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  1. Considering Jumping Ship to FL...?
  2. Can Airtran Funds Be Used For Ticket on WN?
  3. Does an airtran business upgrade reward waive baggage fees too?
  4. Changing airtran reward ticket date for free?
  5. DEN-SJD New Service
  6. need urgent help re WX misconnect
  7. Ok, now I'm really confused here. Help me
  8. Standby and Confirmed Seat
  9. Redeeming credits and buying tix
  10. Connecting via SWA to FL for international travel
  11. What are the chances of an upgrade?
  12. Very impressed with business class on airtran
  13. Code Share Coming
  14. Hello FL'ers, I come in peace
  15. Nose "Shadows"?
  16. Deadline to convert A+ to SW credits?
  17. Your reservation is not complete!
  18. 2013 FlyerTalk Awards: AirTran A+ Rewards benefits nominations
  19. VDB on FL
  20. FL connecting flights
  21. Standby Questions
  22. Flight Confirmation Number
  23. Business class out of DTW and LAX
  24. Booking a Biz Class Award Flight to Aruba R/T - Bad Deal? (32 creds)
  25. The TSA dog ate my luggage
  26. Flight cancellation due to extremely light load
  27. New Service PBI-BUF
  28. FL SJU Service
  29. Is SNA-MEX-SAT possible?
  30. Change Fee?
  31. Airtran changed my travel dates without my permission
  32. Airtran notice to itinerary may change options
  33. AirTran booking / customer service problems
  34. MCO - Air Tran Terminal B - Quiet Place to take Webex/conf call?
  35. Schedule extension changes
  36. AirTran's Website Screwed Up? (Fares, with new extension)
  37. Airtran's merger with Southwest what will it mean?
  38. Nightmare FLL-SFO trip
  39. Last minute?
  40. Helping using return only segment due to family emergency
  41. Never flown AirTran - is seat pitch that bad?
  42. A+ second card user ? apply for new card?
  43. GA @ LGA: "$49 upgrade"
  44. Interview w AirTran President Bob Jordan
  45. Airtran screwed me out of double points
  46. No bookbags in overhead?
  47. Cancelling a "Minor's" ticket
  48. Targeted Barclays 5x offer; advice?
  49. New AirTran credit card: Targeted (?) offer for 32 credits!!
  50. And Furthermore....
  51. Worth Renewing Air Tran Elite For 2014
  52. Not getting confirmation email?
  53. Biz class upgrade fee
  54. Tuesday - No fare sale?
  55. Is AirTran Even Advertising/Marketing Itself?
  56. One Day Only Sale
  57. Is this story fake?
  58. When will AirTran Disappear?
  59. No longer "lifetime" Elite?
  60. A+ Rewards "update"
  61. Targeted Offer: 7 bonus credits/one way
  62. Refund for Cancelling Because Family Member is in Hospital?
  63. Extra MDW-CUN
  64. Schedule open through April 12, 2013
  65. What will happen to Rewards Points when Merger Completed?
  66. Customer service attitudes - GAs and TAs
  67. Schedule Change Results in 7 Hour Layover - Options?
  68. Luggage Question
  69. First flight on Air Tran (717) - some questions
  70. Using AirTran VDB Voucher on Southwest
  71. Possible to book unpublished connection on A+ one way?
  72. Airtran Missed Connection?
  73. AirTran a great Airline to fly with
  74. Is this normal? MDW-CUN
  75. $59 Fares from Baltimore to Ft. Lauderdale
  76. Flying to MKE
  77. Min Airtran Elite
  78. BC Bonus for Upgrade at Checkin
  79. Any A+ Visa Card Holders Get New Card?
  80. BC higher upgrade pricing
  81. Airtran website prices much cheaper than travel site Airtran prices.
  82. Checking Golf Clubs on Airtran
  83. Join me on the last (8/11) FL flight to HPN?
  84. Transferring credits
  85. AirTran a decent airline to fly with?
  86. Advice for Roc to SeaTac flight connection in Atlanta
  87. Flight credit question
  88. Website Problem?
  89. Airtran charging $50 service fee for online award booking?
  90. Next Schedule Extension - 2013
  91. AirTran fiasco
  92. Question about booking Airtran for December
  93. ATL-PBI sunday pricing
  94. Using Credit for BC-International
  95. Upgrade Policy
  96. Backdoor way to A+ elite for EarlyReturns Members
  97. Ramp Layoffs/Outsourcing at 7 AirTran stations
  98. ATL-MBJ Gate
  99. ATL Gate attendent
  100. Fed Arrest on Landing
  101. A+ Elite For 2013
  102. Cleaner planes or boarding early? I will take cleaner planes!
  103. SFO - CUN Available in Sept/Nov, not Oct?
  104. Airfare sale?
  105. WN SEA-SNA connecting to FL SNA-SJD - long enough connection?
  106. What I discovered yesterday:
  107. AirTran Companion Pass Question
  108. BC seat availablity after checkin
  109. AirTran 8% Gain In Bag Fee Revenue
  110. WN and FL schedules extended to January 4; flights not integrated
  111. MSP Terminal 2 security scare
  112. AirTran A+ Elite's Switching Over to Southwest?
  113. FL schedule extension - winter 2012
  114. Feeling Duped - Seeking Insight / Advice on Redeeming Airtran Flight Vouchers
  115. Best Strategy for Expiring Credits?
  116. Delay for connecting passengers? Responsibility?
  117. Southwest Drink Coupons on AirTran Flights
  118. OMG...how much?
  119. Air Tran Schedule - 2013
  120. I know the Southwest merger has negatives
  121. what happened to fl1030?
  122. Cost to use A+ International Reward
  123. Upgrade Inventory ? - r.e. BC Upgrade
  124. What to do with a 6hr layover in ATL??
  125. Business Class UG with A+ Credits
  126. 750 points (250 extra) for joining Rapid Rewards
  127. Southwest gets DCA-AUS
  128. How Do You Redeem ($25) Credit For FL Trivia Win?
  129. Is it possible to book an Air Tran flight using RR points not credits?
  130. SEA to SJU
  131. teleflora credits post when?
  132. A+ Rewards bonus credits promo
  133. Opinion - Exit Row of BC on points
  134. Parlay the WN->FL Transfer Option into MQM/EQM's, RDM's and a nice vacation!
  135. Schedule Extension
  136. sign up bonus??
  137. Wiki help requested: AirTran/Southwest exchange
  138. Is there a FAQ thread/post here for Airtran?
  139. AirTran-Southwest Reward Reciprocity
  140. First Time - How to do an Upgrade?
  141. Any hotel partners at this point?
  142. Will FL interline my luggage to LH?
  143. One flight to renew elite (exp 4/30)
  144. What to do with 10 A+ credits expiring soon?
  145. How to book AirTran free flight?
  146. The Value of my A+ Credits Is Safe...
  147. Icon??
  148. Unable to complete booking on airtran.com
  149. Booking AirTran flight from the UK
  150. Got my new Elite card, FL still has a sense of humor
  151. Refund policy of adv seat purchase
  152. FL sale starting at $48
  153. VDB Certificates
  154. Award DEN-ATL & ATL-RSW, But Not DEN-RSW??
  155. #1 in annual "Airline Quality Ratings" for 2012
  156. Bag fees on FL planes painted with WN livery?
  157. LAX move
  158. No FL-WN Code Sharing until 2013
  159. DOT approves AirTran's application to serve MDW-CUN
  160. Invoke survey
  161. Airtran is sw moneymaker
  162. SOC approved by FAA FL+WN=WN
  163. MKE-MSP Over $500
  164. New Terminal F (International Terminal) in ATL - Pics of Future FL gates
  165. Triple A+ rewards to/from ATL, Quadruple in Biz (March 2012)
  166. Southwest putting its mark on AirTran jets
  167. No luck yet - No upgrades on Elite status
  168. Renew Airtran Visa? Crystal Ball Questions
  169. Same Day Confirm on FL Question
  170. Newbie Question: Can Business Class Upgrade certificate be used on an award flight?
  171. Noobie help with carry-on
  172. Will AirTran Use "Oldest" Credits for Donation to Make A Wish, etc.?
  173. DSM-MKE moves to DSM-MDW 9/29
  174. Gary Kelly prefers Delta first class
  175. When will schedule open up next and for how long?
  176. AirTran Business or Delta Coach
  177. What will Elite status mean to Southwest
  178. Flying to CA as Elite, if I get upgraded...
  179. Former FL exec helps promote Indy racing
  180. WN Flier new to Airtran, A+ Question
  181. WN Arrives in ATL
  182. Suggestions? Go for 16 A+ credits or wait till Southwest takes over?
  183. I am such an idiot!
  184. Desperately seeking viable alternative BWI - TPA, MCO, SRQ, FMY, JAX (other than WN)
  185. Gift Card Question
  186. Elite phone service sagging?
  187. AirTran website: check in problems
  188. Outrageous BC fares
  189. Hertz-Earn Triple Reward Credit
  190. New - 2 Legs Separate vs 1 ticket with Stop
  191. Check Your Elite Status
  192. Airtran & Southwest flight attendant vote pass
  193. New to Airtran - Upgrade Help
  194. Airtran A+ miles Redemption Options
  195. Any luck getting credits issued after the 90 day window?
  196. Cabin retrofits to start March 2012
  197. Any idea when SW takes over the A+ Rewards program?
  198. Orange County and Mexico City
  199. Website issues - Airtran.com
  200. ABE, LEX, MDT, SRQ, HSV, and HPN scheduled to close August 12
  201. Today's Broadside from WN
  202. Exact Drop date?
  203. FL Alternative?
  204. Jan 10 2012 site shutdown results in some higher fares?
  205. Website down
  206. Terminal C
  207. AJC article:"Survey" of 15 agents found Airtran flyers seeking 1st class alts to Luv
  208. Why is it so hard to get a one way economy award?
  209. AirTran fined $60,000 by DOT
  210. Free AirTran alcohol and snacks?
  211. Once gogo is gone, I'm gone as well
  212. AirTran OLCI/24 hours prior upgrade
  213. AirTran advertising?
  214. Transfer Credits??
  215. And another thing...SFO Redeyes
  216. No more XM confirmed
  217. AirTran stopped A2B 5% off and free bag?
  218. I am going to miss AirTran in Bloomington (BMI)
  219. Same aircraft, different flight number -- Can I stay on the plane?
  220. An Interesting Read Regarding WN's Projected Impact on ATL
  221. Airtran moved to same concourse as WN at TPA
  222. Business Class Upgrade for 4 pts ??
  223. Reward Points Newbie - I've got questions!!
  224. AirTran questions (infrequent flyer)
  225. Surly Steward Kicks Women Off Aircraft
  226. Airtran Elite Status
  227. Newbie to air tran: Decent to fly?
  228. AMEX MR transfers to FL end 2/29/12
  229. MCO - any news?
  230. AirTran Customer Service Hold Music
  231. What to do with 8 A+ Rewards expiring July 2012?
  232. FlyerTalk Awards: AirTran A+ Rewards (Americas) benefits nominations
  233. "Southwest, the Kardashian of airlines, lands second reality series"
  234. Elite status expired
  235. FL lawsuit
  236. FL schedule extension - summer 2012
  237. Elite Seat Assignments
  238. Airtran leaving TYS, MIA, BMI, CRW, IAD effective June 2012
  239. Airtran A+ Reward Business Card
  240. $75 to Cancel or Change an Award?!?!?
  241. Airtran moving to B Concourse at BWI next week
  242. Barclays AirTran Visa Gone??
  243. When does A+ Rewards convert to Rapid Rewards so every AirTran seat can use points?
  244. AirTran leaving Amex MR March 1, 2012
  245. Maximum Layover
  246. Minimum Connection Transfer Time at Atlanta (ATL): The Definitive Thread
  247. Business Class Upgrade
  248. I heard it on the radio - Southwest ads in ATL
  249. AirTran and Southwest pilots reach a seniority deal
  250. Multi - City Bookings