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  1. Sydney: Sleeping IN the zoo?
  2. SYD arrivals Fast Track - J ticket?
  3. Sydney Wet shaving...
  4. New Zealand ETA and tourist levy
  5. 1 month in Australia -- itinerary help
  6. [NZ] Visa Questions
  7. Booking flights to PPT
  8. 5 days in Vanuatu
  9. 12 days in the BNE area with 2 kids - recommendations?
  10. New Zealand proof of funds at the border
  11. New Caledonia: Hiking Mount Humboldt
  12. Taxi from Brisbane airport into the city
  13. New Caledonia: Australian International Driving Permit
  14. ATM Fees
  15. Denarau (Fiji) - Will we make the ferry connection ?
  16. what to do with luggage for 12 hours in Sydney
  17. Feedback please on our first visit to New Zealand in September
  18. Best airline alliance for Australia?
  19. good local car rental at MEL
  20. Tahiti to Fiji
  21. Replace MYKI at MEL Airport?
  22. Itinerary advice - 10 nights in French Polynesia
  23. SIM card for Australia and New Zealand
  24. 5 hours in Brisbane airport between dom and international connections, what to do?
  25. Reasonable length of trip to French Polynesia
  26. Queenstown airport approach video
  27. Laucala Island, Fiji
  28. Transfer NZ Bank Account to United States in NZD or USD?
  29. Peak Season Booking in Tahiti
  30. One way to Fiji
  31. Wine and Champagne in Tahiti
  32. NZ How to handle car rental pickup on N. Island, with drop-off on S. Island?
  33. Transiting in Melbourne
  34. Costco Sydney (Lindcombe)
  35. Advice for short NZ trip
  36. Comments/suggestions on my NZ itinerary for September please!
  37. Rental cars at Queenstown airport
  38. HU (Hainan) Check-in Hours at SYD
  39. Business class to Sydney - 2017 Vs 2019 prices
  40. Question on the subclass 651 eVisitor
  41. Melbourne - The Eating Thread
  42. Advice for winning the [New Zealand] Great Walks reservation game?
  43. BNE 7.5 hour layover - logistics & things to do
  44. First time in NZ South Island: Queenstown or Christchurch?
  45. 2 weeks in Perth
  46. Bringing Duty Free into Australia
  47. Tiwi islands (Australia) - Bathurst & Melville
  48. Visa issues for Australia
  49. Sydney, Uluru and which wine area?
  50. 2 weeks in Australia - Itenarary help
  51. Sydney to Melbourne drive or maybe something else?
  52. Melbourne MyKi now Available on Google Pay
  53. Noumea - best hotel swimming pools
  54. Adelaide advice wanted
  55. Is Whitehaven Beach Worth It?
  56. Qantas Frequent Flyer or Emirates Skywards
  57. Ex eu to Adelaide
  58. Cheapest country/city for flights to New Zealand
  59. Flight School Recommendations in Melbourne, Australia
  60. Help with early October NZ destination: Queenstown? Elsewhere?
  61. Connection Time in Christchurch, NZ (CHC)
  62. ** Sydney 5 Hour Layover - Options? **
  63. Camper van rental: Wellington to Christchurch (or Auckland?)
  64. Perth/Melbourne or more time in NZ?
  65. Business Visitor visa (subclass 600) - Expedited process?
  66. Price of LAX-SYD during Christmas 2019
  67. NZeTA required from 1 October 2019 to visit or transit New Zealand
  68. MELBOURNE LAYOVER - Customs? Time? Help!
  69. What should I do in Sydney in the rain?
  70. Family Vacation with 10 and 15 year old in Bora Bora
  71. Vehicle rental choices in Darwin for NT trip
  72. Universal adapters with US/AU as one plug
  73. Apr 2019 UA IAH-SYD saver award seat cancellation
  74. SYD-ORD which airline JAL or ANZ?
  75. Copthorne vs Doubletree in Wellington
  76. Fees in Palau
  77. 12 Hour Overnight Layover Melbourne
  78. international transfer at BNE
  79. SYD to apartment rental
  80. One Week in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney)
  81. extra baggage Sydney to India
  82. Sydney and where?
  83. 5 days in Australia: Sydney + Great Barrier Reef
  84. AKL Lounge for *A business traveller
  85. French Polynesia (Tahiti and Moorea)
  86. IDL in NZ & Australia?
  87. Entertainment Book 2019
  88. 6 days in NZ South Island - itinerary from Queenstown?
  89. Sydney or Melbourne?
  90. Will I face greater scrutiny entering Australia from Thailand?
  91. location of 'old' YHA youth hostel in Adelaide
  92. URGENTLY needing eVisitor for Australia
  93. Award help!
  94. Mel transit, Can I do this?
  95. French Polynesia and Families
  96. A couple questions on Moorea, Bora Bora, and Tahiti
  97. Help me spend a few days in Sydney
  98. Flying to Adelaide/Perth via Singapore from California?
  99. Sydney chocolate shops and other edibles
  100. Flying into Australia - collect bags at transfer airport or destination?
  101. Australia Tourist Entry for Child when one Parent is Deceased
  102. Things to do from Port Douglas
  103. Recommendations: Melbourne, Broome, Margaret River, Perth and Sydney
  104. Bringing in food...
  105. No more climbing Uluru
  106. Is 4.5hr enough time to make a Domestic OOL to SYD to International T1?
  107. Flights USA-Australia that are only +1 day
  108. Smoke at AKL International - Departures suspended Sat 8 Dec 2018
  109. Tasmania Island - Itinerary Suggestions
  110. Tahiti Inter-Island Flights
  111. HELP - Australia eVisitor rejected after mistake on form
  112. Need advice on Tasmania, Perth, ACT, Melbourne, Darwin, and Sydney
  113. 10 days in New Zealand
  114. Entered Australia and Exited with different passports by accident - any bad outcome?
  115. Buy stamps in Sydney on Sunday
  116. Substitute for GOR
  117. Help with Fiji Hotels
  118. Hertz or Avis car rental in Queenstown, NZ
  119. Auckland Airport 2am-6am
  120. Clare Valley - Wine Tour Guide
  121. Port Moresby - Hotel and Activity Recommendations?
  122. International to domestic transfer at WLG
  123. NZ - 2 week vacation question
  124. 72 hours in the Barossa Valley
  125. Taxi - AKL Airport Ibis to AKL Intl.
  126. 10-12 days trip itinerary to NZ (both islands)
  127. Largest Avis / Hertz branch in Melbourne downtown?
  128. New Zealand to fine travelers who refuse to unlock devices
  129. international transfer time in sydney
  130. 2 Days in MEL - Itinerary Help
  131. 3 nights away from Canberra
  132. US to Aus... people's recommendations for which way to book
  133. Update (Maybe?) on Global Entry
  134. Itinerary Help: 23 April--5 May, 2019
  135. Which is the Real Australian visa site?
  136. Driving in New Zealand
  137. Traveling Southland and Dunedin
  138. Can you qualify for a Australian 600 Visitor Visa with Convictions (2 DUIs)?
  139. LAX-Tahiti-AKL
  140. 3 or 4 weeks Australia - What time of year to go?
  141. Lord Howe Island - Recommended?
  142. New Zealand Departure Cards - Finally Axed
  143. Australian visa not showing in VEVO
  144. Woolens in Sydney
  145. Business Class Awards to Australia from US in Oct Nov
  146. Which Island first in February and March?
  147. Fossicking Queensland
  148. Hertz really cheap price
  149. Advice for Best Economy & Business Flights to New Zealand & Australia
  150. Dual passport Aus entry Q
  151. Cook Islands Stopover....Aitutaki or Rarotonga?
  152. Auckland arrivals from UK via Dubai
  153. Bringing used auto parts into Australia for repair
  154. Mataiva to Tikehau
  155. Brisbane to Gold Coast: things to do
  156. Rent Mini Camper and travel or Vrbo?
  157. Asia to Australia award ticket
  158. Sydney to Washington, DC with a pregnant wife
  159. Melbourne Aiport Big Taxi
  160. Tipping in Australia
  161. Need Help on Transiting from Bali - Perth -NY
  162. NZ South Island Itinerary Help
  163. RAR to VAV - Help needed
  164. Drink/ Driving limits in WA
  165. Food options at Auckland in early morning
  166. Best award redemption to NZ and Australia
  167. Masters Thesis Survey: Australians who travel domestically for business purposes
  168. Sydney Bridge Climb
  169. Solo Trip in November
  170. Raratonga Transfer Desk? (2hr separate ticket - will i make it?)
  171. best points program for US to Australia
  172. Australia visa - help
  173. Papua New Guinea Visa?
  174. Showers in SYD - not in lounges
  175. Things to do in Mo’orea in June?
  176. Doing the South Pacific islands without backtracking
  177. How long is AKL arrivals process?
  178. Day in Brisbane
  179. Trip in Oct/Nov to NZ, then Canberra and Sydney
  180. How much on average you spent in australia?
  181. palau things to do if dont dive
  182. Sleep Apnea - CPAP in Australia
  183. Business class deals between europe and OZ
  184. GPS for rental car in Australia: options
  185. Australia in late December/ January
  186. travelling to kiribati's outer islands
  187. Any routing ideas that include PER, WLG, NTL (or SYD), KOA, and SFO?
  188. NZ in Late November -- Itinerary Suggestions
  189. Tips needed - Hobart & Melbourne in late December
  190. Australia Rental Car Insurance
  191. Australian Islands
  192. Suggestions for Novemeber trip to NZ, AUS, or Islands...
  193. Cairns Great Barrier Reef - packages with hotels and/or flghts?
  194. Auckland CBD Crime?
  195. Hobart and Tasmania - minimally 4 days
  196. US to Auckland and Sydney airport info
  197. Does AAA/CAA have reciprocal agreement with Australian counterpart?
  198. Flights in July just shot up?
  199. Is walking still the only way to get between SYD T2/3 and T1 for free?
  200. A few questions about AKL
  201. Time needed to connect in AKL on separate ticket
  202. Cairns- 48 hours - one full day and 2 half-days - what to do?
  203. VIATOR: Australia Sigthseeing Pass/Expedia (APT?/AAT?) Sight See N Save Pass /others?
  204. Sailing off the North Island
  205. Flying to Melbourne advice please
  206. need a recommendation to Hobbiton tour from Auckland
  207. Under 21 Car rental BNE & CHC
  208. 36 Hours in Cairns: what should I do?
  209. Tasmania - are Australia specific animals seen there?
  210. Best way to do 4 nights in South Queensland
  211. Public drunkenness in Sydney is common?
  212. Airside Vegemite at SYD T1?
  213. Cheapest Way to Rent a Car in Hobart, Australia - from Reliable Rental Company
  214. South Island West Coast in April - Need to Book Hotels?
  215. Advice on Melbourne to Avalon Airport to GOR
  216. Which City in NZ
  217. Tasmania Road Trip
  218. NZ and Australia Itinerary
  219. Darwin -- need local knowledge
  220. Cell Phone / Data Coverage in Tahiti and Bora Bora
  221. Indian Pacific Train Questions
  222. Hotel for One Night in Sydney
  223. Fiji Stopover Diving Optional
  224. For those who have been to New Zealand and Thailand
  225. Tasmania vs. Apollo Bay/GOR
  226. Help! flying Sydney(SYD)-Cairns(CNS) R/T. use cash or pts?
  227. Samoa itinerary - 5 days 4 nights
  228. Fastest car rental company at ZQN
  229. Help with Australia to US Flights: Jan 9th PM or 10th AM & RTN on Jan 13/14
  230. Baggage question in Sydney
  231. Only 1.5hr for int'l to domestic transit at NAN -- need to recheck in?
  232. One Week In Sydney for Christmas too much?
  233. Australia Video Clips
  234. Interesting routes from Australia to Hawaii
  235. Is it possible? New Zealand South Island 8-9 days by train and bus?!
  236. Snorkeling or Diving in Cairns
  237. Uber pick-up from Auckland International
  238. Greyhound bus (and long distance trains) in Australia ?
  239. Sydney Road tolls
  240. Tour Recommondations for MIlford Sound
  241. Perth airport hotels
  242. How many days you recommend spending each in Sydney and Melbourne?
  243. Help needed with itinerary HOU/IAH - SYD
  244. SYD T1 baggage screening
  245. Towns/stops between SYD and MEL?
  246. New Zealand Trailer (Drone)
  247. Booking advice for ANZ Trip
  248. Brisbane parking question
  249. 12 hours in / around Auckland
  250. 12 days in Australia over Xmas/NYE