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  1. Upgrades on App now Include Mandatory Upcharge if Car has Neverlost
  2. New Hertz Gold Plus Terms & Conditions
  3. Problems redeeming points
  4. Amsterdam Very Expencive
  5. Rental dilemma!
  6. Am I being punked by Aeroplan and Hertz?
  7. June 2017 rental in FRA, killer pre-paid rate
  8. PCAR reservation at HLE, downgrade
  9. Change in VISA hold policy?
  10. Does Hertz do a status or points challenge?
  11. MCI Completely Out of Cars
  12. Can I add additional driver after rental has started?
  13. One way rentals East Coast to Atlanta and Florida
  14. Clicking the box to use Gold points...
  15. Express Fuel (aka $13.99 for no fuel receipt <75 miles) discontinued
  16. This pricing doesn't make any sense
  17. Why did I get 710 points for a $60 rental?
  18. DCA: "No more receipts when returning."
  19. Same car two rental contracts
  20. Trouble with points exchanges?
  21. Hertz - Private Flights Only Locations
  22. No show fee or reservation cancellation deadline?
  23. Which group F car at San Diego 6th avenue?
  24. MUC Hertz Upgrades
  25. One Way Rental from SFO-LAX 2x that of LAX-SFO
  26. Information about SuperCover Policy and null excess
  27. Rental on points in Europe
  28. Tipping Hertz
  29. Istanbul - no cars at all for 1st half September
  30. Challenger for G class?
  31. Hertz car drove over a Semi truck tire on I-10
  32. Hertz Gold - what happens if I don't pick up a car?
  33. Question re how to habdle customer service issue
  34. Convert post pay to prepaid ... or ?
  35. Hertz Customer Service. Does it Exist?
  36. Flying in and renting from nearby HLE
  37. Can I back-to-back 2 rentals and keep same car?
  38. Using Hertz in Greece
  39. Hertz - Not Unlimited Miles?
  40. Hertz Summer Bonus 2016
  41. Consolidated "Renting at SNA; What Kind of Cars to Expect?" Thread
  42. Hertz NZ 2X Avis
  43. Why does Hertz need to "see" additional driver's credit card?
  44. Battery died, but Hertz won't come out to exchange vehicle. Help?
  45. Booking through corporate travel using another CDP?
  46. Does the renter need to be the primary driver?
  47. Anchorage Hertz - how efficient are they?
  48. No More "Paid Platinum" program
  49. Missing bonus points, CS don't understand
  50. what types of convertibles does Hertz usually have at Honolulu airport these days?
  51. LHR Porsche rental
  52. Hertz and Delta Medallion Program
  53. Met with an accident, Worst part is i dont have any insurance or coverage. Need Help!
  54. Do Hertz off-airport rentals still provide UA and DL miles bonuses?
  55. Hertz reservation - Gold... ?!?
  56. What to do while renting?
  57. Pay Later cheaper than Pay Now? Why? [Italy]
  58. NYC Locations - which to use?
  59. Gold Coast Airport - Hertz
  60. Does Hertz insurance cover the car accident?
  61. New to Platinum - Curbside Question
  62. UK Vs US rates - With(out) Insurance
  63. Hertz One Way Fee' CDP's Disabled
  64. Transfer Points to Hertz?
  65. RCAR LAS Mercedes C300 what might I get
  66. Discover Authorization Hold?
  67. Am I missing something? (Hertz 6x the $)
  68. Extend Rental to Bypass "Sold Out"
  69. Tax and Charges at IND
  70. Hertz confirmation numbers now start with a H
  71. Non Platepass (EZPass) toll transponder in Hertz vehicle
  72. Transfers to WN are CP Qualifying ?!?!
  73. Any experience renting full-size with points, but trading/upgrading to SUV/Minivan?
  74. Green cars / Hybrid - Experiences?
  75. Chicago O'Hare ORD - Experiences?
  76. Pay At Destination - Gold Canopy
  77. Hertz Online Presales
  78. Returning multi-month rental early. Charge?
  79. Reservation charged to card before pick-up. Is this normal?
  80. Hertz president's circle vs Avis Presidents' club: worth it?
  81. Hertz Reservations
  82. A week is 168 hours :)
  83. Is there a difference between Luxury (I) & Premium Luxury (YI)?
  84. Hertz at McO help
  85. Hertz San Francisco HLE
  86. CD players - do all cars still have them
  87. SFO service Fail
  88. Can't book certain types of rewards
  89. Is paid upgrade compatible with a reward rental?
  90. What LCAR and FFAR options are at HNL?
  91. Phew, what a difference a few hours makes...
  92. Fuel game still in play...
  93. Best Hertz deal
  94. Hertz is about to DNR me for putting too many miles on cars...hmm
  95. No points for Hertz rental?
  96. Minor Parking Lot Accident: What to do?
  97. Hertz - What the hell do I do with 50k points?
  98. Amex Platinum Card Bennies vs. AAA Rates, Presidents Circle Status?
  99. Stolen car idiocy, or how much do Hertz's computers suck?
  100. No Spare Tire
  101. Hertz LAX Group U/STAR
  102. Hertz Gold Choice / Carfirmation Questions
  103. Hertz Site Down? 2 Days - No Luck!
  104. How long is a week at Hertz?
  105. 2nd Reservation in 24hr Cancelled with Hertz
  106. Any Way to Waive Drop Fee?
  107. LAS - East Sahara HLE
  108. No "skip the counter" at TLV?
  109. One way rental from a HLE.
  110. Availability of Group W (Mustang) in July near SFO
  111. Second shorter rental allowed within a longer first rental?
  112. Hertz Gold 5* @ DTW - Garbage
  113. Mileage overstated by 2000 miles
  114. Apple Carplay
  115. Hertz DEN
  116. One way rental,estimated mileage.
  117. Hertz Plat to buy - not anymore ?
  118. How to verify I will get child seat?
  119. How to get the car model booked on OW rental?
  120. 1st July Price Hike
  121. Flash Sale - 24 hours to get a free day
  122. Hertz Thailand Review
  123. Luxury at CLT
  124. Question about the rental return time
  125. Recent PHL Rental Experiences
  126. which rentals count towards 5-star or PC Status.
  127. New to Hertz - Why do I always get the base model in the far back?
  128. What is it with DCA Hertz?
  129. Why just one day later all the prices raised a lot?
  130. SDF -- Shuttle or not?
  131. How to upgrade & Pay Later Cancellations
  132. Using Hertz Rewards: What's going on?
  133. LAS - Adren Cars - talk to me!
  134. Hertz/United Mileageplus: Mexico?
  135. Hertz Platinum
  136. Price difference when choosing country/language
  137. How to know if oneway is a oneway?
  138. UK rental: Drop fee and tax included in original res but changed a few hours later
  139. Why does a Gold Member keep getting offered a Fuel Option
  140. Hertz Spring Bonus 2016
  141. Car selection at Hertz and "Gold Choice"
  142. What advice if flight delayed?
  143. All Hertz PC Codes No Longer Working?
  144. Multi Free Day Certs?
  145. UK LHR DNR experience
  146. Value of Gold Benefits on a Rental
  147. Long hold on credit card - solved with executive customer service email
  148. Taxes and Fees when using a Hertz Voucher?
  149. $39 Premium when booking logged in?
  150. What is the difference between classes B4 and Q4?
  151. No licence tag plate - should I be worried?
  152. Getting rental points when using 3rd party?
  153. Combine Free Rental + paid rental ?
  154. Netherlands - fleet list 2016
  155. Upgrading at Honolulu
  156. First time renting a car personaly.
  157. Hertz Gold Promotionals
  158. Tier qualification and 900 points/rental if earning miles?
  159. Nashville BNA Airport Rentals
  160. Points Expiry
  161. 2016 Camaro
  162. Which model can I expect for STAR in LAX?
  163. SUV at MIA - 4Runner?
  164. Hertz insanity
  165. Help pick a good combo
  166. Different Drop-off location qualify for free days/week?
  167. Oops! It looks like there was an error....
  168. Purchase roadside assistance as Hertz gold member
  169. Help needed regarding first rental in Mexico (Cabo)
  170. Any way of seeing taxes&fees on reward rentals without having sufficient points?
  171. Split rentals
  172. Hertz caught out over repair rip-offs
  173. What is the Hertz Dream Car/ Dream Service
  174. Car Rental August Frankfurt 3 weeks Help Please
  175. Free Upgrade Terms (for Hertz Five Star Members)?
  176. Car selection and upgrades at PHX
  177. trouble with booking on Hertz website?
  178. How does Hertz airline mile earning work?
  179. Unavailable class on Prepaid
  180. Using my award points
  181. Berlin location experiences?
  182. C- again for Hertz
  183. Reward reservation - What happens when the car (Z6) is no longer in fleet?
  184. After hour Hertz returns in a suburb
  185. Could HTZ sold to foreign investors?
  186. Ford Explorer
  187. 2016 Ford Shelby GT-H
  188. Redeeming airline miles / hotel points for car rentals
  189. Picking up prepaid Hertz rental early
  190. Canada Advice
  191. Chevrolet Suburban from SFO
  192. Fuel RIP OFF
  193. Hertz Adrenaline Collection Shrinking?
  194. Hertz and Daylight savings
  195. Customer Service LOL Moments
  196. Is Car Rental Loyalty... dead?
  197. Hertz LAX Aiport Scam
  198. Cost of CDW for Dreamcars
  199. Extended warranty on used 2014 Maxima S - buying Hertz rental, urgent help needed
  200. Gold Choice and Satellite Radio
  201. Upgrade for PC at European "non-participating locations" like Belfast BHD?
  202. How new (model year) are Dream Cars?
  203. Mixing 2 Gold Plus Rewards in one reservation or combining 2 reservations?
  204. SYD: Anything not as wide as Nissan Qashqai?
  205. Hertz not giving upgrades for PC member
  206. Bargain
  207. Had an accident with Hertz car. Please Help
  208. Hertz San Francisco No Cars Sat Feb 13th
  209. Unable to book online for Italy
  210. What would be considered a one class upgrade from a Chrysler 200 convertible?
  211. Free rental day requires 3 days?
  212. Gold Plus Rewards - Two Free Days
  213. Hertz IT increasing outsourcing to IBM
  214. Mileage caps?
  215. Buy Hertz Loss Damage Waiver?
  216. AER for N00b?!
  217. Booked at a discounted price
  218. A way to know MSRP at time of rental?
  219. Hertz contract not renewed with GM?
  220. Hertz Gold Points - Scam?
  221. Platepass - multiple states?
  222. Hertz Foreign Websites
  223. Gold Canopy @ EDI
  224. Booking Dream Cars?
  225. YUL to JFK airport? YVR to SEA airport?
  226. Lots of Kia's entering the Hertz fleet this year
  227. Hertz false damage claims on me? What steps to take?
  228. Gold Coast (OOL) PCAR
  229. Additional driver fee (spouse) for MCO & LAX?
  230. Hertz Website - is it just me or is it crap for everyone?
  231. Long term rental - Presidents Circle Qualification
  232. Australia Hertz Rental Advice
  233. Gold Rewards Programme - Confused, can anyone help?
  234. Rental extended by two days and drop-off location changed
  235. Will I Lose My Gold Plus Rewards?
  236. Need a Hertz/Dollar/Thrifty Receipt from 2015
  237. Can I use my Aeroplan card?
  238. Hertz France re-fueling distance??
  239. Camaro SS at LAX - are they the latest model?
  240. Are you getting Emails from Hertz?
  241. Winter Sale 20% off and CDW+TP confusion
  242. Reward Points use at LHR
  243. Best strategy for fast president circle status ?
  244. Hertz Orlando Int Airport - car collection arrangements?
  245. US Adrenaline Collection
  246. Winter Bonus 2016
  247. Can i change name on Gold Account ?
  248. What kind of insurance should a foreign renter buy when renting from Hertz in the US?
  249. Economy Cars for Hertz at LAX
  250. I need help to contact Hertz IAH