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  1. Buy early or buy later
  2. LH Miles for AirNZ Upgrade?
  3. Grabaseat Sale
  4. Tattoo furor
  5. Using the MEL lounge as an arrival lounge on transit - possible?
  6. Credit Status Points
  7. old points needed to standby or confirmed upgrade
  8. One up
  9. Priority bags
  10. Koru Hour Cheese Cuts
  11. OneSmart fees changed
  12. 'Elite' flyer refuses to give up seat - from NZ herald
  13. which lounge should a anz gold use in singapore ?
  14. how strict are air nz on luggage limit
  15. How to choose PE on NZ123
  16. the day in month that point SP expire?
  17. selecting seats on domestic UA flights ticketed by Air NZ
  18. Joining Airpoints over Sing Krisflyer?
  19. Bag Tags
  20. How much about you do the cabin crew know?
  21. SFO/LAX to AKL in PE - 777-200 vs. 300
  22. Luggage storage auckland domestic terminal/koru lounge
  23. Carry on baggage change - G/GE
  24. onboard questions for nz1 newbie
  25. YVR to AKL - flights full?
  26. Spotted @ BNE, a NZ ATR
  27. Gold, when does it really end and RU's
  28. Beware P Class
  29. Baggage allowance on upgrade from seat only
  30. seat selection PE on Boeing 777-300.
  31. Claiming missing AP$ - how long does it take?
  32. GE partner and the one up
  33. NZ pulling out of KIX
  34. AirNZ *G/*GE/Koru on Virgin Metal
  35. Premium security lane at LAX T2?
  36. any access to lounge at lax for prem econ?
  37. LA Lounge Age Requirements
  38. Domestic Leg Change
  39. Class of service for connecting Trans-Tasman flights
  40. Pricing on Air NZ vs Virgin Australia on same flights
  41. Do the checkin staff know what you have paid for a ticket ?
  42. Requesting RU and One-up on same booking
  43. GE Experiences
  44. Lounge Access Vancouver and Los Angeles
  45. Transit Time In San Fran
  46. Lesson learnt - Should have booked Qantas
  47. when does Air NZ call new GE?
  48. What's up with BNE *A award space?
  49. Final Check In time
  50. Class K and L equals what service class? Also RTW questions.
  51. Quick Gold
  52. Air NZ hunts for copies of Secret plan (to save money)
  53. How can NZ stay in biz?
  54. OT: Drinks Wellington Sat 11 May
  55. Garuda announces Bali-AKL
  56. SYD lounge access questions...
  57. Stale IFE
  58. Booking code for "Tasman Smart Saver" fare
  59. ANZAC Day Crisis in WLG Koru Lounge
  60. Retaining Silver Status + RU Upgrades
  61. transtasman business class
  62. O/T: More PE competition for NZ with CX
  63. LAX bypass of security for transit arrangement permanent
  64. 767 longhaul crew to become part of Tasman Pacific? (Project Choice)
  65. Congratulations, you've won double Airpoints Dollars!
  66. 777s on domestic legs
  67. Focus Groups
  68. CHC-PER 2x Weekly (DEC-APR)
  69. Shaping the Future of Loyalty
  70. Air New Zealand lounge at SFO a Star Gold lounge?
  71. BNZ withdrawing SP accrual on GlobalPlus
  72. BP with kids
  73. AKL Int'l. Lounge Guest 15 April
  74. lhr-lax where/when do i provide api
  75. Gifting GE Upgrades
  76. international A320 use on the wellington to Auckland sector
  77. crediting a old flight with status and ap
  78. iPod Cable for 777-300 IFE in BP
  79. is it worth collecting points /miles for a infrequnet flyer
  80. End of an era for NZ 733/744/763?
  81. Best ways to use 300 Airpoints outside of New Zealand
  82. Duty free shopping upon arrival in Akl, best deals?
  83. Earlier and earlier boarding calls
  84. Recognition upgrade not clearing for GE Partner - many free seats in business
  85. 8 Hours in LAX - 1 too many
  86. transfer of unexpired koru membership on reaching gold
  87. do you get status points if you have been rebooked on airnz from other co
  88. Krisflyer Gold - Any Benefit when booking Air NZ?
  89. Rico's long lost cousin?
  90. Crediting legs to different programmes
  91. Bait and switch?
  92. Possible discrimination from Air New Zealand towards Australian residents?
  93. Price jump
  94. $1 GrabaSeats and short turn arounds
  95. Koru Express lounge ducking
  96. Yvr-Akl-Chc, which lounge in Akl?
  97. Airline partners status earn chart
  98. companion fares to tahiti
  99. How to avoid "checked through" baggage?
  100. Lounge access for Air NZ gold in Shanghai
  101. International Multi Stop
  102. Conversion rate using AIRNZ travel Card
  103. Domestic Screening worth $4.60?
  104. Rant
  105. 22 points off 2500 SPs in a year...
  106. EXPIRED: Fare error on Air New Zealand website
  107. Product delivery on Virgin-operated flights
  108. Gold & Gold Elite Double Status Points for NZ - Australia Flights April 2013
  109. AKL Int'l. Lounge Guest 24/3
  110. Air NZ or Virgin Atlantic program
  111. Standby fares axed
  112. cathay lounge in hong kong
  113. Lounge access at LAX
  114. New Air New Zealand Link service PMR-NSN-PMR
  115. Credit Card Fees
  116. when best to buy LAX-AKL tickets for Xmas?
  117. Airpoints Star Alliance Upgrades
  118. Fastbag tags - another NZ fail
  119. Upgrade premium economy
  120. difference in pricing on different website
  121. Lounge Access.
  122. earning airpoints and status points on star alliance
  123. Air NZ Domestic Schedule Question
  124. Star gold using AKL domestic Koru lounge before International flight
  125. Air New Zealand Taxis Helicopter Transfer Service
  126. NZ 6 Question
  127. sky couch 'featured' on Fair Go 13 Mar
  128. Star Alliance Upgrade Awards on NZ
  129. Grab-a-seat Tuesday Auctions
  130. class L- no miles through NZA???
  131. TSA and pocket knives
  132. Texting while airborne
  133. Special BP deals - but not if you live in NZ!
  134. Other airlines in NZ - grabaseat equiv.
  135. Online Price Guarantee ex. LHR
  136. orphan frequent-flyer points
  137. New "Fare Hold" option
  138. Chance of upgrade if special meal?
  139. HNL-SYD via Air New Zealand?
  140. NZ Domestic Seat Assignment Question
  141. star alliance lounges in hong kong
  142. delay in getting the airnz airpoints card
  143. 8 March LAX Koru Lounge Guest Pass Anyone?
  144. Friday night good news story
  145. Airpoints Recognition Upgrades from Gold - to Gold Elite being lost
  146. Booking one-way fare online difficulties
  147. Globalplus policy exclusion
  148. Aircraft operating as NZ 2 on 15 March
  149. Gold Elite mailbox full
  150. New safety video
  151. Share your Travel Experience by Air New Zealand
  152. MEL-RAR via SYD
  153. two sector and one sector flights
  154. Planning MEL-RAR/AIT rt
  155. oneUp bidding on a codeshare?
  156. Transfering from UA to NZ in Sydney - Transit Desk?
  157. Connecting to BA in Heathrow from LAX
  158. Lhr-hkg-akl cx/nz
  159. Current business class wines?
  160. transit in bne international airport
  161. Credit card concierge hotel bookings
  162. Premium seating TT 24hrs from departure
  163. how to tell 773 vs 772 routes?
  164. Sitting in rows 7-15 on a B763 as a *A Gold (United Platinum)?
  165. Japan flight cancelled 12-02-2013 nz99
  166. lounge guest policy: no status, can i bring a friend?
  167. Extra bag costs to/from the USA
  168. no security checks on domestic flights??
  169. Seating strategy on772 AKL-NRT
  170. TT 777-300 seating since the $20 for preferred seating on a seat only
  171. One-Up the Main Reason for No Award Inventory to North America?
  172. *G = AirPoints Gold?
  173. Award Availability WLG-SYD?
  174. How long does it take Airpoints to clear from an EY flight?
  175. NZ pulled I (*A Business award) inventory from all AKL-SYD flights?
  176. Air New Zealand upgrade from class V
  177. Disconnecting Airpoints number from booking
  178. NZ upgrades using *A / UA status/miles, etc.
  179. Transit through either lax or sfo
  180. VA seating problem on NZ booked ticket
  181. mystery breaks
  182. Potential Airpoints Accural
  183. Transit NZ1/2
  184. United Boarding Pass Printed in NZ
  185. Bag allowance to USA and more... With Koru
  186. Instant coffee served in Premium Economy
  187. Concierge Introduction Phone call/e-mail
  188. Checking Bags From Qantas to Air New Zealand
  189. MAN-AUH with EY: Feel a bit robbed already
  190. Best day for RU?
  191. The grey period between qualifying and actual status
  192. New ATRs
  193. AKL-AMS (AMS lounges?)
  194. Flights to US (non-LAX) ex LHR
  195. WLG lounge access? NZ Y WLG-SYD with same day TG F flight SYD-BKK
  196. New Airpoints partner Jet Airways?
  197. Potential APD and SP accrual now appearing in myAirNZ
  198. Mileage Plus and Koru
  199. Worth joining AirpointsDollars?
  200. Curly upgrade / oneup / conundrum help appreciated
  201. SP for international flight with domestic connection
  202. Thursdays SYD - AKL 772 - where from and why?
  203. Outside NZ websites
  204. New International Booking Engine
  205. Hey, where's my RU?
  206. Percentage travel earning required for SP
  207. NZ125 cabin temp less than 18c
  208. International checkin question
  209. Works Deluxe Lounge Guest?
  210. Domestic A320 Mobile Phone Service
  211. How could this happen - wrong pax on plane, pax missing despite bag being on board
  212. Gold Due to Expire
  213. Sky Team Gold Matching
  214. Gold benefits on NZ flight operated by VA
  215. "Seat select not available on this flight" problem
  216. Another way to avoid credit card fees
  217. Air NZ air points dollars from partner hotels
  218. KIX to NZ 15% Off, JAN 23-29,2013
  219. any way to know what´s included with the ticket?
  220. Are meals and soft drinks included in LAX-LHR service?
  221. Passed 2000 SP in a year...what next?
  222. delay in getting SP and AP ex stat alliance
  223. Boarding gold and koru
  224. Koru lounge New Plymouth
  225. DUD - Boarding
  226. M&M upgrade vouchers on Air New Zealand
  227. NZ1/NZ2 sleep strategy
  228. pricing swing on domestic flexi/ smart saver
  229. AKL-NRT in November 2013 - 763 or 772
  230. My options
  231. "engineering problems"
  232. Split payment $NZ and APD all booked into X
  233. J class utilities bag looks like the one for PE?
  234. Space+ opened up at Standard T48
  235. Goodbye DJ, Hello VA
  236. UA Mileage Accrual change?
  237. Best business premier seats
  238. Question About OneUp
  239. GAS PE and BP reverse auctions fare classes?
  240. Should my 2yr old have been given a seat?
  241. Can you help me work the numbers to become silver...
  242. Air New Zealand - When "business class" equals 1st class (and when it does not)
  243. AirPoints earned based on ticketing or operating airline?
  244. Anything I can do to upgrade?
  245. Lost revenue for Air NZ
  246. Last minute J-Class award availability ex-LAX/SFO?
  247. Shairpoints - selling AP$
  248. NZ partners with Asia Miles
  249. Lounge Access (Virgin flight sold through to Air NZ)
  250. GE Banked Year Recognition Upgrades