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  1. Unable to save my Vehicle Preferences on the Hertz website
  2. Midsize SUV
  3. New age selection in Hertz website. 25+ to 30+
  4. How does UC work at non-UC airports
  5. Cars at Zurich Airport (CTAR: BMW 428i Cab & DXAR: Alfa Giulia QF)
  6. Try Our Beta Site
  7. How to change my res, really?
  8. How much more are you willing to pay for PC lot vs regular rental different co.
  9. Hertz Experience at TLV - What to Expect?
  10. Hertz DUB "Supplementary Liability Waiver"
  11. booked/prepaid for 8AM pick up but don't pickup until 1PM, when is return due?
  12. HERTZ membership year?
  13. Can someone help? Back of Hertz US inspection form wanted (price list for damages)
  14. Amex Plat (UK) and rental insurance
  15. PC member, Best day of week/time of day for picking up?
  16. First time to NY LaGuardia with family, going to Hertz
  17. Is booking thru Delta website mandatory if we need Skymiles?
  18. PC, booking full size, want minivan or large SUV
  19. Hertz points for 2x normal redemption UA miles offer
  20. Hertz does track where cars are placed in Ultimate Choice locations
  21. Hertz sucked points out of my account!
  22. Hertz at DUB (Dublin Airport) Consolidated Thread
  23. Cancellations + Multiple Bookings
  24. Reserved rate tripled without notification
  25. Trick to pay the least money for the best car
  26. Rewards rental question - cc insurance and fees
  27. Renting from Boston and driving into Canada
  28. Disputing a Mileage Charge
  29. Will Hertz deliver a car to the LA World Cruise Center port?
  30. Hertz DEN what classes are AWD/4WD?
  31. Can You Skip the Counter on a Pay-at-Counter Reservation?
  32. Country / Region selection when booking
  33. Hertz location closing
  34. One rental short of President's Circle
  35. Hertz Brasil / miles credit to Flying Blue
  36. Reserved Prestige vehicle not available at ADL (email 2 weeks before booking)
  37. Issues with Hertz Status Matching
  38. Newly Minted President's Circle...do i need current ressies "refreshed"?
  39. The Hertz Twitter Team - Can do very little & have no information
  40. BZN experience - AWD?
  41. HUX Rental Misprice
  42. Sporty D2 rental at SFO
  43. Hertz still the best?
  44. Hertz wouldn't let me rent with Apple Card(physical card) because card had no acct #
  45. What's a one-class upgrade from H4 JFDR?
  46. SJO No cars available - HELP
  47. Amex Plat - 5* match on existing account?
  48. Hertz one-way airport rentals from $9.99
  49. Remove prepay fuel without cancelling reservation?
  50. Dirty interior and rusty razor blade - compensation due?
  51. Add additional driver at exit booth?
  52. headsup/warning - Hertz asking for corporate ID for using CDP
  53. Price Change Amex CDP paying with JPM Reserve
  54. Ride Report 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport AWD
  55. tip: book a new reso if you need to refresh rate downward
  56. Hertz website not showing prepaid for me
  57. United Cars rez asking for Hertz Gold+ # but not sending it
  58. Hertz Gold Plus AnyDay Reward Periods 2020?
  59. Re-book prepaid to avoid fee?
  60. Hertz Digital Marketing- new emails
  61. Super CDW AND Super Cover?
  62. Missing massive amount of points?
  63. CV code usage
  64. How to handle extras that can't be booked online?
  65. AMEX platinum & Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star
  66. Spec on Porsche?
  67. Hertz PC Renewal - worth it? [2019]
  68. choice between L4 / T / H4 / T4 for LAX
  69. Are cars locally plated at origin location?
  70. How is a Jeep Compass an upgrade from a Volvo S60?
  71. Hertz-Hendrick Camaros
  72. Double booking with different vehicle class
  73. Unwanted Dynamic Currency Conversion
  74. Business CDP for personal use
  75. Premium Upgrade Zone
  76. President's Circle Valet Offer - Expired?
  77. You've earned complimentary bonus points.
  78. Hertz one-way rental with drop-off in Chicago
  79. Consolidated "Renting at DAL; What Kind of Cars to Expect?" Thread
  80. Received another renter’s receipt
  81. Returning a rental car late that's direct-billed to company
  82. Proper way to handle a parking ticket?
  83. Change Prestige Car mid Rental
  84. crazy high fees on "free" point rental
  85. Hertz keeps charging me, Express Return slip
  86. Pickup at CPH without going in airport
  87. Email bill for damage 15 months after rental: scam?
  88. Genius or Hairbrained? (2 rentals or 1 long one)
  89. Hertz - never again
  90. Getting valid receipt for rentals (UK only?)
  91. 2nd time in a row, downgraded and not told (or refunded)
  92. ABQ Albuquerque experience
  93. Renting two cars with rewards at once
  94. Goofy problem with Chase Sapphire Reserve and Hertz
  95. Rule on license expiration dates?
  96. Restrictions for 1-Day Rental (One way) using points?
  97. price fluctuations?
  98. Why is Hertz allowed to advertise vehicles that are plainly unavailable?
  99. Pay your tolls!
  100. 10-day convertible rental
  101. RIC coming in around Midnight?
  102. Rental in France - For tollways, am I able to enter the “t” lanes?
  103. Bizarre Email form Hertz South Africa
  104. Hertz DNR Europe
  105. Can I use a Hertz car for DMV driving test?
  106. Reduced point redemption promotion through 10/25
  107. Rented K4, got H4, told 'i was upgraded'?
  108. Short/long term rental options with Hertz?
  109. Select for Quote
  110. Hertz CS has gone downhill
  111. Rental in Greece - No points?
  112. Ultimate Choice while under 25
  113. Cannot reserve when logged in
  114. how do i change the currency from AUD to USD?
  115. Wierd One, My DL, but the RR shows someone else's name
  116. Hertz Italy - Not Honoring Rental Extension Price quoted on phone
  117. President's Circle Frankfurt. Car's preassigned?
  118. germany hertz fleet. what are the options?
  119. Hertz vs. Europcar in France
  120. Points disappeared from account
  121. Stuttgart Airport location failed to remain open for delayed flight
  122. Reservation price went up after booking (pay later)?
  123. Two reservations at one time
  124. Do rentals using points count towards PC qualification?
  125. Automatic Authorized Spouse
  126. Renting in SAN and Returning in BUR
  127. 5 Star member & Aiport pickup?
  128. Issues with PC code after rental.
  129. Road Paint/Overspray Damage?
  130. Upgrades at Dusseldorf (DUS) Germany
  131. Compensation for broken down car
  132. Incorrectly charged for fill-up
  133. Consolidated "You Have Multiple Reservations" Thread
  134. Has any one have any experience with Hertzplushotels.com/ ?
  135. 11 October 2019 updated to Hertz T&Cs - What has changed?
  136. Possible flight delay, might arrive a day later - what to do with my reservation?
  137. Our best fleet ever has a new pace car
  138. Redeem points in New Zealand, max 1 week?
  139. Hertz at FDH (Friedrichshafen Germany)
  140. USAA fee wavier while paying with points
  141. bad car rental experience in Sicily
  142. Pickup up from LGA, can I return in JFK?
  143. Hertz Damage call back Help
  144. What vehicle data does Hertz collect and what do they do with it?
  145. Permission to drive into/through Italy
  146. too good of a deal?
  147. Hertz website woes
  148. Extending beyond 62 days without returning to location
  149. SiriusXM now a daily fee for all?
  150. Hertz in Germany (at least) do not include basic insurance in rate.
  151. Anyone Notice Liability is Opt Out Sometimes?
  152. Reward cancellation resulting in less pts back to account? (changes May 2019)
  153. Is it better to drive or rent?
  154. Hertz at FCO
  155. Premium Upgrade section no longer available?
  156. Need Feedback on Hertz Rental in Frankfurt, Germany
  157. Received Violation for Expired Vehicle Registration/Insurance
  158. Is AAA membership best deal for one-way rentals with Hertz?
  159. Car given away, billed more, incorrect late fee.
  160. Driving across the US, best choice Hertz for transporting?
  161. Points reservation still has fees?
  162. Hertz PC 30th & 40th rental benefit
  163. Working out the charges for returning a vehicle early
  164. Ride Report – 2019 BMW 530i (RWD)
  165. July 29 Hertz Website and Station Reservation Systems Issues
  166. renting an SUV in Poland - how to ensure true 4x4?
  167. Reservation location out of business, no word from Hertz
  168. Price Variation by Country - Some Data
  169. "Best fleet ever"
  170. Hertz Vehicle Control Letter
  171. Points for Prepaid Gas and other extras?
  172. Price doubled since booking when viewing reservation online
  173. Late pick up issue
  174. Can I use two different credit cards for the same car rental contract?
  175. Card authorization hold on prepay
  176. ATL - Strong Arm Upgrade to Prestige Collection
  177. ATL to FLL & back options?
  178. Hertz at Malaga Airport (AGP)
  179. No record of rental
  180. Choosing a road trip vehicle
  181. ORD - avoiding the shuttle?
  182. Country Pricing
  183. Suggestions for reducing one way fees?
  184. Can't get reservation canceled and I don't know what to do.
  185. We apologise, but you do not have enough points to redeem a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards
  186. Changing credit card for Gold status, and existing reservations
  187. "Pay Now" option - higher chance of class of vehicle available?
  188. BZN Mid August (Gold Choice / 5*?)
  189. Pick up non-full, return full?
  190. Some Hertz one-way rental does not include unlimited mileage?
  191. Free additional driver for van hire
  192. 5 Star to Presidents Club change timing
  193. Didn't rent their car--not stopping them from logging pending charges!
  194. Too late to book with points for Zurich in September?
  195. 6 day rental is more than a week rental (or the start date affects)!
  196. Experience in KEF/Iceland
  197. Consolidated "Renting at PVD; What Kind of Cars to Expect?" Thread
  198. Renting at PAE - Everett - Paine Field
  199. Do not rent list (due to alleged misuse of corporate CDP for rentals)
  200. How to bypass counter on first time rental with gold
  201. HLE rate discrepancy from email confirmation price
  202. Hertz Ireland website forcing CDW coverage
  203. Given someone else's reservation
  204. LAS prepaid rate change overcharge
  205. Multiple CDPs?
  206. At LAX: Hertz charged gas after return!
  207. BUD rental to other countries.
  208. Best mechanism for resolving billing disputes?
  209. HLE unable to do pick up, but will provide discount for taxi/TNC ride to location
  210. Differences in upgrade fees between classes?
  211. Ghost Rental?
  212. Different pick up times - common practice?
  213. Advice on Hertz rewards points booking
  214. Renting at YUL; What Kind of Cars to Expect?
  215. Can't take CDW out...
  216. problems viewing upcoming reservations
  217. Hertz unveils "My Car" subscription service
  218. Mini van cost 750- points too?
  219. Trying to earn $20 on eRewards but seems 0.25cents each survey?
  220. Renting in DTW on Award or not for a week in July?
  221. Is there a Hertz Rep posting lately?
  222. Best Strategy for 5-Star at BRU
  223. MFR location goes off- airport, what the heck
  224. Give credit where credit is due, NCL hertz
  225. Hertz has no car for my reservation at FLL - how to escalate ?
  226. Hertz Promo - Movie Tickets
  227. Hertz Rewards May 2019 USA Redemption Devaluation
  228. Using Amex Plat Benefits With Hertz (could use some guidance)
  229. Late return on weekly rental
  230. People Are Being Jailed as Hertz Wrongly Reports Rentals Stolen
  231. Significant discounts for (some) Pre-Paid rates
  232. Hertz 75 Miles restriction on Dream Cars
  233. Hertz HLE vs Airport?
  234. Hertz #1 Gold profile changed to "I want full insurnace coverage"... how?
  235. Why car booked at Herz via third party costs less than at Hetz itself?
  236. Renting in St John's Newfoundland: are there any unlimited mileage codes?
  237. VW Caddy Maxi Life or similar
  238. Complimentary Hertz Valet Service for President's Circle (15/20/30 Rentals)
  239. Can a partner (aka, named driver) swap a rental?
  240. How do I know what model cars are in what group (for Hertz UK booking)?
  241. Earning Direct to Airline or Transfer?
  242. How to use Hertz points
  243. Free Day Cert-Must go to counter?
  244. Travelocity - too good to be true
  245. Chrysler Pacifica with CarPlay?
  246. 100$ discount voucher
  247. Hertz sues Accenture over new website
  248. Renting at AMS, How Likely is an Upgrade?
  249. Prestige Q2 vs Q5 in Melbourne
  250. Outside cleaning fee