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  1. Difficultly in partner redemption's
  2. Qantas announces welcome to all Alaska passengerss
  3. SFO Gates - New Numbering System Effective Oct 16 2019
  4. Married segments on Alaska?
  5. Question about checked bag on shared AS/AA itinerary
  6. Don't Drink the Water
  7. SEA Connection Times
  8. EasyBiz site down?
  9. Baggage allowance issue on EK J, booked with AS miles
  10. Alaska 843 (SEA - KOA) Satellite WiFi?
  11. Using AS miles on Condor
  12. Change roundtrip after outbound
  13. Amex Membership rewards "insider fares" available on Alaska?
  14. YVR Interline to CX
  15. SEA<—>BWI/IAD redeyes off the schedule (Nov thru Mar)
  16. Free Checked Bag (AS Visa) When Booking With Thank You Points?
  17. Funny thing Flyertalkers might do that non travelers wouldn't understand
  18. New Business Traveler
  19. Two different AS flights at similar times - PDX-SEA?
  20. Earn Alaska miles on AA flights if I book through BA?
  21. Cancel or skip last segment for one person on two person itinerary?
  22. Earning Alaska miles on a international AA flight
  23. Anyone had to change award ticket due to BA strike this week?
  24. Received AS miles and AA miles for same trip
  25. What happened to JL award availability?
  26. No gate in SEA - AS, ATC, or...?
  27. Swap My Upgrade Seat in F With Spouse?
  28. El Al Suggestions for Earning AS miles
  29. Guests to AA Lounges (and not same itinerary?)
  30. SF Giants 9/14 2 for 1 voucher
  31. Not showing on premium class upgrade list for Airbus flight?
  32. Downgrade my Mileage Run?
  33. PDX diversions (9/9/19) due to F18 landing [Open again]
  34. Use AS points to book BA award -- but get seating as AA EXP?
  35. Ideas for great award redemptions
  36. Club Soda Temporarily Removed From Catering Due to "Exploding" Cans (September, 2019)
  37. LAX Dropoff mess for 2 months (eff. 8 Sep 19)
  38. Seattle Thunderstorms sept 7
  39. Expertflyer availability on JAL but not on alaska website?
  40. Gifting my 75K upgrades
  41. Why so many flight time changes on LAX- SEA route in Jan?
  42. Change of date for 2nd award flight
  43. Temporary booking of 2 JAL award flights on same day to same destination
  44. EQMs Earned in First Class on Routes Less than 500 Miles
  45. Alaska Happy Hour Invites
  46. New Routes to San Luis Obispo: SAN-SBP & PDX-SBP
  47. Can the seatmap really be this far “off”?
  48. SAN-OMA service terminated 11/5
  49. Attacking galley containers
  50. BUR-SJC Discontinued as of 11/5/2019
  51. 2ku Wi-Fi super slow
  52. EWR AS F/A yelling evacuate
  53. Prepping for 2020 Elite Status...moving away from West Coast
  54. Can we start a petition to bring back phone rooms??
  55. Does anyone have a Hilton Aspire card?
  56. Great service for through bag check even though no interline agreement
  57. My AS to Hong Kong Airlines (HX) Connection in LAX
  58. Inflight Entertainment - Hawaii Flights
  59. Dumb question - Transfering Qantas Flight/Miles to Alaska
  60. American Airlines Adds Three New Flights to Alaska - More "Partner" Competition
  61. RDU-SFO dropped Nov 5 - April 21
  62. When does online booking calendar open for AS flights?
  63. Costa Rica Inflight Service
  64. Change fee waiver for ticket purchased with MVPGold miles
  65. Priority Baggage Tag for Intl Connection
  66. SFO's Busiest Runway (28L) Closed 9/7-27/2019: What You Need to Know
  67. New/Revisited AS West Coast Route Expansion (2020) Pacific NW to California
  68. Major Midcon/Transcon Schedule Reduction (Winter 2020)
  69. Japan Airlines to Europe on Alaska points?
  70. Vancouver to Seattle: Does Terminal I = Terminal N ?
  71. Gold PC upgrade window…
  72. What status governs a transaction?
  73. CPH-DUB-ORD on single reservation
  74. Re-accommodated by AS from 6A to a middle seat
  75. Alaska sold upgrades flight before clearing waitlist
  76. Is there an Alaska vs. Delta fare war going on in the Pacific Northwest?
  77. Saver fares and switching seats
  78. “V/S” on gate-checked bags
  79. I guess I still don't understand upgrade lists
  80. Alaska Airlines Boarding Music Playlists
  81. IPSOS survey for Alaska Airlines frequent flyers
  82. free texting on Alaska not for all (mini rant of an iPad user)
  83. 2-3 hour phone wait, Aug 23???
  84. JFK Connections AS to BA
  85. Thanksgiving Flight Schedule Changes
  86. Question regarding AS/QX/OO for you "flight loggers"
  87. New Chase offer for 10% off Alaksa
  88. Preorder Fruit & Cheese in long-haul F?
  89. MVP bonus miles on AA flights?
  90. Now Boarding Group D as in Death?
  91. AS accrual on AF/KL code shares
  92. All my flights deleted themselves
  93. Anyone ever had a layover at SCC (Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse)?
  94. Airbus at PAE
  95. SAN to PAE 8/16 Cancelled
  96. AY US-HEL on Alaska points
  97. Companion Record Known Traveler Number
  98. Alaska award flight departure time change by Alaska
  99. AS1354 (SFO-BOS) Aug 14, 2019
  100. PAE-GEG is coming!
  101. Please help me understand redemptions for Aer Lingus
  102. UX Research - Managing Your Travel
  103. Does (paid) First Class on AS earn Bonus EQS?
  104. No "Middle Name" on JAL award tix
  105. Alaska Nickel-and-Dimes on Finnair (AY) Flights
  106. EQM calculation apps?
  107. AS app has wrong CC phone #?
  108. No VIP checked baggage handling on Alaska
  109. MVP in Q Class Can't Choose Premium Seats? (No, Only at Upgrade Window)
  110. Customer service phone line not working.
  111. AA Gold flying AS SFO-JFK. Any tips?
  112. How is AS Sfo/ogg nonstop compared to HA??
  113. First Class Waitlisted showing on First (I) Fares in Mobile App
  114. Pre-check not showing on Mobile BPs in JNU
  115. AS miles from 7/31 still haven't posted
  116. Flight Attendants in First Class
  117. Q400s reentering the fleet
  118. First class upgades never work after a same-day confirmed change???
  119. Anyone Done a Segment Run on a $29 Fare Sale?
  120. Earning on BA codeshare on JAL
  121. Alaska cancelled flight, won’t rebook companion fare on partner airline
  122. Schedule change in app - what does accept + "not now" do?
  123. CPH-ORD-SFO
  124. Eligibility for ticket refund due to flight number change?
  125. Crediting BA IAP fare to AS
  126. No more vacation packages?
  127. AS1949 3+ hour wait to de-board early this morning at SFO
  128. Are A and U inventory shared?
  129. Emirates award ticket downgraded
  130. 50% bonus on MVP-qualifying flight
  131. Frustrating Misconnect at SEA (8/3/2019)
  132. Upgrade Question
  133. Identifying AS segments that can be added to partner award
  134. LAX-JFK red-eye decision
  135. Seat no longer available
  136. No Partner Booking Fee refunds vs Service Commitment
  137. BA Carrier Imposed Fees Lowered
  138. 75K lounge pass guest
  139. Cancelled flight because of ATC
  140. MVP Gold 75k Snack Box
  141. Lewiston/Auburn Maine AK Skywest sighting
  142. Q2 2019 Earnings Call Transcript
  143. Companion Fare
  144. Conversation with a member of the Horizon FA training team
  145. Should Alaska invade Newark after Southwest surrenders?
  146. SDC on award ticket for MVP, using gold miles
  147. Flying SQ
  148. Anyone else had issues getting the partner award fee refunded when cancelling?
  149. Which rows are the back half of the plane (for the boarding group cutoff) ?
  150. How long does it take to receive discount code?
  151. How Long for AA Flights to Post to AS?
  152. Unable to book one way award LAX-TPE with stopover at SEA
  154. No More Cards for MVP
  155. Purchase Miles for 50% Bonus (targeted?)
  156. Why Doesn't AS Offer Filtering of Mixed Cabin Awards?
  157. AS to AA domestic award - stopover rules
  158. rules re later changes to a mileage (partner) award ticket
  159. “Unable to sync My Trips - Retry” on iPhone app
  160. BA Award: Paid for F, got Y, UPG later?
  161. Admirals Club Access Being Cut/Reduced for AS Lounge Members? (No, for AC Members)
  162. EK/QF operated by QF/EK
  163. My last flight, What went right. A positive thread.
  164. Alaska Wines. Drinkable or Unthinkable?
  165. New Alaska Lounge Membership Pricing (8/30/2019)
  166. AA/AS Partnerhip Rumored to Be Further Gutted
  167. AA Canceled My AA Connection (Codeshare) to My AS Flight - Options?
  168. FI Award Travel Accrued Miles to AS
  169. Sign Up for AS Visa or Use My Chase Reserve?
  170. Denial of Mileage Plan Shopping Miles
  171. What mileage level for add on AS to BA award (Bay Area to SAN)?
  172. Miles earned flying Aer Lingus
  173. JFK-SIN-JFK In SQ business class
  174. Any way to combine a Companion Fare with another discount?
  175. AS service reductions. Mediocrity by a thousand cuts.
  176. YKM to EZE
  177. 1991 MD-80 interior redesign
  178. Here’s how I would like to fly 1500 Alaska miles
  179. Same-Day Flight Change from Different DC Airport
  180. Waitlisted for upgrade but was offered cash upgrade during check-in
  181. SFO-BWI Labor Day First Class Question 9:30AM-5:55PM
  182. Is this correct calculation for BA ticket?
  183. Food menu not loading?
  184. Should Alaska Lounge Access Be Inclued With the AS / BofA Visa?
  185. Comments, Complaints and Observations About Airbus A319/20/21N Seating (Old and New)
  186. Alaska Airlines expiring miles - Need advice
  187. PAE-SJC Flight 2742 today and 2+ hour tarmac wait
  188. Question on canceling a Saver Fare
  189. Use for 52k alaskamiles
  190. Help deciphering JL/AA mileage credit
  191. Alaska Airlines diverted our flight - anyone know about cash compensation?
  192. AS blog posting on Sea-Tac
  193. Row 1 no bag on floor but dog is ok!
  194. Award Travel from MEL->SEA
  195. So - how did Aer Lingus awards come to replace all others?
  196. I miss free MVPG changes, can I match back as a DL Plat?
  197. Are Broken Legacy (White) F Seats on Airbus an Ongoing Issue? (Yes)
  198. Have you tried Chat yet?
  199. No courtesy compensation?
  200. Quality of Service on Alaska Regional.
  201. My Wallet Credit
  202. Linking Reservations
  203. Any decent MR deals for July and August?
  204. GGU Preserves Upgrade For Same Day Changes?
  205. ORD to Dublin by Aer Lingus, any lounges in either airports for AS
  206. Enjoying my Alaska breakfast at 1:30pm
  207. Seat power max amps?
  208. Departing from EWR vs JFK to SEA
  209. Partner flight, no-partner marketed. Miles ?
  210. LAX to ORD AS 1232 , typical O’Hare delay
  211. Should AS Stay Committed to the MAX?
  212. Good SDC experience
  213. Status Match in July?
  214. Need 25K miles by 12/31 to get MVPG , suggestions please
  215. Skywest is flying a Piper PA-18 Super Cub for Alaska?
  216. Alaska AA Codeshares LAX
  217. Volunteers Needed To Take A Later Flight
  218. Alaska cancels Bellingham Maui route
  219. New "Flagship" Alaska Lounge in SEA North Satellite (Opened 7/12/2019)
  220. AA Saver Award Partner Tix Gone?
  221. Should I focus on moving to a new airline mileage program?
  222. Award one-way stopover airport restriction?
  223. Isn't I a subset of F?
  224. Question of Qualifying Mile
  225. Unsure to credit BA to Mileage Plan or AAdvantage?
  226. How can I force a long overnight connection using a companion fare ticket?
  227. Aer Lingus (EI) Awards and Redemptions
  228. Earn Miles on Hotel I Dont Check In For
  229. Linking ticket with Int’l codeshare partner?
  230. Problem Accessing Mileage Plan Using a VX Account
  231. Air Italy to codeshare with AS.....
  232. AS643 (PHX - SEA) delayed 4+ hours
  233. Alaska Lounge Membership + Priority Pass (PP)?
  234. US-YVR-US connections
  235. Maldives - award chart
  236. SEA to HKG on HU Award?
  237. Combining PNRs to waive bag fees?
  238. New Alaska Lounge Salads (16 June 2019)
  239. Toy Story 4 livery
  240. Searching for MVP PC Upgrade Shows Hawaiian Fights
  241. Wide open flights not showing on award search
  242. Come On, Alaska (Rant About Delayed Flight)
  243. Qs on check-thru and bag allowance: MSO-PDX-SFO-HKG
  244. "ATC Delay" at ORD today (13 June 2019)?
  245. delayed flight question
  246. Do you still earn points flying AA?
  247. Free check bag for using Alaska co-braded credit card question
  248. Unable to Modify Award Ticket to Include Additional Qantas Flight and Stopover
  249. Check bags 4+ hrs before departure?
  250. SEA:Cancun for Spring Break 2020