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  1. Western New Years in HKG
  2. Money changeing
  3. Pre-1997 Hong Kong dollar
  4. FYI HK Non-smoking from 1 Jan 2007
  5. Very good price from Priceline / Langham Place Hotel
  6. Looking for Fax-to-email service w/HK faxnumber
  7. Weather in December
  8. Quick Stay in HK
  9. Should I keep my passport on me?
  10. hong kong taxi costs?
  11. Cheap Hotel
  12. Airport Express Transportation Alternatives
  13. New Years in HKG
  14. Car service: Shenzhen Airport to Kowloon
  15. 2 hours in Hong Kong -- where would you eat?
  16. Good HKG hotel deal sites w instant confs?
  17. Getting a chinese business visa in HK?
  18. where to buy noise-cancelling headphone
  19. Room size at the Kowloon Hotel
  20. Is Star Ferry going down?
  21. Hong Kong tours
  22. L'Hotel In Causeway Bay
  23. 10hr transit in HK - will i be able to leave the airport?
  24. Christmas / New Year in Hong Kong
  25. Train to Beijing
  26. Real or Fake - Guns used by Armored Car Personnel?
  27. Gym option in HKG
  28. Hong Kong - Conrad or Sharaton?
  29. Do I need an hotel near the airport ?
  30. HKG Public Transportation//Senior Citizen Rates
  31. Airport Public Transportation//Luggage??
  32. HKG airport hotels
  33. Is there a *A lounge with sleeping room in Hong Kong?
  34. LAX-HKG with stop-over in ICN
  35. Minimum Hong Kong Intl. Airport Connection Time
  36. Off season travel to HK? When to go...
  37. Hotel IBIS North Point HKG390-Worth It?
  38. Chinese New Year 2007
  39. Suggestion Extended Stay ( 1 month ) in HK
  40. Weather in Dec
  41. Airport to Tuen Mun
  42. Golden Palace?
  43. HK Hotel Rates - Dec
  44. Hong Kong Express Airways?
  45. Tight Connection at HKG
  46. Chinese Business Cards: Hong Kong
  47. Two double beds in Hong Kong hotels
  48. asiatravel.com booking HK hotel
  49. Online Trading
  50. Anyone try Hotel LKF (Not LanKwaiFong Hotel)?
  51. advice on where to get an evening gown made?
  52. Mid price hotel in tourist area
  53. Extended Vacation - Hong Kong Visa
  54. Cheap o/w flight to BKK?
  55. HKG Calling Card
  56. HKG to Siem Reap
  57. A couple of questions regarding Hong Kong
  58. Sales Tax for Hong Kong
  59. Hong Kong to Macau
  60. Looking for Hong Kong Cheap Airfare
  61. Hong Kong, Priceline and Public Transportation
  62. New Hotel Coming to HKIA
  63. bartending/serving with tips at hk's finest...
  64. airport shuttle to Cosmopolitan hotel?
  65. Mobile Phone in Hong Kong
  66. 3 hotels in HK
  67. Extra time needed for security check in HKG???
  68. Some new ideas for things to do (NYT article)
  69. Fireworks in Victoria Harbour for Western New Year's Eve?
  70. New Hong Kong Consular Information Sheet from the U.S. State Department
  71. Recommendation - Day use Hotel room?
  72. What's the best route to travel from Shenzhen to HK
  73. Transportation to the City
  74. Trying to locate restaurant in Shatin
  75. Visa for Shenzhen in HK??? PLEASE CLARIFY Also, changing single entry to double entr
  76. Fook Lam Moon?
  77. Reccomendations for a trip to Hong Kong
  78. Question about Transit in Hong Kong
  79. Hotel Buffet that opens for Saturday Lunch?
  80. World cup game France Brazil Saturday evening 3am
  81. Good French, Italian, Japanese Restaurants?
  82. buying stuff in Hong Kong or Kowloon, is it really a huge savings?
  83. Highend dim sum place?
  84. Macau or Guangdong?
  85. Shangri-La in Hong Kong (Island and Kowloon) - Promotional codes?
  86. Lower Fares to Hong Kong ?
  87. Hotel locations and hotels in Hong Kong
  88. Chloe Bag
  89. Flights from Hong Kong
  90. Mac computers
  91. ctrip on macau Hotel Taipa HKD 368
  92. In Town Check In and China Eastern
  93. Dim Sum restaurant which opens early
  94. Early flight from Shenzhen
  95. Hotel Victoria?
  96. Tipping
  97. Top things to do in Hong Kong in a day
  98. US Embassy - lines for US citizen?
  99. SQ City Check-in ??
  100. HKG and carry on size
  101. Hong Kong Waterfront Development Plans
  102. Cheapest Time Of The Year To/From/In Hong Kong
  103. Electronics in Hong Kong
  104. [Beware] A New Culture of Hong Kong
  105. Hotel Help
  106. Langham Place or Sheraton
  107. the best mall in HK
  108. need private car szx to hk (info requested)
  109. Dim Sum for One?
  110. OT: Problem Depositing Bank Draft in Hong Kong
  111. Cheap airfares into HKG
  112. New Airport Hotel - Novotel Citygate!
  113. Kowloon Hotel
  114. Disney's Hollywood Hotel
  115. What happened to the Hong Kong Furama Hotel?
  116. Fastest way from airport to Central?
  117. How to Find Silk Alley in HK?
  118. HK ID with US Passport?
  119. Cheap Eats in HKG?
  120. HKG to Conrad Transportation Question
  121. Hong Kong Disney Information
  122. Sheraton vs. Excelsior
  123. Beaches in Hong Kong
  124. When is Ngong Ping 360 due to open?
  125. Peak Tram
  126. Need Itinerary suggestions for Hong Kong/China
  127. China Visa in Hong Kong
  128. Based in Shenzhen for much less?
  129. HKG Advice for 1-2 nights?
  130. Ritz Carlton to lose its management contract in Hong Kong?
  131. Connections from Macau to HKG ??
  132. Food...glorious food
  133. Somewhat OT: Best mid-priced hotel in HK.
  134. American-style breakfast: Flying Pan? Jaspers? Any others?
  135. Help! HKG area to stay and things to do/see?
  136. Jia Hotel
  137. HKG- Guangzhou by taxi?
  138. Regal airport hotel ? exercise room , free weights ?
  139. Where to stay in HKG?
  140. HKG-CAN flight connection 1:10 minutes?
  141. HK Advice
  142. Tea House?
  143. Advice Needed for NYC ->HKG
  144. HKG to Guangzhou
  145. From HKG to BKK
  146. 12 Hours in HK
  147. HKG-Sheraton transportation at midnight?
  148. HK Harbor View- Nothing to see!
  149. 24 hrs in HKG - is one hotel night possible?
  150. Hong Kong questions
  151. Process and time needed to get a 回鄉証 ('return to country card') from HK
  152. Carrying on "larger" bags at HKG; does UA allow it?
  153. Holiday Inn Express in Causeway Bay - any good for a family?
  154. What part of Hong Kong to stay in?
  155. HK Podcast and blog entry.
  156. Getting rid of the "copywatch" & "fakehandbag" guys
  157. Business Class to HKG
  158. Fakes - where to find?
  159. Hong Kong Airport & Macau
  160. Hong Kong Hotel & Flights
  161. private kitchen restaurants
  162. Distance from Sheraton Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon to Pacific Place, HK Island
  163. Recommendation of a French restaurant
  164. Please recommend me an unconventional HK hotel
  165. Possible to spend a few hours in HKG??
  166. Disney HK
  167. For the View/Observation.
  168. Traveling through Hong Kong -worth a stopover?
  169. Shenzhen from HKG
  170. fussy eater...want to try some local cuisine
  171. Acrophobiac in Hong Kong
  172. HKG to BJS? BJS to SHA? SHA to HKG?
  173. Sheraton vs. Intercontinental HK: which is better?
  174. Hong Kong Hotels - Don't reply it's been done before
  175. Hong Kong & Shenzhen question
  176. Planning LAX-HKG on UAL- when's cheapest?
  177. Valentine's Day in HK
  178. Feb 4th weekend?
  179. How much for taxi from Causeway Bay to TST?
  180. HK Restaurant Thread
  181. Visa availability to China at HKG
  182. Rosedale / Holiday inn express Causeway Bay
  183. Anyone know any HKG-based biz class consolidators?
  184. May have been asked before but ...
  185. Hong Kong--Pan Am Pearls
  186. Travel Agency to Asia
  187. Octopus cards
  188. Regal HK or Excelsior?
  189. Hong Kong - hotel, Shenzhen questions
  190. Prada!
  191. Octopus phone
  192. hong kong in summer
  193. HKG airport lounges.
  194. help with a hotel choice :)
  195. Moving to Hong Kong
  196. City Tour
  197. HK based online travel sites
  198. Tourist 3-day Pass and New Year Count Down
  199. Is HK a good place to buy GSM phones?
  200. Reasonably priced Internet in HK?
  201. HK Clothing Stores ... large sizes??
  202. Tailors In Hong Kong - Pls read
  203. Dorsett Sea View Hotel
  204. HKG Hotel with Easy Access to Airport?
  205. HK Water view hotels?
  206. do the China hotel terrorist threats include Hong Kong?
  207. $50 off admission to disneyland
  208. FYI on MOHK renovation
  209. spa at landmark mandarin oriental
  210. octopus
  211. ocean park vs disneyland
  212. Site having discussion forum on H.K. restaurants
  213. american club
  214. Marco Polo hotel ?
  215. Visa available at Shenzen border for UK passport holder ??
  216. Hong Kong Hotel Rankings
  217. Hyatt Regency (Kowloom) Closing Permanently
  218. shows @ hk disneyland
  219. Best airline and route to fly from Atlanta to Hongkong?
  220. hong kong fun!
  221. Spas in Hong Kong
  222. HK hostels
  223. What is happening in HK late Oct / early Nov ??
  224. Advice on valuing and perhaps selling old chinese children's book
  225. Gen Info and help oh and Great Site
  226. Opening hours for shops etc in HKG over Christmas
  227. Hotel Cosmo in Wan Chai?
  228. hk disneyland
  229. Hotel for Chinese new year 2006 - Excelsior vs. Conrad vs. ?
  230. Meals at/near the Majestic Hotel???
  231. Peninsula
  232. Macau Accommodation
  233. HKIA Passenger, Cargo Traffic Up In August
  234. Help getting to Gwangzhou from HKG
  235. Le Meridien Cyberport - Report
  236. Any breakfast recommendations along Jordan to Mongkok area?
  237. HK Hotel <$100, close to Airport Express ?
  238. Help needed! Getting from airport to Po Lin Buddha!
  239. TRansportation from HKG to Kowloon
  240. Lo Wu Visas
  241. Macau Restaurants
  242. Quanjude in HKG for Good Peking Duck?
  243. Internet Cafes in Kowloon?
  244. Storage at HKG?
  245. Need HELP choosing hotel - Ritz Carlton, Shangri-la, Conrad or New World Renaissance?
  246. cirque du soleil
  247. Zegna/Armani
  248. jia
  249. [email protected]
  250. hk disneyland