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  1. Orlando: Infiniti or Mercedes C
  2. L4 class - 2WD, 4WD or AWD?
  3. Tinted Windows on Rental?
  4. Summer Promo Comp Opportunity?
  5. What's the deal with CC auth/hold amount these days?
  6. Escalade 2015
  7. If in doubt, leave Hertz out of it and phone Mercedes...
  8. EWR any experience gold, pc, PLAT
  9. where to send complaint about Hertz San Antonio ?
  10. Hertz at PHL
  11. Mercedes e class
  12. Charged for canceled reservation, what to do?
  13. Any Denver hertz locations that accept points?
  14. Damage Surveillance Cameras?
  15. Atlanta Station
  16. Being a FIVE STAR is so beneficial!
  17. Points earning restrictions - Israel and South Africa
  18. [Gold Family] Is the "Gold Family Discount Program" vaild if book without logging in?
  19. Is PBI Always This Bad?
  20. What other car rental program should I consider?
  21. easiest gas station for LAX return from south
  22. Booking a Hertz Reward rental
  23. Miscellaneous fee mistake
  24. Cars at JAX
  25. downgraded to the wrong vehicle type ??
  26. Fuel Scam - take photos!!
  27. Adrenaline collection in chicago
  28. Consequences of damaging a car
  29. Hertz are Firefly
  30. AMEX Platinum CDP - do I have to pay with Amex Platinum?
  31. Is this one-class upgrade?
  32. Normal to book a specific car model and not receive it?
  33. Warning: Hertz under construction at Orange County Airport (SNA), with poor service
  34. Asked to Produce Paper Certificate for Gold Plus Award Rental
  35. Huge difference between NYOP and Published price on DTW Hertz
  36. What to do if car too expensive?
  37. Special All Inclusive rates + Second Driver for FREE ????
  38. Does Hertz charge me if I use the NeverLost GPS?
  39. Rental credited to me - but it wasn't me
  40. Two reservations for same pick-up time
  41. Hertz Class Action LAS / RNO
  42. Does WHEN you book have any bearing on what car you’re assigned?
  43. Hertz Trondheim
  44. Customer Service Email?
  45. Austin TX - Bergstrom -- always a problem!
  46. Rock to the windshield--how to proceed?
  47. YYZ - Questionable Tactics
  48. adding coupon increases rate with USAA CDP
  49. YVR out of most vehicles for Feb 2015
  50. $90 a day for collision waver!!! from Hertz
  51. Disgruntled Hertz 5 star Gold looking for alternatives
  52. Are prices higher than average now?
  53. Stay away from Hertz Cancun Location
  54. Is points earning subject to exchange rate?
  55. Local renter basically CANNOT rent Prestige vehicle
  56. Can I drive a prestige vehicle to Yellowstone?
  57. Getting rewards for rentals - do you have to choose?
  58. Damage question - Florence
  59. As of July 1, 2014 - All redemptions require a one-day advanced reservation.
  60. Can I convert points to a free rental certificate?
  61. Location service charge in Germany
  62. Debit Card Question
  63. Does Hertz Staff get incentives if I accept protection plan at the counter?
  64. Using multiple points rewards on one rental?
  65. HLE inventory at opening time on Monday?
  66. Full size vs luxury car for Pres Circle 4 week rental non-airport location in Boston
  67. Hertz DSM doesn't stick around for late flights
  68. Hertz Club Gold agent refusing to get manager`
  69. hertz lax just keeps getting worse and worse
  70. Fiat 500 at ATL is a Premium car?!
  71. Neverlost IV in a new Subaru Legacy
  72. Brutal Experience at ORD and HLE State St. Chicago
  73. Nightmarish experience in Nice, France
  74. Florence, Italy: what happens if they don't have your "exact prestige model" ?
  75. President's Circle Upgrades at FRA?
  76. SMF - Sacramento experiences?
  77. Hertz Claiming Damage a month later
  78. Dream car Question
  79. Hertz $2,000+ More Than Avis
  80. How to call a Hertz branch directly?
  81. With an eye towards upgrading at SFO: Premium on cash or luxury on points?
  82. Combining rewards for one itinerary
  83. How's gold choice looking at LAS recently?
  84. Will I get Gold Service?!
  85. Car rental for 2-3 day weekend
  86. Problem with return to LAX Hilton
  87. Hertz in Norway - fleet?
  88. Hertz at GEG
  89. Not getting best price on Hertz.com
  90. Sirius XM - is it worth it?
  91. Booking U.S. rental while residing/living overseas
  92. What is up with Hertz at IAD
  93. Hertz manager says points will be refunded, Hertz customer relations says no thanks
  94. Free NeverLost summer rental thru august
  95. LCY return mess
  96. Price drops on prepaid reservations
  97. Baltimore- DC area in mid August
  98. Upgrade successes at DFW?
  99. Double Points on Weekly Rentals June 1 - Aug 22 (includes 2x 5*/PC Bonus)
  100. $300 AUD drop fee now in Australia?
  101. Upcoming Reservation Using Dollars + Rewards
  102. got given a brand new camaro ss today
  103. Multiple reservations on Same Day Question?
  104. New to Hertz
  105. Gold Reservations Not Ready
  106. Two Slot 634s at LAX Hertz?
  107. Hertz slapped on surcharge on AutoEurope, what to do?
  108. Roadside assistance
  109. New Jeep Cherokee
  110. Renewal Fee for Hertz #1 Gold?
  111. Ride Report: 2014 Fiat 500L (Sport)
  112. "location is currently not accepting points." MCI?
  113. What constitutes "brand new" these days
  114. Business or Leisure?
  115. What PC/RQ works best with Amex Cent CDP?
  116. MVAR at LAS
  117. Enter DB (Deutsche Bahn) arrival info on reservation?
  118. What does a Jetta TDI usually rent for?
  119. Need some opinions about what car !
  120. Hertz points for monthly rental
  121. Hertz Five Star / Plat upgrades stack with CDP upgrades?
  122. Hertz Gold reward - mileage allowance and taking US car to Canada
  123. Help/Advice on which car to reserve? Not possible to use points?
  124. Fuel surcharge, returned full
  125. Voucher "Free Rental Day" - how does it work?
  126. customer service on weekends?
  127. Can I use *ANY* PC/RQ codes with my AMEX PLAT CDP?
  128. Monthly rate much more expensive than weekly?
  129. Hertz President's Circle vs. Avis President's Club
  130. Second driver fee gold member and father
  131. Is Hertz Customer service really this bad?
  132. GM Recalls Having an Impact
  133. what will I expect at ORD when I prepaid for a midsized SUV?
  134. Car Rental in Dallas
  135. Best rates seem to be at the airport
  136. What is going on at the Boston Logan Airport office??
  137. Help on EXAR Our Choice or similar at SLC?
  138. 2hr wait and FREE downgrade at MCO!
  139. Price decrease as we get closer to date?
  140. Same-Same But different Classes
  141. Hertz Accidents
  142. My rental at LAS
  143. How to get prestige (or luxury) collection in a cheaper way?
  144. 8 passenger SUV from Hertz at LAX
  145. Ticketmaster Promo
  146. Can I change cars?
  147. 2015 Mercedes Benz S63
  148. Tire Questions - Europe
  149. What to do..?
  150. Had an accident, no insurance with me and Hertz going to charge me for the Liability
  151. Will you make a backup reservation?
  152. Best Luxury car in US?
  153. Rate on Reservation Decreases Automatically?
  154. Lets hear about your Hertz hook-up stories
  155. Daily Getaways, $775 for 16,500 points, a good deal?
  156. My hissy fit (and apology to those behind me in line) at MCO
  157. same bad taste in my mouth for Hertz or should I say hurts
  158. Convertibles - HNL
  159. Some observations at SLC (a comparison and a success story)
  160. 2014 Nissan GTR Dream Car( IAD)
  161. Zero Points Earned from Hertz Licensee Locations?
  162. SFO Premium return location
  163. Is there a way to select a car preference online?
  164. Gold service confirmed...Flight information
  165. new $10 drop fee on one-ways HLE to/from nearby airport
  166. Former Hertz #1 Gold & Presidents Circle Member purged due to Inactive. Reinstate?
  167. One-way charge in Spain?
  168. A invitation to join "Hertz Hub"
  169. CC hold on points rental?
  170. Oz Rental: Best for Power / Spec
  171. 'Gold membership invalid or expired' at SFO
  172. Hertz CDP code for foreigners
  173. Problems with "invalid" Credit Suisse CDP
  174. Will Hertz Accept an Alternative Credit Card ?
  175. ~$11,000 in charges from Hertz, 1 week to credit back?!
  176. Hertz Triple Points promotion Feb 1 - Apr 15
  177. Q2 Hertz promotion?
  178. Adding 3 days to a week resv changes the resv to 2 weeks ?!
  179. Problems with the Hertz Website: Australia
  180. Avoiding a certain car
  181. EWR Rental & Return Experiences - (Post May 1st Airtrain closure)?
  182. What You Rent, vs. What You Own…
  183. Class Upgrade Values
  184. Redeem multiple points in one rental
  185. Exchanging/swapping a bad car - tips? Is it possible?
  186. Hertz's action on recalled Chevrolet Cruze's?
  187. Hertz #1 and Additional Driver
  188. Dream Car - Multiple Rental Discount
  189. Redeeming Hertz Gold reward points
  190. No Adrenaline collection cars available in NOV/DEC?
  191. "Rate is subject to change" ?????
  192. Specialty Vehicle Reward
  193. When does the rental start?
  194. Help - charged for upgrade I didn't authorize
  195. Limited Choices with Different Drop-off in US
  196. Dream cars available in Montana?
  197. PHL $10/day Customer Facility Charge Added post-Reservation
  198. Cancellation Policy ?
  199. 3 day price varies hugely by collection time
  200. 2015 Tahoe availability?
  201. Renting at Portland, OR/PDX
  202. Rental TRD
  203. A Fast Way to Free Days - between May 1 and June 30, 2014
  204. Insurance Mandatory in France??
  205. s there still an excess charge with collision waiver?
  206. Hertz Fleet in Italy
  207. Cabrio rental in Munich - August
  208. Need to extend a pre-paid rental in LAS, any suggestion?
  209. what car might get if luxury reserved at Orlando MCO?
  210. Double Points for Weekend Rentals in May
  211. Moving Reservation 1/2 hour earlier = $270 more
  212. New Window When Using CDP
  213. Again took a weekly rate over a weekender
  214. Transfer Points Out - Best Option?
  215. maximum number of additional drivers?
  216. Speeding ticket on NJ Tnpk in Hertz Rental car
  217. AAA Hertz Double Points on EXTRAS During May 2014
  218. Personal CDP?
  219. Combination question: Hertz at LAX Marriott, upgrading to 7-passenger vehicle
  220. Hertz changed Conv to Chrysler 200 from Eclipse
  221. Hurray for Immediately Posted Rentals and Points
  222. Tax charged on award rental?
  223. E63 AMG Hertz Rental questions
  224. It Hurts To Rent From Hertz - $2,036 For 65 Miles
  225. Standard IFAR at HNL
  226. Hertzdreamcars.com vs hertz.com = $417.50 price diff
  227. Likely UK Fleet for Hertz in London - Audi A4 or "similar"?
  228. Toyota RAV4 @ LAX?
  229. best use of Gold Plus Reward points?
  230. Negotiate prices at LAX
  231. Hertz website snafu?
  232. Ability to Make Changes at Counter for Reservations Made on Hotwire
  233. Hertz in Singapore (Changi)
  234. When Will I Hear From Hertz About Damage To Car
  235. NYC Area Increase in high Mileage Vehicles
  236. XSAR at LAX
  237. Use of Amex Centurion CDP
  238. Unique Complaint.. Undercharged by Hertz and very unhappy!
  239. Hertz rental issue, need advice please
  240. Pick up: NYC / Drop-off: YUL - Need some tips
  241. Ride Report - '14 Chevrolet Impala Limited LTZ
  242. Email for Hertz at SFO?
  243. Is June on a Monday busy at LAX?
  244. Higher Rates with Gold Plus Login
  245. 3 vs 4 days - few hours difference...
  246. Gold Canopy Service with Pay Later
  247. Damage allegations
  248. Triple miles/points
  249. New mile limit?
  250. What’s your opinion of Hertz MCI?