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  1. UK Based Credit Card
  2. RANT: AirNZ off-loads priority tagged bag
  3. missing airpoints - anyone know why
  4. Book and Win Comp
  5. QF to cease AKL-LAX in May
  6. Kiwbank credit card Platinum
  7. Rant: Premium Check-in - not so premium?
  8. Unable to select a seat on a flight -- curious situation
  9. WLG domestic lounge circa 6pm 15/2/2012
  10. Why does it take so long to set up the air bridges in NZ and Australia?
  11. Why NZ bound afternoon TT routes seldom 777s?
  12. Query re: elites.
  13. Overhead Locker hogs - AirNZ
  14. Air NZ Not Crediting my Business Class Miles
  15. Son heading to Univ of AKL on Air NZ - question on carry on
  16. Space+ - who's fault.
  17. silver lounge passes
  18. OT: AKL Article
  19. AKL Customs Process
  20. Baggage Allowance Nelson-AKL-SYD-SFO
  21. Air NZ, Koru Club or Star Alliance
  22. Auckland drinks Fri 11 May
  23. Air NZ grabaseat AKL - CHC
  24. Platinum amex pros and cons
  25. Rollover -
  26. Will DL check me in for my NZ flight?
  27. Best Business Class Seating for Couple Travelling SFO-AKL
  28. New GE OneSmart card completely faded!
  29. Interesting article regarding SQ and SYD-LAX
  30. How many Gold Elites?
  31. OneUp Upgrade to Business Premier
  32. How far in advance to book?
  33. How many points can I get in this route? Help...
  34. Help a newbie out choosing a new FFP.
  35. Air New Zealand doesn't honor Spanair tickets.
  36. Consolidators?
  37. Checkin time at Akl
  38. Bali direct from AKL twice weekly from 20 Jun 12
  39. Airpoints Program - What do people want to see?
  40. Earning points on AirNZ on anothe FFP
  41. How to complain to Air NZ
  42. How early can I bag drop in Hong Kong
  43. Skyscanner - how to know which class?
  44. Quick upgrade question
  45. Space/Economy+ selection for *G
  46. GE upgrades - recog or APs?
  47. SYD Lounge Access
  48. Using a "recognition upgrade" can I UPG 1 seg of a multi-seg itin?
  49. ANZ working with SkyTeam? Special deals
  50. best strategy to get upgraded AKL-YVR-LHR-HKG-AKL
  51. Problems in Perth - Air NZ/SAA to CPT via PER and JNB
  52. Unusual bird strike causes delay...
  53. what is a good AKL SYD fare?
  54. skycouch and infants
  55. Booking class (seats to suit) on the great escapade fare
  56. Whats the best strategy for Y class to UK?
  57. sdh80 finally makes it to Gold status
  58. London routes safe for now
  59. Advice/Experience Appreciated: Scoring Award Ticket
  60. Koru Club - Free/Cheap Upgrades?
  61. GlobalPlus AMEX vs AMEX rewards programme.
  62. Transit Logistics in AKL
  63. GlobalPlus AMEX
  64. CHC to HKK - what to expect
  65. Domestic flights - landing music
  66. Flying Hong Kong to Auckland 9th Feb
  67. Air Passenger Duty from LHW
  68. Rows of space+ on TT A-320s
  69. Standby Domestic Flights
  70. NZ iPhone app or mobile vers of NZ site?
  71. Can I buy into a Aeroplan mileage earning class online?
  72. SFO, JFK lounge query
  73. Virgin Atlantic
  74. LHR-LAX-AKL on separate tickets, chances of getting checked through?
  75. Perks on South African airlines as a GE
  76. frustrated airpoints US member
  77. 6 rows in C on the 767?
  78. LHR Fast track security
  79. Hand Carry allowances
  80. Arguing for AKL-PTY. Would it work?
  81. Reward Seat Release AKL-MEL
  82. "Force" economy booking class on NZ Website (US Version)
  83. A320 Inflight Cellphone Connectivity
  84. Koru Hour flights
  85. ATW Airline of the Year, again
  86. New Space Seats - Coming Apart & Downright Dangerous..
  87. Window Blinds
  88. miss flight and rebook
  89. J Class Meals
  90. Seat Selection on award bookings
  91. NZ1 punctuality LHRLAX
  92. Fare ex-HKG for RTW in J
  93. Choice of lounge at WLG?
  94. Flight Connection AKL
  95. Kc no joining fee???
  96. Best TA in NZ to make Matrix booking
  97. Would someone be able to check on chance of upgrade for me?
  98. Confused: AKL-SYD counting for UA miles / status?
  99. Recognition upgrades
  100. Booking Engine Not Showing Options
  101. NRT-AKL award seats in J (do they clear)
  102. Priority on NZ, what to expect
  103. A* lounge access
  104. 763 or UA to akl?
  105. Best Business Class from US to NZ for Honeymoon?
  106. Forrest Estate dessert wine
  107. AKL Domestic A320 gates
  108. New rules good news for Kiwi travellers
  109. does Air NZ fly AKL Vancouver direct anymore?
  110. Extensive delays 23 December 2011
  111. GEs get extra baggage now on any DJ?
  112. Skycouch when checked-in by *A carrier
  113. 1 month free Koru Club access on falling to Silver
  114. YQ on award tickets?
  115. NZ to start SYD/BNE-NLK
  116. Why no AKL-GBZ
  117. Can anything speak authoritatively about sleeping in Premium Economy?
  118. New Zealand's Random Acts of Kindness Sweepstakes
  119. Airpoints on South African
  120. Has Jetstar/Air Asia influenced you?
  121. Wish List for 2012
  122. *A gold baggage limits with grabaseat
  123. Airpoint scheme now harder to use?
  124. Airpoints o/w Car Rental.. Not possible?
  125. All Black painted 777-300ER in Boeing Seattle
  126. NZ and NH to codeshare
  127. Could someone check EF for me? NZ 177 to Perth on 15/1
  128. Air NZ/VA interlined....? Yeah right
  129. Hang out with the staff on the Wellington parking shuttle!!
  130. air nz to give up London?
  131. Need Advice on Air New Zealand J - new vs old
  132. Is this for real... AP to Oz slashed by up to 66%
  133. Is 90 Minutes Enough For Connecting in Auckland?
  134. Mid journey status drop...
  135. Air NZ Award Seats to PPT Sep 2012
  136. Koru club diet coke disaster
  137. 777-300 in Y questions
  138. BP Mattress
  139. Air New Zealand Premium Economy BNE-AKL
  140. Some remarks on eastbound transpac travel.
  141. Success using AirNZ Star Reward Redemptions
  142. MEL-AKL: Seat & Bag for *G (LH Senator)
  143. The Final Straw
  144. My experience with booking NZ award flight from SFO/LAX
  145. Rico no more?
  146. Airpoints and tax
  147. Award Availibility on NZ to South Pacific
  148. Booking in AUD, upgrading with NZD?
  149. Airpoints Most Devalued Program Award
  150. Three cards now?
  151. SYD-AKL menu in C?
  152. FlyerTalk Awards: Air New Zealand Airpoints (ME/Asia/Oceania) benefits nominations
  153. S2S Domestic?
  154. Sydney to Queenstown
  155. Air New Zealand Investor Presentation 25/11
  156. Using American Express NZ Membership Rewards
  157. Passenger commits unspeakable act on NZ1 25/11 LAX-AKL J cabin lav I just got off NZ
  158. Air New Zealand Presents Restaurant Safety
  159. Hertz breaks away from Air NZ
  160. Launch of new OneSmart Card
  161. OneUp Bidding
  162. Access to "premium customer" Y seats in long haul
  163. Economy to Business APD Upgrade - Scale Back?
  164. Airpoints Family.
  165. One Smart Mastercard?
  166. Excess Baggage for Air NZ Elites
  167. Airpoints program changes
  168. PVG transfer post-travel question - advice needed
  169. need help - want to credit to Velocity but still get Space+
  170. New to Gold Elite, New to confusion....
  171. Air NZ M-Pass Application Ver 2.0
  172. award flight LAX-LHR in BP seat assignment
  173. Amazing Y+ Grab a seat special to Tokyo
  174. Koru no extra bag on DJ anymore?
  175. What is the free baggage weight for Star Gold + Business?
  176. Airpoints Program Leader Contact
  177. Award availability for Pacific islands
  178. NZ1 on two separate tickets?
  179. Virgin Australia or Pacific Blue
  180. Check your Australian connections
  181. TT BP/J 747 + 5 hour layover vs. 767 + 2 hour layover
  182. MYAIRNZ Still Down
  183. Opinion- Special Trip!!
  184. Getting comp upgrades before Status year starts
  185. Is a car seat REQUIRED for an infant under 2 in their own seat?
  186. Good J seat on 744
  187. Star Alliance upgrades from Premium Economy
  188. Airport to axe departure levy
  189. Flexi Plus Ticket and Koru Access
  190. Gold Elite 2500 SP Gift
  191. The new Premium Economy is superb
  192. Who's going to see the 787 on Saturday?
  193. CHC stand-by Fares question..
  194. Min legal connection in AKL & Misconnect options
  195. Dreamliner in Auckland, Air NZ TweetUp
  196. NZ Domestic P class release (expires midnight end of 9 November)
  197. SFO-AKL flight (Economy) in two week. Any tips (esp for tall person)?
  198. Are 10 flight numbers enough for one Air NZ flight?
  199. Mount Cook set to become NZ's 28th domestic destination
  200. Can NZ*G use SQ lounges?
  201. Seat assignment not available?
  202. Upgrades: whose to use and when
  203. WLG - No more Valet parking!
  204. Mixed class fare to LHR
  205. Is there any way to avoid the multi-city tool?
  206. Kiwibank Thursday deals.. a waste of time
  207. NZ4011 LAX-NAN (FJ op) - any perks for NZ*E?
  208. Help with Upgrade Strategy
  209. your random views on...
  210. Double booked - 2 seats, same flight, 1 pax
  211. Seat Selection DJ
  212. koru lounges not for arrivals
  213. Check-In Requirements for WLG-SYD?
  214. *G Bag Limit on Trans-Tasman Fares?
  215. Qantas entire fleet grounded
  216. Christchurch International Lounge Opening Hours
  217. UK Air Passenger Duty on Upgrades
  218. What is EF?
  219. Current sale to Oz - for how long?
  220. Status Points on Upgraded Tickets?
  221. Practical Differences between CO*G & CO*S on NZ
  222. Importing Air New Zealand's .vcs files into Apple's iCal
  223. Beachcraft 1900D into CHCH
  224. R comps
  225. PPQ joins the NZ network
  226. Does NZ allow you to board an earlier flight ?
  227. Syrah currently served on Trans-Tasman routes in Biz
  228. Quick turnover in AKL
  229. "Black is back." $100 off when you fly TT return
  230. Award availibility - na- akl
  231. Lowest SYD-AKL Roundtrip Fares Recently?
  232. Checking bags thru when on different interline PNRs
  233. NZ earn rate so low now - should I be looking at options?
  234. UA 1K moving to Auckland, switch to NZ or stay with UA?
  235. Hertz and Thrifty to leave Airpoints from November
  236. YVR-LAX-AKL
  237. J Passenger - Guest Lounge Access
  238. In and out of NZ lounge at SYD
  239. 777-200ER Refurbishment Update
  240. NZ to purchase up to 12 ATR72-600
  241. 787 Coming to Auckland in November
  242. Service reduction to Japan (Jan-Mar 2012)
  243. New RFID Enabled Airpoints Card?
  244. Y service ex-Australia
  245. Buying "Seat" only and upgrading to business
  246. Air NZ flights and best use of miles/points in other FFS
  247. Air NZ Promotional Codes
  248. Can a member check on expert flyer please?
  249. 767 Space +
  250. Air NZ Auckland to Joburg