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  1. Travel advice SFO to MFM
  2. A guide to make the most out of your day in Ocean Park (Hong Kong)
  3. Hong Kong Airport premium lanes
  4. Ordering chocolate (Lindt or similar) as present for a business partner in HK
  5. How to prearranged 7-seater uber pickup at HKG?
  6. Hotel / hostel options
  7. Picking up 3 people at airport, how to get bigger cab?
  8. NYT: Hong Kong is Slowly Dimming its Neon Glow
  9. aqualuna schedule
  10. HK New Year's Eve Party
  11. Another which hotel question
  12. Short local visit when transiting via HKIA
  13. Possible to buy V class KA tickets from zuji or hutchgo?
  14. HKG -> ORD, CX business or UA first?
  15. Hong Kong Visa questions
  16. Should I do Hong Kong with Mainland China or Japan?
  17. Buying Hong Kong to Guangzhou East train tickets
  18. Bringing iPhone's to Hong Kong
  19. Self service bag drop coming to HKIA
  20. Steakhouse Recommendations in HK
  21. Behind the scenes tour of HKIA
  22. Dual nationality - BNO and HKID
  23. Tour in Macau?
  24. Tour of Hong Kong during layover?
  25. Nine Hour HKG Layover: Suggestions, Please?
  26. Flight preferences LAX to HKG
  27. 6 hour transit time in HKG
  28. How to pay rent with AMEX
  29. HK police prosecutes Uber black drivers
  30. Tim Ho Wan
  31. criminals targeting passengers on flights into Hong Kong on the rise
  32. 95min connection to HK Express doable?
  33. Where to go for good dim sum and a good view of the harbour?
  34. Departure card not collected by [HKG] security
  35. octopus card refunds and the airport express
  36. Best way to get from HKIA to Wanchai late night
  37. Is it safe to eat produce in HKG or on flights from HKG?
  38. Crossing border Macau into mainland China
  39. Smartphone / Pocket Wifi Rental
  40. Island line HKU station to Courtyard on Connaught Rd
  41. eChannel with US APEC card
  42. Turbo-jet discount E-ticket deal (valid to Dec 31 2015)
  43. Exploring the NT's hiking/wilderness
  44. HK Airport and Apple Watch Accessories
  45. Choosing a hotel in Macau?
  46. Hong Kong Hotel deals ???
  47. HK airport Express
  48. Hong Kong e-Channel, Using HK Passport?
  49. best way for internet access in Hong Kong for one night?
  50. Longer term luggage storage near HKIA?
  51. Question about 回鄉証
  52. If you have seen the most must do's in Hong Kong try the Waterworks trail!
  53. Easy, short trip from Hong Kong?
  54. What do you think about the Harbour City?
  55. HKIA to Macau early morning
  56. Connecting Flight in Hong Kong
  57. 3 sqm Hotel room !!!!
  58. How long will it take me to go through customs/get luggage Airport Express Train
  59. Multi entry visa for Bangladeshi citizen?
  60. newbie bucket list
  61. any way for American to get cash from ATM? no chip
  62. Best HKG Business Class One World Lounge /Priority Pass
  63. 6 hour layover in Hong Kong...?
  64. Lady's market
  65. Overnight layover in HKG- recommendations?
  66. Getting from departure airside to arrival pre-immigration
  67. Snide attendant comment overheard at HKIA
  68. Where to Rent a Boat
  69. Hong Kong Night Life
  70. HKG to centralise parking and temp measurements for Korean arrivals
  71. Any good idea?
  72. Ferry from HKIA to/from Shenzen
  73. Mtg Mom in HKG Airport pre-immigration..
  74. Questionnaire Travelers from Hong Kong
  75. HK Hotel Club Room Experience and Choices
  76. Golf in HKG
  77. Connection time to low Cost Carrier
  78. Cathay vs jet airways?
  79. Best way Suzhou to Hong Kong
  80. Tai Bao Zheng in HKIA
  81. What to do in Hong Kong during the rain?
  82. Renting wifi device or sim card
  83. Any recommendations for seafood restaurants?
  84. Eligible Room Rates?
  85. Long Transit In Hong Kong
  86. Help: Connecting in HKG on two separate tickets with 1:45hrs (immigration + checkin)
  87. Cantonese question
  88. Macau or HKG @ xmas
  89. Buying Phone and Plan
  90. First time visit to HKG & Macau
  91. HK Terminal 2 to close in 2019 for 4 years
  92. buying suncream airside at HKIA?
  93. Arrivals lounges at HKG
  94. Aparthotels in Kowloon - recommendations and advice
  95. Any good shows in Macau other than "House of Dancing Water?"
  96. Second visit to Hong Kong... Few Questions
  97. Staying in Hong Kong: Recommendations and Suggestion much appreciated :-)
  98. HELP! HKG Layover 1h 20min enough?
  99. Conrad vs Hyatt Regency TST
  100. Should I book now for June to Hong Kong or wait?
  101. Currency question
  102. Hong Kong Helicopter Tour
  103. HK Prepaid SIM Card with 2600MHz LTE Support
  104. CSL Auto Connect / PCCW1x WiFi Hotspots
  105. How to get HK number when living in US?
  106. Macau -> SZX Ferry
  107. Custom made suit at HK in 2 days? Possible? Worth it?
  108. Standard Chartered Bank HK
  109. SPAs in Hong Kong
  110. HKG and Macau on a 22h layover - doable?
  111. 13 Hour HKG Stopover
  112. NYC-HKG
  113. HKG to Shekou ferry with checked baggage question
  114. HKG dining/transport tips for a family?
  115. Connecting at HKG with different tix
  116. Anyone use the Four Seasons HK airport limo service ?
  117. newark to hongkong , any tips for cheaper fare leaving 2nd week april
  118. Has anybody stayed in Somerset Residences Causeway Bay
  119. Bigger Clothing for Western Build
  120. A Quick Weekend Trip
  121. Kowloon Cricket Club
  122. Night Trip Shenzhen to Kowloon
  123. New Spanish tapas bar/restaurant on Ship Street
  124. EK layover - hire a taxi?
  125. Tour Ideas in Hong Kong?
  126. Crowd at Disneyland - December
  127. Hong Kong visa for US Permanent Resident
  128. Frequently made mistakes when visiting HK?
  129. Best dining near airport
  130. E-Channel Hong Kong sticker
  131. Hong Kong Fine Dining
  132. Macau to HKIA Ferry Question
  133. slow internet in Hong Kong right now?
  134. Got ripped off by a taxi driver
  135. What is the best used Junk antique street flea markets ?
  136. Best Way HKIA to Dongguan?
  137. Butterfly on Prat Hotel
  138. HK Int'l Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals
  139. Best Luxury Hotel in Hong Kong
  140. Need tips for my HK trip with Family
  141. A 21 bus from HKIA to city - 50 % off promo
  142. Visiting Kowloon City
  143. Reprimanded at HKIA for 'Blunt Instrument'
  144. $20 trick - acceptable in HK?
  145. Luggage storage at EK lounge possible?
  146. Flight routing to HKG from NYC (and ultimately to BKK)
  147. Use of APEC business traveler Card @ HKG
  148. Lounge Club - Hong Kong
  149. Hotels & Transportation to Mong Kok
  150. Ritz Ozone
  151. Carrier switch in HKG
  152. Iso hk watchmaker
  153. Weekend in HK this April - Should I be afraid of staying in hotel in Central?
  154. lounge(s) in HKG
  155. Hotel in Hong Kong(end of March)
  156. 4-6 months rentals in HKG
  157. need help with Chinese New Year
  158. Drop off laundry
  159. Visa for Mainland Citizen living abroad
  160. Turnaround in HKG on mileage run
  161. Late Christmas Dinner in HKG (not at a hotel)
  162. 1 Hr Connection - KA to AA - Crazy?
  163. United Club HKG question
  164. 24-hour Pharmacy near airport?
  165. Do HK beaches close for the winter?
  166. Confused about the China Visa
  167. Which Morton's? Hong Kong or Macau?
  168. Which Cell (mobile) phone plan is good for traveler to HK?
  169. First trip to HK
  170. Payment options for metro (MTR) in Hong Kong
  171. Where can I find an iPhone 4S in Hong Kong?
  172. 2014 hkg xmas drinks
  173. BOS to HKG -- better on CX or AC?
  174. Can you take the bus to Shenzhen without a visa arranged in advance?
  175. One night in Hong Kong / New to city
  176. good ta for star alliance
  177. leather shoes in Hong Kong
  178. Do we still use traveler's check? Any better alternative?
  179. Peak Tram queue
  180. How to pay on buses?
  181. Looking for mobile-phone shop recommendation...
  182. Easy-Cheap MR Hotel
  183. Some HK question
  184. Urgent help needed to replace a suitcase!
  185. Hong Kong to Palau Charter Flights (HKG<->ROR)
  186. What to do for 13 daylight hours in HKG?
  187. Late Arrival in HKG 11/20; Staying until 11/22: Regarding Hotel Stays
  188. Terminal 1 -> Terminal 2 HKG
  189. Phone shop open late Central?
  190. Duty free into Hong Kong
  191. HK to Shenzen - VISA question
  192. Duty Free for HKG to SEA to YVR routing
  193. Hong Kong HKG to Shenzen ground (or water) transfer
  194. Contact lenses in HKG
  195. Hiking Hong Kong
  196. HKG in March
  197. AEL services resumed to normal
  198. HKG Rimowa store question
  199. Hong Hom luggage storage
  200. Is the airport express MTR affected by Occupy?
  201. Friday evening: Shenzhen Bay or Lok Ma Chau for border crossing into Shenzhen?
  202. Hong Kong Hotels Promo Codes?
  203. Local (cheap) breakfast place near IC?
  204. First time visiting Hong Kong
  205. new Qantas Hongkong lounge, absolutely amazing
  206. HKIA v Changi
  207. cyberwellness/cyberbullying programs for HKG schools
  208. Overnight at HKG Premium Plaza Lounge
  209. Shenzhen Bay --> Starbucks --> MTR?
  210. meeting spot in HKG airport upon arrival
  211. Overnight layover in HKG, lounge access/passport control/luggage questions.
  212. change for good airport deposit?
  213. Hotels in SoHo
  214. Advice on quick stopover
  215. HKG - not a 24 hour airport
  216. Check-in 20hrs ahead for Vietnam Airlines at HKG?
  217. Is HK safe right now?
  218. HKEX Central station
  219. Beware Occupy Movement
  220. where to buy high end laptop in HK?
  221. 65th anniversary of the PRC
  222. HK Airport express bag drop
  223. Used my AE plat w/vendor in HKG; AE discovers questionable charge after
  224. Hong Kong/China in November 4 for 5 days, budget lodgingg
  225. An overnight trip to Guangzhou by boat?
  226. Gym/Fitness Center near HKIA
  227. Hong Kong passport control closing time?
  228. Fitting Big Buddah into a 1 day HK trip
  229. Free coupon for 120$HK worth of Gelato
  230. Hong Kong Transfer Time (two different tickets)
  231. Hotels for New Year eve
  232. Hong Kong hotel advice
  233. 1 Hour Connection in Hong Kong advice
  234. Best location & price for fake Rolexes in Hong Kong?
  235. Chinese New Year HK 2015
  236. HK - must eats?
  237. MR Over night layover in HKG
  238. Hong Kong Hotel for Jan 2015
  239. Use HK ID instead of UK passport?
  240. Overnight hotel in HK?
  241. Which hotel in HK?
  242. Shenzhen border crossings
  243. Hotel Check-In In Hong Kong Question
  244. 18 hours lay 0ver in Hong kong,
  245. Things to do in Hong Kong 04-0500 onwards
  246. Bringing baby formula into Hong Kong (large quantity - 50 cans)
  247. dim sum solo
  248. Affordable food at airport
  249. Layover help
  250. Best way to obtain $HK at airport