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  1. Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanukkah
  2. A320 Seat Selection
  3. Allianz purchase from Alaska
  4. Bonus travel certificate
  5. Exchange points with WN, F or JB
  6. Using Alaska Miles to Italy
  7. Alaska partner (Ravn) hit by cyberattack
  8. No Saver Awards, upgrade space, or discount coach in all markets after 5/21
  9. Relocating to SEA soon. Questions...
  10. Delays- Anyone dread the constant rolling updates by text
  11. Alaska Lounge Access at SEA
  12. [Rant] SEA Is a Christmas Holiday Nightmare
  13. Keep my status strategy advice - buy up / miles / wait
  14. Won't retain 75k gold - any status matches/challenges before new year?
  15. Crediting on AS and MPC on different segment of Itinerary
  16. When do Elite Seats Free Up?
  17. Bag drop deadline for delayed flight?
  18. How do class bonus miles work for minimum distance flights
  19. Special Services bonus?
  20. Longest AS flight?
  21. Alaska oversold first class by 50%
  22. BOGO Discount Code for early 2020
  23. Booked flight for two for Friday, but only one person is flying
  24. BA Starting PDX-LHR (June 1, 2020)
  25. Got Bit by the New AA Admirals Club Rules (December, 2019)
  26. SDC on splitting reservation
  27. When to charge cancellation fee?
  28. Emergency landing in PHX?
  29. Additional gates at SAN?
  30. What is this doublespeak phrase "Pub Service"
  31. Has this AS rez or these flight change notices been "doctored"?
  32. Current Routes/Utilization of Airbus Equipment
  33. Checking bags at gate gets boarding group A?
  34. another TCON schedule “enhancement”
  35. ErrorMy Account is currently unavailable and will be restored as quickly as possible.
  36. Catering & Brand Changes
  37. Will be cancelling SJC-KOA award tix on AS for Dec 22
  38. Alaska Airlines 73G Cargo a/c need an unexpected repair delaying shipments [Dec 2019]
  39. Have You Seen the Expedition Cab. Sauv. from Canoe Ridge Available?
  40. Nominate someone to MVP
  41. 20% off Alaska Air Flights courtesy of Starbucks - thru 11:59 p.m. (PT) 12/13/19
  42. unable to book SCL-IPC award, IPC not a valid destination
  43. My 2020 Alaska Airlines promo wish list.
  44. Mileage Plan Account Access Offline (Early Hours of 12/10/2019)
  45. 30k miles in 7 days.
  46. Gold MVP, does no-fee cancellation apply to ticket booking date or cancel date?
  47. A La Cart (Plane-Side) Bag Was Taken By Another Passenger
  48. Any correlation between seat map and air fare?
  49. MVP Gold Benefits Effective Timeline?
  50. Give the Gift of an Alaska Lounge Membership
  51. Does ordering bag tags commit to checked bag purchase?
  52. Force complimentary upgrade to premium out of exit rows?
  53. Upfare and Change Fee
  54. Confused about my place on the upgrade list after switching flights
  55. Delayed Flight says “On Time”
  56. Can’t log in to WiFi On iPad : perpetually spinning
  57. Alaska "About Today" apology emails
  58. GGU valid itinerary EWR-ANC
  59. QX Safety Memo and Pilot Response
  60. Chase Sapphire Reserve 5% Back (Up to $15)
  61. AS AMEX Sync Offer (Several Cards, but Targeted)
  62. Weird experience regarding bumping after irrop
  63. My Hatred for the Orlando Alaska Operation Grows
  64. I really like the snowflakes...
  65. MVP Gold Guest Upgrade GIVEAWAY thread (2019)
  66. SEA: Need 2400 EQM to requalify. Suggestions?
  67. An MVP Xmas Carol
  68. What are downsides to using AS miles for American Airlines flight?
  69. F standby question
  70. Just venting. I really HATE these bus gates...
  71. BA - Class of Service Bonus
  72. Alaska Signs Interline Agreement With Southern Airways
  73. 2019 Cyber Monday Sale Live (72 hours)
  74. AA EXP vs. MVP 75K
  75. When is exit row PE and when is it not?
  76. 9k to 75k
  77. 2019 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale
  78. 26 hours ago purchased points still not posted
  79. MVP and family boarding in group D?
  80. Is 2 hour airport arrival enough time before flight #8 (SEA-EWR) tomorrow (11/27) ??
  81. Any "soft" benefits to having a paid Alaska Lounge membership?
  82. 3rd Party Booked flights on AS website
  83. Quick question re: mileage ticket
  84. First Class Riff-Raff on LAX-BOS
  85. MVP Gold benefits with American?
  86. Terrible Situation, Great FA
  87. BA U Class Miles on AS?
  88. When will new uniforms be worn?
  89. No free text with ViaSat?
  90. So called “error fare” (it wasn’t) not credited
  91. Does AS ever discount premium class seats on day of travel?
  92. "Volunteers needed to take a later flight" email
  93. Terrific service MCO-SEA 11/19
  94. Bloody Mary Mix
  95. I'm Burning Miles: Looking for Value & Seeking Advice (Maybe New Zealand?)
  96. AS offering to “sell” me Gold status
  97. 10K miles to MVP Gold
  98. booking an award ticket for someone else
  99. U class availability
  100. Help understanding conversation regrading discount code
  101. IRROPS at JFK
  102. 15k MR suggestions?
  103. Someone’s dog pooped in the aisle (right next to me)...
  104. EQMs booking first upgrade fare with gold 75k
  105. SFO weather issues - winter 2019
  106. How long for benefits to post
  107. Alaska Selling Miles: How Much Do They Really Make?
  108. Schedule Change - Other Airline
  109. AS 1139 (SAN - SEA) on 11/17/2019 (07:25pm) Preemptively Cancelled - Why?
  110. Strategies for when Alaska just won't get you there
  111. Partnership with Hawaiian Airlines?
  112. baggage in international awards trip?
  113. New Routes
  114. Preferred Seats for Split Reservations
  115. Have we become Delta?
  116. No spirits in premium seats. Little bottles of "wine".
  117. Gold from CXF flights questions.
  118. Multiple cities in one ticket reservation question
  119. $200 MR for MVP or credit card?
  120. And this happened...
  121. Used a Customer CAre discount code, just got my birthday discount
  122. Blog: international partner ticket cancelled due to negative account balance
  123. Minimum Connection Time >60 minutes at JFK?
  124. Need Miles for MVP Gold
  125. Is it worth it for JL business class even you fly 1 flight in coach?
  126. First Class Cheaper Than Main
  127. Christmas Boarding Music Has Begun
  128. Holding a book in bulkhead
  129. Starbucks holiday cup is priority boarding this holiday
  130. Buying / Cancelling tickets for flexibility; better to refund to card or my wallet?
  131. Reservations hold music
  132. Stopover is totally dead now?
  133. baggage fee waived for credit card holder?
  134. What’s your tipping point to buy into F?
  135. Last Day for Several Alaska Routes (11/4/2019)
  136. Any sweetheart F close-in partner redemption opportunities out of OGG/HNL?
  137. November Hawaii Discounts
  138. AS partners with Surfline to offer first-ever Hawaii fare sale powered by ocean waves
  139. Award inventory when partnered with Partner Airlines
  140. [Speculation] AS Strategy for a Second Seattle Airport
  141. Earnings on QF flights decimated
  142. ANC & PDX Alaska Lounges terminating Priority Pass agreement (Effective 11/1/2019) :(
  143. Commission to Identify Second SEA-area Airport
  144. Generous luggage allowance on SQ awards?
  145. AS I Class Doesn't Earn Avios on BA?
  146. When is AS schedule safe from change?
  147. Do Bonus Miles Count Towards EQM?
  148. 739 but 3 rows of first?
  149. Premium bonus sustainable?
  150. Paying for Lounge Membership with Two Credit Cards
  151. STS Is Shuttered Due to Kinkade Fire Danger (10/27/2019)
  152. Earning Alaska miles on Qantas flight operated by American
  153. Pricing from PDX-BZN
  154. Possible to upgrade one leg (return) of KE paid J flight to F using AS miles?
  155. "More good things are coming to Portland and beyond."
  156. ALK On the Move
  157. How many BBQ Chicken sandwiches have you had this year?
  158. Domestic 15K Upgrade Awards?
  159. AS/FI Seatac Connection Question
  160. Actual experiences with companion fare, lead passenger no-shows
  161. Mobile check-in button glitch
  162. Mileage from Partner Flights
  163. SQ Award in "Main" fare rules
  164. JAL Flights Completely Gone from Award Searches (resolved)
  165. New MVPG status applying to existing reservations?
  166. SQ award availability missing?
  167. MVP Benefits SQ Codeshare AS Metal
  168. For Alaska Airlines, Business is Booming (Oct 21 2019 article)
  169. Cancelling an award ticket as mvpg75
  170. Confused about A321 seating
  171. Alaska Air - Award Redemption in F
  172. Alaska baggage scan at arrival
  173. More than 4 flights on alaska.com multi-city possible?
  174. 10k miles short of MVPG
  175. PenAir/RAVN Flight (AS 3296) Overshoots Runway in DUT (10/17/2019)
  176. Why Doesn't AS Have Lie-Flat Seats on Transcons?
  177. 10% off discount email (targeted?) - how to book?
  178. AS59 (SEA-PHL), 16-17 Oct
  179. Alaska Lounge 2020 Cost Model
  180. Intra-Asia stopovers on JL and CX removed, miles for SQ increased
  181. SEA-BOS more expensive than last year?
  182. SAN-BOS in an Airbus - 7D or 16F??
  183. SFO-NYC main cabin now only $20 one way extra (was $30)
  184. 800 miles to MVP
  185. AY codeshare flights & earning miles
  186. Are my earning calculations correct for BA?
  187. Travel During Stopover Question
  188. UA Making Significant Changes to MileagePlus: Does AS Benefit at SFO?
  189. Buying Alaska Miles
  190. 20% off flights LAX/SNA
  191. Alaska - up to 20% promo code (LAX or SNA only) - Book by 10/9
  192. Expired My Wallet Funds
  193. AS Pushing Buy Miles When I'm Maxed Out
  194. Award flights SBA-DEN now require two tickets and twice the miles
  195. AS just released bunch of SAN-KOA RT saver awards for April 2020
  196. How many days before flight is Airbus Seatmap Accurate?
  197. Strange email: "more good things are coming to the Bay Area."
  198. No CX Award Availability for HKG to SE Asia in July and August 2020
  199. MP Basic to G75K
  200. Kudos Alaska Air
  201. Which hotel program offers the most Alaska points?
  202. Old A321 exit row
  203. LAX to end curbside pickup by Uber and Lyft starting October 29. Possibly taxis too.
  204. BA Metal, AA code share, F Cabin, A booking code credit to AS?
  205. Unable to find Finnair Inventory Asia To Europe
  206. BA Mileage Credit Quandary
  207. Alaska 737-700 Routes
  208. Change an EK award ticket point of origin?
  209. U space available and within my upgrade window...
  210. JAL Business to Vietnam 2020
  211. Should I bring Durian fruits on board for my upcoming LAX - SEA?
  212. AA Partnership Effectively Ending 1 March 2020
  213. Paine Field Terminal Sold to the Washington State Investment Board
  214. Can you book Singapore airline awards using Alaska miles?
  215. new service SJC-PVR + SJC-elsewhere?
  216. And now we lose Icelandair from SFO
  217. Irredeemable Gogo monthly wifi pass - did I miss the memo?
  218. AS changed their Flight-24hr Seat Release policy??
  219. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2019 PFD Sale To/From/Within State of Alaska)
  220. Bonus miles offers when buying miles
  221. Impact with LATAM partnership with Alaska after DL investment?
  222. Premium Transcon: UA now selling Premium Plus "Extra Reclining Seat"
  223. Alaska Mileage Plan Shopping Portal - Target
  224. Unexpected 'cracking' found on critical Boeing 737NG equipment
  225. SF Bay to DC IAD vs DCA?
  226. JFK-LAX Flight Diverted to MCI After Y Pax Made Threats When Denied Access to F Lav
  227. Does AS open last min award inventory that I can reticket to prior flight (diff day)?
  228. How many drink services on a transcon?
  229. AS really does have some of the best Res Agents in the business.
  230. Upgrader delay makes it seem like I jumped ahead F waitlist
  231. Alaska reverses lounge pass restrictions
  232. Select seats on AA flights(AS codeshare) in AS app
  233. Why do I have elite status benefit?
  234. SFO-BNA non-stop discontinued in 2020?
  235. “carry-on items completely underneath the seat in front of you”
  236. Difficulty in partner redemptions
  237. Qantas announces welcome to all Alaska passengerss
  238. SFO Gates - New Numbering System Effective Oct 16, 2019
  239. Married segments on Alaska?
  240. Question about checked bag on shared AS/AA itinerary
  241. Don't Drink the Water
  242. SEA Connection Times
  243. EasyBiz site down?
  244. Baggage allowance issue on EK J, booked with AS miles
  245. Alaska 843 (SEA - KOA) Satellite WiFi?
  246. Using AS miles on Condor
  247. Change roundtrip after outbound
  248. Amex Membership rewards "insider fares" available on Alaska?
  249. YVR Interline to CX
  250. SEA<—>BWI/IAD redeyes off the schedule (Nov thru Mar)