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  1. Operations at Paine Field (PAE) - Inaugural Flight 3/4/2019
  2. Best card to downgrade too?
  3. BA Award Tickets - Pick your seat, pay a fee
  4. Choose Fare class at booking?
  5. NYC Based MVP
  6. Status recognition in First/Premium economy
  7. AS845 back to SJC?
  8. Companion pass + infant ?
  9. Miles instead of $$ off discount code for irrops?
  10. Alert - First booking cx 885 (LAX-HKG) changed to bus NO NOTICE
  11. Alaska Airlines' Horizon flight makes emergency landing at SJC due to weather
  12. Reservation not showing "premium class waitlisted"
  13. MVP/MVPG/MVPG 75K Qualification Roll Call (2020)
  14. Baggage Allowance on Domestic QF flights
  15. Raining at SAN
  16. Monthly Leaderboard - 2019 (Only Butt-in-Seat Miles To-Date)
  17. AS Operational Data
  18. Incoming SFO Flights Diverted to SLC and LAS (2/13/2019)
  19. Is there hope for an SMF-RNO one-way?
  20. AS833 PDX-HNL 2-12-19 mx, delay, retry
  21. Unable to book tickets for family using miles
  22. AS Selling QF flights natively
  23. San Jose Sharks Feb. 14 - Alaska Airlines 2-for-1 Flight Offer
  24. Crazy "activity" in my account
  25. Instant Eligible Upgrade and Companions
  26. How to Track the Inbound AS Aircraft for My Flight?
  27. Summer 2019 Schedule and Equipment Changes
  28. Revenue-Based Mileage Plan Discussion
  29. "The air sickness bags are in the seat back pocket - please check on your neighbor"
  30. ’We landed OK’: PenAir(KS) flight with 35 aboard loses engine power midair | ANC-DUT
  31. Changing a flight bought with companion voucher?
  32. Award change fee waived when get obtain MVP GOLD
  33. Investor Day Highlights
  34. Missing/Disappearing Reservations
  35. AS Cancels EK Award Tickets for My Friend [Possible Merge]
  36. AS operated Qantas Code Share flights
  37. Can one credit FZ flights to AS?
  38. What's happened to award flights on AA?
  39. When does AS move terminals at BUR?
  40. Alaska credit ex-EU [BA] flight with missed last leg
  41. Wiil my baggage fees be waived if I use my wife's BOA AS card?
  42. Open jaw
  43. Best Days to Buy Tickets in the Summer?
  44. Do Alaska A320s still have the VX Entertainment System?
  45. MVP Flight late standby for free earlier flight?
  46. AS Adds "Captain Marvel" Plane
  47. Flexible return on companion voucher?
  48. Alaska upgraded an non-revenue employee before me
  49. Miles from partner airline
  50. YYJ-SEA what to expect
  51. Schedule change (more than 6 hours) but Saver fare - Eligible for refund?
  52. An Open Letter to the Sick Passenger on My AS Flight
  53. Alaska Insight Community - RIP
  54. Priority Pass and Denied Entry at Alaska Lounges Because of Space - 2019 and Later
  55. TripActions / Alaska
  56. AA intl flight earning Alaska miles
  57. SeaTac in the snow - 2019 edition
  58. Do Alaska Visa Miles or Purchased Miles Count Towards Elite Qualification? (No)
  59. AS Status Challenge (Formerly Match) - 2019 and Later
  60. First Class upgrades on Saver(X)?
  61. Earning AS Miles on Aer Lingus on flights operated for EI by AG?
  62. Awards flight from MVP account with MVP Gold 75 as the +1
  63. Alaska Card - 3x bonus purchases
  64. AA Gold Benefits If Flying Using Alaska Mileage Plan Miles
  65. Cabin UG on Condor, Icelandair Main Cabin Award
  66. PSA: Beware booking Row 3 on new A319/320 First Class
  67. ANC | Elite / F checkin desk temporary relocation
  68. How long does it take AS to credit JL flights?
  69. AS flights SEA to FLL no premium seats?
  70. PDX Concourse A Closure and Relocation of Horizon to the End of C
  71. New Onboard: Moscow Mule
  72. Unable to upgrade to Premium seat on Corporate booking?
  73. AS award travel on AA metal - baggage fee with AA credit card
  74. Alaska Stingy About Waiving Cancellation/Change Fees
  75. Alaska planes in Belize this week
  76. Bonus miles to Columbus offer?
  77. AS Moves to SAN Terminal 2 - Goodbye T1 (1/29/2019)
  78. Loving the Frank Sinatra music at SFO Gate 55 (JFK flight)
  79. Odd PC Seat Map Issue
  80. Late December MVP nomination failed
  81. SEA-KOA Refueling Stop?
  82. AS overbooks F again, pol gets to keep F...
  83. Mixing AS with Long Haul Challenge
  84. JFK precheck?
  85. Selecting seats with Saver Fares using Chase UR portal (or similar)
  86. ADN: "Alaska Air CEO announces 120 million in performance bonuses to employees"
  87. Reading the Tea Leaves: Q4 Earnings Call and Changes at AS
  88. No more Fly&Buy Miles?
  89. Alaska adds annual maximum to mileage purchases for non elites
  90. SEA-GEG Airfares Skyrocket
  91. Seat Assignments Jumped
  92. Strategy to preserve expiring Alaska credits?
  93. MVPG Same Day Confirmed with companion
  94. Strategy for Hawaii flight, MVP status & companion?
  95. Availability of Business or First Class Awards
  96. New N Gates Open 1/23/2019
  97. Booking with Avios - Select Premium Economy Seat?
  98. AS Award flight question
  99. Waived Change Fees - How to get other than MVP Gold?
  100. AS Miles Crediting Help
  101. GGU confusion continues...
  102. Using Alaska Lounge Membership in far-flung places?
  103. Free award changes - restrictions?
  104. Excited about my first international rewards redemption! (Tips Needed!)
  105. Winter Storm Harper
  106. Minimal EQM awarded?
  107. n00b Gold Award Booking Strategy
  108. AA flights booked through Alaska - qualifying miles
  109. Lounge Membership Purchase - Any way to do a split tender?
  110. Last flight of the day Cancelled?
  111. AS Trivia Contest offers Discount Code
  112. Million Miler Recognition
  113. Alaska vs. AA for LAX-SEA in F
  114. Locked seatmaps for 737-700 flights
  115. Alaska Employee Flying Privileges
  116. AS flights cost fewer AA miles than AS miles? Is IM awake?
  117. Allegiant (G4) New Route BLI-ANC
  118. 2019 Hiring Plans at AS
  119. Flight change with upgrade
  120. Do AS and CX interline pretty well?
  121. Seattle Transfer between N and C gates
  122. Snack's for the FA's?
  123. Multi Segment: GGU Applied at Booking, U Not Available all Legs
  124. Continued issues with East Coast equipment going mechanical
  125. Credit to Alaska MileagePlan?
  126. MSP to Seattle schedule?
  127. Mvpg 75k & ggu
  128. Reissuing GGU
  129. ANC Alaska Lounge Is Getting a Facelift
  130. Alaska lost bag for three weeks!
  131. Status match USA address
  132. Great Customer Service Experience
  133. Post holiday season diet choices
  134. Finally, a true competitor to Alaska transcon F
  135. Flying with Kids on an E175
  136. Mileage ticket upgrade
  137. The Fed shutdown and Paine Field (Everett)
  138. Money and miles ? - cancellation
  139. Cathay NYE Delight....crediting to AS
  140. How does Alaska Airlines decide their compensation for a cancelled flight?
  141. Alaska Airlines flight diversion leads to a 30-hour nightmare for passengers
  142. Help with BNA-ANC Itinerary
  143. Why Does AS App Not Book GGUs? (App Not Able to Store/Retrieve/Apply Codes)
  144. The Fed shutdown and TSA lines. What’s your experience?
  145. Cheap airlines tickets for Alaska Airlines
  146. How many miles does CX A class earn
  147. Search for International Awards That Only Show All Premium Segments? (No)
  148. Variable Pricing on "W" former Saver Awards on AS Metal
  149. Cathay Pacific (CX) Award Redemption, Booking and Availability – 2019 and Later
  150. SWA non-rev travel for parents?
  151. 50K bonus mile posting
  152. AS BofA Visa - Multiple Personal Cards No Longer Allowed (24-Month Waiting Period)
  153. Phantom AA cabin availability?
  154. Short-Term Luggage Storage at JNU (Juneau)? (Yes)
  155. Where do I keep my luggage overnight at SFO?
  156. Requesting early companion pass
  157. Why Such a Confusing Boarding Pass? (Generic Sabre Format)
  158. Doubts about award ticket in Alaska
  159. JAL Award Availability
  160. Booking Non Saver ticket with Visa Infinite Portal
  161. Gold Guest Upgrade (GGU) Success or Gripes
  162. CX credit to AS or AA?
  163. Is MP Status When Trip Booked Remain Your Status for That Trip?
  164. changing mileage earnings on american to alaska
  165. Unauthorized Cancelation of AS Asian Award Reservation
  166. FC award, AS/AA, & AS wants to charge me for checked bags.
  167. My Issue With Pilot's Arrival Updates and Estimated Time to Gate
  168. 2019 Alaska Airlines *FLAME-FREE* Q&A Thread: All Welcome, New and Old!
  169. Mt Bachelor same day ski free
  170. AS Mileage Recap Blog
  171. Thanks Alaska!
  172. Yay - My MVPG Qualifying Flight - Who had the last one!
  173. AS policy change on Best Fare Guarantee
  174. Cabin Lights Required On for Night Flights? (No)
  175. USA-HKG Stopover DXB-NYC Strategy and Redemption
  176. Can I still use MVP gold guest upgrades if I fail to qualify next year?
  177. Looking for volunteers for a later flight
  178. More SkyWest Planes?
  179. Does Alaska Airlines research who you are?
  180. First Class fares for 2019
  181. Snack only Seattle to SNA?
  182. What Will Alaska Airlines Be Serving in First Class on Your Flight? (2019)
  183. I Got/Didn't Get MVP/Gold/75K Upgrade on AS (2019)
  184. Wife earned MVP on Dec 23, wants free baggage allowance on Jan 3
  185. Splitting Credit on AA -- Domestic/International between AA/AS Programs
  186. digEplayers, Is There Still the Need?
  187. 737-700 Reconfiguration
  188. Possible to combine points with spouse for award travel
  189. Alaska Miles on partner airlines
  190. New Zealand Award Redemption Help
  191. Premium/First Class waitlist questions
  192. “R” Appended to Flight Number?
  193. It certainly pays to know the rules of other airlines and policies
  194. AS at Dallas Love Field (DAL)
  195. U Availability on AA - not showing on AS
  196. Ditching last leg on companion fare
  197. AS2046 SEA-PSP diverted
  198. Tight connection...which would you rather try?
  199. Is this how Alaska treats their MVP75K
  200. MVP security line SFO?
  201. American (AA) Elite Benefits on AS?
  202. Use Miles to Purchase Elite Status
  203. P Fare - How Are Bonus Miles Calculated for Tier Status?
  204. Can I SDC on the 2nd Leg of a Connection After 1st Flight? (Yes)
  205. AS flight delay and missed connection to CA
  206. Hainan Reward Tickets Redemption: Bad or Good
  207. Christmas Card from Brad Tilden
  208. Fiji Layover
  209. Purchased miles... but after 3 days they are not showing
  210. What happens to Premium seat selection in 2019 if I'm losing status?
  211. Alaska Airlines - Video Trip report
  212. Best way to get premium seats without paying?
  213. Booking tickets in 2019 with lesser status than 2018
  214. Anyone have any stats for Alaska Mileage records and MVP?
  215. Suggestions for AS to Regain Its Mojo
  216. Help me with an Aspirational Trip
  217. Companion Fare, Multi-city flights
  218. Is first class worth it?
  219. Early boarding, late upgrade processing
  220. Third Party Booking and Gold benefits
  221. Partner booking with miles: 24-hour cancellation?
  222. Pay to Jump to Front of Alaska First Upgrade List at Gate?
  223. Airbus IFE red is now Alaska Beyond....
  224. is this stopover possible? ICN-HKG-LAX
  225. First Class Flight Sale (discount code FIRSTCLASSHOLIDAY)
  226. $99 SEA-JFK in Jan and Feb
  227. AS Baggage Limit 32Kg / 70LB per bag?
  228. Alaska Lounge email "Survey"
  229. Elite Mileage Bonuses
  230. Lounge Access SFO T2
  231. Unaccompanied minors using AS Visa Companion Fare
  232. Specific Plane details?
  233. Award travel
  234. No seat on F tickets that were there before
  235. Short for Elite Qualification by XXX Miles?
  236. TV / Internet on Airbus (Old VX Metal)
  237. Email: Limited time—book Australia for just $799 round trip.✈☀🐨
  238. AS Award Travel
  239. Pet in cabin = no upgrade
  240. Newbie Question: SDC Rules
  241. Best Strategy Flying to China in Business with a Stop in HK (and Earn AS EQM)
  242. booking two tickets from co-term?
  243. Exit Strategy From AS to Another FF Program
  244. ANC Earthquake ATC and Radar
  245. Are there really any BIG downsides to basic economy (Saver) on short Q400 flights?
  246. $100 comp for 9 hour delay - epic fail
  247. Close-in schedule change (<3 weeks)
  248. Upgrade eligibility if booking with American award?
  249. Only Y fares from Vegas on Sundays? Must be an error.... right?
  250. New credit card bonus how long to post