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  1. Purchased miles... but after 3 days they are not showing
  2. What happens to Premium seat selection in 2019 if I'm losing status?
  3. Alaska Airlines - Video Trip report
  4. Best way to get premium seats without paying?
  5. Booking tickets in 2019 with lesser status than 2018
  6. Anyone have any stats for Alaska Mileage records and MVP?
  7. Suggestions for AS to Regain Its Mojo
  8. Help me with an Aspirational Trip
  9. Companion Fare, Multi-city flights
  10. Is first class worth it?
  11. Early boarding, late upgrade processing
  12. Third Party Booking and Gold benefits
  13. Partner booking with miles: 24-hour cancellation?
  14. Pay to Jump to Front of Alaska First Upgrade List at Gate?
  15. Airbus IFE red is now Alaska Beyond....
  16. is this stopover possible? ICN-HKG-LAX
  17. First Class Flight Sale (discount code FIRSTCLASSHOLIDAY)
  18. $99 SEA-JFK in Jan and Feb
  19. AS Baggage Limit 32Kg / 70LB per bag?
  20. Alaska Lounge email "Survey"
  21. Elite Mileage Bonuses
  22. Lounge Access SFO T2
  23. Unaccompanied minors using AS Visa Companion Fare
  24. Specific Plane details?
  25. Award travel
  26. No seat on F tickets that were there before
  27. Short for Elite Qualification by XXX Miles?
  28. TV / Internet on Airbus (Old VX Metal)
  29. Email: Limited timeóbook Australia for just $799 round trip.✈☀🐨
  30. AS Award Travel
  31. Pet in cabin = no upgrade
  32. Newbie Question: SDC Rules
  33. Best Strategy Flying to China in Business with a Stop in HK (and Earn AS EQM)
  34. booking two tickets from co-term?
  35. Exit Strategy From AS to Another FF Program
  36. ANC Earthquake ATC and Radar
  37. Are there really any BIG downsides to basic economy (Saver) on short Q400 flights?
  38. $100 comp for 9 hour delay - epic fail
  39. Close-in schedule change (<3 weeks)
  40. Upgrade eligibility if booking with American award?
  41. Only Y fares from Vegas on Sundays? Must be an error.... right?
  42. New credit card bonus how long to post
  43. Is certificate value only used for self?
  44. Dogs on-board using toilet!
  45. Can I get a refund (Award Ticket) after BP is issued if denied boarding?
  46. AS or UA LAX-OGG in F?
  47. Did the Earthquake in Anchorage Delay Your Flight (11/30/2018)?
  48. Revenue Management Follies--Method or Madness?
  49. Clarity on securing upgrade now, but losing status in 2019
  50. Question about status match
  51. Elite (EQM) Buy-Up Offers for 2019
  52. Horizon E75 vs Skywest E75 First Class
  53. A320 Exit Row Seats
  54. Class W Can I buy Up
  55. Best F redemptions for SoCal-BOS?
  56. Elite Recognition and Free Chocolate
  57. I have an expiring $200 travel credit in "My Wallet" - any way to spend w/o flying?
  58. Got bumped to a later flight because of a minimum connection time at LAX
  59. Alaska Refund for Travel Credit
  60. Unaccompanied Minors Not Permitted on 2+ Hour Connections
  61. Refurbished 737-700 N619AS
  62. Mileage Question
  63. Festive sightings across the Alaska System
  64. How long does it take SQ to credit AS?
  65. Mileage Run Help Needed (2018)
  66. Holiday Boarding Music Has Begun
  67. Summer Award Tickets on Icelandair
  68. Change to cheaper flight to preserve a cert
  69. Singapore Airlines Black Friday Sales Be Careful
  70. Earn Miles on New Alaska Airlines Saver "X" Fares? (Yes)
  71. AS 1409 JFK-LAX (11/25/2018) - No In-Seat Power, IFE or Wi-Fi
  72. Virgin America glassware in Alaska F (on Airbus fleet)
  73. Checked bags with airline change
  74. AA destination not allowed for website search?
  75. F class empty with T-20 hours left - no upgrades?
  76. Need 7K miles for Gold. Best trip(s) for upgrade likelihood?
  77. 2018 Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale
  78. Stuck in a Hold, AS pilot takes passengers sight-seeing to Mt. Rainier
  79. San Diego (SAN) Moving to Terminal 2?
  80. Fare/Upgrade Code for Premium Class? (No, It's Just a Premium Seat Assignment)
  81. Short of Gold 75K by 20K Miles and 27 Segments
  82. Same-day standby for MVP Gold?
  83. Why I love Alaska in 2018
  84. Mileage Posting Very Quickly
  85. Receipts for inflight purchases - middle initial problem
  86. Alaska Lounge three-year renewal
  87. Time to raise elite thresholds?
  88. Airline Change - Will I Get Credit?
  89. What Is "I" Class? (Discount First/Business)
  90. Paine Field (PAE) Tickets on Sale
  91. Those who have had other mileage programs (Award Space Issue)
  92. BA issued ticket on AY - can I earn AS miles??
  93. California Wildfire Waiver
  94. Combine/merge/transfer funds in 2 wallets into 1?
  95. Walla Walla (ALW) in Winter - Conventional Wisdom to Avoid?
  96. First/Biz class award tickets to anywhere?
  97. Experience: ask for manual credit when close to next status level
  98. Linked Reservations/Wallet fund question
  99. Alaska credit card offers - best option
  100. EK Cancels SIN-CMB Flight, Bad for Awards
  101. SFO International Connection
  102. Future of the (non-Bombardier) Q400
  103. Booking LATAM/LAN flights with AS Miles
  104. Earning Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) for MVP Status
  105. Bag storage at LAX
  106. Alaska Really Needs to Up Its Game on Movie Selections
  107. AWAY carry-ons
  108. First Class SJC LAX
  109. Mileage Run Strategy
  110. Can't look up reservation using confirmation code on Alaska Listens?
  111. Two awards (both operated by AS) - will QR interline bags?
  112. Icelandair/WOW
  113. Question on first class alaska award redemption cathay pacific
  114. Spending Miles
  115. Using Alaska Miles to fly to Padang Indonesia
  116. OAK or SJC a year from now
  117. Making gold at end of year
  118. Seattle Runway Construction
  119. JAL "J" has all but disappeared
  120. GGU expires 12/31/2018 - use for 2019 flights
  121. Unpublished AS Upgrade Priority Rules?
  122. Domestic Checked Bag on AA operated flight with AS flight number
  123. Alaska Lounge Passes - Transferable? (Yes, as of 3/2019)
  124. MVPG can't select PremY seats
  125. Paid & mileage booking using web site
  126. Supplemental Boarding Processing (With iPad)
  127. Adding Mileage Plan Number to Qantas (QF) Bookings
  128. Baggage fee waiver for connecting flights?
  129. Free bag for spouse with Alaska Visa
  130. Discount Code for First Class Bookings (Targeted)
  131. PreCheck Randomly Offered to AS Non-Enrolled (Managed Inclusion)
  132. New Account - Min 10 days old rule to buy miles?
  133. FA opened FC lavatory door while wife using toilet
  134. OAK/PDX Reduced to 2X/Day (November 2018)
  135. New AS partnership: ReachNow (carsharing)
  136. Unable to add AS number to Aer Lingus flight
  137. Airbus Food/Drink Ordering via Red Ended 10/31/2018
  138. What to do with all those GGU's?
  139. Moving/Sharing My Business/Loyalty to/with Other Airlines
  140. Additional Benefits/Status Beyond Gold 75K?
  141. Mixed cabin - upgrade? Lounge access?
  142. GGU question - no U space
  143. Do Transfer Miles Count Toward Elite? (No)
  144. Dumb question-how many miles does a flight earn?
  145. Companion Certificates - Upfaring
  146. Alaska Lounge Refreshes
  147. On waitlist, but not showing up on waitlist...?
  148. Mileage earning change
  149. Does AS charge a change fee to up-fare to F?
  150. 2018 Q3 Discussion
  151. Aircraft change resulting in losing seat assignment but an upgrade to PE?
  152. OAK - KOA. Legroom seat fee?
  153. Complimentary same day change...
  154. MVP Gold 75k MVP vs Gold guest First Class upgrades
  155. Airbus seat maps
  156. Agent accidentally gave me miles
  157. Qantas award travel
  158. BA ticket - how many partner qualifying miles
  159. Forbes: 5 Reasons to Earn on Alaska
  160. Another bizarre tale of the upgrade list
  161. Another Horizon phantom flight
  162. How to choose specific fare classes on Alaska?
  163. AS Mileage Runs from SEA?
  164. Innovative new seat map, or a sense of humor?
  165. LAX West Remote (Bus) Gates
  166. What terminal in SAN does Alaska use for Hawaii flights?
  167. Entertainment Tablets Only on Hawaii, NYC & DC Area, FL and BOS Routes (11/1/2018)
  168. How Many Redeemable Miles (RDM) Earned for Paid J on Qantas (QF)?
  169. How to find Cathay award availability?
  170. First class "U" space seats when Alaska changes flight times
  171. A321 - Confused on "Extra Legroom Seats"
  172. Alaska raises baggage fees for tix purchased on or after Dec 5, 2018.
  173. Entertainment Options? Red Sox @ Houston
  174. Credit BA15xx operated flight to AS
  175. "Seat map currently unavailable"
  176. Adding a companion ticket at a later date?
  177. AS Customer Service
  178. MVP 75K Cancel & Refund back to original payment?
  179. crediting part of the return to BA and Alaska mileage plan
  180. Didnít quite make it into the penalty box
  181. "it would be more productive if you ..."
  182. LATAM Flights - How Long to Post?
  183. Downgrade from Premium Class
  184. Airbus Series: Seat chat is back
  185. [Heads Up] Reconfiguration of Airbus A320 (319?) Seat Map
  186. [Help] Alaska Air Travel Certificate - How to use??
  187. Gate agent missed calling group B at BOS
  188. how is cancel / refund of Visa Discount Air tix ($100-discount for 2 tix) handled?
  189. Access to BA Galleries -Arrivals- Lounges at LHR?
  190. Anyone else get a weird Schedule Change notice in the app...?
  191. Management Shake-Up and Layoffs (October 2018)
  192. Mid-Con Flights - No More Printed Menus in F
  193. How to make up miles
  194. New Breakfast food item
  195. The AS "Penalty Box" (Tarmac Holds) Thread
  196. What plane is used for flight 1169 from EWR to LAX?
  197. First class Boardroom guest access?
  198. AS must be using that "new math"
  199. Direct flights to Vegas
  200. SEA-LAS 586 Late Cancellation
  201. MCO American to Alaska gates?
  202. Alaska Air partners to South America
  203. Seat Maps not available for close-in flights?
  204. Upgrade certificates
  205. What Seat map is this ? says airbus
  206. Aer Lingus and Finnair Redemptions
  207. SDC keeps waitlist seniority?
  208. Can AS change their segment of an award ticket without affecting the partner segment?
  209. Alaska Airlines to provide service to the North Slope for BP employees [Sept 2019]
  210. AS Double Miles Condor Promotion
  211. OLCI Fail: same segment listed 3 time
  212. Baggage: F class: 20 minutes guarantee
  213. Barista and espresso machine coming to C lounge at SEA
  214. Earning Miles on Partner Flight with Abandoned Return
  215. Alaska Lounge Discount for Priority Pass Members
  216. What's at your F seat when you board?
  217. Requests for assistance via Twitter now get re-directed to texting
  218. Mini horses now qualify as service animals on Alaska Airlines flights
  219. Policy Question - Change Fee
  220. E-175 seating sweet spot
  221. Chargers unplugged during takeoff
  222. Posting Time for Korean AIrlines (KE) Flights to Mileage Plan
  223. mileage accrual with an itinerary with both delta and alaska segments
  224. Paine Field (Everett) update!
  225. Do MVP boards when they call for Elite to board?
  226. Alaska vs United redemption
  227. First Time for Me - No Other Status Pax on Flight (Plus a Pre-Flight Funny)
  228. Q400 seat assignments removed on 3 future trips
  229. Is there $125 penalty for dropping segment?
  230. What are the AS mileage run sweet spots today (Sept 2018)?
  231. Oversold First Class?!
  232. 2018 Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) Sale
  233. Many thanks!
  234. Alaska Airlines announces daily nonstop service to El Paso, Texas (QX: SEA/SAN-ELP)
  235. OAK-LIH fares - summer 2019
  236. Seat Selection Confusion
  237. Earn AS miles through Hertz
  238. Why Are F Fares So High?
  239. Award Pricing Brokenness
  240. The Future of the digEplayer Is...Virtual Reality (VR)?
  241. What's Up With Limited "U" Availability?
  242. Inflight Internet
  243. Alaska Lounge Accepting U Fare for Entry? (No)
  244. Transcon Refueling Issues/Technical Stops
  245. Using Alaska miles for award ticket to Tahiti
  246. Frequent Delays on Airbus Long-Haul Routes?
  247. ISO: Mileage Spending Inspiration/Ideas
  248. Upgrade List Priority
  249. Low Fare Classes Suddenly Disappeared for Holiday Season (2018)?
  250. Not my day