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  1. CNY In SE Asia
  2. 17 hour layover in TPE
  3. arranging own trip in Mekong Delta
  4. TPE to National Palace Museum...
  5. Manila Hotel Recommendation for Family
  6. Help: 2 Week Bali Itinerary
  7. TBS, EVN, GYD - which order?
  8. 5 days in Balin in March. Split our time or do day trips?
  9. Jakarta Fast Track
  10. CMB to SGN - Transfer at KUL
  11. South East Asia vs. Mosquito Sensitivities
  12. Using ride-hailing services Be, FastGo, Go-Viet and Grab/Gojek in Vietnam
  13. Anyone stayed at hotels right next to HAN?
  14. Colombo Airport Hotel
  15. Halong Bay Vietnam
  16. Asia turbulence
  17. Best way to get to the Maldives from San Francisco area
  18. visit other countries from Bangkok?
  19. Late night Kuala Lumpur arrival and credit card questions
  20. Manas Airport - Transit Facilities?
  21. Returning Bali Traveler
  22. Question for Taiwan Residents: Outbound Travel/Health Insurance
  23. KUL day use hotel room?
  24. Help Opting Out of Body Scanner at KUL Airport in Malaysia
  25. Indonesia - Komodo Island Dilemma
  26. Connection in Taiwan en route to Singapore
  27. 5-6 hour layover in TPE
  28. Multiple entries to Malaysia - UK passport holder
  29. Weekend flight from Taiwan to...?
  30. Vietnam beach holiday
  31. Phuket vs Jeju
  32. Looking for a luxurious place to stay in Penang?
  33. Sewage going directly into the sea off Penang?
  34. Private Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay Overnight Cruise?
  35. Cambodia Air - Flying from Da Nang to Siam Reip...in April 2020
  36. Anyone have been at Karimunbesar (Great Karimun) Island in Indonesia?
  37. Advice on getting to Phnom Penh from London in business class
  38. Amansala, Phum Baitang or The Beige?
  39. Any Recent Experience WIth Pakistan Visa Process For USA Citizen?
  40. Minor entry to Sri Lanka without parents
  41. 4 nights in Da Nang or Hoi An
  42. Priority immigration/security for domestic-int transit at CGK?
  43. Min Connection Time SGN
  44. Taiwan Dog Transit Permit
  45. Penang airport efficiency
  46. Less Visited Angkor Temples Near Siem Reap
  47. Private Guide Referral Request
  48. Taiwan Questions
  49. Hanoi in December - any insights?
  50. Kuala Lumpur Questions
  51. driving or flying Siem Reap to Phnom Penh?
  52. Airside to Immigration at Taipei Taoyuan?
  53. Cambodia
  54. Penang water theme park to have world's longest slide
  55. KUL Connection time
  56. Indonesia-BDO Bandung airport, domestic jet flights moving to KJT Kertajati airport
  57. Durian-do in Penang any body?
  58. Suggestions for flights to Philippines
  59. Layover of 6 h 55 min in Jakarta
  60. Anyone going to the Open Studios Penang?
  61. 12 days in the Philippines in October with Teen kids
  62. Opinions on Awarta Resort Bali
  63. More airports in Penang?
  64. Cathay Pacific check in at Kathmandu ...
  65. Changes/Improvements for Myanmar Tourists from October
  66. Taiwan - Best LTE Device Option for Long Term Use
  67. The best chaolong in Palawan, Philippines
  68. CMB Separate Ticket (UL) Connection
  69. 30 day trip: how long in Vietnam, Myanmar and Bhuthan, maybe Laos
  70. US - Ulaanbataar
  71. First time in Bali. Hotel location suggestions
  72. Connection In Colombo
  73. Have anyone ever been in Ninh Binh Vietnam?
  74. Is the sea water safe near Penang?
  75. Suggestions for RDU to HAN - Late January 2020
  76. 8 hour layover at TPE
  77. Anyone interested in taking a helicopter in Manila?
  78. Watch out for heavy rains in Penang
  79. How best to go SAN to DPS
  80. Da Nang/ Hue/ Hoi An: Time split and where to stay.
  81. Langkawi or Phuket for a few days?
  82. Anyone going to avoid Malaysia because of the US travel advisory
  83. After the waterspout ... comes the "freak storm"
  84. Joint Singapore-Malaysia Unesco hawker culture bid?
  85. International arrivals at Penang airport grew about 11%YoY in Q1 2019
  86. Cambodia Postal Truck
  87. TBS and GYD - where to stay?
  88. Denied Entry to Indonesia with US Emergency Replacement Passport
  89. Which Flight Would You Pick? To MLE
  90. Burma / Myanmar IATA Travel Agent
  91. First trip to Taipei/ questions and suggestions
  92. Malaysia jellyfish alert
  93. Penang/Langkawi during Ramadan
  94. Will a bus ban really improve traffic in Manila?
  95. Earthquake hits Philippines
  96. IAD to Asia - airfare routes tips/hacks please! NRT sux!!
  97. Penang to Melaka flights in July - joining two Peranakan destinations
  98. It's really going ahead ... 3 islands reclaimed south of Penang
  99. Phnom Penh Restaurants [Was Finding a “Lost” Restaurant in Phnom Penh]
  100. Vietnam E-Visa and Boarding (US Citizen)
  101. Sri Lanka to Maldives - tight connection on sep ticket?
  102. Penang, Malaysia Light Rail Transit to start next year
  103. Sri Lanka rolls out free visas for more than 30 nationalities
  104. Hanoi airport transit, sleep pod, visa questions
  105. No high speed rail between Malaysia and Singapore ... yet
  106. Penang ferries - is there any point in upgrading it?
  107. Shangri La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel
  108. Penang to get Pan island highway ... maybe
  109. Manila has new hottest day this dry season
  110. Manila Terminal Transfer
  111. Some parts of Manila Bay are open for swimming
  112. Protests against China in the Philippines
  113. Suggestions for Asia 3-week trip
  114. Early flight out of KUL - can I take the first KLIA express train?
  115. Jakarta: Using the MRT, Airport Link train and Skytrain
  116. Connection thru CGK (Jakarta) - where to clear immigration control when departing?
  117. TPE Airport Baggage Services
  118. Looking for great beach resort for NYE - Philippines?
  119. Hanoi, Nha Trang and where else?
  120. Hotel recommendation for Taipei: amba Ximending vs Regent/ Kimpton???
  121. Bali Upper End Restaurants - Seminyak/Canggu & Ubud
  122. Best places to buy gifts for cats in Taipei?
  123. One day or two day on Halong bay?
  124. Which Hyatt or Starriott or Hilton in Bali (w/ status)
  125. Last minute trip to Vietnam off the table due to vaccinations!
  126. Itinerary guide help - Choosing between Luang Prabang or Penang
  127. Best luxury beach resort in Southeast Asia
  128. Hotel Buffets in Jakarta and Singapore
  129. American renting a car in MNL - Batangas
  130. TPE to Taichung City - Train Options
  131. KUL day trip
  132. CMB Layover
  133. Malaysia TWOV and Singapore VFTF question.
  134. UK/Taiwan dual national question (passport validity)
  135. Aloft or Element Kuala Lumpur
  136. TPE stopover, shower at airport
  137. Bali Airport Currency Conversion
  138. 10 day Cambodia Itinerary (w/ 7 month old)
  139. Connecting flight at Kuala Lumpur Airport
  140. Best countries to visit in Central Asia
  141. Obtaining Vietnamese business visa
  142. Visa Issue [for Sri Lanka]
  143. Advice needed! Planning Honeymoon Vietnam, Camobdia
  144. Suitable hotel for KLIA
  145. Transfer from T2 to T1 in TPE with checked baggage & kids with < 2hr.. .am I doomed?
  146. 13 nights trip to Vietnam
  147. Manta Rays and Maldives
  148. TPE Airport Security Check Line for Elite or Business Traveller
  149. Need Data Plan/SIM for Manila
  150. International to international transit in Myanmar?
  151. Vietnam / Saigon
  152. needing an OT/PT consult Taipei Thurs 24 Jan
  153. Transiting/ Connecting through TPE Taoyuan
  154. Where to go for luxury beach vacation in Southeast Asia?
  155. CGK-PLM transit in 100 minutes possible?
  156. Malaysia travel visa & Biometric
  157. Laos - experiences and where for 4-5 days?
  158. Reliable car service and hotel in Sri Lanka
  159. Using Uber in Taipei?
  160. Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements?
  161. Malaysia for 6 nts
  162. Uzbekistan
  163. Anniversary assistance
  164. Hanoi - which hotel?
  165. USA and EU citizens - what passport use in the Asia?
  166. Need Bali Villa recommendations
  167. Indonesia--gifts
  168. CMB arrival/departure services
  169. Vietnam and credit cards
  170. Flight ticket to Vancouver to Ho Chi Minh
  171. Private driver, tour guide in Hanoi
  172. Manila ANA Lounge
  173. Boracay - Lind Boracay Resort - Opinions?
  174. Bangkok 12 hours layover
  175. Balikbayan Box Question
  176. Taiwan: Early March 2019 trip to Sun Moon Lake and Taroko Gorge
  177. Maldives- Conrad vs W vs Sheraton?
  178. How to get to Kep, Cambodia
  179. Prescription Medication OTC in Phnom Penh
  180. New Bohol International Airport (TAG) - Replacement for Tagbilaran Airport
  181. Hotels in Phnom Penh
  182. SGN wait times
  183. Vietnam - obtaining a driver in Danang ?
  184. Transfer time from Intl. to Domestic [in Kuala Lumpur]
  185. Vietnam Airlines pricing
  186. Taxi? Car service? TPE to hotel w/bulky luggage
  187. Electrical Outlet Issue Philippines
  188. Fares to Asia during 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  189. Hilton vs. Le Meridien in Kota Kinabalu?
  190. 5 day Trip in Taiwan in early Feb 2019 - middle of Chinese New Year
  191. Langkawi: Tanjung Rhu vs Andaman
  192. South East Asia during Chinese New Year
  193. Yangon airport/VIP arrival & transfer service
  194. Honeymoon Help in Palawan Island
  195. Is MH lounge re-opened in Penang?
  196. Transiting at TPE: flights with different PNRs
  197. Bali - December 2018 - would you go despite volcano risks?
  198. DEL-BKK-TPE transit advice
  199. one-night stay in KUL; best mass transit/ground transport from KUL to Grand Hyatt?
  200. Uzbekistan Airways domestic flights
  201. Taipei hotel suggestions + airport transport query
  202. Page Requirements for Indonesia Entry
  203. Is there a geographically accurate map of Jakarta's busway?
  204. Transit CGK Lion Air and Batik Air / domestic to intl
  205. Any half day paid tours in Taipei?
  206. Vietnam E-Visa - questions
  207. Dog Friendly Hotels Manila NAIA
  208. TPE - when to be there for an 8am flight?
  209. Orangutan jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang!! (Sumatra, Indonesia)
  210. Conrad v W Hotel in Maldives
  211. Hanoi hotel - family of 4
  212. Gay Saigon/HCMC Tips
  213. Vietnam visa options
  214. Best coach seats
  215. East coast US to Asia
  216. Transfer at KUL - Air Asia to Air Asia
  217. When did the Big Hotel chains first open up in Asia
  218. How many days in Hanoi and Halong Bay?
  219. Overnight in CGK
  220. Everest / Himalayas Views Flying In/Out Of KTM?
  221. Palawan Philippines Extended Family Trip - a Challenge
  222. Honeymoon Recommendations - 01/01 - 05/01/19
  223. Ethics of visiting Myanmar?
  224. SGN VIP Arrival Service ?
  225. NFL Game Pass - Manila
  226. Places to visit around the northwest Vietnam?
  227. Manila for 1 month - Ascott BGC WiFi Concerns
  228. Flights to Vietnam..when to buy
  229. Taipei - Best Bars and Food?
  230. Any recent Angkor Wat guide recommendations?
  231. Where to go in Asia next week?
  232. Is late September a good time to visit Laos?
  233. Sri Lankan Visa
  234. Fast track at Kathmandu (TIA) airport?
  235. Sri Lanka Driver Recommendations
  236. Kazakhstan passport validity requirements
  237. TPE airside arrivals terminal transit question
  238. Indonesia Visa Differences?
  239. Travelling to the Philippines
  240. Cebu, Philippines Airport Domestic Transfer
  241. Myanmar: Ok to fly Ngapali-Yangon same day as midnight intl flight?
  242. TPE-HKG-TPE on CX - Do I need to clear immigration/security?
  243. KUL fast track immigration
  244. Feedback on possible trip to Dhaka, Kathmandu & Lahore
  245. Gym at KUL
  246. Anyone stayed at Jaya House River Park in Siem Reap? Seems too good to be true
  247. Seoul or Tokyo for 1 night layover?
  248. MNL Immigration Wait Times
  249. Help needed for 2.5 week itinerary (Thailand/Vietnam)
  250. Uk - warmer for Christmas maybe Asia