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  1. SJC-SMF Gone?
  2. Alaska Airlines Inaugurates Nonstop Service Between Seattle and Kansas City, Mo.
  3. Segment Challenge Question
  4. SDC during OLCI on saver award?
  5. MP numberinfor disappeared from profile. Expired?
  6. Dropped from upgrade list, again.
  7. Alaska and Emirates Booking Problems
  8. Mileage Credit Weirdness
  9. Alaska Droid app not updating information
  10. MR: SEA-EWR $265 r/t ai, 3/20-21
  11. Board Room LAX-Priority Pass
  12. Awesome News(:
  13. MIA lounge access
  14. AA First Awards to Europe Near the Travel Date
  15. Will this Air France flight qualify for Mileage Plan miles?
  16. Losing more perks...this time on Delta
  17. Has anyone ever booked FAI to MEL Award Flight?
  18. Redeeming mileage upgrades online?
  19. Can we redeem on partners for routes not listed on AS.com?
  20. Newbie Question.
  21. Alaska vs. Virgin: The Great Debate
  22. Need a little help booking flights to asia with CX
  23. Premium Economy Seats: AA, UA, DL are all doing it... when will AS?
  24. Where to go with my points... can I transfer points between accounts?
  25. Best chance for upgrade SEA to HNL May 3- via PDX, OAK, SJC?
  26. Korean Air - Business Class availability through Alaska Air?
  27. How do you normally get your annual companion tickets?
  28. AA to add LAX-DCA
  29. Best bet for SEA<->LHR?
  30. Warning - TripIt Pro not tracking AS price drops correctly
  31. Watch this space: DOT docket for additional DCA service
  32. Alaska MVP Gold Miles Credited
  33. Do you know your AS# by heart?
  34. Can I mix airlines on the domestic part of an international partner award?
  35. When a $99 companion fare isn't $99.
  36. Do u get to go on the premium line even if u fly economy?
  37. One way awards ever coming to AS?
  38. Booking SEA->OGG, best use of miles+award cert
  39. The Lighter Side of the boarding announcement
  40. Load factors SEA-DCA
  41. SJD Lounge Access
  42. FYI - LAN scheduled to change GDS in June - Booking heads up
  43. Cannot book CX Awards!!! (fixed 3/26/2012)
  44. AS food vs CO food
  45. CMB - Asia or India/ME?
  46. United to Alaska Airlines Transfer at PDX
  47. Any AS Credit Card Promos?
  48. Mysteriously Damaged Goods
  49. Loud DYKWIA in SEA Board Room
  50. Change fees questions
  51. Seat Block AS7 EWR - SEA
  52. Help me figure out my booking - Upgrades, PNRs, Bagage Fees
  53. anyone confirm ? AS 17 FA detains passengers
  54. AS MVP best UG chance NYC to SEA - Delta or Alaska?
  55. MVP GOLD newbie Question
  56. Idea for 'gaming' the system... reprucussions?
  57. Hey, You in the Bored Room with the Fake Service Dog
  58. Stand by on AA & DL for AS MPV
  59. Alaska Boardroom SFO Access
  60. AS stopping Tuesday OGG-ANC service
  61. MVPG Challenge status recognition timetable?
  62. How to book AS award flight with DL miles?
  63. Entitled to $25 Refund if AA Cancels Flight (Booked with AS miles)?
  64. AS B of A Signature Card closed
  65. AA selling Y up fares on AS metal?
  66. Buenos Aires to Juneau with Points
  67. Bill Ayer to Retire
  68. Alaska Air CEO Ayer to retire, will join fed aviation task force
  69. Short Hop EQM Calculation?
  70. 'First Class Wait Listed' disappearing
  71. Booking AA Award Tickets But want to get AS MVP benefits
  72. D-O-D Upgrades on Award Tix?
  73. MVP booked through Delta - Alaska leg "Upgrade Ineligible"
  74. Europe travel help!
  75. Too heavy for smoother air
  76. Will I get actual miles credited for flying with Iceland Air?
  77. AS Status Match
  78. Flight time - BOS to PDX
  79. Mileage Plan weirdness
  80. Here primarily for your safety...Uh oh.
  81. BA Award Fuel SC
  82. Checked Bags During 11.5h Layover
  83. AS: GEG-DCA $120 each way
  84. AS Miles award redemptions on CX - eticket numbers
  85. Question about row 15 on flight 869 Sacramento to Maui and flight 868 Maui to SMF
  86. Using Miles when away from US
  87. New MVP cards MIA
  88. Last-in-first-out on AS paid fares
  89. SEA-NRT-BKK on DL, AS Miles
  90. Where to next?
  91. February AS Magazine - Volunteer Spirit
  92. Water bottles with no labels
  93. Is coach bulkhead good or bad on AS 737-900?
  94. Electronic upgrades, are they as bad as my experience?
  95. MP # not valid because it's too new?
  96. USA- DEL using AS miles---Advice? Best Route?
  97. AS announces new service to PHL and FLL, discontinues service to MIA
  98. High value coach (Y-class) international destinations using miles?
  99. MVPs and Sky Priority
  100. Alaska Companion Certificate question
  101. Help with an Mile+$ booking?
  102. carryon space on Q400?
  103. Considering switching to Mileage Plan
  104. Dang it....AS calendar for Jan 1 not loading on time!
  105. ANC to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  106. promo: fly from BLI/YVR/YYJ and get up to 30% off BLI-HNL
  107. Did some research but still have a ? with the companion coupon.
  108. WSJ Weekend Interview w Bill Ayer 2/4/12
  109. First Class Paid Upgrade Changes Effective Dec.1, 2012
  110. OMG! Page 12 of the February in-flight magazine
  111. Considering switching from Alaska to Delta
  112. Priority boarding at PDX when you gate check
  113. Need a quick answer
  114. What is the correct AS boarding order?
  115. using miles for an upgrade?
  116. HNL-California route
  117. Who do I have to talk to?
  118. Known Issue with Auto-Upgrades
  119. More AS Flights to DCA?
  120. PDX - Mobile Boarding Pass Not Supported
  121. Alaska Airlines to serve Starbucks
  122. Award Questions
  123. Summer Internships Available
  124. UA to FAI
  125. Can Credit Certs be applied for 1st Class upgrade?
  126. SEA-MCI new route starting March 12
  127. place/priority on waitlist?
  128. Eligibility for access to YVR Plaza Premium Club
  129. QX operating in Alaska
  130. Club access with an AS issued AF biz award
  131. AS Experience from this DL plat
  132. changing frequent flyer number after check-in?
  133. Alaska to eliminate STS-LAS route and replace it with STS-SAN
  134. COS bonus miles do not count as EQM anymore? [Update: website typo; they still count]
  135. New AS 738
  136. Alaska flights cheaper on AA.com
  137. Sky High Airlines...
  138. Alaskaair.com 30 Minutes Behind Actual
  139. 2011 Financial Results - Looking Good AAG
  140. Fees now included in advertised price
  141. PDX #2 in ontime performance, AS #1
  142. Why am I in first? Magic kiosk experience.
  143. Inserting Mileage Number on online booking sites
  144. 2012 "computer glitch" didn't recognize gold status
  145. segment mileage run tools
  146. UA 1Ks now will be flying SEA-PDX regularly. Status match to Alaska?
  147. ANC-SEA-DCA Seating Nightmare
  148. Checking Car Seats
  149. Humorous anecdote in SFO BR
  150. Transferring AMEX points to mileage plan -any experience?
  151. You'd think 41 minutes en-route with two FA's in F would be enough
  152. AS Still Good (Valveman maintains position!)
  153. AS580 - PDX-SNA - Diverted to LAX for Mech
  154. TSA Pre✓ (Pre-Check) on Alaska Airlines Questions and Experiences
  155. Interesting Ticket Counter Exchange
  156. Where's my credit?
  157. ? on using credits from mywallet
  158. Moving to PDX: What FFP?
  159. can I use points + companion ticket?
  160. MVPG Upgrade Questions
  161. AS introduces new routes: SAN-FAT, SAN-MRY, SAN-STS, SJC-RNO
  162. Q400 Seating
  163. How to attach mileage plan number to Air France reservation?
  164. "Kick The Tires with Us Contest" - Fly the new 737
  165. Benefits from DL where someone does their handling.
  166. Need some Alaska Airlines help - Where is my flight coming from?
  167. cell phone app question
  168. Salt Lake City?
  169. Snow+SEA+TransCon=Trouble?
  170. To Check in, or Not to Check In
  171. what to do 5 hrs in ANC
  172. AS/BoA, time to have a CC promotion
  173. I Love Alaska Airlines
  174. MVPG challenge segment question
  175. -40F low in FAI Fri-Sat...is that a problem for AS?
  176. Old MVPG Upgrade Vouchers
  177. Check-in and boarding passes for int'l itinerary
  178. MVP Nomination Time?
  179. Alaska Discontinues AS2370 SJC-PDX
  180. A Challenge - Yeah!
  181. AS/QX System Outage 1/11/12
  182. Did I make MVP?
  183. New policy? MVPG purchaser using non-Gold's ticket value without fee
  184. Feels like Alaska is manipulating Super Saver flights
  185. how do you tell what fare class?
  186. MVP Gold Lunch - Sorry, You Are Not Invited!
  187. Rebooking travel agent travel on Alaskaair.com
  188. Rebooking travel agent travel on Alaskaair.com
  189. Upgrade Priority
  190. Redemption on CX - rules for open jaw/stopovers
  191. 75k Showing Up as Executive Platinum on AA Boarding Pass
  192. Booking AS award travel from SEA to Morocco
  193. American Places Last in Customer Service; Alaska Tops List
  194. List of all AS airports with codes (Jan 6 2012)
  195. Anyone using e-miles to get AS miles?
  196. Ramp-Up on SEA-PHX for Spring Break?
  197. When was the last time you had a flight credited to your Mileage Plan Account?
  198. AS Million Mile Info
  199. Time to switch to another airline mileage program?
  200. Which elite program to focus on this year? AS or DL?
  201. The drunkest passenger I've ever seen
  202. Upgrade list fails again
  203. When to buy my SEA-SJC airline ticket
  204. What's the deal with skyteam codeshares?
  205. Making a Case for Gold
  206. Anyone else's account not showing their MVPG status?
  207. changing 2 segment flight to 1 question
  208. Redeeming on the 380
  209. Alaska SJC sea flight diverted
  210. Lost my MVPG - waiting on AA to post - ARGH!!!!!
  211. Reservations Number Going to Assist 123?
  212. Checking bag SEA-MVD?
  213. Calender year
  214. Release of Super Saver Seats?
  215. Which to use for mileage AS, DL, AA?
  216. Seattle - Reno
  217. Alaska at SAN
  218. No more Vernors on Horizon
  219. *net blocking
  220. Where can I find a list of the fees associated with partner award travel?
  221. Where to and where was new in 2011
  222. Best Value for MP Points
  223. Alaska Changing Flight Schedules SMF-OGG
  224. MP partner for Hawaii Inter Island Travel
  225. What's the Best Way to find Guest Upgrade avail?
  226. 6,538 Miles to Gold - hang it up?
  227. DEQM please
  228. Got Joe on your AS Flight?
  229. 137 Miles to Gold...
  230. Merry Christmas Alaska Airlines
  231. Question about AA/AS benefits on AS flight tomorrow morning
  232. First Experience using E-guest upgrade certs
  233. Golds and 75Ks: Let's send cookies
  234. Found a little surprise in my polenta.
  235. Behind-the-scenes look at AS menu testing process
  236. Any chance AS/QX will ramp up BOI?
  237. Any chance AS will ever partner with WestJet in Canada?
  238. Starbucks gift card?
  239. AS Returns My Christmas Cards
  240. Horizon Airline snack treats- real or cardboard?
  241. Flying AS in F tomorrow for the first time. What to expect?
  242. In what order do they take FC meal choice?
  243. Elite Benefits and Other Travelers
  244. What can you use AS miles for?
  245. Award Travel Availability
  246. Test Drive for a 20% discount (I heard this on the radio on 12/18)
  247. Looking for late 90's AS shot glass?
  248. booked tickets as MVP now MVPG issue.
  249. Not credited the right amount of miles on a layover with the same flight number?
  250. AS852 & cracked windshield returns to HNL