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  1. How Early Can I Check Bags at KOA?
  2. COVID-19 Escalation in South Korea and Impact to Hawaiian Air Flights/Operations
  3. Method to search HA award calendar?
  4. Aeromexico 787 at HNL?
  5. Man tested positive for Coronavirus, flew OGG-HNL on HA 265 on Feb 3
  6. Lounge access for first class
  7. Why Hawaiian getting more expensive flight from PHX-HNL?
  8. Hawaiian Airlines In-Flight Entertainment Options for JFK-HNL in Economy Class?
  9. Does Hawaiian Airlines Charge for Emergency Exit Row Seating?
  10. Does HA have offices in Siberia?
  11. A rare glitch in HA's usually good service
  12. Using HA Miles on JAL
  13. Safari Helicopters Crash: 7 Dead, 18th Chopper Crash in Hawaii in 5 years
  14. HA F to Japan
  15. No waivers, no favors?
  16. Which airline to credit HA flight
  17. Hawaiian may considering A321XLR for US Mainland flight?
  18. Higher prices reserving on phone vs online?
  19. Same day standby question
  20. 321neo F Bulkhead Footrest?
  21. Missing credit for HA Hotels - useless customer service
  22. Selecting seats on Hawaiian when booking through OTA
  23. Award Space Patterns
  24. Hawaiian airlines west coast blanket: how big is it?
  25. DOT Approves Hawaiian/JAL Joint Venture, Tentatively Denies ATI
  26. Any discount codes?
  27. Amex 25% bonus and using Hawaiian Miles for Virgin Atlantic flights
  28. HA Biz Card Discount Award benefit?
  29. Puulani Platinum First Class Certificates - Not!
  30. HA partner miles to book Tahiti route
  31. Serve the inter-island beer first.
  32. Hawaiian Airlines to Sydney - cash upgrade
  33. Hawaiian Air .. how can I structure this to work ?
  34. Hawaiian loads from BNE & SYD to HNL awful after January 5
  35. HA inter-island sked change
  36. HA from OAK, arrive 3 hours early!?!?
  37. Seat selection help please, Hawaiian Airlines
  38. HA 47 Emergency Landing, Cabin filled with smoke Aug 22
  39. Hawaiian Airlines Noise Cancelling Headphones?
  40. Hawaiian adds mainland A321neo flights 2019-2020
  41. Inflatable Foot Rest on Hawaiian Airlines
  42. TYO-HNL; HNL-JFK Odd Flight Search Results
  43. Credit Hawaii airline miles to KE (Korean Air)?
  44. Best way to buy 3 F tickets, as they’re more expensive compared to 3 individual F tix
  45. fast track to gold??
  46. Great deal for HA Mastercard
  47. 14 Hours At The Airport
  48. Enjoyed flying A330-200 from LAX to HNL first time Economy !
  49. Entertainment now free on HA Transpacific
  50. Interisland, how far ahead can I check in baggage
  51. Hawaiian Airlines Kahului Airport NEW Lobby Experiences
  52. Carry-on Size for SMF-OGG Flight?
  53. Hawaiian Airlines or Fiji Airways to Sydney in Business Class?
  54. Hawaiian Air Vacation Packages?
  55. First Class Flight SAN-OGG
  56. Hawaiian Website booking / connections
  57. HA gift card awards?
  58. Hawaiian higher priced awards
  59. Question about transferring at HNL
  60. Current Y Service Between West Coast and Hawaii
  61. Using miles for a long layover in HNL on inter-island flights
  62. Recent flights on A321 Neo
  63. Lunch/Dinner Menu Changes?
  64. In-Flight Entertainment Pkg prices?
  65. Hawaiian Airlines 787 - News
  66. Hawaiian increased award redemption
  67. Hawaiian Airlines A330 First Class Row 1 - Your Experience
  68. Updated Hawaiian Air Mobile App Available (2019/02/25)
  69. HA Schedule LIH->LAX frustration
  70. HA's lowest fares not available on expedia, chase, etc?
  71. Car Seats in same row?
  72. Hawaiian Airlines Flight Returns to LAX Three Times
  73. Hawaiian A330 Lie Flat Seats Uncomfortable
  74. Book with miles?
  75. 1/24/2019 - HA50 HNL-JFK Diverted to SFO Due to Crew Illness
  76. Ticketing problem when upgrading ticket
  77. Hawaiian Airlines reduces AKL service
  78. JHM to Mainland on HA
  79. HA on board visa CC application
  80. Recent datapoints for carry-on restriction strictness?
  81. Keeping HA miles alive for a child
  82. Last HA 767 Flight Announced (and Flown; HA19 SMF-HNL 1/7/2019)
  83. Will Southwest's entry into the inter-island market lower fares?
  84. HA implements check-in changes at HNL
  85. MAIN DISCUSSION THREAD - Hawaiian Airlines Basic Economy [Discussion/Questions]
  86. Mokulele Airlines
  87. How can I check for First Saver upgrade space on HA?
  88. Hawaiian Air Points Upgrade on JetBlue Codeshare
  89. First Experience in Widebody Extra Comfort
  90. Upgraded/Preferred Seat (Exit Row) on Hawaiian Airlines
  91. F Class PDX to OGG 321neo
  92. N582HA, Returning back to LAX
  93. First Class Security Lane HNL Interisland?
  94. Refundable/changeable before departure?
  95. Fc travel and earning status faster?
  96. 767 retirements - schedule update
  97. Seat Assignment/Aircraft Not Available
  98. N204HA tail strike at LAX 8/13
  99. HA4 9/23 Equipment Swap
  100. Inter-island MCT at KOA
  101. Best time to buy tickets for September 2019?
  102. HNL-SYD [Is it Worth it to Purchase Extra Comfort Seats on HA?]
  103. Booking the new BOS route with points?
  104. bid up accepted but cannot chose seat
  105. Hawaiian Airlines nonstop HNL-BOS starts April 2019
  106. Hawaiian 822 (NRT-HNL) Diversion to HND on Sept 7, 2018
  107. No Taiwan country code HA
  108. Downgraded from economy comfort (due to equipment change to 767)
  109. Hawaiian Airlines first class meals
  110. Combining 2 separately purchased trips into one combined itinerary with HA?
  111. Checked in for our family, and Seat said SEE AGENT for Daughter and Husband
  112. Best time to book HA award travel
  113. HA Pualani Platinum Upgrade Certificates Question
  114. Hawaiian Airline Mileage redemption for Virgin Atlantic Flight question
  115. Revised Boarding Lanes
  116. Price per ticket increases with more passengers
  117. Is there no way around Hawaiian Air's miles flight change limitation of EXACT miles?
  118. HNL Layover – Ticketing and Luggage Advice
  119. HA Pualani Platinum 75K Status?
  120. HA premier qualifying earning
  121. Hawaiian Air vs Jetstar?
  122. Business Class Awards Availability on Hawaiian Airlines International Routes
  123. Hawaiian Has Some Really Short HNL Minimum Connection Times
  124. PPG flights return to nighttime schedule July 11
  125. Closing My Hawaiian Miles Credit Card, What to do with Miles.
  126. HNL luggage pickup time estimate from mainland (on 767)
  127. HA's SFO-HNL-SYD flights
  128. HA - HNL drive thru check in ending 4/30/18
  129. Hawaiian Mediocrity?
  130. Avoid Flying the A321neo due to 17.3 Wide Seat
  131. SFO / OGG plane downgrade!
  132. HA International Business Class Lounges
  133. Usability of 120k HA miles
  134. Does HA F allow for priority security at SFO international? BP doesn't indicate
  135. Hawaiian Air Flights Featuring Use of Hawaiian Language by Crew
  136. "Free wifi" no longer available at OGG?
  137. Why can't HA Flight Attendants Hold My F Meals?
  138. International layover in HNL
  139. Earn HA miles on JB points ticket?
  140. Announcing HA's new partnership with Japan Airlines
  141. Post your HA 321neo Review
  142. Itinerary change with hawaiian, recourse?
  143. Consolidated "HA Premier Club Lounge and Other HA-Available Lounges" Thread
  144. Tight HNL connection
  145. Booking Inter-island using points on HA
  146. Delayed bag misses online connection on different airline
  147. Hawaiian cancels several summer routes because of 321 issues
  148. Hawaiian to Add Boeing 787-9 to Fleet Over A330neo [Confirmed March 6, 2018]
  149. HA and NZ interline agreement?
  150. MCI-SAN by AS then Hawaiian Airlines to Kauai
  151. LAX/OGG with stopover
  152. American Samoa using Miles
  153. baggage fee for United Premier Silver traveling on Hawaiian Air
  154. Auckland Lounge for Business-Class Passengers
  155. trying to use miles.....
  156. Dissatisfied With Hawaiian's Business Class Seats on PPT-HNL Flight
  157. Connecting on separate tickets
  158. HA Flight 25 (Sunday 1/28/18 flight from PDX to HNL) Diverted to SFO
  159. our new website has compatibility issues with other internet browser
  160. Affiliate 5% discount for HNL-PPT
  161. In Flight Meals and Beverages- HA Economy
  162. Hawaiian Airline fare rule questions
  163. OAK-HNL going A321neo?
  164. Cancelling an interisland ticket on HA
  165. Earning Miles on HA
  166. Airbus NEO321 Seat Width
  167. HA to fly from Long Beach to HNL
  168. Any Recent "Meal" Reports in F on Redeye HA HNL-LAX?
  169. A321 inflight entertainment (IFE)
  170. HNL>SMF in Nov. 2018; still the 767? Seat help, please?
  171. Miles Expiring
  172. Korean Air miles for Hawaiian Air flights haven't posted
  173. Free Wi-Fi offered at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
  174. Earning Hawaiian Air Miles
  175. HA aircraft in PHL?
  176. Hawaiian Air 767 AVOD Service for First Class Passengers?
  177. Two separate tickets affect connecting
  178. Lie-Flat Seats- Which Row to Choose?
  179. Hawaiian Airlines has the worst food according to study
  180. Has Hawaiian changed the actual economy seats?
  181. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles benefits nominations
  182. complete HA fail HND-KOA
  183. First class seats on HA30 SEA-HNL "not available"
  184. Dunkerley to retire as Hawaiian Airlines CEO
  185. Question about HA "saver fares"
  186. 88th Anniversary of Hawaiian's First Flight
  187. Unable to upgrade HA booked on B6 Points
  188. Booking promo / discounts?
  189. Oversold flight
  190. Island Air Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy [Last Day of Operations is Nov 10, 2017]
  191. Haneda to Kona upgrade possibilities
  192. PURE SPECULATION - HA to possible go the 787-9 route??
  193. Kudos to Hawaiian
  194. On the ground customer service fail
  195. Lounge options in terminal 5 at LAX
  196. HA HNL Connection
  197. First Class In-Flight Entertainment Options on Hawaiian Airlines' A321neo Flights?
  198. Hawaiian Airlines extra Comfort seats
  199. HELP -Using HA miles to upgrade
  200. Hawaiian and Japan Airlines sign joint-venture agreement
  201. Hawaiian Airlines to expand AKL service
  202. Round trip ticket on different carriers baggage fees?
  203. Booked EC seats (LAX-HNL)- posted charge to CC and online receipt price is for Main
  204. Extra comfort paying with credit card points?
  205. Uruly pax has to pay $98,000 to Hawaiian Air
  206. Partner Award flying First on Hawaiian? Help!
  207. 1st Class Inter Island Award Tickets
  208. Business Lounge in Tahiti PPT
  209. Hawaiian Airlines First Class on a Multi City | Baggage Query
  210. Booking an award ticket from/to IAH
  211. International upgrades
  212. HA Interisland Widebody Flights?
  213. HA Plans for 767-300 Fleet Retirement?
  214. A330-200 old First Class seat choice
  215. Hawaiian Airlines In Flight Entertainment Fees for Economy
  216. Flying HA in Y - will HA accept AA F interline baggage?
  217. Traveling on Multiple Reservations
  218. Virgin America partnership to end 12/31/17
  219. When to book flights for November?
  220. Class Z (In what class is International Economy Comfort booked as?)
  221. Mahalo HA for supporting Hokule'a and the PVS
  222. Is UA declaring war on HA?
  223. Hawaiian needs to face fare competition
  224. Random seat reassignment: Is this common?
  225. Award travel fare alerts?
  226. Hawaiian Air Miles for me, Paid ticket for husband, 50% off companion fare for son?
  227. HA and QF Itinerary Booked on AA.com
  228. HA Miles from LAS-OGG
  229. What Terminal Does HA Use for Pago Pago Flights / Connection Time to AA Flight?
  230. Inter-Island First Class (KOA-HNL on HA; What is Included in Service?)
  231. Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service
  232. Hawaiian Airlines Brand Refresh Unveiled
  233. 2017 onwards - Consolidated "Standby for HA Inter-island flights?" thread
  234. Possible to book AA award US mainland to Hawaii using Hawaiian Airlines miles?
  235. Enough time to transfer and is it even worth it?
  236. HA 18 Northern Route
  237. First Class bumped to Economy seat.
  238. HA A330 to Everrett, WA, what's the problem?
  239. New to Miles and Not Able to Redeem Mine... What?!
  240. HA 321neo interiors unveiled
  241. HA stopover in HNL
  242. Redeem HA miles on Virgin America to/from Hawaii?
  243. Populate iPhone Calendar w/ HA flight info
  244. Anyone else have issues with B6 and VX flights posting to HawaiianMiles?
  245. Hawaian airlines Miles
  246. Very Odd Reward Seat Availability from PPT in Dec
  247. HA Extra Comfort Seats Row 11-13
  248. Hawaiian Air Interline Agreement for Mainland Flights?
  249. Upsell Hawaiian Mainland Flight to First Class with Miles?
  250. Winter Storm Stella [March 13-15 Travel Waiver for JFK Flights]