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  1. anyone got photos showing how many people are wearing masks on flights to/from HKG?
  2. What is closed due to the crisis?
  3. Fast track lane arrivals/departures at HKG?
  4. Connecting flights in HKG without mandatory quarantine?
  5. Cathay Pacific Cancellation/Refund Policy
  6. Tai O and the Outlying Islands
  7. Easy way to get rid of HKD and MOP?
  8. Restrictions on Travel from Hong Kong
  9. Kennedy Town hotels
  10. Hong Kong/Macau e-Channel Suspension (Wuhan coronavirus outbreak)
  11. Happy Lunar New Year
  12. Fastest method(s) for obtaining permission to visit mainland
  13. Forget the demonstrations, what about the flu?
  14. Access to Airport... Regal Airport Hotel
  15. HKG airport: Aesop products available duty free?
  16. Wuhan coronavirus outbreak — worries as it spread to HK & beyond
  17. Long term stay options in Hong Kong
  18. HK Disney
  19. 2020 LNY yum cha
  20. Taking the bridge to Macau - extra security midway
  21. HKG transit - lounge access with Amex Platinum and three guests
  22. Storing Luggage at HKG airport
  23. Shanghai Style Pedicure
  24. Changes in airport procedures!?
  25. Airport hotels at HKG
  26. HKIA: Taking train from gate 40/60 to midfield concourse?
  27. HK Macau layover
  28. Best congee in/near HK airport?
  29. Which of the following hotels would you recommend in Kowloon?
  30. UA to UB transfer
  31. 15 hour layover in HK on CNY weekend... suggestions?
  32. Hawker centres in HK quite different from Singapore
  33. Hong Kong Civil Unrest - Survival Guide Q&As (Flame Free)
  34. Plaza Premium Arrival lounge to close Nov. 6
  35. PP lounges now in HKG
  36. Flying HKG -> KIX with Peach
  37. MTR Closure Updates?
  38. visiting Hong Kong
  39. Baggage Storage in Hong Kong
  40. Macau - SkyPier Minimum Time
  41. HKIA - Airside access between T1 and T2?
  42. Meeting passenger from another flight before immigration?
  43. Cash vs. Credit in HK
  44. Meeting arrivals at HKIA with access controls
  45. If I openly support the HK protesters, is it dangerous for me to travel to China?
  46. Hong Kong to Macau
  47. Current situation in HKG
  48. MCT CX to HX
  49. FLL/MIA to HKG
  50. Shekou ferry to HKG to avoid potential delays?
  51. Flying into HKG on October 1st
  52. Requesting Recommendations for 5 nights in HKG w plans for Disneyland and Macau
  53. The HKIA contingency handling during demonstration
  54. 1 AM arrival at HKG? Transport to TST or Aberdeen?
  55. New Access Restrictions at HK International Airport
  56. Recommendations for Travel Insurance
  57. Hotel prices during recent demonstrations and other disruptions
  58. Lotus Bridge crossing to Macau -- buses and immigration times
  59. Peaceful demonstration at HKG on July 26
  60. The best way to get from HKG to The Ritz Carlton
  61. Regal Hotel at Hong Kong airport
  62. SEA to HKG route - smooth ride?
  63. HK Airport Express Same Day
  64. Shower access at Priority Pass lounge access on arrival in HKG
  65. Buy SIM card airside at Hong Kong Airport
  66. Impacts of demonstrations on travel
  67. Any transportation use CC from HKG Ferry to nearby hotel?
  68. Getting from Arrivals to Terminal 2
  69. Where to stay in hk?
  70. Getting from HKG to Sha Tin
  71. Visa to HK [Chinese passport holder with US green card]
  72. What to do at HKG at 4 am
  73. Va/ey mct hkg
  74. Looking for Private Car Service Airport Transfer recommendations to TST
  75. Homophobia, intolerance?
  76. [Information] What you need to know before traveling to HONG KONG
  77. HKG Airside to Immigration Possible?
  78. URGENT! Advice needed for connecting flight tonight!
  79. Daytrip on XLR
  80. Arrive HKG ➡️High Speed Rail ➡️ Guangzhou ➡️CAN
  81. Short Tranfer Fears
  82. 21 Hour layover
  83. Why is Flight So Expensive Tokyo-Hong Kong weekend October 5-6
  84. Car hire at Chep Lap Kok
  85. HKG: Airport Express out of action Sunday 24 March 2019
  86. [information] High Speed Rail HK West Kowloon
  87. Hong Kong for new year
  88. Airside transfer HKG separate tickets?
  89. Best rooftop bars in Hong Kong
  90. Checked baggage through HKG
  91. PSA Arrival shower facilities
  92. What do you do when you land and depart from HKG?
  93. Layover Tours from HKG Airport
  94. Thoughts/suggestions on hotels
  95. annual LNY dimsum meetup
  96. Hong Kong Blogs?
  97. Day use hotel or lounge / room at HKG for 7am arrival?
  98. More Newbie Questions Please
  99. Tailor recommendations...
  100. end of Chinese New Year decorations?
  101. Overnight stop in HKG on way to/from Thailand
  102. HKG airport hotels for 10 hour stay
  103. 10 Hours in Hong Kong and Looking for Shopping - Luxury-ish Goods
  104. Hotel Assistance - 5 night HK visit
  105. Cheapish hotel which is easy to commute to Chep Lap Kok from?
  106. Question about Hong Kong issued credit cards
  107. Annoying / Dishonest Hong Kong Taxi Drivers
  108. Conrad Macau Cotai Central
  109. HKG vs MFM for departure to Taiwan?
  110. Shipping fine wine to US
  111. Macao Casinos...
  112. Hand made mahjong set - purchase advise
  113. Where to get dinner during an 8 hour layover?
  114. Things to do in Hong Kong
  115. 12 Hours in HKG (long layover) recommendations on what to do outside airport?
  116. Amex Lounge vs Club Autus
  117. Club Rooms in Macau
  118. Riding the bus on the bridge from Hong Kong to Macau
  119. HK Overnight Layover for 15 hours
  120. HK Layover for 16 hours
  121. transferring to airasia
  122. Arr HKG in J on CX, Depart 5 hours later on Air Asia-Help
  123. High Speed Rail Price Gouging (?)
  124. Renewing HKSAR Passport
  125. Tailors: Dream, Refinery, Fascino, Jantzen and William Cheng
  126. HK hotels question
  127. Hong Kong Airport Lounges [departing on BA]
  128. Transit time through HKIA : separate airlines
  129. Leave Transfer Area at HKG
  130. New year’s eve hong kong fireworks cruise
  131. HKG Primer for Extended Business Trips?
  132. Possible to exit the HKG transit jail?
  133. Trusted jeweler for jade
  134. Smart Departure at HKIA
  135. XRL terminal structural damage
  136. What time does the last A21 bus leave to HKG?
  137. Daily cash spend in HK?
  138. 4 days in HK, need hotel recs.
  139. Does HKIA Airport Express Desk Sell Oyster Cards?
  140. Sunday Brunch recommendation
  141. One week in Hong Kong. Advice?
  142. Any arrival lounges at HKG? What to do if I arrive very early at HKG?
  143. SIM cards in Hong Kong
  144. CX926/866 18 hr. Layover and Bak Kwa
  145. 200 cross-border travellers for HKG holed up at Lok Ma Chau crossing
  146. 1 hour and 15 minute connection time, is it enough?
  147. MTR/Bus/Tram fare options
  148. Bad news - Hong Kong will end its YQ-free policy in November
  149. Recommend HK restaurants that accepts reservations
  150. No more secondary screening flying from HKG -> USA??
  151. Do I need to go re check in?
  152. Transit at HKG on different tickets with checked bags
  153. Regal Airport vs Marriott Skycity
  154. Echannel Traditional Departure Question
  155. Macau eChannel?
  156. SIM Card for HK and Bali?
  157. Transfer from Skypier for flight next day?
  158. HKIA airside mail
  159. Plaza Premium Lounge
  160. Plaza Premium First Lounge HK
  161. Bridge opening and 13 hotel Macau opening dates ?
  162. Happy 20th Birthday - HKG!
  163. Help - Transit Hong Kong
  164. 2 days in Hong Kong - need advice
  165. Planning a trip from SFO to HKG with flexible schedule, high price fluctuation?
  166. Places to leave luggage at HKG while visiting city?
  167. Multi country layover plan..suggestions needed!
  168. Name of company which pay you for taking parcels/bags?
  169. Connecting in HKG from LAX to Philippines
  170. Landmark or Grand Lapa Macau
  171. Check in Time for China Airlines at HKG
  172. Reaching late night w/family - options
  173. Money Changing Macau, HKG?
  174. Home Return Permit Renewal
  175. Help with trip needed (hotels, transportation)
  176. Getting down from Ngong Ping @ 6:30am
  177. Mct hkg -> sgn
  178. Hong Kong to Guilin
  179. HSBC Expat Account
  180. ATM or money changernear Grand Hyatt / Conrad Hong Kong
  181. Airport to TST transport
  182. US citizen looking to work in HK, some questions
  183. Global Source Trade Shows- Electronic Exposition
  184. Send a package locally from HKG
  185. Can I buy an Octopus card airside at HKIA?
  186. HKG Midfield Concourse
  187. Upcoming MR to HKG... int'l noob
  188. AF flight - how early can on check in?
  189. closest hostel to HKG?
  190. Looking for this Art piece in Hong Kong
  191. Does Shekou- HKG Ferry offer a view of the new Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge
  192. SZX to Mandarin Oriental HK - best way?
  193. Is there enough time to make the boat to Macau from Skypier @HKIA ?
  194. Private Car/Limo Transfer to Shenzhen
  195. Chinese New Year fireworks cancelled
  196. GOOD Hong Kong Airport Map?
  197. How Early To Arrive For 10 AM HKG-NRT flight?
  198. Where to watch Super Bowl at HKG without lounge access.
  199. Single ticket transit from HKIA to China
  200. Hong Kong Tour for those with difficulty ambulating, medical problems, etc.
  201. Meet Up At HKG Arrivals Channel
  202. How Many Burger Kings In HK's Airport
  203. FM Station Roaming SIM Card (China, Japan, ...)
  204. Dutyfree wines from HKG to Philippines
  205. 2018 New Year Meetup
  206. Your favourite spots for food and shopping in Hong Kong?
  207. Maccau Casino for the first time
  208. Temperature screening at HKG
  209. (Solo) Christmas Dinner in HK
  210. Airfare Expectations
  211. Luggage drop off at HK Station after OLCI?
  212. Credit Cards acceptance
  213. Do HK/Macau stamp passports?
  214. Recommendations for best sites for cheap business class tickets to Hong Kong
  215. NY 2018 fireworks - HK or Macau?
  216. Credit card in HK
  217. New HKID from 2018
  218. Online shopping and buying Chinese Blu-Rays in Hong Kong?
  219. Data sim card in Hong Kong?
  220. Best place to buy HKD in Hong Kong?
  221. HK Airport poor incoming baggage handling = delays
  222. Early May in Hong Kong, Bad Idea?
  223. Trip to hong kong to earn status; any customs issues with same day turn around?
  224. Hong Kong Airport hotels or 24-hour lounges?
  225. Ferry schedule SZX (Shenzhen) to HKG
  226. MTR multi day passes
  227. HKG - Infant stroller lanes
  228. Airport Express Travel Pass
  229. Cheap ways to call UK from Hong Kong
  230. Hotel in HK for less than US$100/night?
  231. Buy a Sony a6300 camera
  232. HKG airport - duty free question re tobacco products.
  233. HK introduces Smart Departure e-channel
  234. Another ferry-related question!
  235. E channel at HKG with expired passport
  236. 1 hr Transit in Hong Kong is that enough time?
  237. Ferry to Macau and Lantau
  238. Medicine at customs
  239. Some random Causeway Bay questions
  240. Airport Express Question
  241. Buying Airport Express/MTR passes ahead of time
  242. An alternative to "can I lounge crash for X hours overnight "- Sleeep Capsule Hotel
  243. Luxury with a view?
  244. driving from Shenzen to HK to catch next am flight
  245. recommend way to accumulate FF points?
  246. Macau in one day
  247. Are you safe from typhoons in October ?
  248. How nice are the immigration officiers ?
  249. Can I Use My UK Debit Card in Hong Kong?
  250. Extra traveling time TO HKIA if by road