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  1. 7/6/13 - SFO Closed - Everything diverted right now
  2. A blast from the past
  3. Golds upgraded on mileage tickets
  4. AS Strategy re: Partners/Code Shares particularly Delta
  5. Hypothetical B6 Merger
  6. No more exchanges on points.com
  7. When is a "sale" not a sale
  8. Can you sponsor an upgrade using miles?
  9. New aircraft
  10. Requesting missing miles on AS partners...
  11. Do you miss the old snacks on Horizon Air??
  12. SEA Fire and Police presence at C9 this morning
  13. checked bag fee waived for companions as well?
  14. Using multiple discount codes for multiple travelers?
  15. First F for grandson
  16. Building status on DL as an Alaska 75K
  17. Alaska Airlines 2013 rebranding/possible name change speculation
  18. I just used my Birthday Discount
  19. SFO Now Known as "Bay Area"
  20. Baggage guarantee after leaving airport?
  21. hooked on mobile and my trips
  22. COMPLETE system outage 6/28
  23. Can you combine the Price Guarantee + Guaranteed Airfare Credit?
  24. Using Delta miles on Alaska (NEWBIE ALERT)
  25. Seasonal 2nd KOA-SEA flight now a red-eye
  26. Suddenly flying a lot for work - how to get the most out of it?
  27. New QX / OO service beginning this winter
  28. Are AS miles more valuable than UA miles?
  29. SJC Boardroom
  30. Do "preferred" seats still open up to everyone at T-24?
  31. If a flight is diverted to OAK from SFO...will AS bus us to SFO?
  32. Wish list for AS - allow pax with non-US/Canada passports to use OLCI!
  33. AS BR or UA RCC at PDX?
  34. Travel Companion can't cancel ticket - keep seat empty?
  35. go for 75K or match to Delta Gold?
  36. Minimum Connection Time at SFO for a domestic to an international flight
  37. The Eskimo's smirk at PDX...raspberry to VX
  38. Alaska Airlines Supporting Jazz on The Plazz Los Gatos CA
  39. Error Encountered
  40. Book on AS with MP #, switch to AA # at airport
  41. Will I lose my MVPG guest upgrades if my status level changes?
  42. Why doesn't everyone join Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?
  43. I love Alaska
  44. Why, why can they still sell seats - but have no seats to select?
  45. Reoccuringly double billed!
  46. The totally-impractical-but-totally-tempting AS awards
  47. Waiting for my companion code
  48. AAG orders 3 more Q400 A/C @ Paris
  49. What is a snack in Y from MEX-LAX?
  50. Preferred Seats on AF using AS awards
  51. Why would super saver award be so scarce 11 months out?SEA-MCI
  52. Big Change in Scheduled Flights for Xmas
  53. Using AS miles for AA flights
  54. Two tickets, short SEA connection
  55. State fines Alaska Airlines and contractors for violations
  56. Changes coming to OME/OTZ
  57. DL Sky Club access in EWR when flying paid F on AS?
  58. difference when booking Value vs Full flex for mvp upgrades
  59. Alaska Points Cathay vs. Delta
  60. In the hierarchy of upgrades where am I?
  61. FAI-PDX N/S
  62. Another great partner desk experience
  63. AeroMexico partnership announced and implemented
  64. KS Awards to SNP/STG
  65. Best rout from SFO to DC?
  66. Wall Street Journal 'Boss Talk': Alaska Air CEO on Talent, Labor
  67. AS' Social Media Expands
  68. 6/11/13 "Insider Extra Discount" - No Flights?
  69. Booking Awards without the First Segment
  70. Companion certificate expiring
  71. AS Please fix PDX/PSP
  72. First trip on AS to SLC
  73. MVPG - Same Day Travel Benefits when travelling with Companion?
  74. Miles expiring 7/4. Quickest, inexpensive partner?
  75. AS inflight iPad entertainment
  76. New (relaunched) ANC-LAS/PHX & QX Q400s in AK
  77. Can AS miles be used for Cathey one way?
  78. AS "Spirit of the Islands" Livery Scheme
  79. 10% discount code for travel to PDX 6/6 to 6/16
  80. Horizon Air Monthly Beer Offerings-July
  81. Bait and switch emailing?
  82. Companion Upgrade: Appears Split on Waitlist?
  83. Partner Rules for Awards
  84. Upgraded without a Seat assignment - should I be worried?
  85. Early Morning Flights - Pilot Announcements
  86. What's the "rule" on schedule changes?
  87. Booked Ticket SJC-LAX
  88. In-seat use of dental floss (Row 1)
  89. Unused MVP Gold Guest Upgrade?
  90. MCT ATL AS-DL Domestic
  91. JFK-MAD and BCN-SEA on AA. Will business class open up?
  92. open exit door during flight?
  93. New Business AA vs CW BA to LHR
  94. one way international
  95. Credit Certificate question
  96. New schedule for FLL
  97. AS and AA elite reciprocity benefits question
  98. AA marketed, LAN operated = miles?
  99. Can I re-book on a mixed seat award if 1st opens?
  100. Is Alaska flying to JFK Kennedy? Did I miss an announcement?
  101. Best time to book
  102. Will Alaska add more SEA-BLI flights due to bridge collapse
  103. Can AS be successful on SAN-BOS if AA was not?
  104. What flights do flight attendants prefer?
  105. AS Frequent Flyer # on AA
  106. Question about reward booking
  107. Best J or F award options SEA to CDG
  108. "SEA HE," "SEA OK,"QX GO," What do these mean?
  109. First Intl. Award Booking
  110. 40K Alaska B of A card - how often?
  111. $25 off for joining Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan (CA Residents only)
  112. Canceling an Award Ticket
  113. Companion Pass Question
  114. Cathay Travel & Alaska Miles
  115. Award Seat Frustration--SEA or PDX to AMS
  116. PDX-SEA Mileage
  117. "Things you hear in F"
  118. Mileage Credit Help...Email vs. Phone
  119. Pre-Boarding for Not Using Overhead Space
  120. How many MVP miles do you get?
  121. Delta Business Class credited to AS as economy
  122. Double-credited mileage on 4/14; AS noticed and reversed
  123. Use AS credit card for rewards only? No purchases, etc.
  124. DL clubs recently "enhanced"?
  125. Alaska Voted "Most Satisfying Airline" By JD Power In 2013
  126. Can Alaska vouchers be used on partner airlines?
  127. AS Mileage Upgrade fraud?
  128. Credit for EK flight on non-EK stock
  129. Just how many of these 2,000 apology cards can you use?
  130. My Account is currently unavailable and will be restored as quickly as possible.
  131. Thinking Straight on AS Upgrade Strategy PDX-LAX?
  132. YVR-SEA-HNL: can one get lounge access by flying first class, but with no status?
  133. N12 A, B, C, D, E, F....etc
  134. Alaska Mix & Match-- access to two alliances!
  135. Which Term. for BOI-SEA (QX) and SEA-OGG (HA)
  136. AS Boardroom Day Passes
  137. Multi city Award vs one way availibility
  138. Will 10 1/4" fit into overhead?
  139. Price Guarantee valid on codeshares?
  140. Taxes on partner awards (LAN)
  141. Best SeaTac parking?
  142. Will this award ticket get me into the SEA BR?
  143. 5/2/13 new route announcement: service to DFW, ATL from PDX
  144. Airport Work Cancels Sitka Flights
  145. Copper River Charity Event
  146. Alaska Airlines Visa
  147. AF-operated DL flight - Will it credit?
  148. How to ask for compenation, and what should we expect?
  149. To those who know SEA well - can we make this connection?
  150. Communication issues?
  151. Miles flown (and earned) no longer appear under "Details" when searching for flight
  152. AS mileage credit for AA flight operated through TN
  153. A different perspective on an upgrade
  154. Last minute flight
  155. How to determine class of service for Emirates Airlines
  156. Alaska Reports 1Q $37 mil net income
  157. Ineligible: Ticket was exchanged*
  158. Is this a doable connection?
  159. Do Miles Prices Ever Go Back Down?
  160. Sonoma County Airport (STS)
  161. 737-900 bulkhead versus exit row
  162. QX tries to fire pilot - interesting article
  163. Alaska Airlines Upgrading its Aircraft With New Seats and Power Outlets
  164. What is the cost for AS to change tix to DL metal
  165. New IT change: Phone / email when you get upgraded ?!
  166. Flying with a Guitar
  167. PDX Gold Lunch 5-10-13
  168. Earning miles on AA flights operated by LAN
  169. AS issues travel advisory for Sequestration
  170. AS "Service" light says "Servicio"
  171. Jet Bridge problem SeaTac
  172. Alaska Airlines Creates Customer Innovation Department
  173. personal use of guest upgrade
  174. What does "instant upgrade not available" mean?
  175. 7H / AS mileage question
  176. Yet another great experience with the Partner Desk
  177. Some PDX service increases
  178. Kudos to the Partner Desk (and DL)
  179. The Quest for Status in 2013! Where do you stand?
  180. BOS Travel Waiver 15-16 Apr
  181. AS - Icelandair award LGW-KEF?
  182. Armrests on Exit row seats
  183. Q re: crediting miles on DL to my MVP acct
  184. Seat 17A/E on 73G
  185. Kids pilot wings upgraded to actual metal
  186. Upgrade list now on AS website
  187. ERA Standby from Homer to ANC
  188. Windowless seats on 737-400?
  189. Booking AS flight with Avios as a DL Diamond - get benefits?
  190. Miles from AS flights not posting to partners
  191. AF/KLM redemptions just went up by 25k for J class
  192. Spring Award Sale
  193. (2013 Promo) Club 49 Double Miles!
  194. Easy way to search flexible saver award on Alaska?
  195. iphone alaska air app update
  196. Best cities for seat availability in Europe for summer award travel
  197. ANC-LAX starts today
  198. LAX AS boardroom vs AA Admirals club day pass?
  199. 737-400 Aisle Armrest - Is it locked in place
  200. How to Find Available Awards
  201. Intra Alaska Award Change Fees?
  202. Help finding cheapest AS fare for miles.
  203. red eye transcon/Hawaii F service changed
  204. How to get a MVP Gold Guest Upgrade
  205. PHX Club Access with Delta Sky Club membership
  206. Flying Alaska F - which airline to credit to?
  207. Mixing CX and EK rewards?
  208. Air France flight# change - earn alaska miles?
  209. A Survey | What Do You Think of Airline Surveys?
  210. Extending a discount code
  211. AS Bank of America (BofA) Visa: Retention/Conversion?
  212. Alaska Airlines Award Flight Via Delta
  213. Travel to JNU
  214. Redeeming miles to travel to Africa (not SA)
  215. Why is it so hard to get credit for missing partner miles?
  216. Flying Alaska F next week
  217. Trip Report - Upgraded to Business DXB - SEA w/ Alaska status
  218. 3rd Daily SEA-BOS bookable - Summer '13
  219. JNU MVPG Lunch - 4/18/2013
  220. Is the 331 day out award booking for all airlines?
  221. AS flying out of different gates at BOS
  222. BofA Companion Ticket Upgrade with miles?
  223. No 'U', No 'F', but 3 open seats.
  224. Earn miles on AA (not codeshare)
  225. What is a standard compensation for an MX?
  226. Re-check luggage for two separate tickets?
  227. Board Room Updates April 2013
  228. Upgrade AS marketed/operated flight issued on AA stock?
  229. Hard Boiled Eggs On The Plane!
  230. When do you run out of “Express Thanks” employee recognition certificates?
  231. Nice little change to the mileage activity page
  232. Diverted flight; am I stuck with ORC?
  233. Group Rates...?
  234. Help booking to DBV from AUS in early June
  235. Earning AS miles on EK
  236. F service on redeye HNL-BLI
  237. My Daughters Points Are Expring - Will Delta Flight keep them alive?
  238. VDB Options with AS
  239. ANC Minimum Connect Time
  240. Spring Break...In The Air
  241. Booking first class
  242. Practical use of First Class UG Codes and Paid by Mile UG
  243. Alaska Airlines Center at UAA
  244. Alaska Airlines VP predicts 'very exciting year' for company
  245. One-way and partner awards now bookable online [consolidated master thread]
  246. Security Breach at SEATAC?
  247. AA Bringing Back PDX 2 ORD x2
  248. Strange AS Codeshare on DL metal situation
  249. Rude flight attendants / worsening service?
  250. When did AS's MEX flight become a red-eye?