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  1. Alain Ducasse on the Champs Elysées
  2. Who has room for SEVEN?
  3. Suggestion for Solo Parisian Traveler, March
  4. Is a trip on the TGV a good way to see countryside?
  5. Lunch dress code at Taillevant
  6. Paris hotel room theft
  7. Bringing back a case of wine as checked baggage
  8. Paris Opera help please
  9. Cheaper dining?
  10. Taillevent
  11. Free - French Phone Card
  12. who's who of paris trains...help please
  13. Decent hotel near Gare St. Lazare?
  14. Daily Food Budget if Staying in 8th?
  15. anyone stayed in an Etap hotel?
  16. Paris dining Valentine's (saturday) 2004
  17. how to get to lille
  18. Which area to stay in?
  19. Breakfast in America diner
  20. Paris dining on a Saturday night
  21. Solo traveler dining in Paris
  22. Oysters
  23. Paris Links
  24. Source for Maps & Brochures
  25. London-Paris by Chunnel
  26. Anything open on Christmas day?
  27. Paris New Year's Eve with children
  28. Orly to Montparnasse
  29. Hotel in Paris
  30. Recommendations for Xmas Lunch in Paris?
  31. Paris or Avignon for Xmas?
  32. New Year's in the Marais
  33. New Years Eve in Paris.
  34. French language tapes
  35. Helping an Old French Art to Rise: An American Professor in Paris
  36. trains in paris
  37. Decent Paris dining Website
  38. Places to eat near Gare du Nord?
  39. Paris Car Rentals
  40. inexpensive hotel in paris
  41. Shopping in Paris
  42. Youth Hostel Recommendation?
  43. AAVacations Hotels
  44. Quel Arrondissement?
  45. Roissy Bus?
  46. OK-Why is my Hotel so Cheap?
  47. CDG to Arc de Triomphe
  48. Train From Airport
  49. Greek food in the Latin Quarter
  50. Paris Bistro Dining
  51. Paris rental?
  52. Suprise anniversary trip
  53. Baccarat is moving
  54. Paris hotels
  55. Where would you choose to buy an apartment in Paris?
  56. Non smoking restaurants
  57. Laurent and Tour d'Argent
  58. Poker in Paris ?? Aviation Club ?/
  59. advice on driving to Versailles from CDG
  60. Is a balcony worthwhile in Paris in the winter?
  61. Buying Train Tix (Paris-Reims)
  62. First trip to Paris Nov 1-8
  63. Sheraton at CDG
  64. Need Some Basic Historical Facts on Paris
  65. Ooh là là! Starbucks in Paris?
  66. Paris in late Nov.?
  67. Disneyland Paris
  68. 15th arr. hotels
  69. Metro or Rail Museum
  70. First Time to Paris- Transportation Help?
  71. computer shop
  72. Eiffel Tower dining
  73. Sofitel Porte De Sevres $110
  74. Holiday Inn Paris Republique - GREAT
  75. Left Bank hotel recommendations
  76. Location help
  77. steak/frites
  78. Best Steak Frittes for $ in Paris?
  79. buddah bar
  80. Paris Takes Aim at Its Crime Rate
  81. CDG Express: Non-stop train, CDG to City Center in 15 mins
  82. Coping with Paris under a sweltering sky
  83. Paris 5* hotels on Priceline
  84. Transfers between Nord and Lyon?
  85. Free Paris Info?
  86. Paris & Champagne
  87. Carte Orange Conditions
  88. Schengen Treaty question
  89. Bus and River Tour?
  90. Paris Visite travel pass
  91. where to stay in october
  92. Received an interesting email from the HOTEL D'AUBUSSON
  93. First Trip
  94. "short tour" at the Louvre
  95. Where to buy phone card at CDG Terminal 2?
  96. Luggage at Gare de Austerlitz?
  97. Ticket tips
  98. Any Tips on Lyon, France?
  99. Tour de France
  100. A few questions
  101. Transport Questions
  102. CDG Airport Hotel Advice?
  103. Suggestions on where to buy wine ?
  104. Paris cab costs?
  105. Official Strike List
  106. Joel Robuchon is back with new restaurant
  107. Help! WHO named Paris the City of Light?
  108. Strike again
  109. Please answer this on Air France Bus
  110. Pariscope! -- ou tu es????
  111. july trip to paris, normandy, and brittany, Fr Alps??
  112. Holiday in France (Ascension)
  113. SNCF Strike?
  114. Bastille Day happenin's in Paris?
  115. Where to catch Air France bus at CDG
  116. Taxi/Car Service from CDG to Mantes-La-Jolie
  117. chocolat francais - deNeuville
  118. Paris Trip Report
  119. Favorite inns in the South of France?
  120. Inexpensive Hotel near CDG allowing VERY Early Check-In?
  121. Hotel Relais Bosquet 26-30 March
  122. Auberge du Clou
  123. Velizy hotels
  124. Eiffel Tower to CDG - Taxi or Rail?
  125. Le Vagenende Restaurant
  126. Polictics & Flyertalk Dining?
  127. Moulin Rouge tickets
  128. Meliá Royal Alma Boutique Hotel - Opinions?
  129. Eiffel Tower Resturant
  130. Le Cinq
  131. Americans beware!
  132. Le Gourmet de Ternes
  133. Affordable family accommodation near Gare du Nord
  134. Macéo Restaurant - 1eme Arrondissement
  135. Willi's Wine Bar - 1eme Arrondissement
  136. Le Ferme St. Hubert - 8th Arrondisement
  137. LeDrouant, 2nd Arrondisement
  138. Re:warm lentil salad
  139. L'Angle du Faubourg
  140. A taxi from CDG down to the Effifel Tower area?
  141. Fares from Paris to Boston this summer
  142. Citadines Bastille Marais?
  143. Exchanging Francs for Euros.
  144. 7 week Paris apartment rental
  145. ATM compatibility in Paris
  146. PARIS 1/24/03 WEEKEND
  147. Sol Melia opinions?
  148. Police evacuate Sacre Coeur basilica in Paris after homemade explosive device found
  149. Hotel France-Louvre
  150. Brasserie Bofinger
  151. Laserre
  152. What to do around Nice for 3 days?
  153. Hotel Help...EXPERT NEEDED!
  154. Suggestions for shipping pkgs from Paris to U.S.?
  155. "Le Sentier" Garment District Info?
  156. Paris Hotel Needed for Family of 4 in August
  157. New Year in the City of Lights
  158. Paris Holiday With Young Children
  159. Hotel Sydney Opera?
  160. French Candy?
  161. Why are hotels so expensive?
  162. New York Times Destination France
  163. Eiffel Tower Tour
  164. L'Ami Louis: Recommended?
  165. Game season in Paris
  166. Requests: Marais/Bastille hotel, bar/resto question
  167. Anyone staid at the Melia Colbert Boutique Hotel
  168. Ritz or Four Seasons
  169. Which hotel chain?
  170. Paris at Xmas
  171. Paris hotel advice needed
  172. About the serious business of eating
  173. Paris hotels with in-room Internet access?
  174. I hear Paris is bone-chilling cold in winter
  175. Paris restaurants for vegetarians
  176. All Suite Flatotel Eiffel Tower?
  177. Hôtel Lindbergh or Comfort Inn Mouffetard
  178. Paris in early August
  179. Any thoughts on Sofitel Castille - Rue Cambon?
  180. France Telephone Card
  181. Hotel Beaugency
  182. Handy tool for "seeing" Paris addresses
  183. Hotel Pavillon de Paris
  184. Transport to/from CDG to Ecole Militaire
  185. Paris Hotel with Kitchenettes?
  186. Is one hour enough to clear customs in CDG?
  187. Restaurant on the Left Bank near Notre Dame
  188. Apartement in Paris
  189. any fters going to davis cup usa vs france?
  190. Hotel suggestion around the Eifle Tower?
  191. Transportation from CDG to hotel
  192. Metro vs. bus
  193. I Need to Find a Frenchman Who Collects License Plates...
  194. How to dress like a local?
  195. Catholic mass in English
  196. Bakery Poilane in Paris (and London)
  197. Air Liberte?
  198. Paris - Latin Quarter
  199. Paris Opera?
  200. Shopping: the rue Saint-Honoré
  201. How to find cheap accomodation in Paris?
  202. Hotel Pershing Hall
  203. Kitchen in Citadines Aparthotels
  204. Smoke-free Dining in CDG
  205. Websites to find good restaurants and hotels in Paris
  206. Need help re transfer from USAIR to TGV at CDG
  207. Seducing Paris, a Cafe at a Time
  208. Fantastic Paris/Europe Website
  209. How to connect between Paris train stations
  210. Travel Channel's Top Ten Things to do in Paris
  211. Cooking class suggestions
  212. What to do in Paris
  213. Free admission to all Paris municipal museums
  214. can anyone recommend a good IBIS hotel in Paris?
  215. Hotels in Paris
  216. Weather in Paris - in March
  217. Hotel de l'Abbaye or Hotel le Sainte Beuve
  218. Websites to find great deals on hotels in Paris
  219. Dial-Up in Paris
  220. Hotel Lutetia
  221. Thally service to amsterdam
  222. Paris opens retrospective on Dubuffet
  223. Currency exchange machine
  224. Paris Dining: Find What the Locals Enjoy
  225. Libertel Le Moulin
  226. what is going on in Paris the week of 17th of Sept
  227. Paris in December
  228. Hotel du Rond-Point de Longchamp ? or better cheap hotel
  229. CDG to seventh?
  230. Metro - time to travel between Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon
  231. Luggage @ Gare du Nord (& on Thalys???)
  232. Hotel in Paris
  233. $599 -- Paris, R/T from Select Midwest & West Coast Cities
  234. Bring beef jerky into Europe
  235. Hotel La Foréstière and (Restaurant) Cazaudehore, St-Germain-en-Laye (RER connetion t
  236. Paris Hotel Recommendations.
  237. Need Recommendations for Hotel in Touristy Area and Tours for Russian Lang. Tourists
  238. Quality Inn Abaca 330 Rue De Vaugirard
  239. Eiffel Tower's Sparkle to Be Dimmed
  240. Citadines Aparthotels?
  241. Places to stay in Paris
  242. Hotel Le Bristol--Paris
  243. Tip For Immigration At Roissy-CDG in Paris
  244. Sunday and Thursday in Paris What Would You Do?
  245. Are there ATM's at Paris airports
  246. How do I spend an evening in Paris?
  247. Paris Taxi Info - Bastille to CDG2
  248. "Paris Notes"
  249. When to visit Paris?
  250. Request: Paris dining recommendation