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  1. Leaving & Arriving HKG same day passport/immigration issues?
  2. Consumer Council HK may assist in EC261/14 CFR Part 250 claims
  3. Best hotel near HKU to get work done?
  4. East rail boarding to Shenzhen from airport denied entry
  5. Can I choose which transfer area to go to?
  6. Best option for travel from Wynn Macau to Marriott Skycity (HKG airport)
  7. Hong Kong Non-Revenue Transit Visa
  8. Hong Kong residents
  9. Casino Comps in Macau
  10. 7 hour layover transportation questions
  11. Hong Kong for the holidays
  12. Travel Expo @HK 15-18 June. Experiences?
  13. No posts since 6/2/17?
  14. First trip to Hong Kong
  15. E-Channel and Passport 6 Month Window Before Expiration
  16. Taxi surcharge from Kowloon Station to Intercontinental Hotel?
  17. Bringing liquor on HK stopover
  18. Re-enter [HKG] after cancelling airline ticket with single entry visa
  19. Bridge from Terminal 1 to North Satellite Concourse
  20. Going to HKIA options for 8am flight
  21. Causeway Bay?
  22. Best family hotel on points in HK
  23. 6 hours in HKG
  24. Need day room near HKG (updated title)
  25. Transfering at HK Airport
  26. Hong Kong Food & History Tour
  27. Are there some events at Asia Expo Aug 31 thru Sept 3?
  28. luggage storage in HK airport
  29. Please Help Clarify Cross Border King 4G HK Sim
  30. Morning traffic to Central...
  31. Question on Airport Express RT Ticket...
  32. ATM or currency exchange for HKD and RMB
  33. courier service
  34. Lunch on a Sunday morning
  35. Some Hong Kong advice around Wan Chai
  36. A question about storing bags and taking airport train for a 7:40 a.m. flight
  37. Transit check-in luggage
  38. Comparing Holiday Inn Express in Hong Kong
  39. HKG digital customised welcome message
  40. Help me make an accommodation decision, please!
  41. Haggling in the malls?
  42. Changes to the waterfront
  43. Transiting in HKG and thinking about taking a quick jump to Macau
  44. Overnight at HKG
  45. Where do you recommend as good places to eat in Hong Kong
  46. Gate 507 - not in use?
  47. How long to Octopus cards work?
  48. 6 hour layover in HKG
  49. 18 Hours in Hong Kong
  50. Hotel recommendations in Hong Kong for 1st timer
  51. HK based - car hire excess insurance
  52. Group dinner recommendations?
  53. Hong Kong Shuttle Bus
  54. Redeeming points in HKG - any tipps?
  55. Club rooms in Hong Kong
  56. In Town check in and flight delay
  57. Hong Kong airport Q
  58. NYE Suggestions/Fireworks
  59. is it possible to cross from Macau to china and come back before immigration?
  60. Supper and nightcap on Xmas Eve
  61. Which casinos in Macau dont require proof of expenditure to ride their shuttles?
  62. Macau and Zhuhai day trip from HK?
  63. How many days for second fitting?
  64. HK Eye Clinic or Ophthalmologist recommendation?
  65. Macau to Guanzhou
  66. overnight stay in HKG when on F ticket?
  67. Best Siu Yuk in HKG?
  68. HKG Airport Porters
  69. Mobile Broadband in HK
  70. Bringing Prescription Medicine into Hong Kong
  71. Ngong Ping 360
  72. Year end meetup 2016-17
  73. Meeting Place at the Airport - Coming from different flights
  74. Temple etiquette?
  75. Airport Express - going to Central returning from Kowloon
  76. Optimizing 2 day trip to HK/Macau
  77. Good 10K run near the airport
  78. HKG -- can you access immigration from departure level (layover turned stop-over)
  79. HKG Airport to Kowloon Hotel Transfer Questions
  80. Flying on United to HKG; taking ferry to Macau
  81. Bag storage in Hong Kong
  82. Best SIM card to get
  83. where to buy a durian?
  84. Any way of booking HK 5* hotels with decent discount ?
  85. A21 Bus Return Ticket Purchase at HKG
  86. Potential flight disruptions - Typhoon Haima Fri 21
  87. emergency: Airport Express breakdown on 14Oct
  88. Going to Shenzhen for a few hours from HKG with US Passport
  89. Pick up SIM cart at Futian / Lok Ma Chau
  90. 36 hour layover in Hong Kong-Where to stay, what to do?
  91. HK island to CAN
  92. 24 hours in Hong Kong - what to do?
  93. HKG transit to EK -- can I remain in gates area?
  94. Transit at HKG - Security charge payable before boarding?
  95. Octopus card reloading for non-HK residents
  96. Best place for XLB
  97. For my 11 year old son: Is it polite to burp after a meal?
  98. Looking for new restaurants/ buffets
  99. Passing by Shenzhen from Hong Kong
  100. Macau requires two blank passport pages?
  101. HKG to JFK or LAX - sleep?
  102. HKIA Arrival - Waiting before exiting Immigration
  103. Uber suspends HK taxi and van booking service, UberBLACK and UberX to continue 5 Sep
  104. Left luggage at HKG - where?
  105. Fancy cocktail?
  106. Uber calls it quits in Macau
  107. Is the Shenzhen VOA still available for British citizens?
  108. Hong Kong to Shenzen to catch bullet train: how long?
  109. Reasons to visit HK
  110. Hong Kong Transfer Time (AirAsia to Air Canada)
  111. what if I buy a laptop when travelling to HK
  112. HK Visa Free Transit for PRC Passport Holder
  113. Hong Kong to introduce ETA for certain current visa-exempt countries
  114. HKG Midfield terminal info
  115. How to Get an Uber at Hong Kong Airport?
  116. Guangzhou South to Kowloon
  117. Hotel rates before and after Chinese New Years?
  118. Do I need to clear immigration on separate tickets - HKG
  119. Long-term Accomodation Hong Kong
  120. Knife-wielding African-American arrested on AEL
  121. Ferry from Lantau Island to Aberdeen?
  122. 2 hr connection and need to recheck bags; possible in HKG?
  123. Best hotel for a 1st timer in HK
  124. Options to Airport with lots of luggages
  125. Help! I went through the transfer area and now can't leave HKIA
  126. Taxi from HKIA to Tung Chung
  127. Lounge access in Hong Kong
  128. Dim Sum
  129. Photography in Hong Kong?
  130. Long Layover in HKG
  131. Summer Thunderstorms
  132. Shopping in Hong Kong
  133. Entry Requirements for Chinese Citizen in Transit
  134. Vegetarian in Kowloon?
  135. Lion Dance?
  136. Shopping Recommendation Near Island Shangri-La
  137. Wash-and-fold laundry
  138. Restaurant Recommendations
  139. Landing slip in passport
  140. Where to get the blue school uniform cheongsam
  141. Visa
  142. Ngong Ping 360 - Getting there
  143. What to do when the weather is bad
  144. 15 hours in HK , Hotel help....
  145. Best way to spend Money in HK?
  146. Macau: Coloane Karting Track
  147. Renting a speedboat in Hong Kong
  148. Outdoor activities in Hong Kong
  149. Kowloon, habour view hotel rooms for 4
  150. Swimming pools in Hong Kong
  151. Best hotel in HK
  152. T-Mobile in HK and smartphone apps
  153. Going Hong Kong with my 11 year old son
  154. Food & Beverage Prices at Intercontinental HK???
  155. Ctrip fully cancellable rates for hotels in Hong Kong
  156. 40 hour layover in HK, where to stay? What to do? Macau and Shenzhen?
  157. Hong Kong Hotel recommendation for 4 adults 1 child
  158. Hotels that offer complimentary smartphones
  159. Is Discover accepted in HK and Macau
  160. Food Tour
  161. Non Smoking rooms at Macau Casinos?
  162. iPad data plan
  163. Cotai to CAN?
  164. Allegiant plane at HKG
  165. Hong Kong First Family forces CX to break airport safety rules
  166. Unicom Hongkong SIM "Cross Border King Dual Extra"
  167. HKD 200 Range Buffets
  168. Pocket Wifi, Mobile Data?
  169. Bus A21: When is the LAST bus from HKG to TST?
  170. Macau during HKG layover?
  171. Best way from Guangzhou to Hongkong
  172. Hong Kong Visa!
  173. Qing ming holiday
  174. Tight connection in HKG (TK to CX and BR)?
  175. HKG airport hotel questions (on a budget)
  176. RMB ATMs
  177. If have to choose one restaurant for dinner in HK - price no object..
  178. Exchange Rates on HKG
  179. Duty Free Macbook Air at HKG?
  180. 6 hour layover HKG - rainy day in the forecast
  181. Macau - where to stay? How to get to Guangzhou?
  182. TST eateries/shops at night
  183. Upcoming PVG via HKG/Macau via HKG/CAN/PEK/HKG via CAN advice needed
  184. Easiest way from HKG to SZX
  185. Advice re conx SQ to SZ at HKG
  186. Best/Easiest Route/Product to HKG?
  187. So what am I supposed to do with the slip from the e-Channel machine
  188. Hotel advice in Hong Kong
  189. Where to buy Octopus Card?
  190. Day trip(s) to Macau
  191. First time HK and PEK visitor visa confusion
  192. Arrivals airport terminal train now packed full
  193. First time visitor to Hong Kong questions
  194. Visiting Hong Kong and Macau; visit another city instead of Macau?
  195. Visa for PRC visitors
  196. Genki Sushi in Hong Kong
  197. Enough time for a connection?
  198. Connecting HKG
  199. 5 days in Hong Kong
  200. patek philippe
  201. Best place to buy photography equipment in HK?
  202. current weather in HK-I hear it is cold and frost
  203. FYI: Apple only supports 5 carriers in Hong Kong
  204. Nashville to Singapore - Hong Kong to Nash
  205. Lamma Ferries Timings
  206. Long Layover in HKG; suggestions?
  207. Visa Requirements/Restrictions Question
  208. Airport Express & In Town Checkin
  209. Best Peking Duck?
  210. Model Airplane shop
  211. W Hong Kong or IC Harbour View Room?
  212. Can I get to the Attractions via MTR?
  213. Meeting someone on airside?
  214. Lumia 950 HKIA Transit
  215. Discount Disneyland tickets
  216. Hotels Near Good Jogging Route in HK, Now that Avenue of the Stars is Closed
  217. Reasonably priced day rooms?
  218. 3 nights - how to split between HK and Macau
  219. Just for a Morning
  220. Entering HK After Entering secure area in transit?
  221. Hong Kong Film Festival 2016 questions
  222. Hong Kong on Oct 1 (national day)
  223. Garlic oil sauce from Lamma Island
  224. ex-PEK to USA on CATHAY and HRP issues
  225. Best way to get to Hyatt Regency, Tsim Sha Tsui from airport for family ?
  226. HK/Macau - Before & After Chinese New Years
  227. Hong Kong for New Year?
  228. Vegetarian options in Harbourside Buffet ?
  229. Worth a overnight in Macau?
  230. Travel time from HKG to Macau via SkyPier
  231. Ok to take Uber in Hong Kong? What about at the airport?
  232. Ideas for a special meal/place/event for parents returning to HK for visit?
  233. What lounge(s) to use?
  234. Airport Express takes QR Code (Nov 9, 2015)
  235. Peking Duck in the afternoon.
  236. AE hotel shuttle - Do I need to have a reservation?
  237. IC or Conrad for early check in? Food?
  238. FIFA 2016 Qualifier: HKG - PRC sold out within 3 hours
  239. Concierge Shopping or Personal Assistants in HK
  240. Intown check in for late-night US bound flight
  241. Recommended tailor in Hong Kong or Bangkok
  242. HK layover suggestions
  243. Free engagement photoshoot in Hong Kong.
  244. best HG grocery store to buy Japanese cooking ingredients at during layover?
  245. Monday Morning Activities in Hong Kong
  246. HX flight tomoro doesn't exist?
  247. American College Football Viewing in Hong Kong?
  248. Misplaced HKID (permanent resident), travel tonight...okay to fly?
  249. Barge crashed into Tsing Ma bridge, no road transport to/from HKG for next two hours
  250. 14 hour layover in Hong Kong