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  1. Does mileage from partners count in million millers?
  2. Inebriated Passengers
  3. Seven day hold
  4. WN adds LAX-CUN nonstop - what say you, AS?
  5. Guitar on Q400?
  6. Odd flight route EUG SEA 8/16
  7. 60K for first class one way redemptions now?
  8. Train tickets, anyone get any???
  9. What is the Issue with Horizon Cancel/Delays?
  10. Odds of 2 Preferred + seats on this route at OLCI
  11. Board Room Access for International Business on QF connecting to Coach Class on AS?
  12. Is row 6 good for family with a lap toddler?
  13. In Flight Receipts
  14. Possible on one itinerary? San Diego - Guangzhou / HK - Warsaw - San Diego
  15. LAX-ANC redeye
  16. How to determine AA booking class code when booking?
  17. Any word on when JL award travel begins with Mileage Plan miles?
  18. How do you change a name on a ticket after marriage?
  19. Why can't I see F fares?
  20. Is it possible to transfer miles from a child's Mileage Plan account?
  21. Looking for details of a mileage promo I signed up for
  22. Frustated. Website shows U, CSA says nope.
  23. Removed SAN from HI routings?!?
  24. Who farted on my handbag?
  25. Horizon Air First Class?
  26. Mixed Fare questions (upgrade, seats)
  27. What can AS really charge for premium transcon
  28. F pitch increased already??!
  29. Is 1 hour enough to connect from AS to DL at SFO?
  30. Earn double miles on Japan Airlines flights from the West Coast from now to Sep 30
  31. Mis-connecting in LAX
  32. Speculation on whether AS will offer free IFE
  33. Anyone know why Horizon 2103 PSC to SEA was cancelled?
  34. SDC then getting on upgrade list
  35. No Curtain
  36. AS moving in on the S gates in SEA?
  37. Alaska discontinuing SLC LAS Nonstops
  38. AS Exec Talks About VX Acquisition and Beyond
  39. AS boarding music (Aug 2016)
  40. Question from a OneWorld flyer
  41. 737-800 12 F seats to Hawaii
  42. Same day change
  43. Amateur Question About Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM)
  44. Fall Sale is here!
  45. What do you use to track Alaska arifare for Low price guarantee?
  46. Cost of Preferred + seats Hawaii>Sea/Pdx at ck. in?
  47. Which is preferred seating?
  48. FL Zika Waivers
  49. Wichita (ICT) and Indianapolis (IND) new AS routes in 2017!
  50. Would you trade seats?
  51. Anyone know why SEA-CHS diverted to DEN on 7/27?
  52. Question Regarding MVP Gold and Codeshare flights
  53. Alaska eyes MRO expansion in Anchorage
  54. any experiences with crediting "OP" fares from DL to AS?
  55. American Airlines Cabin Change Results in Downgrade
  56. Adding Alaska FF # onto a Qantas booking?
  57. F award less than Y award?
  58. N305AS and N797AS landing at ANC
  59. Gold Guest Upgrades and Long Connections
  60. AS First Hard Product Question/Commentary
  61. Family travel strategy
  62. to Spain, which would you choose?
  63. AS Staff stepping up in irregular situations
  64. Trumped on the wl 75k full fare
  65. Good destinations for flying out of YYZ
  66. Qantas jetconnect?
  67. Points/miles transfer between AS and VX?
  68. SEA QX flights delayed yesterday 7/26?
  69. Alaska's family boarding is gone?
  70. Post lunch cocktails?
  71. AS flying PDX-DTW?
  72. new to AS MP, looking for consolidated info on reciprocal partner elite benefits
  73. Is Alaska the ff program to use for the average person?
  74. Dogs on Alaska Flight
  75. Connecting in SAN on PVR-PDX?
  76. Should I have held my sister-in-law's hand more through the booking process?
  77. Was there a problem at BLI 7/23/16? QX2362 circled for 10 minutes
  78. What the heck is seat 1W?
  79. R/T on BA - can you change to AS FF on the return?
  80. Darby impact to AS HI ops? (July 2016)
  81. I can't sign in to AS
  82. Converting Alaska credit card to no fee B of A card
  83. Expanded Service to EWR
  84. Any recent AS experiences at SJC?
  85. How reliable are Alaska Airlines from Anchorage in the winter?
  86. Long-shot Detroit question
  87. AS companion pass - but arrive at departure airport separately
  88. A simulation of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 - Youtube
  89. Our flight was delayed for... what?!?!
  90. ANC chaotic boarding
  91. Complimentary Companion Upgrade - Gold has paid F (P)
  92. EWR-HKG-DPS award ticket, layover extension options?
  93. How to Force Award Search Tool for EK
  94. AS adds nonstop PDX-SUN(Sun Valley, Idaho) flights
  95. seat assignments to Hawaii?
  96. Well, that flight from YYC took longer than expected
  97. AS Codeshare on Ineligible AA Flight?
  98. Emirates/Alaskan Air surcharges ??
  99. How do you book flights with Alaska showing phantom availability
  100. Horizon v. Skywest
  101. Ack! All MP activity zeroed out.
  102. Why is PVR-LAX in April only Y buckets?
  103. Before I call AS: Schedule Change advice
  104. Flight time change, now price not available?
  105. The Clampetts at the Board Room
  106. Award Availability Becoming More Restricted?
  107. Using Miles
  108. Alaska-Hainan (HU) Partnership
  109. Did Alaska drop nonstop to Hawaii from OAK..?
  110. Alaska Airlines interline baggage agreement (with Copa)
  111. AA SYD and AKL are not valid award destinations
  112. Mileage on BA ? Booked WT+ UuA to BA "U" class (club world)
  113. International transfer at SJC to domestic
  114. Two OW cheaper than R/T
  115. Crediting a QF codeshare flight (AA metal) to AS?
  116. Alaska lounge at EWR?
  117. Mileage on a B or M fare that have been upgraded
  118. Alaska Airlines ghost flights -- what's your emptiest?
  119. Use AA status on AS flight booked on United?
  120. Early bag check in at SEA
  121. Transfer Alaska points to AA
  122. "Bag drop" lines: AS vs. DL
  123. HELP: AS Mileage Accrual
  124. Birthday Discount Code not usable with "P" fares?
  125. 15K short to MVPG - Mileage run suggestions?
  126. Alaska Conducting Research: Shut up Aviation Geeks
  127. Erroneously charged a BA award Booking Fee
  128. Mileage earning flight numbers on partner carriers
  129. International Arrival Flow @ Seatac and option to re-check bags
  130. AS LAX transfer Q
  131. Alaska Miles when flying on Hainan/Hong Kong Airlines
  132. SDC: Can't Get on UG list
  133. Jnu-psg-wrg-ktn-sea
  134. Seat Selection Coach Flights Non Elite/Refundable Fare
  135. Alaska Airlines - Views From Above the Wing
  136. Changes to earning Alaska miles on AA
  137. DL/AS Mixed Itinerary Questions
  138. CPM vs DPS?
  139. PDX-ANC flight diverted to Seattle due to drunken man's unwanted advances on teen
  140. Why did my W fare turn into an A fare?
  141. Best cities/routing for Mileage Run from SEA?
  142. Feasible to Leave Airport During 10 Hour Layover in SEA?
  143. new special livery
  144. consistency in customer care?
  145. CX flight BKK-SIN using AS Miles?
  146. 5k miles short at the end of the year mileage run?
  147. PenAir to start PDX-LMT this fall 2016
  148. FREE 1 hour smartphone Gogo this weekend
  149. DXB EK Lounge MVP Gold Access
  150. MP Account made inactive despite Feb 2016 tranaction
  151. Calling AS from outside US?
  152. Can AS miles be used for Australia - New Zealand award?
  153. DCA Weather (6/21/2016)
  154. Does MVP/MVPG have better award ticket availability?
  155. Nonstop flights from PDX to MCO return March 16, 2017
  156. SEA closed due to thunder/lightning storms
  157. 50% off Select Alaska Flights at 6/26 Timbers Game
  158. Alaska credit card, say goodbye to foreign transaction fees?
  159. AS & Costco
  160. Definitive AS Hot Towel Thread
  161. Mileage accrual on KLM
  162. "Flight Attendants Ruin it Again" [RUMOR]
  163. SAN to SJC?
  164. Checking bags through separate tickets, separate marketing airlines, both AS metal
  165. Man got kicked him off from Alaska Airlines at DFW
  166. SDC Question as a Gold
  167. In Flight Internet
  168. Two more shuttle markets!
  169. Thoughts on the next AS destination?
  170. "Spirit of Alaska Statehood" bird retires [6-17-16]
  171. Changing Award Ticket Once Travel has Begun
  172. Help buying an F fare...
  173. 737-400 Combi Retirement Discussion [Consolidated Discussion]
  174. Emirates (EK) Award Chauffeur?
  175. Tailstrike out of PDX AS686 6-14-16 N431AS [First hand report from FTer]
  176. Bluetooth policy
  177. Waitlisting for A class never clears
  178. Commendations to AS142 In-flight and Gate Crew
  179. Question: Aeroplan - Alaska Change
  180. Galleries Lounge access in LHR
  181. Upgrading SEA-JNU milkrun question
  182. Confirmed Journalist Mistake: AS Mileage Plan NOT going to Revenue Based Accrual
  183. New partner award changed email
  184. IFE query
  185. curious revenue management situation [Release of U class]
  186. SFGate: Alaska flight to SFO runs on corn, helped by yeast
  187. Anyone Else See This When Starting To Cancel a Mileage Ticket?
  188. Welcome AA flyers! (No-flame thread for those looking to switch)
  189. AA Announces 8/1/2016 date of program going Revenue Based
  190. FOC rebook after AS/AA schedule change ?
  191. Speculation: Will VX lifetime miles be calculated into AS Million Miler at merger
  192. Alaska board room @LAX and Priority Pass access
  193. Q400 flight cancellations
  194. Upgrades on Delta.. Not eligible?
  195. What is considered a "stop-over"?
  196. How many Alaska 1 million millers are there?
  197. A new form of recognition?
  198. FDA To Horizon: Time To Put The Chill On Chilled Drinks
  199. When do You Redeem Miles?
  200. AS Partners to Asia
  201. FAM Bump: If 2A/B are already taken..not a good idea to take 2D/F?
  202. New Club Room at DCA
  203. Has the current $62 "sale" been here an especially long time?
  204. Is Air France really Alaska Airlines' redemption partner?
  205. $50 flight discount with $250 spend on AS credit card in June (targeted)
  206. Connecting to Alaska in YEG from Iceland
  207. (wiki) cathay economy and economy plus
  208. What does M cabin mean? Just fare type?
  209. Separate Tickets: BA and AS issue with delayed flight
  210. Q: Combining PNRs for Precheck
  211. Possible ways to earn Alaska EQM and 1M miller?
  212. ExpertFlyer-Award Availability on Fiji
  213. Preferred seat? [Preferred Plus seat message]
  214. Paid Upgrades on 2 segment flights with U released at separate times?
  215. Can't See Guest Gold Upgrades online in My Account [Restored]
  216. Photo from San Francisco filming:
  217. Discount voucher For those attending M's Game
  218. Can AS print JAL Boarding passes at checkin?
  219. First time to check in on Android app, no TSA pre shows up, normal?
  220. Low-flying Alaska Airlines jet to be circling SF for a commercial
  221. Redepositing Gold Guest Upgrades
  222. Australia to Asia award with CX
  223. Thoughts from a longtime 75K who moved to WN
  224. Alaska flights to Mexico look expensive
  225. Buying Alaska Air Credit Certificate from someone else at a discount?
  226. Urgent Alaska Airlines buy miles issue
  227. "fly nice" ad campaign
  228. Flight Change w/o Notification?
  229. Woman kicked off AS600 just now
  230. "New System" = Phone Agents Can't Help w/ Upgrades?
  231. Need help quick!
  232. BA Awards- No More SDC
  233. "What are these miles for anyway"...
  234. Good deal? - AS BoA Signature VISA buy miles for 1.93 CPM
  235. YVR-SEA 737s in the fall?
  236. AS multi-city award travel
  237. Alaska adds SMF-SAN, SJC-BUR
  238. Gate Pass & Boardroom access?
  239. BA ticket on AS metal; AA account name doesn't match ticket name
  240. Seattle K9 Transit
  241. YVR-SEA minimum connection time
  242. Redemption on CX with infant
  243. AS Delivers First Copper River Salmon of the Season
  244. Crediting AS miles to AA
  245. Is 40 min. layover enough time at SEA on Alaska Airlines?
  246. quickest time from arrival to take off
  247. Early mvpg requal?
  248. 2016 State of Alaska Summer Schedule Upgauge
  249. ZERO "reasonable" availability BOS-HKG
  250. Iceland Air redemption