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  1. Choice Benefit - Elite Night Question
  2. 3 Adults One Room at St. Regis Tokyo
  3. Do you know any Marriott in the North Dallas area selling Marriott Gift Cards?
  4. Marriott Bonvoy Combining Accounts - Terrible Experience
  5. Properties which will likely by 100K points /nightpeak but can still be booked at 60K
  6. Marriott changes category as long as the owner asking to
  7. Cricket Sounds...
  8. What is M Reward's phone No?
  9. Closed Threads Are The New Normal
  10. Please post ALL NEW THREADS in the New Consolidated Marriott Forum
  11. 72 nights + 3 = 74!??
  12. Res Inn Buffalo - Galleria
  13. Advice kindly sought on 'technical' Marriott calendar question
  14. Buy Platinum Status on eBay
  15. China BMW owner can match Gold status with lounge access
  16. Folio pdf corrupted
  17. New to Marriott Rewards
  18. Looking for recs in WV
  19. Why Was I Issued a New MR Number?
  20. status match
  21. Using Suite Upgrade to go from 1-bdrm to 2-bdrm suite at Residence Inn?
  22. Points Transfers
  23. Grrrr why won't my certificate show back up after a canceled reservation?!
  24. Merged SPG & Marriott - how long for SPG points to triple?
  25. Can't edit existing SPG reservation and can't get through hold lines
  26. Event spending does not count toward elite requirements
  27. Check the math on your Marriott Rewards if you stayed during the week of 8/13 - 8/18
  28. Warning: Element by Westin Ubud Bali
  29. Having to cross 50 nights / 75 nights after merger to get benefits..
  30. Marriott Rewards Redemption with Points Upgrade
  31. Special Event cancellation policy - Help
  32. All together now.
  33. Didn't Order yr eCert before merger, you would pay new prices despite reserved before
  34. Booking Premium Rooms w/ Points
  35. One nice change on Marriott.com - average rates!
  36. Category 1 Hotels
  37. New breakfast benefit in Resorts - which hotel does what?
  38. 7 nights certs into points still possible...?
  39. Three week stay in NYC (5 rooms)
  40. What is the best choice for the 75 night gift?
  41. Can I book for a stay with the 7 nights cert. to a date beyond the cert. expiration
  42. Certificate now points not category
  43. Integration & Suite Night Certificates
  44. Can't Book Through Marriott but can through Airmiles
  45. Status Change on App Today
  46. Accounts not yet linked - Am I OK?
  47. Room type not honoured by Marriott- who to escalate to?
  48. Rewards rate lowers - can I get points back
  49. Systems Outage Update
  50. Opinions on hotels leaving Marriott international
  51. If I Book Now For March 2019 Without Enough Points, Which Rewards Price?
  52. Merging SPG Points to MR Account
  53. Possible to transfer an existing award reservation to a spouse?
  54. One point needed
  55. Business Credit Card Strategy for Group Sales Booking
  56. Impossible to get certificates?
  57. Are there Marriott properties that offer restaurant breakfast for Platinum?
  58. Gold - 4 hours Past Guaranteed Check-in Time
  59. Marriott or Hilton first
  60. Calculating status for next year
  61. Ren Vinoy for sale; now sold?
  62. Marriott Rewards Scheduled Maintenance Alert
  63. What are the Guaranteed Gold Status Benefits for "Resorts"?
  64. Booking an accessible room online
  65. In the middle of road to gold challenge - will I still get platinum status?
  66. Reward points purchase failure
  67. Marriott Mobile App not working for almost 12 months
  68. Reward booking: "you've purchased the maximum points for the year"
  69. POST AUG 18 MERGER: New Marriott Forum with Sub-Forums?
  70. Best Category 6 Marriott going up in category?
  71. New member stay twice get one free night?
  72. Europe Lounge - Scrambled Egg Only
  73. Will orphan Starwood points be transferred?
  74. Post-Merger Platinum Choice Benefits
  75. Marriott 9 vs SPG 11
  76. Amsterdam, Marriot Hotel recommendation?
  77. Hotel swimming pool not heated. What would you do?
  78. Quickest way to Platinum?
  79. Plat 50 and Plat 75 gift option?
  80. Web checkin - 2 1/2 days before stay?
  81. Abu Dhabi: Yas Hotel (newly Marriott) versus Marriott Forsan?
  82. Marriott Stars Luxury Hotels Program Post Merger
  83. cash plus points - best deals?
  84. Booking for July 2019
  85. Upgrades available despite being "sold out" -- has this ever happened to you?
  86. Club Lounge Identification
  87. Platinum Guarantee - Walked from Hotel & Unable to Get New Booking - Slept in Car
  88. Marriott Platinum PREMIER and people way beyond Lifetime Platinum in Marriott
  89. Number of nights before a stay is considered "long stay"
  90. Problems transferring to SPG
  91. Official Announcement: Marriott and SPG programs to merge on August 18th
  92. What booking systems allow you to earn Marriott points?
  93. CSR not removing a hotel stay that's not mine
  94. Marriott Black Card RMB88888
  95. Can't make MR points reservation for hotels going up in points
  96. Have separate Marriott and Ritz account - should I combine now or wait
  97. Marriott Rates Israel (Taxes)
  98. Orange Scent In Marriott Hotel Lobby
  99. Mysterious "Marriott Rewards Chrgs" on my CC - where's it from?
  100. Status benefit counts at time of booking or at Trip check in
  101. Marriott award availability almost nonexistent in June 2019 (Tuscany)
  102. Wailea beach resort Maui vs Grand Cayman
  103. Marriott Listings On VRBO
  104. Will I retain Plat after Aug 1? Need urgent help!
  105. MR to SPG transfers appear to be broken
  106. Why is is so hard to get a receipt
  107. Marriott Travel Packages not valid at Ritz Carlton hotels?!
  108. Upgraded to Platinum without explanation
  109. Reducing points without notifying
  110. Worth booking 3 nights before 8/1?
  111. Unlinking
  112. Reservation guarantee under new program
  113. Will RewardsPlus point transfer discount still be available after August?
  114. Marriott gold dilemma
  115. how to get credit if company direct billing room (but not incidentals)
  116. Transfering points to satisfy a reward not allowed if you have enough points already?
  117. Qualify for platinum with both programs in 2018?
  118. Pay for romm with Mariott CC but credit points to account not associated wtih card
  119. Unable to complete award booking online?
  120. 7 night marriott cert *with 2 kids* without huge upcharges
  121. Use Marriott gift card in Starwood hotels soon?
  122. Marriott and Starwood hotels in one website from Aug 1?
  123. MR visa or SPG payment with upgrade
  124. Should I keep my MR Visa or SPG Amex
  125. Marriott Testing Facial Recognition Software for Check-in
  126. Marriott Government Rate Eligibility at SPG Properties
  127. Limits on transferring points to spouse under new plan?
  128. 25k free night question
  129. Is it possible to book multiple room types and receive 5th night free
  130. Seeking Advice: What to do with 420,000 Marriott Points
  131. Starwood point's sweep into Marriott in August.
  132. Not sure if I should request for compensation, need advice
  133. When in August will change?
  134. Speculation: Late Summer/Fall 2018 Marriott and/or Starwood Promotion(s)
  135. What happens to points on ecert if I cancel hotel reservation?.
  136. Can I change a reservation made w/ points?
  137. Options as hotel.is without water
  138. No support when hotel leaves and you hold reservation?
  139. Chase IHG CC change to Marriott CC
  140. Scary website glitch--Most of my reservations are missing
  141. Will I get points and stay credit booking through Orbitz using Orbucks?
  142. Latest date can book to frozen on 22 June 19?
  143. Upgraded to Premier Plus-Points Calculated Incorrectly
  144. Status change in the middle of a stay
  145. Category 9 Hotels
  146. SPG Super Plat....Marriot Plat is awful......
  147. How do I escalate issue with Marriott/southwest travel package
  148. Changing Reward Payment Method?
  149. Marriott Hollins Hall leaving Marriott July 19, 2018
  150. Calculate new status?
  151. No charge yet on Marriott Advance Purchase - Able to Cancel?
  152. What soon-to-be Cat 8 properties are you booking from August thru December as Cat 7s?
  153. Warning - MR/SPG Point Transfers
  154. Reserve room (Marriot/SPG) with points/certificates now and cancel post August
  155. Electronic Key rollout
  156. New Marriott Award rates released
  157. 50N and 75N gift options in new program
  158. Properties in the Americas for Honeymoon?
  159. TV placement...In rooms & Streaming on TV
  160. 120,000 miles to transfer but to Whom
  161. Moxy..Food and Beverage Amenity
  162. Marriott rolling out 'mystery guest' quality control
  163. Idea: Point compensation when a hotel fails to post earnings
  164. I think I have ambassador status
  165. Chances of using cat 1-5 cert exp Aug, at cat 3 4Points in Nov?
  166. What is the latest info on how post 8/1 expiring certs will be handled?
  167. How does Marriott Calculate # of Gold/Platinum Years for LTPP Status?
  168. Courtyard Downtown Toronto, Wristbands?
  169. Elite bed type guarantee
  170. Best Marriotts to view fireworks
  171. Things to do before August 1st
  172. 'Thank you for being a loyal customer....." has it gone?
  173. which one? Bali - The Ritz-Carlton OR Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa
  174. Is there a Marriott representative on FT?
  175. Any Success Negotiating for an 8:00 pm checkout??
  176. SPG rooms appearing in marriott.com searches
  177. Marriott App on Galaxy Tab
  178. When will Ambassador benefits kick in for people from the Marriott side?
  179. Email Spam: "Re: Your MegaBonus Registration"
  180. Suggestion on Making Up 50 Nights
  181. Watch your Chase points
  182. Marriott Hotel in Maldives
  183. Split reservation, cash and points?
  184. Thinking of Switching
  185. Is booking through avios.com the same as booking direct for Platinum Challenge?
  186. Beijing Award question / advice
  187. Why does Marriott still use its old brandmark?
  188. JW Marriott Customer Service issue - advice please
  189. Is it possible to earn two nights of "Platinum" this year?
  190. Stay at Starwood in September - how to get points and status?
  191. if this were an airline these integration problems would be...?
  192. Upgrades based on arrival time, not status level
  193. Can't See Reservation Inclusions on Website Anymore
  194. Denied Lounge Access Based on Room Rate
  195. Miami - Ritz or JW Marriott?
  196. Earning Marriott Elite Nights at SPG Hotels after August 1st
  197. Email blast - Your Account: New Member Benefits in August
  198. Best Marriott Pool For Young Kids
  199. Involuntary reward night cancellation - points not refunded
  200. How could a stay has not checked in and then it shows In Progress on Marriott site?!
  201. Lifetime points at 0
  202. Ultimate Reservation Guarantee due to hotel hotel cease operations and close
  203. Autograph Collection Platinum Member 4pm Check-Out?
  204. Plat free breakfast 'enhanced' already?
  205. Leveling up Lifetime status under merged programs
  206. Marriott 'fish eye' hotel photos are too poor.
  207. Check in question
  208. Finished stay still shows as Open Reservation on Marriott Site
  209. Does Status on July 31 2018 carry over to 2019 program year without regard to number
  210. Mysterious $198 Charge Pending on Amex
  211. Ritz-Carlton paid stay still double night credit after Aug 1?
  212. What if you got a lot of points to which you weren't entitled?
  213. Can Ritz-Carlton member register MR MegaBonus online?
  214. Ritz Carlton - MR Elite Benefits
  215. Hotel booked at a special conference rate - ELITE benefits?
  216. Mobile apps on Android not functioning after recent upgrade
  217. Use cat 5 certs before this Aug?
  218. Cancelling advance rate booking when pool is closed?
  219. Marriott Rewards points- worth the trouble?
  220. TVL now only for Travel Agents?
  221. Unannounced devaluation at JW Marriott Tomorrow Square, Shanghai, China
  222. Extra points from hotel - how long to typically post?
  223. Can't access promotions anymore
  224. New to Hotel programs, Marriott vs SPG
  225. Is Marriott Member Rate an eligible rate to earn Stay / Night Credit?
  226. SPG Upgrade - Marriott time to match
  227. JW Marriott - Guanacaste Rewards 2019
  228. Gold Devaluation: Any way to keep my lounge access?
  229. How do hotels recognize Platinum guests?
  230. Cash in value to points for unused Marriott 7 night certificate..
  231. 4 MR Free Night Certificates, 2 in 2 Separate accounts.
  232. Any Marriott-branded cards give elite nights in FIRST year?
  233. Using Two Free Night E-Certificates for Same Night
  234. Unable to Sign In
  235. Lounge access: Platinum and Staying on Executive Floor
  236. state government rate question
  237. 2 bedroom suites...
  238. Not receiving reservation confirmation emails
  239. Where would you go? Europe June 2019
  240. Lounge Access + New Marriott Tiers + Paying for advice
  241. Problems with getting correct rewards number into JW Marriott booking
  242. Lifetime Platinum --> Fastest way to accrue 28k points?
  243. Website - Rate Details after booking?
  244. Have 2 cat 9 7-night certs in my acct, reissue before august?
  245. one-click internet access
  246. Who gets EQN on stay booked for others with e-cert?
  247. Question with conflicting answers re: Gold vs Platinum
  248. No cancellation confirmation email
  249. The reason why I always prefer Marriott over Starwood
  250. BUG: Add'l points taken after award reserved with certificate