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  1. anyone stayed at *The Upper House* before?
  2. Shopping - affordable watches
  3. Also need hotel recommendation - quickly
  4. Airport-Hotel transfer service
  5. possible to get a cheap unlock cell phone from HKG airport?
  6. where to exchange currency?
  7. Transport Golf Cases When We Get Off the Plane?
  8. Can US Citizen get a Shenzhen Visa?
  9. Help! Hotel in Hong Kong this weekend
  10. Airport Express Kowloon Station, Checking Bags - Continental?
  11. FOFO by el Willy - Tapas in HKG
  12. Anyone Tried "Worldwide Flight Services" HKG VIP Chaparone Services?
  13. 1 month to our trip/ 9D8N/ please check our itinerary
  14. Hotel Recommendations in Kowloon (HK)
  15. Show in ShaTin, where to stay?
  16. Typhoon Megi to interrupt HK flights?
  17. Current I-Phone 4 availability in HK
  18. Good Men's Haircut that's not too expensive?
  19. HKG Hotel ????
  20. Halloween
  21. HKIA immigration/security checkpoint hours
  22. 30th birthday, what to do?
  23. Flying to Hong Kong in March
  24. JW Marriott a good choice?
  25. Visiting Hong Kong at night
  26. Purchasing an iPhone 4 during business trip
  27. DHL or FedEX in HKG airport?
  28. Turbojet Macau-HKIA
  29. Needed: Advice on Hotel near Airport... or in Town, what to do?
  30. HSBC Premier Airport Lounge @ HKG
  31. HKG in 10 hrs and 25 minutes
  32. HK airport to Sheraton question
  33. Where to lay over in Hong Kong?
  34. HKG 1 night layover + visa
  35. Boutique Hotels or B&Bs in HK?
  36. Best Ferry to Hong Kong
  37. Hong Kong at Dusk
  38. Day before in-town checkin
  39. Liquor from HK
  40. Does anyone know where i can sell antique camera's?
  41. HKG courtyard or InterContinental Grand Stanford
  42. Macau: Day Trip or Overnight?
  43. HKG: 95 minutes to change from JL to CX
  44. International Sim Card
  45. Langham Place
  46. Car charter
  47. Dual citizenship and passports
  48. Thank you !
  49. Wishing Tree @ Tai Po... Probably Skip if English Speaker
  50. First trip to HK, please help with 10 day itinerary!
  51. Where to purchase electrical converter?
  52. SCUBA diving in HK
  53. Currency Exchange
  54. Airport duty free hours and alcohol options?
  55. 2 Questions re: Shenzhen & HK airports
  56. Traveling LAX-HKG-SIN-LAX in November. Is this a good price for airfare?
  57. 9 hour layover-best plan
  58. Airport Express: anyway to upgrade Kowloon ticket to Hong Kong?
  59. Lockers available at HK beaches?
  60. Cheese Lobster and micro-SIM for iPad
  61. What area should I stay in Hong Kong
  62. Arrival Airside Meeting/Waiting Area?
  63. Tight Connection from HKG to Macau
  64. Hong Kong 'to-do's' for previous visitors?
  65. Buying an unlocked iPhone 4 @ HKG
  66. Is Apple iPad 32GB with 3G available in HKG now?
  67. Good spa in HK
  68. MyObservatory App for iPhone
  69. Hong Kong tour guide abuses tourists for spending too little
  70. 2 Bedroom Suite/Apartment for 10 nights !
  71. 6 hours in Hong Kong?
  72. HKG <-> PVG
  73. NEW duty free allowances HKG eff 1 Aug - 19 cigarettes ONLY
  74. Boats to Tai Long (Xi) Wan/ Ham Tin
  75. Cheap cell phone service in Macau and Hong Kong?
  76. Thai Town Restaurants
  77. HKG in November
  78. Tim Ho Wan Lineups?
  79. Need Good Hotel Day Rate in HKG (not airport)
  80. Please help me with my itinerary. Advice Needed!
  81. Choosing HK hotel
  82. TA in HK that can book ITA Fares
  83. Canadian with HK ID going to work in China
  84. Where to see World Cup?
  85. Sufficient Connection Time?
  86. Has The Light Show Been Toned Down?
  87. Custom suits, blouses and chongsam?
  88. Help check my itinerary. Welcome any advice.
  89. 1 night layover in hong kong
  90. HkG to PEK Best Way
  91. Citibank clarify HKIA benefit for Premier Miles
  92. Buying a diamond ring in HK?
  93. Best hotel for a young couple? (Macau)
  94. Turbojet Premier or First Ferry Deluxe?
  95. One week in Hong Kong with a toddler
  96. A Case of Wine as checked Baggage
  97. Shenzhen -> HKG alternatives
  98. HK hotel and Macau question
  99. 3 Day HK Stopover Itinerary...Thoughts? Suggestions?
  100. 6am HKG arrival, 10am to Macau
  101. Walk from Macau Airport to Taipa Ferry Terminal
  102. Encore Macau Now open ( 22nd April 2010)
  103. Best beach to swim?
  104. Arriving 5am, hotel recs?
  105. Recent Experiences with Jia?
  106. Any experiences with the Butterfly on Prat?
  107. ssPost 8pm, which bus & border croing to Shenzhen
  108. Hyatt or Sheraton for great views?
  109. travelocity special: Royal Plaza Hotel HKG $87 USD through July
  110. 9 people to HKG, Hotel rec? Transportation rec? Day rec?
  111. Apply for E-Channel with FF status
  112. Hong Kong "view" hotels other then Penisula/IC
  113. Suggestions for Stop-over option in HKG
  114. HKG airport and Air Mauritius.
  115. English HK travelzoo?
  116. same day china visa?
  117. Modern Toilet resturant (Mongkok) Interesting if near by?
  118. Access to Private Clubs and Bars in Hong Kong
  119. best way to get 13 people from airport to hotel royal plaza
  120. Google Maps StreetView
  121. one week in hong kong....please help with suggestions....
  122. Is Stanley Market worth the trip
  123. disneyland advice needed....
  124. where can i find inexpensive paintings????
  125. Hong Kong Sevens
  126. Reliable Tour Operator Based in HK?
  127. Which side of the plane for the best views?
  128. Connections Times at HKG
  129. Best hotel for a brief, one-night stay (near airport)
  130. MTR - Hong Kong
  131. Kobe Beef teppanyaki / Zuma
  132. Using the Kowloon in-town airport check-in
  133. What is the closest starbucks to the Conrad?
  134. massage recommendatins for HK
  135. Luggage storage in Hong Kong
  136. HGK Fast Track through Immigration and Customs
  137. A few Q's
  138. Electronics store at HKG airport?
  139. Hong Kong Frequent Traveler Card
  140. 2 Turbojet questions
  141. Smoking in Hong Kong
  142. airport car service
  143. Looking for Tourist Suggestions in HK
  144. Quick turnaround in HKG
  145. Short term mobile wifi for rent in HK ?
  146. Nine hours in HK
  147. The "right" amount of time for a first time visit to HK
  148. Visiting macau
  149. Hong Kong Tips
  150. Plaza Premium Lounge
  151. HK in July'10 - When to book hotel
  152. NFL Championship games next weekend -- Can I watch in HK?
  153. Sight seeing tours at Hong Kong?
  154. Triple room recommendation (< $80), pls
  155. Kowloon Tong - Airport - 2hrs between Kowloon Tong and departure
  156. Hong Kong Airport Lounges
  157. Flying to HK this weekend. First time, what to do.
  158. Milk (lactose free)
  159. Another Shenzhen to Kowloon question (this time neither airport though)
  160. Quick Stop in Hong Kong then back!!!
  161. Cheap ways to get to Taiwan?
  162. Advice needed: Layover in Hong Kong airport - Want to take a trip
  163. 1 month in HK - what to do ?
  164. HKG: 4 Seasons or the Upper House ?
  165. Hotel Advice, Please
  166. Cheap hotels
  167. One Night ONly - Sheraton Towers or Conrad?
  168. buying an ipod in HK?
  169. New Year's Eve Fireworks
  170. Hong Kong airport - sleeping?
  171. Good Deal at the Grand Hyatt HKG
  172. First trip to Hong Kong-questions
  173. HKG-Zhuhai-Macau 50km Bridge
  174. HK for <24 hrs on Christmas
  175. Camera Repair - Costs & Where (& should I use HK or Singapore?)?
  176. HKG cnx questions
  177. 3 Days (2 Nights) in Hong Kong and no clue at all
  178. To Macau or not to Macau?
  179. 1st Trip to Hong Kong-piece of day
  180. Hong Kong bus maps/routes?
  181. I want to propose to her in HK, but where?
  182. Best way from US to Shenzhen
  183. HKG Arrivals lounges / ground transfers / 1 day visit
  184. 3hrs in HK
  185. HK Chinese Restaurant
  186. Bringing fresh USA fruit into Hong Kong
  187. 7 Hour Layover, Saturday Morning
  188. Immigration to HK (spouse of HKID holder with right of abode)
  189. Sydney holiday ex–Hong Kong
  190. Shenzhen to HKIA via Boat?
  191. OT: How to write a cheque (in Hong Kong)
  192. any suggestions for our Hong Kong Itinerary
  193. Airport Express shuttle bus question
  194. Hong Kong to Bali Flights
  195. Overnight Stopover in HKG
  196. Ferry questions: HKG - Macau and Macau - Kowloon
  197. Buying Dual Sim phones & phone plans in HK
  198. Best Hostel In Hong Kong
  199. Ruth Chris' in Hong Kong? Opinions? Reviews?
  200. HKG AP to Zhuhai Ferry
  201. Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees, Anyone?
  202. Accessing Travelers Lounge in HK Airport from an arriving flight, is it possible?
  203. Cheapest / easiest way from HKG to Phuket?
  204. Hong Kong International School
  205. Question regarding HKIA China Ferry connections
  206. Come Racing Tour
  207. Flight prices to BKK?
  208. Eaton Hotel or Novotel on Nathan Road. Which is least worst?
  209. Hong Kong and Shenzhen Pickpockets
  210. A few final logistical questions. (Macau/HK)
  211. 1 week rental in HK?
  212. Shenzhen customs??
  213. BP Int'l hotel - quick review
  214. on my way - need shopping info
  215. Three Day trip to Hong Kong
  216. HKG Airport Day-Rooms?
  217. Visa Question: US resident/India Passport
  218. Two Days in Hong Kong, Must See's?
  219. Do I need visa for shopping at DG lifestyle store at HK airport
  220. How Does The Train From Guangzhou Fare During a Tropical Storm?
  221. Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay, Harbour Grand Hotel or Crowne Plaza Hotel Causeway Bay
  222. HKG Airport at 6am
  223. Transit in Asia - HKG, PVG, SIN - liquids ban, duty free questions
  224. KCR Austin Station Open
  225. Arriving at HKG at 0800 - best hotel options
  226. best 'down town' part of town?
  227. Rights for British citizen with Chinese parents
  228. HKG Hotel
  229. Any Recommendations for Guidebook - Four Month Trip to HK
  230. What to Pack for Four Month Trip to Hong Kong
  231. Hong Kong online travel agent - new problem?
  232. Airport hotel for family?
  233. Transportation from HKIA to Dongguan
  234. Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees
  235. Transport within Hong Kong airport
  236. Need help transiting in HK from Toronto
  237. Honeymoon help! - Beach resort near HKG
  238. Shopping Questions
  239. FLight Questions from BOSTON to HK.. can i stop in cali for a week?
  240. Connecting in Hong Kong, CX or CA?
  241. Best Hotel View in Hong Kong
  242. Moving lots of luggage from HKG to Shenzhen
  243. advise to take retired father to HKG
  244. Tropical Storm in HKG
  245. Hong Kong Transit, Langham Place Hotel
  246. Restaurants for a date
  247. Butterfly on Prat
  248. Great 3D Isometric map of Hong Kong
  249. Bangkok to Hong Kong Flight
  250. Ticket scam at Macau Ferry Terminal