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  1. Feedback on Hong Kong Agenda during Saturday Night Layover
  2. HKG Immigration Courtsey Channel
  3. Trying to decide between 3 hotels
  4. HK on a Sunday as a tourist
  5. 2.5 hours enough time to change airlines at HKG?
  6. Taking ferry directly from HKG Airport to MFM
  7. April events
  8. Carry on check at the gate for flights to the US.
  9. SAR Establishment Day....what to expect
  10. Spending 4 nights in HK in July... where/when to book?
  11. Organized 1 day tour on a Sunday? Recommendations needed :)
  12. 10 Hour HKG Layover Tour
  13. durian
  14. hong kong airport
  15. Last Minute Restaurant for CNY Eve
  16. Is Macau worth a detour?
  17. Early flight - lounge access airside without a boarding pass
  18. Best place to buy luggage in HK
  19. Splendid Tour Company
  20. 4th runway
  21. Notes on the SkyPier at HKG
  22. Any China border crossing OK for day trip-USA passport ?
  23. Fam of 4 - Must dos and eats in HK 48 hours.
  24. Hong Kong MTR Airport Express: buy 1 get 1 free promotion
  25. 11 hours layover with a plan
  26. Prepaid data options for travellers to HK
  27. Claypot rice suggestions
  28. Night Club Suggestions for a Friday Night in Hong Kong
  29. 11hr Overnight layover
  30. 9 hr layover in HK
  31. Hotels near Macau Tower?
  32. Hong kong restaurants
  33. Minimum connection time in HKG
  34. Transit in HKG advice? SQ/AK no interline agreement
  35. transitting in Hong Kong
  36. Team China Gear
  37. Getting from HKIA to Shun Tak
  38. Hotels - Book early or late?
  39. Do I need a Chinese visa to visit Hong Kong
  40. Fine dining - REALLY???
  41. Restaurant suggestions for solo traveler
  42. Lantau Commuting
  43. Roast goose/PEK roast duck in HK
  44. HKIA SkyPier facilities
  45. The Langham Hotel vs Langham Place Hotel?
  46. Hong Kong - what to do on NYE on my own?
  47. Dessert shop in Tsim Tsa Tsui
  48. Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai & Beijing
  49. another stupid question
  50. Where to buy "flavored" Kit Kat in HK?
  51. Fax services in hong kong
  52. Underground Taxis?
  53. 6h 45 min layover
  54. Christmas in Hong Kong vs. Christmas in Macau
  55. Airport Express 50% discount
  56. Mileage run connecting flight in HKG in less than 2 hours
  57. Layover in Macau
  58. Disneyland Hong Kong VIP
  59. HKG airport bus
  60. Hong Kong transfer in a Rolls
  61. HK Custom made suits
  62. Duty free liquor policy to the us
  63. 7 Hours in HK - How to get a Shower and go into Town for dinner
  64. HKIA intn'l connecting flight 60mins doable?
  65. Affordable SIM/phone plan for 3 month stay?
  66. Best Lounges at HKG?
  67. Any "must-do's" in Hong Kong at Xmastime?
  68. Recommended Language Training Schools in HK
  69. HKG trip - Shenzen, Guilin, Macau and HKG
  70. The Peak Hong Kong suggestions needed.
  71. Quick question about my layover and currency
  72. HKID & Chinese Originated Visa Question
  73. Which bank has the lowest monthly fee?
  74. What to do in HKG for 9hrs?
  75. 3 Days in HK for Honeymoon. What to do?
  76. Private Transfer from HKIA to TST Hotel
  77. Keeping young mates interested (bars etc)
  78. JW Marriott v. Renaissance Harborview ?
  79. Looking for an unwanted HK SIM card in the UK
  80. Where and which places should I stay in HK?
  81. Can we do it?
  82. Passport requirements to visit Hong Kong for US Citizens
  83. Is it possible to book a Sands Paiza Suite through a travel agent?
  84. Hotel spas in Hong Kong
  85. Where have all the Central 5* hotel deals gone ?
  86. HELP:Guangzhou to HKIA for 1045am flight?
  87. Hong Kong airport
  88. Credit Cards in Hong Kong
  89. 14 Hours in HKG. Other than CX Lounges. What to do?
  90. Hyatt Regency TST or Grand Hyatt Convention Center
  91. HKG-->BKK Connection time
  92. 6.5 hours in HK
  93. At least 8 dead in Hong Kong ferry collision
  94. Airport policeman arrested for taking photos up flight attendant's dress
  95. HKG Immigrations Question
  96. Did I screw up by booking a hotel in Kowloon?
  97. Cooking Classed in Hong Kong
  98. Seeing the Border at Lo Wu
  99. macau from hong kong etc
  100. Easy, fast transportation from airport to IC HK and Conrad
  101. Shenzhen 5-Day Visa @ LuoHo Border
  102. hong kong to bangkok
  103. Checked charge hkd on dcc transactions but still charged usd
  104. Shirts made in Hong Kong
  105. 15 hour layover in HK - where to stay?
  106. ‘Handy’ Smartphone rental service officially launches in Hong Kong with unlimited 3G
  107. When should I go to HKG for iPhone5 purchase?
  108. Long Layover
  109. Dining choice in Macau
  110. Looking for a Macau Hotel Suite
  111. Cheapest Way to Get to HKG From BKK
  112. HKG store inquiries - buying AppleTV
  113. Macau - Grand Hyatt, Galaxy or Hard Rock
  114. help me choose what to do / where to stay in Hong Kong
  115. easy, inexpensive transportation from airport to HK Sheraton
  116. In-town Check-inn validity
  117. HKG - One hour between flights too risky?
  118. HKIA Security Question
  119. Hong Kong layover - possible to head to China?
  120. Typhoon Tembin and impact to HKG ops?
  121. House of Dancing Water
  122. Expected wait to clear immigration at HKG
  123. Early morning Airport Express - enough time?
  124. SFO to TPE through HKG
  125. +852 1868
  126. Late night to Guangzhou
  127. Best hotels in Wanchai area?
  128. Very quick shopping trip to LCC?
  129. Good view of Victoria Bay for less than USD$250/nt 17 - 19 September 2012?
  130. HKG transit question
  131. After best hotel deals in HKG CBD areas (25-31 dec)
  132. ?? Custom Made Casual Clothing ??
  133. Budget hostel/hotel
  134. UK Passport vs HKID
  135. is China-level paranoia about bringing devices applicable to HK too?
  136. Hotel for 6 night stay in TST HK area?
  137. Getting Passport Pages at HK Consulate
  138. How much disruption has the typhoon caused?
  139. W, Marriott or the Regal Airport for a 1-night stay? (updated)
  140. HKIA Terminal 1 - Way from Departure Hall to Arrival Hall
  141. Hong Kong Info
  142. How good is to buy electronic goods in HK?
  143. Another connection/transfer question
  144. free showers in Hong Kong
  145. Taxi Travel time to Central HK
  146. Turbojet Ferry from Hong Kong to Guanghouz
  147. Travel to Guangzhou from Taiwan
  148. Questions on getting from HK Airport to Macau
  149. Outbound packages from HK
  150. HKG SAR at 15; tell me about the changes since 1st July, 1997
  151. worth staying a bit longer in HKG?
  152. Upcoming trip to HK, Critique my Itinerary
  153. Budget Airport hotel in HKG
  154. Macau Ferry Terminal to Four Seasons Macau?
  155. accommodation ideas for family of 5
  156. Left luggage at Cotaijet/Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal
  157. Checkin and Lounge Access at HKG
  158. Chocolate in Hong Kong
  159. HK tap water: drinkable?
  160. How to file consumer complaint in HK?
  161. Seat Selection - HK Express Airways (UO)
  162. HKG International Arrivals, Must I Take Train?
  163. Need help with Hong Kong accommodation
  164. Donald Tsang's 340K miles from official trips
  165. 1st Time in HK
  166. Good place to get iPhone SIM card with data?
  167. Suggestions for a two night excursion from Hong Kong
  168. Somewhere to relax?
  169. 3PM arrival, noon departure with a 12 year old
  170. Chinese New Year 2013 in HKG
  171. Where to stay for the night at HKIA?
  172. 78 HKD for Hot Pot Buffet?
  173. what's the story with HK ID card?(req's, benefits, for US child of HK emigrants?)
  174. How strict is the 120 minute checkin at HKG Skypier from ferry arrival
  175. Meals on flight to HK
  176. Connecting in HKG to UA flight from Macau
  177. Interesting article on the old Kowloon Walled City
  178. Peak Tram tickets - advance purchase
  179. Hotel HK$2000/night
  180. Possible to do this in 3 hours?
  181. Intercontinental HK or Peninsula?
  182. Ferry from Macau to Hong Kong (Turbojet)
  183. HK with toddlers? Or go somewhere else?
  184. Shopping for a Laptop messenger bag in HK
  185. Anything to eat at the airport at 05:00?
  186. Hotels --- I've got the list narrowed down, but I can't choose...
  187. Need some advice to one day in HKG by myself
  188. Macau hotel/casino recs?
  189. Seafood, Po Tai O
  190. Dual Nationality?
  191. NRT to HKG - JAL or Cathay?
  192. Minimum connecting times from CX to Jetstar
  193. proof of onward ticket & funds; visa HK req's
  194. Few photos from Sky Shuttle ride to Macau
  195. Leaving HKIA after sleeping overnight
  196. Staying in Shenzhen visiting HK, doable?
  197. Shared Helicopter Tour Hong Kong
  198. HK Airport Express: Up to 40% Discount for HSBC credit cardholders
  199. Transiting in HKIA - Liquids
  200. Group Ticket for YYZ-HKG-YYZ
  201. 1st Trip to Hong Kong with Family
  202. Peculiar request at HKIA.
  203. Where to store bags at HKIA for 4 hours?
  204. Hong Kong Long Weekend Questions
  205. Couple of Specific Questions
  206. Day trip from HKG to Macau - recommendations?
  207. Possible Left Luggage issue at HKG
  208. Where to go to buy Dockers trousers or equal?
  209. HKG Arrivals, Landside: Where to have a beer?
  210. where to go for food for 6am arrival?
  211. HK airport hotel
  212. HKG for first timer
  214. Best Business Class Flights to HKG from USA?
  215. Market/Department Store.
  216. Hotel suggestions/Area
  217. Discounted Airport Express Travel Pass
  218. TST Hotels
  219. HKIA gate help.
  220. Hotel for 1st timer
  221. HI Golden Mile vs Hyatt TST
  222. Best hotel pool for relaxing (HK or Macau)?
  223. Where to buy a mobile phone
  224. Duty Free at HKIA
  225. CX AAward F Class ORD - HKG - BKK held - HKG hotel for ~$100?
  226. Weather at the end of May/start of June?
  227. Black Pepper Crab
  228. Purchasing food at HKG in transit
  229. Hong Kong First-timer...
  230. 30 hrs & 24 hrs in HK / Kowloon or Island
  231. HKID at HK check-in
  232. Restaurants with a view
  233. Emigrants overflying Russia: Worth applying SAR passport?
  234. Eligibility For Home Return Permit
  235. CNY: What's open and what's closed?
  236. UA transfer desk hours?
  237. Cheap flights from Hong Kong to Other Asian Destinations ?
  238. ATM issues in Hong Kong
  239. Visa issues for Americans on medium term stay?
  240. Visiting HK with an eye to moving here -- where to stay (esp during CNY)
  241. HK residential status for someone born overseas
  242. Hong Kong for New Year's Eve
  243. Minimum connecting time in HKG
  244. Hong Kong_better on Kwloon or HK Island?
  245. HKIA - Luggage Storage
  246. Airport Express
  247. Refund of HKG departure tax if coming from Macau?
  248. Visiting HKG after 6 year hiatus--suggestions for xmas?
  249. Any Yeo's Chrysanthemum tea available HKG airside to avoid check-in?
  250. Anyone hike from Ngong Ping to Tung Chung?