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  1. Condé Nast: The 'New' Alaska Airlines Looks a Lot Like Virgin America
  2. Alaska/Parnter--International conncections?
  3. West Coast Crowded w/ Elites
  4. Connections, baggage, confusion
  5. Purchased First versus Upgraded First Benefits
  6. Partner Award on AS
  7. As changed flight- options
  8. Inbound/outbound different airline?
  9. Using BA or AA miles on Alaska
  10. Combining Alaska Airlines companion fare with UR points/book & cancel
  11. Consolidated 2018 Soft Landing (Renew MVP/Gold/75k) Status Offers
  12. Baggage allowance
  13. Premium Awards?
  14. Cheapest Way to Acquire Alaska Miles?
  15. Buying points for Emirates 1st class
  16. Alaska flight fares from SFO>LAS/LAX explode
  17. Credit Card
  18. Upgrade with Expired Status
  19. Alaska Airlines jet hits de-icing truck in Boston
  20. Alaska loses me as elite
  21. No Upgrades But All Seats Available?
  22. Alaska Beyond: 80's Month (Jan '18)
  23. "Verify that you are human" makes site inaccessible
  24. GGUs at SJC
  25. Promoting Hawaii travel on Twitter hours after a false missle alarm is bad timing.
  26. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Awards Fails Frequent Flyers
  27. 2019 MVP/MVPG/MVPG 75K Qualification Roll Call
  28. How do I get my status correct in reservation system
  29. Quickest to obtain 75K status in any given year
  30. DOT 11/17: Alaska, Virgin America, Skywest rank bottom 3 for on-time arrivals
  31. No waiver for travel to ZIH?
  32. SBA Waiver .... but ....
  33. Partner Award Booking Fees Refundable?
  34. 739 without WiFi?
  35. Update Passport Online
  36. AS 3371 (SNA-SFO) Diversions
  37. MVP Status for International Travelers
  38. Anyone have luck flying out of ANC to Asia with AS/SQ one booking?
  39. Possible first Airbus in Alaska colors
  40. MVP Gold 75K 2018 bonus mileage reduction?
  41. AS/Virgin America SOC (1/11/2018)
  42. Legacy VX Fans - Experiences on AS
  43. WSJ Best and Worst airlines
  44. Changing return flight on a companion ticket?
  45. AS Reward Issues on AA
  46. Guest upgrade on “VX fights” Hooray!
  47. Emirates flight but codeshare with Qantas - to credit in Alaskan
  48. Yes, add trip protection for a total of $27.00 for all passengers in this reservation
  49. BA Award availability’
  50. 50% Mystery Bonus [Likely for Full Y Fare]
  51. How would the conversion of VX miles to AS affect mile expiration date?
  52. Post-SOC "Operated by VX" (Airbus), same-day-change, which policy applies?
  53. Speculation: Finnair awards from US to Asia, etc
  54. Which Club at A, B and S gates at SEA?
  55. Sun Vodka->Tito's, Sun Gin->Tanqueray and Sun Rum->Cruzan
  56. Apparently a ticket can only be reissued for a limited number of times...
  57. Does AS Open up Award Space to Complete a Party?
  58. Disgruntled AS Employees: "It's a race to the bottom."
  59. Unsolvable Site Problem
  60. Since the AA AS partnership is nearly dead, has war begun (AA triples JFK flights)
  61. Status match from AA Platinum if prior match from VX?
  62. AS train has left the station?
  63. Lied to twice, possibly missed out on upgrade, any recourse?
  64. Speculation: 73G reconfiguration thread
  65. AA Award Availabilty for Mileage Plan Members
  66. Ticked booked on AS through Chase Ultimate Rewards Cancelled
  67. Man Banned from Alaska Air for Alleged Harassment [AS Investigating]
  68. https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/alaska-airlines-mileage-plan/1884440-i-got-didn-t-get
  69. Partner flight in Dec, posted in Jan...didn't make MVPG?
  70. Car Seats now allowed in Row 1/6?
  71. Legacy AS Flyer on VX - Annoyances Continue
  72. change in AA redemption rates?
  73. Alaska Airlines flight canceled after rat jumps on plane in Oakland
  74. EQM purchase question
  75. Tax Reform Could Help Boeing Win a Big AS Order
  76. Flawed partner award reticketing & how to help agents avoid them
  77. Is there such a thing as confirmable upgrade space to Hawaii from San Diego?
  78. Alaska MP | Virgin Elevate Status Integration - HELP!
  79. 2018 Thank You Gift?
  80. 2018 Alaska Airlines *FLAME-FREE* Q&A thread: all welcome, new and old!
  81. No-status comp upgrades?
  82. Happy 2018!
  83. Connecting at YVR
  84. LAX/SFO to Tokyo RT on Japan Airlines
  85. MVP Gold Benefits on LatAm?
  86. Help!! award seats availability
  87. upgrade policy on virgin aircraft after april?
  88. What Will Alaska Airlines Be Serving in First Class on Your Flight? (2018)
  89. "Customer empowerment email" - has anyone heard of this?
  90. Award ticket fees for Gold members
  91. Connection Time in YVR?
  92. GGU's and absurd "get in" pricing
  93. An Update on the Alaska / Virgin America forums
  94. FinnAir Update?
  95. Sea-OGG Via SMF Food options.
  96. Family suing Alaska Airlines, contractor for woman's fall down airport escalator
  97. Icelandair stopover with AS miles award?
  98. Current Mileage Promotion - Site not Working Properly
  99. Wayne Newton sent me a discount!
  100. earn AS miles on AA international itinerary with connection
  101. Companion not requalifying, does it matter?
  102. TSA Temporarily Removing Separate F/Y Lines in JNU (December 2017)
  103. Money and Miles Class of Service
  104. 2018 Alaska mileage run
  105. Review (long): My Alaska Airlines Christmas
  106. Canceling ticket—fee greater than tix cost?
  107. New Phone System
  108. Alaska mileage plan 2018 strategy
  109. Alaska CUN-SEA
  110. I Got/Didn't Get MVP/Gold/75K Upgrade on AS (2018)
  111. Historically, how are the loads on Jan. 1 from SEA/PDX>Hawaii? Looking at 2019
  112. EQM earn on VX booked on AS?
  113. Intra South Pacific - 17.5K
  114. Mileage Activity/Redeposit Date is Original?
  115. Cancelled partner Booking, Rebooked on Non-Partner
  116. Question two partners involved
  117. F Seat Map v Expert Flyer
  118. Alaska Customer Service Contact Person / Email
  119. AA award on AS metal in 2018
  120. Cost of day of travel F upgrade?
  121. partner awards/schedule changes
  122. problems booking AA
  123. First time flying American. Live updates!!!
  124. Are firearms charged a bag fee on AS?
  125. Pet Procedure Fail
  126. Partner Award Desk #?
  127. Change Fees post Jan 1 for Tickets Bought with Virgin Premium Card
  128. PDX Morning Fog Appears to Be Causing Delays (12/21/2017)
  129. Anyone else have their AF/KLM award flight cancelled or re-accommodated today?
  130. AS mileage credit for Condor flight
  131. Guaranteed Airfare after first flight
  132. Companion Fare and Y Bonus
  133. Is the discount code issued for inconvenience transferable?
  134. Proper compensation for cancellation, downgrade, and vomiting passenger
  135. Agents Saying You’re on the Upgrade List But...
  136. QX CEO is stepping down
  137. When Do MVPG Benefits Start?
  138. SEA-PDX $99 for Flights on 12/18-19/2017 (Amtrak Derailment)
  139. Speculation: Hainan awards to Middle East, Africa, Russia?
  140. AS gift certificates code as travel?
  141. 2nd SEA-JFK service added
  142. Targeted Promotion: No-fee mileage transfers for elites
  143. Booked AS using SQ miles - Am I still eligible for bag perk?
  144. Most West Coast A321neo Livery N925VA
  145. Is the ATL Power Outage Shutdown Affecting Anyone? (12/17-18/2017)
  146. Multi-city companion ticket disaster, what now?
  147. I Need XXX Miles by XXX Date - 2017 and Later
  148. HU international Z class earning on AS
  149. PDX-SEA Originally FC Changed to Waitlisted
  150. I really don't like SeaTac's N gates...
  151. Purchasing with intent to cancel?
  152. SFO Lounge Downgrade
  153. Why does app show +$99 for MVP premium seats on departure day? AS agents have no idea
  154. Problem booking award seats on JAL
  155. AS 737-800 cabin upgrades
  156. SFO-SEA which terminal?
  157. Get ready for your trip emails
  158. 7H starting AKN/DLG
  159. Award Fl-ATL-BKK availability in J
  160. Same day change on VX award
  161. Here's what Alaska will actually be serving on your flight in coach
  162. When Will Singapore Airlines (SQ) Redemptions Be Available?
  163. Award Success Story and Lessons Learned
  164. Suggestions for an NYC based MVPG for 2018
  165. AS lounge membership AA lounge access flying VX
  166. Skywest? Alaska? or some of each?
  167. 12/9-10 Northeast winter weather waiver posted
  168. Printing out both boarding passes on RT within 24 hours
  169. Ugly sweater boarding
  170. Luggage Allowance on mixed Y/F flight (no F on first flight)
  171. Lookout for a SEA meltdown due to fog...
  172. AS 837 SJC-HNL delayed due to (false) bomb threat December 6, 2017
  173. Brie cheese raw material shortage in France ravages AS fruit & cheese plate
  174. AA Award ticket on Alaska stock - adding lap child?
  175. Newly Minted MVP Question: BofA Comp Cert + MVP Upgrades
  176. Sale on Award Tickets - January-March 2018
  177. 737-800 Row 6
  178. PDX-MCI
  179. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan benefits nominations
  180. Cathay Dragon?
  181. Trying to credit BA flight to AS. Don't have boarding pass.
  182. Question about seat assignment
  183. 42 Minute SEA Connection
  184. Reduced AS/AA Codeshare Effects on Routes?
  185. Finding Partner Award to TLV
  186. Overnight Stopover
  187. Issues with SDC and MCS upgrade (VX flights on AS stock)
  188. So how did AS MP go for fellow 2017 newbies?
  189. Are SEA-PDX mid-March flights likely to go lower? Questions about the 5K bonus miles
  190. booking anomaly?
  191. Access issue for alaskaair.com from Argentina?
  192. Pet Peeve: “Alaskan” Airlines
  193. Should I be nervous about this connection time?
  194. Warning: "Refundable" awards not always refundable
  195. Notification of F oversold on a flight two months from now
  196. Recommended unaccompanied minor row?
  197. Bailing on a companion fare at connection
  198. Ticket cancellation for wallet credit
  199. Passenger harassment allegation LAX-MZT
  200. Partner Award Booking Fee Q
  201. American Express Membership Rewards promo (targeted)
  202. Young son 3K short of MVP. Worth going for it?
  203. [speculation thread] ORD -> SEA family kicked off plane
  204. PDX-KOA now year round?
  205. Downgrade Hierarchy?
  206. Getting VX-credited flights to count towards status?
  207. Why is AS so uncooperative with award ticket schedule changes?
  208. AS J Award Search Bug and Solution
  209. Is it possible to book flights to FNA (Freetown) using Mileage Plan?
  210. AS MVP Gold - British Airways Seat Assignments?
  211. are you close to MM?
  212. Upgrade on multi-leg award redemption
  213. BuyUp on VX and Credit to AS; fare class up?
  214. Chase or AMEX -> Alaska
  215. Meal in first on Skywest E175?
  216. Advice to keep MVP
  217. 2017 Cyber Monday/Black Friday Sale
  218. KS(Penair) to Alaska interline question
  219. Crediting Qantas & rocket miles hotels to AS Mileage Plan
  220. Is MP office today? Thanksgiving Day..
  221. All about the PUZZLE of Alaska Positioning Flight
  222. Luggage Issues on AS Award Travel /AA Award Travel
  223. Very frustrated, Alaska stopped flying yo Cuba, now what ??
  224. combine paid ticket and award ticket?
  225. Confirmed: AF/KLM partnership ending April 30th 2018!
  226. Can you fly using only bought miles
  227. Website Changes?
  228. Buy Miles Site Error 404
  229. QX pilot issues not being honestly communicated?
  230. How many days for the miles from Finnair flight to post to Alaska Mileage Plan
  231. First Horizon E175 flight... doesn't feel much like Horizon
  232. Price drop question & checked bag question
  233. More Horizon route cuts: The juggling continues
  234. $100 Flight Credit for Fuel Stop at PDX
  235. MCI-PDX removed from schedule for most of April
  236. Mileage Plan Shopping bonuses for in-store purchases
  237. Exact Mileage Plan mileage on SEA-LHR and LHR-OSL
  238. Trading or giving away Gold Guest Upgrades
  239. Redeeming Alaska Miles on American?
  240. Hey Missy - Request for New Mileage Plan partner (EI)
  241. TV Commercial: "We don't just fly lumberjacks to Alaska"
  242. Alaska, Please Bring Back the Interactive Route Map
  243. New route: Seattle-Pittsburgh starting Sept. 6, 2018
  244. JAL award problem
  245. Flights to Havana, Cuba (HAV) terminated: Last flight 1/22/18
  246. ORD-ANC
  247. How to confirm wait listing for Comfort + on mobile app
  248. New 737-900 config question
  249. Precheck on VX when booking on AS
  250. anyone here accumulate AS miles when flying emirates I class?