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  1. New LAX lounge
  2. thoughts about changing my recognition upgrade to next sector
  3. Impossible scheduling by AirNZ... spectacular!
  4. ad-hoc koru lounge
  5. Upgrade of domestic 'Seat only' now possible
  6. Shairpoints
  7. WLG Drinks Sun 29 Jul
  8. Domestic add on for Business class
  9. New One Up bidding
  10. Silver member lounge passes
  11. How to contact LA Baggage Office
  12. Successful/unsuccessful oneup bids
  13. Joining another Family memeber to Koru
  14. FREE to a good home.
  15. New Livery (At Last)
  16. Babies/very young children in lounges
  17. one smart card and currency q's
  18. Day of departure paid upgrades at check in
  19. seat assignments on NZ TT flights
  20. What recent changes have frustrated you the most / what is still keeping you loyal?
  21. Hawaiian Launching HNL-AKL
  22. Extra Gold Elite years banked
  23. Denied seat at NAN lounge
  24. Bus class space on nz9 next week
  25. Air NZ drops down world's best airline list
  26. Changes of last 12 months pay dividends - but not for NZ
  27. Operated? Marketed? Both?
  28. Flight to CHC from International Terminal
  29. One up bidding now underway
  30. Flight Time Change
  31. Newbie Questions - NZ vs DJ
  32. Budget Car Rental Redemption Changes
  33. Checking luggage through - no go on NZ
  34. Great recognition/service recently - anyone else?
  35. NZ code - EY metal
  36. OneUp comms to GE
  37. Gold Elite parking vouchers
  38. Recognition Upgrades Query
  39. AKL-HKG-LHR - Where to buy duty-free?
  40. Kiwis pay top dollar on Air NZ
  41. No NZ on ITA
  42. Dominion Post on long-haul! Why?
  43. Out Of 1st Choice Food Options in BP?
  44. expert flyer booking class query on air nz
  45. New Christchurch Koru Lounge
  46. one up bidding getting closer
  47. LHR-HKG Equipment Change?
  48. reverse auctions
  49. Why only airport seat assignments HNK-AKL?
  50. Global Plus Credit Card
  51. Country of Residence
  52. Air Newzeland Fonts
  53. Ordering Food/Drink On Screen
  54. Premium Economy on Air New Zealand - is it worth it?
  55. best Business seats on 777-3 and 747-4
  56. Fail Air NZ - can't pay online
  57. AKL YYZ sales?
  58. NZ v EK pricing
  59. which class for GE using APD to upgrade to BP?
  60. Upgrade - SYS/AUK
  61. Gold Elite - guest lounge access when not flying Air NZ
  62. Sign of things to come?
  63. Air NZ is downgrading me!
  64. NZ Silver Passes - Free to a good home
  65. why is AKL-HKG-AKL business award seat (I) so difficult to get?
  66. Upgrading
  67. Baggage allowance, award flight, C/Y segments
  68. Air NZ's New CEO - Christopher Luxon
  69. Lounge Access
  70. Air New Zealand is considering new routes to North America
  71. Just joined Koru :)
  72. Air NZ looks to license cuddle couch for 'rich amount of money'
  73. Air NZ koru/business lounge in HKG or LHR
  74. Current promo codes?
  75. Southern Comfort available in LAX lounge and in business class (LAX-RAR)?
  76. What are the chances?
  77. can't reserve seat online
  78. Air NZ Frequent Flyer Benefit's dropping - what next
  79. *G on NZ with Virgin Aus flight number.
  80. Changing flights for domestic sector on international itinerary
  81. Boeing 767 to PVG??
  82. Lounge Massages Gone Since Last Year
  83. AIA to Increase Charges will be passed on
  84. SA*G new to Airpoints: which credit card?
  85. Airpoints inflexibility
  86. Kia Ora Magazine finally Free within App
  87. Can GE gift standby UPGs (pre-July) and have the giftee confirm 365 days out?
  88. Level of food service on LAX-RAR-LAX in business class?
  89. NZ ceased pre-departure beverages [for PE eff April 2012]
  90. PER/AKL/SYD red-eye on NZ
  91. Air NZ selling LHR-SFO tickets with VX
  92. Any way to search for specific fare classes?
  93. What to do in SYD airport for 7hrs?
  94. Our Air NZ gone
  95. Upgrade with points now, or wait until OneUp?
  96. Is the Airpoints forum needed any more?
  97. YVR lounge access
  98. Restricted award flight availability to *A partners?
  99. 1 hour enough to connect at AKL?
  100. Baggage fee: *A Bus saver (I) to NZ all coach flight
  101. coupons
  102. Oneup eligibility - velocity
  103. GEs & new DJ domestic baggage policy
  104. Air NZ "stole" Airpoints when I wanted to credit another programme
  105. Different FF numbers for segments on same PNR possible?
  106. Further cuts to APD earning from 24 July 2012
  107. Upgrade
  108. Separate GE lounge in Auckland?
  109. WIN: Get Up Close And Personal With The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
  110. My ANZ One Up experience
  111. Seating Privileges for GE Partner
  112. Seats to Suit on AKLPPT / AKLHNL Nonstop Services- What's next
  113. BMI Status-match ''refugees''
  114. Business Class breakfast or lunch?
  115. RAR - LAX direct award availability
  116. OT: Old NZ Passport Watermark Creature
  117. Velocity VS Air NZ FFP
  118. Status Points Expiry?
  119. Real decline in "Business Premiere" Catering on 773 since introduced
  120. upograde options on US domestic leg of transpac booking?
  121. Long haul economy: Virgin Australia versus Air New Zealand
  122. Meals for *G Award Tickets on Pacific Flights
  123. using video player your own media
  124. chances of getting space seats
  125. How do I see fare buckets on Air NZ (or any other) web site?
  126. Headphone socket on 773
  127. Passport number required at time of online booking?
  128. OT: AKL wins Skytrax for Best Aust/Pac Airport
  129. Grabaseat?
  130. silver recognition upgrades
  131. OT- Fly NZ C Class AKL-LHR and get OneWorld Sapphire status
  132. Oz inter-terminal details
  133. Mileage credit and EQM's missing.
  134. WIN: The Great Walker (Coming Soon)
  135. Air New Zealand and Department of Conservation Partnership
  136. J class questions: pyjamas etc
  137. PNR linking my flight to Hong Kong with my NZ flight
  138. AKL - PPT on Points
  139. Premium Economy for *G
  140. Relaxiness???
  141. J class lounge access to *A airlines
  142. OT: Garuda to restart Auckland-Jakarta flights
  143. Star alliance upgrades to J
  144. Airpoints plus pay??
  145. AKL to LHR- PVG and LAX
  146. Check-in for NZ domestic flights at AKL
  147. standby flights question (domestic flight)
  148. Changing upgrade requests online
  149. Intl WLG lounge access 3.5. early morning
  150. NZ10: AKL-HNL Business class experience?
  151. EF Domestic Fare Class Availability/Price?
  152. 777-300 Skycouch - Experience?
  153. All Black 777-300ER Hops to Wellington And Wanaka
  154. 772 PE or 773 PE
  155. Early checkin, possible to do night before?
  156. Upgrading to Seat+Bag
  157. More difficult with Exit plan.. w BMI leaving *A
  158. Fare buckets vs seats
  159. From Airpoints to Singapore?
  160. TT on 772 and 773
  161. Standby Fares go 'Straight Up'
  162. NZ fare class hierarchy
  163. Straight Up Fares
  164. Announcement of New Ambassador to Air NZ Forum
  165. OneUP luck..
  166. What I can do with 140 Airpoints$
  167. Mini-tripod in carry-on backpack?
  168. Itinerary via Email issue?
  169. Calling for Ambassadors for the Air New Zealand Forum
  170. Air NZ pulls Beijing route, ups Shanghai
  171. Afraid of flying..where to sit in NZ C 772?
  172. Air NZ launches codeshare deal with ANA
  173. Gold Status lead in time
  174. Standby Fares Status Priority?
  175. Hours of Operation at Nadi (NAN)?
  176. Retiring ZK-NBT & ZK-NBU, sad to see
  177. Wellington to Chicago in P.E.
  178. Opportunity knocks - AR to withdraw from NZ market?
  179. how much extra is skycouch really worth ?!
  180. Hong Kong check in time
  181. Any NZ elites flown purely domestic DJ itin yet?
  182. Finally......alternative airline elite status
  183. Air New Zealand Business Premier Amenity Kit Giveaway
  184. Odd checked baggage request
  185. Just how bad is 777-200ER economy?
  186. Upgrade advice - PE or BP
  187. R Class upgrade. Change to earn on UA?
  188. which PE seats on 777-200 for 2 adults and 3 young children?
  189. Are Sky couches or new premium economy being rolled out to HKG - AUCK route this year
  190. Seats To Suit Upgrades
  191. Green tea
  192. Looking for 800 Airpoints Dollars
  193. WLG Koru Club query
  194. Star Alliance Asia Pass - anyone used, experiences?
  195. ATR's to be inspected for cracks
  196. *A Gold baggage benefits for domestic flights (Grab-a-seat+baggage)
  197. Considering BAEC - But need the experts help
  198. LAX Koru Club with *A C-Ticket
  199. Advice please: Air NZ AKL - PPT Why can't I buy a ticket on the web?
  200. Air New Zealand / Virgin Australia Codeshare
  201. AKL - BKK Thai Airways
  202. Ranking your favourite TT airline
  203. Short connection time in WLG
  204. Status points after rerouting to origin
  205. Does anyone have the myairnz link?
  206. Awards to NOU
  207. Two tickets, one check-in?
  208. Earliest time to check in for a domestic flight?
  209. Exploring alternatives to NZ after airpoints changes
  210. Air New Zealand BP vs. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class
  211. Manager in charge of KC access to partner lounges
  212. OT: RNZAF 75th Anniversary Airshow 31 Mar 12
  213. Overnight AKL Stop Boarding Pass Question
  214. silver recognition upgrades
  215. anyone know if there is limit to getting APD through onesmart card
  216. OT: Airways recognised for post-quake efforts
  217. is upgrading to PE on longhaul really worth it
  218. MyerOne?
  219. Commerce Commission inquiry into AP and NZ
  220. SFO-AKL in BP - few questions
  221. Air NZ -Finnair transit at HKG
  222. 772 refit status?
  223. Turndown service in (old) BP
  224. mPass updated - awesum!
  225. OT: AirAsia to cut fligths into CHC
  226. Star Alliance Programs earning 200% for NZ J
  227. pe
  228. Stop the farce and eliminate GE
  229. Airpoints Upgrades Gone!
  230. Business seat 773ER
  231. OK, so I tried the Air New Zealand Skycouch...
  232. GAS Gold Rush (or how I maintained NZ*G in 2010)
  233. Your view ANZ's std economy class
  234. Airpointers - Another great waste of money
  235. Air New Zealand Holidays
  236. Confused about lounge access
  237. YOW to Perth via (at least in part) ANZ - cheapest business class fare?
  238. Star Alliance Rewards Booking
  239. Business in Air New Zealand vs Air Canada
  240. best and worst air points program
  241. Travel from LAX to Christchurch, New Zealand (CHC)
  242. Airpoints E-Mail
  243. AirNZ's standard economy - service.
  244. APD from AirNZ Taxis
  245. The Price is Nice. "Meet Ron. Ron Rowwdy. Heís grabaseatís new roving reporter."
  246. New TT route: AKL-MCY (Sunshine Coast)
  247. APD for multiple flights on same day
  248. Frustrated.....
  249. Lounge access at LAX - NZ1/2
  250. Air New Zealand - choice of #001 or #007