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  1. Comair...and Chobe day trip
  2. Madagascar
  3. ADD Layover
  4. Air Belgium adds Brussels - Mauritius service from 15DEC20
  5. ANY TRIP After COVID-19 Lock downs Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread
  6. Favorite destinations
  7. Tanzania Travel Overview
  8. KLM flight offerings DAR/JRO to AMS
  9. New DL Route and Metal for SA ATL JNB and CPT
  10. Few things to think of before you Commit for Safari to Africa year 2020
  11. Was Perth to Johanesburg really the most profitable international route in Australia?
  12. Losing deposit for tour
  13. South Africa - possible limits on travel for a long time...
  14. Where to stay in Victoria Falls
  15. Budget safari for solo travel
  16. Credit card and weather in Cape Town and Johannesburg?
  17. Sleeping next to a huge lava lake - Climbing Nyiragongo in Virunga National Park
  18. Mauritius & Coronavirus
  19. Air zimbabwe...are they still flying?!...
  20. Namibia Onward Travel Requirement
  21. Visa for South Africa requirements
  22. Flexibility on Kenyan and Ethiopian e-visa dates
  23. CPT - toilets out of order in international departures?
  24. From VFA to ARK or KIA: what are my options?
  25. Johannesburg for ~36 hours
  26. Mosquito net needed for central Nairobi hotel stay?
  27. Uganda E-Visa long processing time
  28. Premium Economy flights to JoBurg
  29. Zambia Visa
  30. Rwanda considers visa fee exemptions for Commonwealth member states
  31. Practice Fixing Flat Tires Alone?
  32. First time to Morocco - Casablanca or Marrakech?
  33. Tanzania - Visa on Arrival
  34. Travel from Marrakesh to Casablanca Airport
  35. Which airline is more likely to go bankrupt?
  36. load-shedding in JHB/SA - current situation?
  37. Visa on arrival at Windhoek, Namibia
  38. Cost of Flights to Morocco
  39. Frequent travel from IAD to CPT
  40. Use Points Cape Town to Maun, Botswana (MUB) - on South African?
  41. Last-minute pricing for greater KNP 4/5 star safari
  42. Four days in Addis Ababa
  43. JNB questions.
  44. Help using points between CPT, VFA or BBK, EBB, & JRO?
  45. Travel advice for Madagascar
  46. Considering cancelling Victoria Falls trip
  47. Suggestions for Malawi?
  48. SEZ Airport Lost and Found/Airline Offices
  49. lagos arrival
  50. Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe - African 4 corners - Is it feasible?
  51. Travel to DRC and more...
  52. Western Cape - October 2020
  53. Visiting Luanda, Angola
  54. Nile Cruise - between Aswan and Luxor
  55. Sundy Praia (Principe Island) - anyone been?
  56. Dakar recommendations?
  57. South Africa ATM ... denominations
  58. Best Order for Trip to Seychelles -- Which Islands?
  59. Some questions about travelling to Tripoli, Libya
  60. Hilton or Sheraton in Addis
  61. CMN Transfer Advice
  62. Minimizing customs/tax HAM-MRU with 2d stopover in JNB
  63. 8 hours in Somalia...
  64. What is a fair fare to Tanzania from the US (non-hub city)
  65. Zambia e-Visa
  66. CPT Capetown airport to get $493m major facelift
  67. 2.5 Days in The Seychelles. Which Island?
  68. Traveller safety in Cape Town, concerned about NY Times report
  69. Equatorial Guinea/South Bioko Guides/Information
  70. When will Blantyre airport reopen to jets?
  71. Input on Johannesburg hotel
  72. Visa requirement Kenya/South Africa/Seychelles
  73. Advice to minimize luggage theft at JNB and other airports
  74. More visa-free countries announced for South Africa
  75. Thoughts on itinerary - South Africa and Kenya
  76. Ghana e-visa information requested
  77. Morocco Advice
  78. Zimbabwe currency situation
  79. Fly Royal Air Maroc
  80. Mozambique Visa on Arrival
  81. Best airline or credit card for travel to Niamey
  82. Libya - visas / safety / airports
  83. Casablanca airport layover with toddler/baby
  84. SA cross border car hire
  85. Anyone done Togo, on business, recently?
  86. 10 day trip from Johannesburg in August
  87. Safety of climbing Mt. Nyiragongo
  88. Future Africa Trip Advice
  89. Duffle bags for safari
  90. African Options
  91. 16 days to fill. First time to Africa needing itinerary advice
  92. Transferring at ORT on separate tickets
  93. EATV with Tanzania side trip
  94. Advice for booking Binter Cabo Verde (3B)
  95. Republic of Congo and surrounding area
  96. Johannesburg driver
  97. Advice on SA trip
  98. Kenya - Single or Multiple Entry VISA
  99. Morocco 9 Days Plan (October 2019)
  100. CPT connection non-interline tickets.
  101. Southern Africa itinerary- help me choose!
  102. AVIS Car Rental Cape Town
  103. New Baggage Rules at OR Tambo Airport
  104. What is there to see and do in the Seychelles?
  105. Best steakhouses in Jo'burg / Cape Town?
  106. Dar es Salaam Terminal 3
  107. Flights to South Africa from the Midwest (USA)
  108. Is this Kenya and Tanzania Itinerary Feasible?
  109. Stellenbosch and Fraenschhoek (1st visit)
  110. Cape Town
  111. Algeria travel tips route tourist attractions photo gallery [trip report]
  112. Booking Agent for Botswana Safari + Etosha/Bwabwata in Namibia
  113. KWANDO Camps in Botswana
  114. Uber in Africa?
  115. Kenya Safari for group of 10 - OTA or Local Operator?
  116. Extra Day in Cape Town
  117. 1st timer to SA, need advice for Kruger
  118. Southern Africa safari choices in April - May?
  119. Tanzania and the Serengeti
  120. Burundi Names Gitega As New Capital
  121. Min Connection Time at ACC?
  122. RhinoAfrica: Recommendation requested
  123. Morocco train question
  124. Juba (South Sudan) - anyone been recently / safety?
  125. WDH - Windhoek Airport and Town - information
  126. Antananarivo
  127. Bidvest Sky and Premier lounges
  128. SIM card at JNB
  129. US to Seychelles-Do I add CPT or just enjoy the stopover in Dubai
  130. Long or short connection at DAR?
  131. Long Layover in Johannesburg - what to do with 14 hours?
  132. ET21 BLZ-LLW Domestic or Intl?
  133. How to fly "cheap" to Capetown from Brussels
  134. Approx. 48h in Nairobi
  135. Recommendation for a guide in Accra, Ghana?
  136. 2 weeks in Cape Town
  137. Interline between SA Airlink and Mango
  138. Flight from Madrid to Marrakech..
  139. Kruger and Malaria
  140. Cape Town Hotel Choice: Hilton vs African Pride vs AC waterfront
  141. Free wifi landside at JNB airport
  142. Preference for airline to Dakar, Senegal (DSS)?
  143. Anyone have done 'Inland' Garden Route in South Africa
  144. Recommendation for Kruger NP day visit
  145. driving from Victoria Falls through Kasane, Botswana to Ngoma, Namibia
  146. Travelling to Kenya as a citizen without a Kenyan passport?
  147. rarif fastt trak marrakech
  148. Casablanca airport to Casa Port
  149. Clothing questions-Kenya/Tanzania
  150. Cape Town restaurant suggestions for group of 16
  151. Check Yellow Fever Certificate Time Stamp
  152. Award travel from JNB to Madagascar
  153. New airport tax in Tanzania eff since 1st of October 2018
  154. Kruger Vs Chobe
  155. Issues with driving in Morocco
  156. Advice on Safari in SA v. Zambia
  157. Hotels in Yaounde
  158. Madagascar in November?
  159. Diving/Snorkeling Lake Malawi
  160. Seychelles Airport Transfer and Half Board Advice
  161. International - International Connection at CPT
  162. Letter of Invitation needed for Algerian tourism visa?
  163. Namibia travel tips route tourist attractions photo gallery [trip report]
  164. Kenya/Tanzania Visa
  165. Nigerian Visa
  166. Advice on Itinerary
  167. Mauritius-Rodrigues for less?
  168. Help with Insane Itinerary - Prices...
  169. DUR International to Domestic connection mins
  170. Protesters blocking entry to Kruger National Park again
  171. Places to eat in JNB airport?
  172. Benin weather in September - too wet?
  173. Cairo to Port Said overland travel time
  174. Addis Ababa new terminal
  175. Kenya visa question
  176. Seychelles & Yellow fever
  177. Carrying 2 passports (Dual citizen)
  178. Chad/Zakouma Park
  179. any FTers in the crappiest parts of Africa at the moment?
  180. Livingstone, Zambia: airport taxis?
  181. Morocco - will the LGV train be operating this year?
  182. Marrakech - where else to visit in the area?
  183. Kenya Airways offering free safari
  184. Africa- Uganda, South Africa trip help
  185. Protea Hotel Transit O R Tambo Airport
  186. Marrakesh for 2-3 days
  187. Namibia Trip - Ideas
  188. Lagos day trips
  189. Zanzibar for New Years (or after) and what else?
  190. South Africa and Victoria Falls
  191. How much cash for Morocco trip?
  192. Paul Kruger gate inaccessible due to protests?
  193. ADD tour guide for 5 hours?
  194. Azores & South Africa
  195. Seychelles or Mauritius?
  196. South Africa - Advice needed Port Elizabeth to Cape town
  197. Fes or Marrakech -- recommended tour guides?
  198. 2.25hrs transit in addis ababa
  199. Airline advice for New York to Dar es Salaam?
  200. Mauritius
  201. Visiting the Old Entebbe Airport
  202. Sierra Leone Freetown Airside Transit?
  203. Seychelles boat rental questions
  204. VOA Nigeria
  205. Seychelles - Sufficient Funds Requirement
  206. Cycling in the SEYCHELLES
  207. Left luggage facilities in Accra?
  208. How bad is South Africa in January?
  209. Cape Town flights and hotels and all that
  210. Award travel in southern Africa -- not easy!
  211. Has anyone been to the Congos?
  212. Logistics advice for Tanzania: Zanzibar + Safari
  213. Cote d'Ivoire evisa not working... alternatives?
  214. South Africa Advice please
  215. DRONE TAKEN away in Lalibela, Ethiopia 04/2018
  216. Hotel/Accommodation at Victoria Falls
  217. Business Deals to JRO
  218. Help planning 25th Anniversary Trip - Tanzania
  219. VFA-CPT Help
  220. Mauritius: recommendations for smallish hotel or B&B in hills or on nice beach?
  221. Any luggage storage facilities at Wilson Airport, Nairobi?
  222. Worried about booking South Africa trip
  223. Tour recommendations: Kenya & Tanzania
  224. JNB Stop - and a quick Uber Tour?
  225. Car rental bet. Sandton n Harteespoort SA?
  226. I'm looking for recommendations for a day hotel at JNB.
  227. Yellow Fever vacine? Zimbabwe, Botswana, Cape Town - yellow fever vacine?
  228. Angola to Issue VOA | US and EU included
  229. Advice for 1 week in Algieria--help me refine my rough trip idea
  230. Need help planning a 7 week trip to Uganda (then travel from there)
  231. Air Namibia
  232. JNB - 45 min connection possible (makes sense) on separate tickets?
  233. Cheap premium flights and TP runs to Africa
  234. Ivory Coast travel tips route tourist attractions photo gallery [trip report]
  235. Fatal Lion Attack on Young Woman in Dinokeng, SA
  236. Back to back in JNB possible?
  237. URGENT: Cairo Visa On Arrival
  238. Anyone recently flown out of ABJ using self printed boarding pass?
  239. Morocco Tangier MED terminal - ATM?
  240. LAX - CPT Aug/Sept - Flight Suggestions
  241. Ethiopia: Feb 2018 travel advisories from UK, Canada, USA. Unsafe for tourism?
  242. Rorkes Drift - another try...
  243. ADD / Addis Ababa Bole International Airport - Connections, Facilities, Layovers
  244. So I'm going to Sao Tome...now what?
  245. Yachting in Seychelles
  246. SA Vodacom topoff issue
  247. A drive from Hermanus to Durban through Lesotho
  248. Which is better? Safari in Chobe or Hwange.
  249. Advice on connecting in Addis Ababa
  250. Need help to hire a car and driver from JNB