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  1. $749 return MEL/LAX inc tax
  2. Extra Bags - do i have to add them at time of booking
  3. Sounds like a fun flight
  4. How early can you check in for domestic flights?
  5. Using RUs for passengers with different statuses
  6. When does the check in deck open in IAH for flights to Auckland
  7. Why is transiting onto 3rd destination cheaper than flying direct?
  8. Flying IAH-AKL. How to get into priority security lane without status?
  9. Transit at Shanghai Airport AIRNZ to ANA
  10. How does airnz calculate status and airpoint dollar
  11. Is visa required ?
  12. How much time in a schedule change will allow me to request an earlier flight?
  13. Linked Bookings - No FF Seating
  14. SQ reward flight earn rate on NZ
  15. how is elite rollover computed?
  16. AKL 1 hour Int'l to Int'l transit.
  17. When did NZ start charging $5 for seating on Seat and Seat+Bag fares??
  18. 777-300 row 37
  19. NZ metal but ticketed on UA
  20. Is it just me or are pre NZ27 ORD lounge options real bad?
  21. Silver RU TT
  22. Air NZ sale ex-Singapore
  23. Leased Eva 773 Hard product premium economy
  24. B777-300 (773) 34AB or 48BC?
  25. itinerary not available on NZ site
  26. WLG -ZQN changes
  27. So how many people got the testing in Prod message
  28. On Time Performance - Air New Zealand Drops out of Rankings
  29. domestic flight change
  30. It's the "big one" sale
  31. Seeking advice for a NZ itinerary combining separate PNRs
  32. Musical Instrument
  33. Anyone flown on NZ from LAX to LHR?
  34. Seat map seats held?
  35. Access to NZ Business Class lounge for UA Polaris customers
  36. The future of long haul flights
  37. Home or mobile boarding passes
  38. Chicago meal service
  39. Buying tickets at full priced, and then refunding them and purchasing them on sale?
  40. Flexi date/ flexi time routing question
  41. NZ102 31/3
  42. 777-300 ER Business Privacy Screen Removeable?
  43. ... your year in the air has landed (email from NZ)
  44. Air New Zealand vs Air Tahiti
  45. More Regional Cuts
  46. Nz 6 akl -lax
  47. The mystery of Flight 999
  48. Direct Auckland to Invercargill announced.
  49. Flight to Chicago
  50. Simplified Arrival at IAH?
  51. Track upgrade requests in NZ app
  52. "DO NOT USE" overhead bin
  53. Is it F class that is non upgradable?
  54. Express Arrival Cards Australia
  55. Elite Xmas Gift this Year
  56. Option to switch to earlier flight
  57. CHC-SIN with Air NZ
  58. Air NZ Engineers Threaten 21-23 December Strike
  59. Is it possible to hide booking from someones airpoints app?
  60. Questions related to flying with an infant ex-NA and ex-UK
  61. New Seatmap
  62. Special Meals
  63. AKL regional lounge
  64. Christmas WiFi Special
  65. Current UK sale
  66. Can't book one way flights to/from Europe?
  67. Is this a new "Air" Points low?
  68. Economy Skycouch Special Offer
  69. Greyed out seats in J
  70. Air NZ Price Promise - Any experience?
  71. New staff (Swissport) at SYD for AirNZ
  72. Air New Zealand feeling the pinch over fuel prices
  73. Premium lane Auckland airport
  74. Cyber Monday, ex NA
  75. Linking PNR's?
  76. First NZ/QF flight
  77. recognition upgrade as elete if not applied at time of booking
  78. 'Potential Status Points' - is this the maximum?
  79. Air NZ calling from Shanghai?
  80. when will Air NZ start flying within Australia ?
  81. Number of AP for awards on EY, VS, etc?
  82. Mark Street Leaving
  83. AKL to JFK
  84. Strange pricing - cheaper with 2 more flights
  85. AKL-SYD-PER mixed class booking on Air NZ - QF codeshare
  86. "Show Meals" Button - now on mybookings
  87. AKL to WLG availability
  88. Complimentary upgrade
  89. Elite Roll Over Points - Question
  90. Airpoints dollar upgrades
  91. baggage allowance on seat only to J tasman
  92. Buying preferred seating in economy, Houston>>AKL
  93. Air New Zealand 777-300ER hit by another plane at Los Angeles airport
  94. Blocked Biz seats 4+5 A on 787-900
  95. NZ42 AKL-PPT cancelled in Jan-Mar 2019?
  96. New *A reward chart and online booking
  97. New safety video Nov 2018
  98. Premium seat selection
  99. Medication whilst in flight
  100. PPT arrival time - missing last ferry.
  101. *G on NZ boarding pass
  102. Checking in at LAX for NZ
  103. no show for first flight - voids return?
  104. Booking r/t Lax-MEL-LAX: 2 RT?
  105. Personal Item--Chart or box?
  106. AKL to HNL Service? Why did they cut the days served?
  107. Boarding pass for Air NZ domestic flight 2 weeks out???
  108. Which seating diagram is correct?
  109. Y Seats: armrests
  110. Dinner guest in business class
  111. APD and Status Points not showing with booking
  112. Google Flights pricing
  113. UA 916
  114. HKG to AKL
  115. Sky couch--your thoughts please
  116. Carryon Baggage Question
  117. Wondering why SQ Flights ex WLG are not included as NZ Codeshare?
  118. Airpoints allocated on takeoff or landing?
  119. Air Nelson and Mt Cook Airlines - Why?
  120. Check-In Counter Upgrades
  121. "Queue Combers"
  122. Singapore Syopover Holiday 2
  123. Selecting seats in BP
  124. Singapore T3 Lounge
  125. Any idea when Air NZ is going to schedule flights to Japan for RWC
  126. Koru Club Access with United Club Membership
  127. All A321neo flights disappeared
  128. $100 24-hour cancellation fee
  129. Seat Select is not available on this flight (Operated by ANZ)
  130. NZ80 - Delayed 8 hours and then diverted to BNE?
  131. Star Alliance Lounge at SFO
  132. Flights to London
  133. Is this unusual?
  134. Westpac Airpoints Platinum Mastercard - Extended Warranty Insurance Benefit
  135. Lost access to FF seats in MMB: Star Gold
  136. Access to NZ Lounges - Card not in booking
  137. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Advice LAX-LHR Aug
  138. Seat select error message
  139. ANZ Business class eye mask
  140. D-I connection in AKL, separate tix
  141. $7947 BP to China!
  142. Air points accrual rates
  143. Domestic fare re-branding: FlexiPlus -> FlexiDate
  144. No room in Auckland Lounge
  145. Premium economy--EVA metal
  146. Non-NZ/Aus residents can't book through AU website?
  147. Best LAX lounge option for NZ Economy
  148. A new low for economy meals?
  149. Points to attain elite
  150. Paid for upgrading at check-in, no points
  151. A321neo Domestic Flights
  152. Flying on 2 separate tickets 1 ANZ, 1 UA - question
  153. IAH Terminal E to D sterile connection
  154. Lounge at ORD
  155. Flight cancelled - what are my options?
  156. Bookings [through eDreams]
  157. $19 sale seats grabaseat
  158. Is it possible to remove RU from a booking once it has been confirmed?
  159. Checking in baggage at Auckland domestic new process
  160. Do FA's control alcohol consumption on flights?
  161. Time for tier status to be updated
  162. Arrivals lounge access in LHR
  163. Aircraft type (schedule vs reality)
  164. Pspb fqtv nz
  165. Oh No ... not another one ! (A blockbuster Air NZ Safety Video)
  166. OKT
  167. An Update from Air New Zealand
  168. No prepaid baggage on partner award ticket?
  169. Allbirds Bird Mask
  170. Flying BA or CX on an NZ ticket with oneworld Emerald memerbship
  171. AirNZ online fares not available to travel agents
  172. NZ to HKG, then CX to CDG - PNR?
  173. Does AKL Duty Free provide tamper-proof (STEB) bags for alcohol?
  174. NZ28 on 23/9
  175. Multi-stop and paying by APD?
  176. Is the pending flight Auckland to Chicago the longest?
  177. Very Strange route NZ843 SYD WLG
  178. Lounge update September 2018
  179. Napier air traffic off for 15 minutes
  180. Air NZ gold status match
  181. Cash upgrades prior to departure
  182. Flight 1 LAX to AKL
  183. Meal Service on AKL to HKG in BP
  184. HDMI socket in IFE monitor
  185. anyone want a short haul RU?
  186. www.thenzsource.com
  187. Flight changed by Air NZ but not bookable
  188. Airpoints or Mileage Plus Crediting
  189. SYD-AKL 22 September - No Seats
  190. AirNZ metal, UA ticket - access to frequent flyer seats
  191. Please Check Fare: LAX-MEL-LAX
  192. NZ 2 currently sitting in Iceland
  193. AirNZ Gold vs. Elite Partner
  194. upgrade availability
  195. Airpoints /Spark bundle survey rant (where do they find these idiots)
  196. "no seats available"
  197. Enough connection time from ZQN-AKL to AKL-SFO flights?
  198. Does credit card SP count towards elite banked year?
  199. Non-Airpoints FF to Airpoints Booking
  200. Enforced Checked Luggage Weight
  201. Different routes appearing
  202. Unsure about how Elite APD upgrades and Elite RUs work after talking to Air NZ...
  203. Share Credit Card Lounge Passes
  204. Worth it to use two RUs?
  205. Transfer at LAX - do I need to clear security?
  206. baggage fee
  207. Cannot upgrade cabin online.
  208. Important: Online Check-in Unsuccessful
  209. *A Gold NZ Lounge Access for 2nd guest in MEL
  210. Healthy option on LA to LHR - PE
  211. New Marriott Earn Rates
  212. Triple status points on flights to AU
  213. Global entry whilst in transit on NZ2
  214. AKL Domestic Check-in
  215. Mixed Cabin Lounge Access
  216. How comfortable is ANZ premium economy?
  217. Checking Bags Through On Separate PNRs
  218. RU or Elite APD upgrade?
  219. Carry-on Hand luggage bne
  220. No flights to Bali - Trent woes?
  221. NZ website - anyone else having trouble?
  222. Skycouch infant harness, belt and pod - are they in the wild?
  223. ZK-OKR, out of service!
  224. Lufthansa SP
  225. 3 status points short of gold elite
  226. APD and Status earn on regionals
  227. APD from EY flight
  228. Skytrax - Best Premium Economy
  229. PE on 777-300er
  230. Connecting incoming international to domestic at AKL
  231. Trans Tasman booked with Star Alliance Points
  232. Dennis Bunnik NZ J review
  233. ANZ TT C Class?
  234. What time do the "Grab a seat " specials appear ?
  235. Switching flights
  236. Good TA in NZ?
  237. Different ATR Configuration
  238. gifting lounge access
  239. Premium Economy Meals. Menus and Photos
  240. Check in at Narita
  241. NZ28 Flights schedule change -what to do?
  242. Difference of using a Silver vs Gold RU on LAX > AKL?
  243. airnz.co.nz vs google flights pricing?
  244. NZ6070 and NZ6005, AKL-LAX rotation?
  245. LAX immigration processing times NZ2 AKL-LHR?
  246. Earphone jacks in Economy NZ to LA
  247. HNL Delays (NZ9)
  248. Applying RU in the middle of a booking :)
  249. Food and Alcohol Service in Y
  250. Transit Visa requirement at Auckland