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  1. SAN has been a mess lately
  2. SJC is becoming harder and harder to upgrade...
  3. Veteran VX to Newbie AS - Red-Eye Meal/Snack in F?
  4. Heavy bags?
  5. How to tell used to be Virgin America Flights?
  6. crediting AA flight
  7. MP Booking: Intra Asia on Hainan Impossible?
  8. Alaska 737 repaint status
  9. Is there a penalty if I reuse my canceled ticket after I get MVPG?
  10. Marriott Transfer Issue to AS
  11. New SeaTac Headquarters Building
  12. Southwest to go head to head with AS - OAK/SJC/SAN/SMF-Hawaii!
  13. Offers of a Pre-Departure Beverage (PDB)
  14. Flight to ANC or FAI with fewest AS miles
  15. 1 SEARDM going AS Mainline beginning July 6
  16. More signs of the dim future of KE partnership
  17. AS 1097 - A320 - Is that VX equipment?
  18. So Long KL/AF, it's been fun. [AS Partnership terminated effective May 1, 2018]
  19. Autopilot Kits on Legacy VX planes
  20. Condor flights that condor doesn’t sell?
  21. Booted from an aisle to a middle... when other aisles were free
  22. I might be done with Alaska Airlines
  23. AS Web/App and SAP Concur Reservations
  24. No Waitlist shown on iOS app, but OK on desktop
  25. A basic question about crediting to partners
  26. When Will VX FFs Receive Promised AS Million Miler Credit?
  27. A basic question about crediting BA/IB to AS
  28. Using AS Gogo Pass on legacy VX aircrafts?
  29. Strange doings with MVP 75K Gold upgrade request
  30. Sea to DEN - what is a good airfare RT?
  31. AS494 late? Anyone know why
  32. Brad forgets to tell Virgin crews they are now Alaska Air crew
  33. Emergency Declared AS145 SEA-HNL
  34. Help: account discrepancy
  35. Gogo Satellite-Based Wi-Fi Available (November, 2018)
  36. Alaska Lounge Hours Reduction
  37. Cash upgrades
  38. Multiple Alaska air vouchers.
  39. Earning Changes on Korean Air (KE) - 1 May 2018
  40. Cause of AS 38 Fight Delay 04/25?
  41. "My supervisor said ...." A frustrating case study in improper supervisor training
  42. Put on waitlisted despite available f?
  43. 2 flights in a row without Precheck, despite Global Entry # in profile
  44. Woman dies onboard AS478 SEA-MCI, 24 April 2018
  45. Miles on AA tickets by Partners?
  46. Flying/Upgrades on Legacy VX Aircraft After 4/25 Cutover
  47. New flight due to AS schedule change?
  48. Check your reservations - Fall Schedule Changes!
  49. Where did my first class seat go to?
  50. OLCI currently down
  51. Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan wins 2018 the “Best Rewards Program"
  52. LGA and DCA Ending From DAL (Dallas Love Field)
  53. AS to Introduce "Saver Fares" (Basic Economy), End Fee Waivers and Add Fees
  54. New IFE tablets in F?
  55. Alaska Delays
  56. Alaska companion question
  57. Alaska to "refresh" main cabin food menu
  58. Connecting from JL to Alaska in SAN
  59. Connecting at SEA
  60. How are the computer systems merging and policies changing?
  61. Can Alaska interline luggage with Etihad?
  62. Award Ticket redemption: Miles coming from 2 accounts. Book online or Call CS?
  63. Downgraded F class meal svc - Skywest ERJ (LGA-DAL)
  64. Help: business from USA to Bangkok.. open to any carrier.. need 2 seats
  65. Current VX Offerings
  66. Only first class passengers are allowed to board using aerobridge?
  67. Avoiding Change Fees as an MVP
  68. AS still operating 737’s that don’t have Premium Class?
  69. Alaska issues emotional support animal rules
  70. How long for MagMiles subscription to post to Alaska?
  71. Paid Upgrade to FC on Alaska Award ticket (operated by VX)
  72. Flight 764 PDX - DCA (Honor Flight)
  73. Alaska reduces JFK/SFO/LAX Service
  74. KOA-SEA (AS 880) Canceled on 4/17/2018
  75. Mileage Plan bookings for regions not included in online calculator
  76. F2 D2 U1 with 10 open seats? OO E175...
  77. AS and YCA Fares - No Elite/Points Multiplier
  78. BA F award infant ticket cost
  79. Only First Class Awards Available?
  80. earn rate on LA chile
  81. All AS routing award with stop and co-terminal
  82. Your Last VX Flight
  83. PDX-UIO With EQM?
  84. Got promoted to MVP today, weird
  85. MVP GGU usage / upgrade on 1 leg of 2 leg flight?
  86. Wild 1st Class Pricing
  87. Name change requiring ticket repricing?
  88. My first aborted take off
  89. Mixing Elite Benefits on OW with AS MVP Gold Earning
  90. Alaska Flash Sale Ends Midnite 10Apr2018
  91. Discussion about revenue premiums for better products (split from VX catering thread)
  92. Help with the AS App
  93. 1 million Alaska Airline miles reported stolen from Bethel Family Clinic, Inc.
  94. EQM for BA F Award*****
  95. National Twinkie Day (SJC)
  96. AS Carry-on baggage size reduction eff 6/4/18
  97. SDC Changes
  98. Does AS block HU J class award in July and June?
  99. Alaska My Wallet (Travel Bank) Question
  100. Is This Award Worth It?
  101. Alaska Airlines adds new nonstop service SJC-JFK and 3rd daily SEA-JFK flight
  102. no frequent flyer accounts for kids at Alaska..?
  103. IPad in bulkhead while taxiing
  104. #VXFarewell Flyertalk DO: 24 Apr SFOLAX
  105. Be Nice to Alaska Airlines Phone Rep; Get 1,000 Free Miles
  106. jackal returns as a mod
  107. Tails with 2Ku Availability
  108. Singapore award tickets ?
  109. Updates on 737 MAX for AS?
  110. Mixed VX/AS ticket and check in issue
  111. What to do with 8,220 Mileage Plan Miles?
  112. Heads up to those saving for a F BA award ticket. No F seats showing in 2019
  113. AA Award Alert on new Latin America services
  114. Cancellation fee on checked luggage?
  115. Change date of final segment on AS after initial segment was flown on an award ticket
  116. Hilton Ends AS Miles Earning on Stays (4/2/2018)
  117. Waitlisted for Upgrade w/ Companion, but only MVP
  118. Household account?
  119. LWS and PUW changes
  120. 737-900 Row Renumbering!
  121. VX MCS cheaper than Economy
  122. VX First Switched to AS Catering (Late March, 2018)
  123. Is the 3,000 AS bonus miles for Rocketmiles long-term?
  124. AS / VX Dysfunction
  125. Storing wine in water bottles?
  126. Bumped to a downgraded seat on VX due to ticketing issue with Alaska.
  127. J partner award only J on BA, not on AS?
  128. AS to partner with Aer Lingus.
  129. F seats on VX metal vs refresh
  130. Mixed-class award -- move from coach to first when saver inventory opens up??
  131. Seat Assignments on AA Award Ticket
  132. QF/EK Space Mutually Exclusive?
  133. Partner award tickets are nontransferable new rule?
  134. New Water Service in Y March 2018
  135. Is every PDX-SEA flight tomorrow really 100% sold out?
  136. Bag Fee waiver
  137. AS 155 delayed overnight in OME, No Lodging Provided
  138. AS IRROPS crazy making
  139. Buy miles with 40% bonus
  140. Flying VX as a 75K
  141. Why No First Class Only Search?
  142. AS 1024 CXLD on 3/20 (VX Metal)
  143. AS Travelers with Priority Pass Access/Benefit at PDX Capers Locations
  144. $200 RT West Coast to Hawaii in April/May
  145. Alaska no longer offers snack box in premium class
  146. Alaska Webpage Sale Flights - Display Error
  147. How often do you change your flights?
  148. Double CXLD Flights
  149. VX/AS Cancellation Fees?
  150. Flying AA/BA to CDG, need help maximizing my points
  151. Charge for the "Grand Canyon"?
  152. AS ticket booked using AA miles
  153. Summer 2018 Schedule Updates
  154. seats reassigned --tickets bought thru 3rd party causes issues
  155. connecting SEA 45 minutes
  156. Deplaning on a through flight
  157. Alaska Airlines elevates First Class menu and experience, with a West Coast twist
  158. Is there SDC on VX-VX or VX-AS flights?
  159. Only row 1-3 first 737-900 shown on seat selection
  160. What dos AS have against Houston Bush airport (IAH)?
  161. two questions
  162. First Time on Virgin America
  163. Major downgrade to VX entertainment system
  164. Request Mileage Crediting Date
  165. Baby stroller and car seat gate checkin
  166. Award Travel on Hainan Airlines (HU)
  167. A Few AA Questions
  168. Alaska Captain accused of drugging and raping female co-pilot
  169. No automatic rebooking if upgraded to F (on companion ticket)
  170. Add To Calendar broken?
  171. Crediting Alaska to AA
  172. Alaska fix your STS flight time
  173. GGU on pmVX metal
  174. Is This YVR Connection Too Tight?
  175. AS Elite earning miles on Hainan's Tianjin?
  176. Pilots informed of quarterly loss & training freeze
  177. Immediate upgrade priority
  178. Can't pay for a flt with my CC if using my wife's acct??
  179. Quick Thinking to Remedy Lack of Catering
  180. connecting LAX 69 minutes
  181. Connecting BA to AS at SEA - Separate Ticket
  182. QX leaves AK
  183. Transfer NRT with separate tickets and carry on
  184. Blue Mood Lighting on Nighttime Flights
  185. Upgrades
  186. No non-stop PDX-HNL saver awards?
  187. Throw Away Ticketing on Awards
  188. What happened to the 6:55p SJC->PDX flight?
  189. Beside Hawaii and Mexico, where can you easily go from the left coast for a vacation?
  190. "Transaction Error: The Discount Code database is currently unavailable."
  191. Is there a way to apply these rewards?
  192. Is AS over-cautious to cancel flights in the winter?
  193. AS Bonus Miles for VX FC Upgrade?
  194. "U" fare, how many miles will it earn?
  195. Award ticket booked without middle name with Cathay Pacific, options?
  196. Baggage Interline AS-DL, Different PNR
  197. how to retrieve or view past / historical / used / completed itineraries?
  198. How Many/What Kinds of Ticket/Reservation Changes Might Cause Account Problems?
  199. Recent success getting AA transcon F and J?
  200. Can MVP75 upgrade BofA 2for1 as the companion?
  201. The Points Guy Names Alaska #1 Airline In America For Second Consecutive Year
  202. CX flights flown; booked thru. AC - still possible to credit to AS?
  203. Waiting for flight attendant?
  204. Lost Paid Upgraded Seats on AS Reservation w/Virgin Metal
  205. my first experience with VX/AS irregular operations "Nor'Easter"
  206. Can companion res be split?
  207. Time for CX to credit to AS
  208. Alaska Air and Checked Baggage for trips over 12 hrs
  209. Lounge Access for F @ SFO & SEA
  210. [Resolved] AS Account Frozen One Week Before Award Travel
  211. Seats not available on Guaranteed Airfare screen?
  212. SEA delays due to ATC out of contol?
  213. U Class Upgrades on Legacy VX Routes
  214. Paper napkins in F
  215. Best Way to Complain
  216. Check Your Carry-On For Free
  217. Gettting a "MyWallet" Check?
  218. Unaccompanied minor service on Alaska Airlines
  219. cancel one person's flight on PNR with two people?
  220. AS baggage into YYC
  221. Best option for flights Bay Area - YUL
  222. Add domestic leg to award
  223. Is this a new record?
  224. "The reservation you selected cannot be displayed online"
  225. Earning Rates to Europe
  226. Mileage accruals for journey with multiple partner airlines
  227. Mild panic when VX flight disappears from Alaska app
  228. A321 First Class
  229. As Southwest Airlines Enters Hawaii, Alaska Airlines May Be the Biggest Loser
  230. 60 day free changes
  231. First Class Cash versus Coach via Miles (Avios)
  232. 737-700 First Class Seat
  233. Handicapped 6 B and C
  234. Alaska Airlines Hawaii PDB
  235. TSA Pre-Check Not Scanning on Some iPhone AS Boarding Passes
  236. Admirals Club access on arrival
  237. Discussion: The merits of people moving miles to Alaska from SPG to book awards
  238. No flights to CUN after March?
  239. No checked bags on flight
  240. Why is Alaska Flying Planes That Can't Make it Cross-country on a Windy Day?
  241. Questions on Switching to Mileage Plan from AAdvantage
  242. Question: Travel funds from FlexPerks/USBank tik to be applied towards future trip
  243. Alaska flight booked with American miles
  244. [Speculation] Possibility of lie flat seats on transcon routes?
  245. Cancel Reward Tickets - But Delay Paying Cancel Fee?
  246. Empty Waitlist but on waitlist?
  247. MCI-SAN by AS then Hawaiian Airlines to Kauai
  248. Changing Award ticket on JAL close to flying date
  249. Fiji/Qantas Business-First availability
  250. Upcoming AS Route Cuts