Place to Eat) in Paris?
  241. Advice please? Restaurants in Roissy-CDG
  242. How much time CDG- Montparnasse TGV?
  243. Free Wi-Fi in Paris beginning in mid June
  244. CDG and RER-train
  245. Best way to get to CDG?
  246. Please help with transportation in Paris from DeGaulle
  247. Dining with Kids in Paris, France
  248. Lunch in Paris
  249. what the heck is going on in Paris - September 28-30, 2007
  250. Recommendations for CDG to Nice