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  1. Low-cost Hotels in HK
  2. Question about connecting dilemma at HKG
  3. HKG Cooking Class?
  4. Help with Macau Turbojet/Skypier
  5. Passport stamps
  6. Electronics store at HKG airport
  7. Advice Honeymoon hotel in Hong Kong
  8. Welcome percysmith as the new HKG Forum Ambassador
  9. HKG arrival fast track service
  10. best unlimited prepaid data plan for hk
  11. Jenny's Bakery
  12. HK Hotels - having doubts about Intercontinental
  13. HKG -> SZX ferry transfer time
  14. Hong Kong hotel recommendations (approx. $850 USD per night)
  15. refund of HKG taxes if connecting with separate tickets?
  16. Shangri-La in Hong Kong: Kowloon or Island?
  17. Restaurants in Hong Kong
  18. UK passport & HK I.D. enough to board plane?
  19. Pharmacy
  20. overnight at Hongkong airport
  21. My 18-hour overnight plan for HKG
  22. Plane spotting at HKIA
  23. "Same-Day" Return Fare on Airport Express=After 12am?
  24. July holidays in HK?
  25. Hong Kong in November, budget lodging
  26. Hotels away from Central or Tsim Sha Tsui
  27. HKG tax return on CX metal/BA stock?
  28. Airport Transportation Question
  29. Visa on Arrival for Hong Kong
  30. Lo Wu Border visa for UK citizen?
  31. Suggestions & Advice - 8 days in Hong Kong
  32. Elevators in HKG ??
  33. Seasonal Cantonese food in July?
  34. Possible to take HK Airport Express from Hong Kong to Tsing Yi?
  35. Nanhai No. 1
  36. Has anyone stayed at the Eaton recently?
  37. Hong kong lounge access
  38. best place to shop for silk for home decor
  39. Airport/hotel shuttle
  40. Cheating the Airport express gates
  41. Elderly parents transiting via HKG from India - Long layover advice
  42. Buying duty free liquor in HKG
  43. connecting in HKG
  44. Upscale hotels in Hong Kong
  45. 16 hour layover in HKG...!!!
  46. 4 hour and 20 minute layover in HKG
  47. Is 4 hours enough to land, play golf, depart HKG?
  48. Dual Citizenship + entry/exit on foreign passport
  49. Dual Citizenship and obtaining Mainland Chinese Visa
  50. Banks near the airport?
  51. Exemption from HKG airport departure tax
  52. 6 hr layover in HKG
  53. Hong Kong in July
  54. HKG Airport Layout Information & Lounge Proximity
  55. 2014 Cheung Chau BUN festival questions
  56. Hong Kong upper house htoel review
  57. HKG Visa Requirements
  58. Luxury Hotel and City Experience: Hong Kong in 24 Hours
  59. Airport Express Current Discount
  60. 12 Hours in Hong Kong. Tour Guide Rec?
  61. Hotel suggestions in Tsim Sha Tsui
  62. Searching Engraved Bracelets
  63. HK MTR questions
  64. CHI Residences 314
  65. Members club in Causeway Bay, anyone know it?
  66. Macau Free Casino Shuttles
  67. Twelve hour in Hong Kong
  68. Best Travel Guide?
  69. HK Tourism Stay: Sheraton vs JW Marriott / Which Island?
  70. 3 hour layover.
  71. Cab Fare?
  72. Causeway Bay MTR station
  73. Advice Requested: Anniversary Trip
  74. runways at HKIA
  75. Couple weekend getaway in Hong Kong?
  76. Hong Kong Hotel "right on top of Airport Express Station"?
  77. best "day pass purchase-able" lounge in hong kong?
  78. 3/23-3/24 Things to Do/Meetup?
  79. Language
  80. 2 nights stopover in HKG, any tips?
  81. Pick your 3 top restaurants in HKG
  82. Ko Shing Street / Herbal Medicines
  83. Afternoon Tea @ The Peninsula?
  84. Deciding between...
  85. Entering Hong Kong with incomplete flight
  86. HKers go cashless with new Octapus transfers
  87. Skylimo option and cost to Guangzhou
  88. Hotel suggestions
  89. Churning to HK/Japan, where to fly in first?
  90. Fish in HKG
  91. Hong Kong to Shenzhen
  92. Using HKID card to enter Hong Kong after visa expired
  93. Visiting Hong Kong for the Sevens - some help please
  94. New Year 2015
  95. Standard shoe sizes
  96. Layover in HK - 11 hours enough time to try my luck in Macau?
  97. From Hong Kong to Shenzhen
  98. 7 hour layover in HKG and want to nip into town, how easy?
  99. Hong Kong Help
  100. Late arrival in HK, need to get to Shenzhen
  101. Store my baby seat for 10 days in HKIA, possible?
  102. Hotel suggestions in Hong Kong for a 2 days/3 nights trip
  103. Business Class to HKG - Swiss or LH 747-8
  104. Leaving the transit area at HKIA.
  105. Eyeglasses made in HKG
  106. Where to stay 2 nights
  107. HKG to shenzhen luohu worth the trip?
  108. Getting HKD for VND
  109. Overnight layover in HKG - Plaza Premium Lounge or a hotel?
  110. 2013 NFL Playoffs - What channel?
  111. Hong Kong Transfer - United to Thai in 1.5 hours
  112. HKG connection time
  113. August weather in Hong Kong
  114. visa for hong kong
  115. Honeymoon Stopover Hong Kong
  116. hong kong transport.
  117. Watch repairs in HK?
  118. Trying to find a place in particular in macao
  119. HKG late arrival options
  120. Best hotel departing on a cruise
  121. Christmas Gingerbread man tree ornament (2011)
  122. Queuing outside shops and Filipinos? on Sunday
  123. Australian dairy company - shut?
  124. Christmas Lights view
  125. Buying tablet cables and headphone splitters + cheap food
  126. HKG shopping question - help needed, please!
  127. Hotel in Hong Kong
  128. Dishes outlet store
  129. Minimum validity for Australian passport for HK vacation?
  130. Expert advice please - best way to navigate 12 hour overnight layover at HKG
  131. Need Chinese visa if catching flight in PRC?
  132. 6 hr layover advice, Central or Kowloon?
  133. Chinese New Year where to stay
  134. Macau Nightlife - North or South?
  135. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
  136. HKG airport: late departure from Hung Hom
  137. Correct location of Me Plus Cafe Hong Kong
  138. Relocating to HKG
  139. Hong Kong travel agencies
  140. Possible to visit Macau and fly out at 8PM from HKG same day?
  141. New Plaza Premium flagship lounge at HKIA
  142. Hotel advice - Conrad vs Langham vs Mandarin Oriental
  143. Looking for a reasonably priced restaurant for a business dinner
  144. HK Customs question
  145. Marco Polo Gateway Worn Out?
  146. Nano SIM availability in HK?
  147. Chinese seals
  148. From Macau Airport to Hong Kong on a ferry
  149. Hong Kong secuity night before
  150. HK - What hotel is this?
  151. Pocket wifi rental?
  152. First Time to Disneyland. Help please!
  153. ideas for a day tour in Hong Kong
  154. HK hostels
  155. Where to stay in hong kong for a week?
  156. 24 Hours in Hong Kong... Where to stay/what to do
  157. Private Car Transfer
  158. Layover in HK - practical advice
  159. Overnight layover in HKG
  160. Cheap flights from HKG?
  161. How to eat in Macau/Jade Dragon
  162. Sim card options for multiple stays
  163. HK (Tsimshatsui): IC or Langham or hotel panorama?
  164. Any advice on a reputable clean spa/pedicure services?
  165. HK->Beijing->Macau: 72 hrs visa-free?
  166. HKG North Satellite Accessible if not Departing from it?
  167. What to do for four hours at HKG airport (after arriving)?
  168. Mongering in Mongkok
  169. Duty Free Liquor USA->HKG->USA
  170. Dining recommendation - One night in HK
  171. Visa req for US Citizen to Macao from HK?
  172. What to bring to a teenager in HK from USA?
  173. Missed Reserved HKIA-Macau Ferry: What to do?
  174. How to exchange money in HK without loosing too much
  175. Weather in HK
  176. Airspace restrictions around HK
  177. HKG-MACAO Question
  178. Where to stay in Macau
  179. Happy Valley Race track question
  180. Dining Recommendations: Nobu, Lung King Heen & One Harbor Road
  181. Is it legal for Hotel in Hong Kong giving special discount for PRC citizens?
  182. HK hotels and stay recommendation..
  183. Transit card question
  184. Which neighborhood to stay for a week visit?
  185. HK E-channel
  186. Shorts in HK
  187. First time
  188. Layover Question
  189. HK hotel for 1 night under $100-is there such a thing?
  190. Pics of St. Joseph's and Mandarin House, Macau
  191. Guangzhou to HKG and back
  192. buying nexus 7 at HKG (airside)
  193. Conrad or W?
  194. Service to ship small package from HKG to HNL?
  195. Thief wearing hotel slippers given access to safe at the Peninsula Hong Kong
  196. All EU flights delayed tonight 6 jul
  197. HK$15 AE Promotion via Groupon July 2013
  198. HK issued credit card with worldwide rental car insurance
  199. anything special to buy at airport?
  200. Hurricane Rumbia might hit HK on 2013/7/2
  201. Very late arrival to HKG
  202. advice on stopopover
  203. Shower and Massage near Airport
  204. Customs in HK/check bags at night?
  205. Advice on visiting HKG for Chinese New Year 2014
  206. Non-meal tipping customs (hotel, driver, etc)
  207. Transit Time thru HKG
  208. Where to buy Brazilian Real in Hong Kong?
  209. Best time to book flights?
  210. Airport to Langham Place
  211. Hong Kong taxi drivers scamming tourists...avoid them at all costs
  212. Shenzhen- Visa?
  213. Carrying Baby Milk formula to China
  214. Spend a night at HKG?
  215. RC Hong Kong
  216. Places to grab a drink
  217. HKG->Shenzhen after last ferry
  218. Buses from the airport in Hong Kong
  219. Hong Kong Private Tour - Need Feedback
  220. Going to Macau for the first time...
  221. Anyone tried to sleep a night at those massage places in Macau?
  222. Study Abroad in Hong Kong - Travel and Local Questions
  223. L'Hotel Island South Q
  224. 4A + 1C, KLIA-Kowloon; whats the taxi capacity limit in HK?
  225. How to get to HKG airport early morning, by 06.00?
  226. butterfly hotel chain
  227. Airport train or bus to Shangri-La Kowloon?
  228. Congestion at HKIA tonight (30 April)
  229. Am I a dual National
  230. 5 hours in HK - what to do?
  231. Buying a box of orchids (for export)
  232. Nice Pools
  233. Lunch Spot off Mid-Levels Escalator?
  234. Souvenirs/gifts representative of Hong Kong?
  235. Acupressure/Foot Massage at HKIA?
  236. Macau hotel - book online in US or book in HK?
  237. Free Lounge usage
  238. Seeking Help to locate someone in Macau
  239. Air bridge Collapses at HKIA
  240. I'm going to HK on Wed and want to network
  241. Television - Australian Football in Hong Kong
  242. HKIA and Kowloon airport express Wifi?
  243. buying laptop spares...
  244. Global Sourcing / HK Electronics Fair April 2013
  245. HKIA Hong Kong Airport - Post Office
  246. Dividing time between HK and Maca
  247. HKG -> Shenzhen @ Night
  248. Can someone confirm if a HKG restaurant has closed for me please?
  249. Waiting for a friend at HKG
  250. Sevens