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  1. PDX early morning flights
  2. Where Is Seat 1X? (It's a Cabin Jumpseat)
  3. Nasty Twitter Agent
  4. Row 1 -> 2?
  5. Main Cabin Select BWI to SFO
  6. Transcon First What to expect?
  7. BNA to Australia Assistance please
  8. Does Alaska have a close in booking fee
  9. Does the App actually work for ANYTHING?
  10. I searched but no luck. When do GGU's get deposited
  11. GGU and Concur booked itineraries
  12. Alaska no longer handle 20min baggage claims over email?
  13. What happened to the first class ice cream?
  14. Lounge access at LAX on a mixed cabin LAX-SFO-HKG itinerary?
  15. Will Losing Status Affect Booked Regular Gold Upgrade?
  16. Earning AS miles on codeshared AA flights
  17. Why does AS want to book me on DL?
  18. Happy 4th of July Weekend from LAX
  19. SEA C1 Building Project Planning (New Lounge?)
  20. Status of MCO-LAX and DAL-LAX Routes?
  21. ExpertFlyer not showing Premium Class availability
  22. Alaska Newbie - Points and companion pass on same booking?
  23. Alaska Visa charges count towards elite status?
  24. In-store shopping: must CC name match MP account holder?
  25. Gate agents lets disruptive unaccompanied minors into first class
  26. Alaska E175 cabin tour
  27. SFO-PSP
  28. Dropping a Segment
  29. A 737 with no F on seat map
  30. UM fee raised to $50 nonstop/$75 with connections?
  31. VDB 2 weeks in advance after an equip swap
  32. DAL-LGA on E175
  33. It's always something with this website...
  34. Does AS check through bags on a LAX-SFO-HKG with an 11hour layover in SFO?
  35. SY (Sun Country) Making More Inroads on AS' Turf [PDX Expansion]
  36. Alaska Airlines SkyCap Etiquette
  37. AS FF number on boarding pass for BA operated AA numbered flight
  38. Strategy for Changing Flights the Day of Travel
  39. Anyone else having the app crash when trying to check a bag...?
  40. cash upgrade JFKLAX, any strategy?
  41. Departing FAI
  42. Lounge access AS to CX connection at originating airport?
  43. Some E175s don't have a first class?
  44. AS Award Japan Stopover Rules
  45. NY Times: Teenage Girl Helps a Blind and Deaf AS Passenger
  46. How to determine fare class before purchase?
  47. Luggage Interlining
  48. Is Alaska a Good Choice to Transfer Marriott Rewards Points To?
  49. Earning AS Miles- New to Program
  50. AS award level changes went in a day early
  51. Outstation Catering
  52. Where To Put My Alaska Flight Points?
  53. Booking RT Award with OJ on KE and Other
  54. First class without a drink?
  55. Can I Wait to Claim My Luggage?
  56. Volunteered for oversold flight--no mileage?
  57. Survey about my recent flight
  58. Equipment Swap or Seat Map Bug? AS 2574
  59. Upfaring to First Class
  60. Alaska MVP bonus on partners' discount economy
  61. Itinerary change made without my requesting it
  62. Crediting AA to Alaska
  63. Same day standby "isn't a thing"
  64. To what purpose do the automated responses really serve when calling?
  65. Adding AS flight booked w/another airline to My Trips?
  66. EasyBiz / mobile functionality question
  67. Checkins in AS-DE-DE
  68. Mileage Plan and PRIVACY
  69. PenAir suspends all East Coast operations
  70. MSP to CVG
  71. Alaska Airlines announces new nonstop service between Sacramento, California and Kona
  72. Only some Icelandair flights eligible for AS miles?
  73. Applying different FF programs by leg on CX/Dragon
  74. Thoughts on LAX-BOS in F
  75. Carry on, checked baggage and terminal changes
  76. :Possibility of aircraft change 737 to 320
  77. no award availability on YVR-YYZ?
  78. Alaska unveils Summer updates to First Class menu
  79. LAN (or LATAM) Availability
  80. Online GDS' no longer have access to Premium Class Seat Maps?
  81. Pre-Arrival Seattle Chocolates Truffle in F
  82. 50k signup bonus for Alaska CC interval?
  83. Salt & Straw Ice Cream Coming to AS F
  84. Upgrade List
  85. 75K Companion Upgrade on 3 person booking
  86. NYC to LAX
  87. Trans pacific WiFi
  88. Today May Have Been AS's Worst Showing Ever
  89. What’s up with the new partnership with SQ, EI, and AY?
  90. Success with Chauffeur Service on Emirates (EK) F Awards?
  91. GEG- SAN coming
  92. What is it with LAX and baggage
  93. Premium Buy Up with First Buy Up
  94. Exit Row Seats Now Available for Purchase
  95. [Speculation] Third-Party Lounge Access for F Passengers
  96. Dumb question but can wallet funds be used to pay award ticket fees
  97. Earning AS miles on a AS flight purchased VIA United?
  98. Using Alaska Lounge When Not Flying on Alaska
  99. Fall Schedule Update
  100. AS Wallet - Ticket re-deposit time?
  101. Not exactly SDC, any chance to fly one day before booked flight?
  102. Earning AS Miles on Icelandair (FI) - Still Possible?
  103. Recent bag tag at home experiences
  104. Need to Change Award Flight within 60 Days
  105. Glitch in the system or purposely missed upgrade?
  106. Pricing Error from Orlando?
  107. Why on earth are First awards so expensive?
  108. Does Alaska suck now?
  109. AS Devalues LAN
  110. "A as in Awesome" - AS announces new boarding process (zone based)
  111. Layover at YVR
  112. Earn AS Miles on Qantas-Marketed Jetstar Metal flights?
  113. Lounge for 1st @ SFO
  114. MVPG upgrade on award ticket
  115. Which Carry-On Bags Fit and Don't Fit (Post-6/4/2018) - Reports Only; No Kvetches
  116. Southwest Airlines preps for revenue drop, scales back growth - accident or Alaska?
  117. Switching from Main to F
  118. New Carry-On Size Policy - Reports and Effects (6/4/2018)
  119. Companion upgrades seem to never work as expected for me
  120. Foldable Wagon as a Stroller Gate Check
  121. No JAL ticket available for Tokyo - Sydney/MEL?
  122. AS as Potential oneworld Connect Member?
  123. Icelandair award availability
  124. Usage of Legacy (VX) Airbus 321neos
  125. AS F service dropping to new lows
  126. UK traveller never used Alaska before questions
  127. AS now serving Kona longboard tall boys in Coach
  128. P fares reduced in SFO-SEA market, possibly others?
  129. Airbus A320-214 Seat Layout? Premium Seats
  130. Don't plan on PAE (Paine) flights quite yet
  131. Row 1 or 3? Only 3 first class rows on this 737-800.
  132. LAX pmVX upgrade shenanigans
  133. Air Durant [Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant's Image on AS 737]
  134. Redeeming Alaska miles on Korean Air.
  135. AS Account restricted due to churning BofA
  136. QF flights not posting ....?
  137. Upgrading with points to FC on paid ticket
  138. LATAM Earning on AS
  139. mileageplanhotels.com
  140. Upgrade with companion, possible to cancel self after clear?
  141. What happened to my cheese plate option in the app?
  142. Possible to Cancel and Redeposit Gold Guest Upgrades?
  143. Alaska Lounges
  144. General upgrade odds -48 hours
  145. How long the award JAL ticket vaild?
  146. How to book Alaska award flight w/ UA MilagePlus?
  147. Odd Email from AS this morning...
  148. Where is my flight coming from? (AS309)
  149. Premium Class on Legacy Airbus Aircraft
  150. ANC Ground transporation
  151. First class meal: chuck roll or pilaf?
  152. partner fee $12.50 clarification
  153. Alaska eliminates plastic straws and stirrers
  154. Schedule Changes Cause Reaccommodation Problems With F Upgrades and Awards
  155. Best options for 3 J tickets to Asia (JL/CX)
  156. Chicago (ORD) Gates Moved (Again) - Now G4 & G6 (March 14, 2019)
  157. No award ticket availability on Transcons on AA SFO/JFK or LAX/JFK?
  158. Book JAL flight, marketed by AA: mileage earnings on AS?
  159. First time personally upset/offended by AS
  160. Choosing seats
  161. Odds of an MVP upgrade ORD-ANC?
  162. this is great for alaska airlines redemption
  163. Planned Diversions From SFO to OAK/SJC
  164. SJC-EUG Ending 8/25
  165. Air Tahiti Nui AUK-LAX - ExpertFlyer Confusion
  166. Kilauea Travel Waiver Posted for KOA (5/17-25/2018)
  167. Allianz Travel Insurance bought through Alaska doesn't cover what I expected
  168. can I use alaska air miles to shop?
  169. AS ranks last in award availability, per Wall Street Journal
  170. JFK Pilot Base Inherited from VX Closing on 9/1/2018
  171. SEATAC is a bad airport--what happens if not on a partner airline?
  172. Qantas phantom or what?
  173. SFO-PHL only redeye?
  174. Alaska Becoming the US4?
  175. TSA Screening for Passengers 75 and Older
  176. Almost had an incident last night, FA's handled it well
  177. Redeye transcon meal or not?
  178. Baggage fees when on AS ticket but AA metal.
  179. Loophole to get free bag extended to my gf on another reservation
  180. New Boarding Zone Bingo: What Does It Look Like?
  181. What Will Alaska Airlines Be Serving In Coach On Your Flight? (2018)
  182. First Class Competitive
  183. Can you buy up to premium economy on award ticket?
  184. JFK security time?
  185. AS cancelled flight-how does this affect cancellation charges?
  186. Same day change - routing change
  187. Asian carrier awards/non-US residents (discussion split from 6/5 changes thread)
  188. Notice of Data Breach
  189. SDC Fees Increase to $50, Free 60-Day Change Eliminated, and Award Changes (6/5/2018)
  190. Possible to ask to open up award space on a short domestic leg to complete itinerary?
  191. Same day change AND upgrade
  192. MVP benefits on ticket bought with AA miles?
  193. SAN has been a mess lately
  194. SJC is becoming harder and harder to upgrade...
  195. Veteran VX to Newbie AS - Red-Eye Meal/Snack in F?
  196. Heavy bags?
  197. How to tell used to be Virgin America Flights?
  198. crediting AA flight
  199. MP Booking: Intra Asia on Hainan Impossible?
  200. Alaska 737 repaint status
  201. Is there a penalty if I reuse my canceled ticket after I get MVPG?
  202. Marriott Transfer Issue to AS
  203. New SeaTac Headquarters Building
  204. Southwest to go head to head with AS - OAK/SJC/SAN/SMF-Hawaii!
  205. Offers of a Pre-Departure Beverage (PDB)
  206. Flight to ANC or FAI with fewest AS miles
  207. 1 SEARDM going AS Mainline beginning July 6
  208. More signs of the dim future of KE partnership
  209. AS 1097 - A320 - Is that VX equipment?
  210. So Long KL/AF, it's been fun. [AS Partnership terminated effective May 1, 2018]
  211. Autopilot Kits on Legacy VX planes
  212. Condor flights that condor doesn’t sell?
  213. Booted from an aisle to a middle... when other aisles were free
  214. I might be done with Alaska Airlines
  215. AS Web/App and SAP Concur Reservations
  216. No Waitlist shown on iOS app, but OK on desktop
  217. A basic question about crediting to partners
  218. When Will VX FFs Receive Promised AS Million Miler Credit?
  219. A basic question about crediting BA/IB to AS
  220. Using AS Gogo Pass on legacy VX aircrafts?
  221. Strange doings with MVP 75K Gold upgrade request
  222. Sea to DEN - what is a good airfare RT?
  223. AS494 late? Anyone know why
  224. Brad forgets to tell Virgin crews they are now Alaska Air crew
  225. Emergency Declared AS145 SEA-HNL
  226. Help: account discrepancy
  227. Gogo Satellite-Based Wi-Fi Available (November, 2018)
  228. Alaska Lounge Hours Reduction
  229. Cash upgrades
  230. Multiple Alaska air vouchers.
  231. Earning Changes on Korean Air (KE) - 1 May 2018
  232. Cause of AS 38 Fight Delay 04/25?
  233. "My supervisor said ...." A frustrating case study in improper supervisor training
  234. Put on waitlisted despite available f?
  235. 2 flights in a row without Precheck, despite Global Entry # in profile
  236. Woman dies onboard AS478 SEA-MCI, 24 April 2018
  237. Miles on AA tickets by Partners?
  238. Flying/Upgrades on Legacy VX Aircraft After 4/25 Cutover
  239. New flight due to AS schedule change?
  240. Check your reservations - Fall Schedule Changes!
  241. Where did my first class seat go to?
  242. OLCI currently down
  243. Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan wins 2018 the “Best Rewards Program"
  244. LGA and DCA Ending From DAL (Dallas Love Field)
  245. AS to Introduce "Saver Fares" (Basic Economy), End Fee Waivers and Add Fees
  246. New IFE tablets in F?
  247. Alaska Delays
  248. Alaska companion question
  249. Alaska to "refresh" main cabin food menu
  250. Connecting from JL to Alaska in SAN