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  1. Room upgrades discontinued
  2. 3k points per stay early July promo + what's the deal w/ elite-status bottled water?
  3. BW & World Hotels
  4. Best western emailed a $25 travel card
  5. BW Extending Statuses Through 2021 due to Coronavirus
  6. Points for BW Travel Card
  7. Transferring BW Rewards Points - Can take up to 2 MONTHS
  8. 2019 Winter Promotion
  9. Buy a $100 BW gift card, get a $20 bonus card for free
  10. Best Western Huge devaluation!
  11. Has anyone ever seen a hotel sell Best Western gift cards?
  12. Denied points incident at The Plaza Hotel, Honolulu
  13. BW UK Diamond Benefits
  14. Credit card DP?
  15. American Express sync offer (U. S. stays only)
  16. Best Western Inverness Palace Hotel & Spa
  17. Go Get Green promotion
  18. 2019 Fall Promotion
  19. Does Globalist has a free guest
  20. Using BW pts for friend's hotel stay
  21. Promotional Codes that work
  22. Points or 0% Forex Fee
  23. BW has started to deduct points at time of booking?
  24. unable to view account!!!
  25. Time for transfer of points to AAdvantage
  26. BW Purchase Points Promotion 10,000 Points for $55 USD
  27. REWRUSH219 - BWR members get a $20 TC after the first stay between 5/20 and 9/2/19
  28. BW in Montreal
  29. Good rates through Expedia for TD
  30. Travel Agent Rate Code
  31. Berkeley, CA is getting a new Best Western Plus
  32. REWRUSH119 - free night (good for 60 days) after 2 stays between 2/4/19 and 4/14/19
  33. GLo by Best Western - new brand
  34. BW corporate structure change
  35. Best Western Makati left BWR
  36. Booking before I have the points?
  37. Award rooms @10K is back for this early-winter!
  38. How I could redeem a 28 000-night stay for 12700+25
  39. BW in Central London worth staying at?
  40. Best Western Plus Hong Kong (308 Des Voeux Road West, HK Island)
  41. Cancel reward stay, how long before points are back in the account?
  42. Best Western Premier Sofia Airport Hotel
  43. Best use of BW Reward Points
  44. LA area properties
  45. Best Western Mangga Dua (Jakarta) any experiences?
  46. Best Western Autumn Promo Double Points Sep - Nov 2018
  47. MNBA Canada 40,000 Bonus Point No longer Available?
  48. Best Western booking site broken
  49. No more 250 best western points for survey after a stay?
  50. No more 10% free night rebate
  51. Transfer time to Aeroplan
  52. Pls assure me I did the right thing in trying to book 2 points nights in Switzerland
  53. Hotels that don't include breakfast, but gives Diamond members?
  54. Best Western MBNA Bonus - Will it be Offered Again Soon?
  55. Best Western compared with lowest Marriot and Hilton brand?
  56. Free points, but not happy about it
  57. Warning: Summer 2018 bonus online may not be the best offer!
  58. BW Diamond Select Recognition in Asia?
  59. BW Visit a National Park Promotion Questions
  60. So is the Daily Getaways promo for BW any good?
  61. BW will match status, should I use SPG Gold or Marriott Gold to match status?
  62. BW Plus Hacienda Old town
  63. Anyone visited the Best Western Universo in Rome?
  64. Disturbing Room Key Situation...Seeking Advice on How to Procede
  65. Previous stays credited to BW Rewards account?
  66. Replacement for San Francisco Americania?
  67. Best Western Plus hotel Bologna in Mestre (Venice)
  68. Can I book reward stay at Best Western Hotel in Japan for my family member?
  69. "Zero Waste" Fee
  70. How to unjoin BW Rewards
  71. SPRING18: $10 travel card (120 days life) per stay (again!), 12 Feb - 29 Apr. 2018
  72. Churned 160k BW pts... which best value hidden gems BW properties in US to stay at?
  73. Unexpected government rate when booked through HRS engine.
  74. Best Paris BW with toddlers
  75. Best Western Plus - Who decides the Plus?
  76. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Best Western Rewards-Europe/Africa benefits nominations
  77. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Best Western Rewards-ME/Asia/Oceania benefits nominations
  78. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Best Western Rewards-Americas benefits nominations
  79. WINTER17: $10 travel card (120 days life) after each stay, 12/1/17-1/31/18
  80. Latest black friday weekend spin the wheel promo not working ?
  81. Check in Online?
  82. Reservation details missing on website?
  83. Booking a rewards room for someone else?
  84. Possibly the best rewards program & customer service team ever
  85. BW bonus points not received yet
  86. BW now a AVIOS partner with BA
  87. Do Reward nights count towards Elite status?
  88. Problematic Stay
  89. Only 10K BWR points for a room Nov. 1--Jan. 31!
  90. Fall 2017 Offer - 2X Points on Every Stay! Sep 18 - Nov 30 2017
  91. 2017 Summer Rewards travel cards
  92. Followup email requesting feedback
  93. Best Western reservations in iPhone calendar
  94. Low Rate Guarantee broken?
  95. BW Plus Encina Inn & Suites - Santa Barbara
  96. BW elite status
  97. Third Party Bookings - Can I still get upgrades?
  98. any way to quickly earn 1200 points?
  99. Berghotel Rehlegg Ramsau, Bavaria
  100. Convert Cash Booking to Points Booking / Changes
  101. Stratosphere in Vegas and Aquarius in Laughlin joining BW
  102. Reno Best Western Airport Plaza- flag is gone
  103. How can I stop Lucy? (BW lurker please read)
  104. SUM17: $10 travel card (AAA: $20) every NIGHT, May 22 - Sep 4, 2017, uncapped
  105. Possibly the worst rewards program & customer service team ever
  106. Awards for 4 adults in one room
  107. Favorite Best Western/any recommendations for hotels/resorts
  108. Anyone have try churn First Bank BW CC?
  109. Availability in Newark - Robert Treat Hotel
  110. BW status matched from Hilton
  111. BW points on a travel agent group booking?
  112. BW Lahore - Are Bombings a good reason to request change of date to AP Bookings?
  113. How long does it take for points to be deducted?
  114. new elite benefits at BW
  115. Book on Agoda, still get Best Western Rewards points?
  116. Early check in - how early?
  117. SPRING17: $10 travel card (120 days life) per stay (again!), 13 Feb - 30 Apr. 2017.
  118. BW Royal Palace Suites LA
  119. Booked Corp Code, 3rd Party
  120. Room upgrades for Plats
  121. Points redemption not available in summer?
  122. Reward Levels for free stays
  123. Seattle: BW Plus Pioneer Square or BW Executive Inn?
  124. Points continually not deducted
  125. UK Best Westerns
  126. How to Determine Award-Stay Cancellation Policy Before Booking?
  127. Good BW hotel stays in Germany
  128. booking 2 rooms, same nights
  129. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Best Western Rewards-ME/Asia/Oceania benefits nominations
  130. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Best Western Rewards-Europe/Africa benefits nominations
  131. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Best Western Rewards-Americas benefits nominations
  132. No BW hotel in Buenos Aires?
  133. Tools for finding BestWestern BRG deals
  134. No cyber Monday deals?
  135. WINTER16: $10 travel card (120 days life) after each stay, 11/28/16-1/29/17
  136. Free something with Best Wester
  137. Any luck getting a hotel to add award rooms?
  138. which Best Western in San Diego
  139. How long after check out points should post?
  140. Quebec and Montreal Ville Marie
  141. BW Website redesigned.
  142. Best western Oakdale,LA
  143. Diamond Experience: BW Plus Calgary Suites Downtown
  144. US Phone numbers?
  145. New property Gothenburg
  146. Do non stays count towards status and points?
  147. BW Grandsky Beijing... Not !
  148. FALL16: 1000 bonus points per stay, uncapped, 9/12/16-11/20/16
  149. BW Hong Kong
  150. No reward night availability ..... ever?
  151. BW Android App on Nougat: can't log in
  152. How much compensation can I get?
  153. Free to a good home - $25 Travel Card exp 8/31/16
  154. Best Western Came Thru for me
  155. The Bell IN Driffield
  156. Best Western award strategies and tips ?
  157. Hotel leaves BW chain - what happens to points bookings?
  158. BEST WESTERN Plus Icarai Design Hotel
  159. AAA/CAA members stay twice to earn a free night!
  160. Reward night for a friend?
  161. Diamond experience: SF Tuscan, GC Squire Inn, BC Ruby's Inn, Silver Saddle Estes
  162. Best Western President - Auckland room question..
  163. BW mastercard time to post bonus?
  164. SUM16: earn $50 gift cards for each two stays + 1000 points/stay 5/23/16-8/28/16
  165. Mountain View, CA
  166. Any promos for late May stays?
  167. Does availability vary ?
  168. Free to a good home - $25 Best Western cert expires 4/30
  169. Good place near Rho & Milan Fair--but not Milan
  170. Once again, Daily Getaway does not sell out right away
  171. New to BW, how many points for a reward night?
  172. Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai
  173. Number of Points earned for Airline Partners
  174. Goodbye BW - No Points or Stay Credit for 3rd Party Booking
  175. SRPING16 promo: 2 stays (2/8/16-5/8/16) for $25 BW GC ($35 for AAA), up to 5 times
  176. Email: Lowest FREE night redemption levels of any loyalty program
  177. Awful Experience with Best Western Plus O'Hare South
  178. Reward reservation shows $30 rate and no points removed
  179. Best Western Rewards - We are being ripped off. BWR changed policy from 15 pts to 3 !
  180. Best Aspirational BW Properties
  181. No more 250 Pts for Best Western Reviews
  182. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 Best Western Rewards, M. East/Asia/Oceania benefits nominations
  183. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 Best Western Rewards, Europe/Africa benefits nominations
  184. FlyerTalk Awards 2016 Best Western Rewards, Americas benefits nominations
  185. Points into gift cards at 50% off worthwhile?
  186. Status Expire
  187. WINTER15 promo (23 Nov 2015 - 7 Feb 2016): 500 bonus points per stay
  188. Issue - many hotels not available for redemption on line
  189. Not such a valued customer after all
  190. New North America BW Premier Collection announced
  191. Best Western re-inventing itself
  192. Best Western Rewards 2016 Program Changes
  193. Has Best Western's Status Match Program Totally Devalued Diamond?
  194. Best Western St. Ignace, MI
  195. Best Western Travel Card (trade or give away)
  196. converting BW points into miles (Germany)
  197. Travel Card use questions
  198. Corporate Codes
  199. Transfer points to Best Western - Best option?
  200. My points are not deducted
  201. How Long for Airline Miles to Post
  202. Why Aren't Some BW Hotels Bookable With Points?
  203. Lower Price Guarantee is a joke
  204. Only Best Western in Dubai -- former Traders
  205. Being walked and downgraded, what to expect?
  206. SUM15: earn 1000 bonus points per stay, 5/26/15-9/7/15, uncapped
  207. Seaport Inn, NYC availablity
  208. what to do with 10k points
  209. Best Western Phuket in Jan/2016?
  210. Best Western $25 GC
  211. Best Western Rewards Points
  212. Friends& Family rate @ BW?
  213. Platinum Suite Upgrades... domestic or international
  214. Good stay at BW 7Seas San Diego
  215. Best Western Primrose Toronto closes suddenly
  216. Did anybody else receive an unsolicited password reminder from Best Western today?
  217. How long for 250 points for survey to post?
  218. Can multiple travel cards be used together?
  219. Best Western - Amex Promotions?
  220. Favorite Best Western Property?
  221. Point devaluation for beach properties?
  222. Midway Airport Hotel
  223. new [US] credit card partner for BWR coming in Spring 2015?
  224. Diamond Status Amenity Experiences
  225. Spring 2015 promotion: 2 stays 2/2-3/15 earns travel/gift card (or 6500 pts for some)
  226. 6700 Points - Help with redemption
  227. Rate Best Western Rewards
  228. FlyerTalk 2015 Awards benefits - Best Western Rewards, Middle East/Asia/Oceania
  229. FlyerTalk 2015 Awards benefits - Best Western Rewards, Europe/Africa
  230. FlyerTalk 2015 Awards benefits - Best Western Rewards, Americas
  231. BW Cyber Monday $25 off
  232. Grand Canyon Best Western
  233. Best Western Plus Denver Hotel
  234. Website password problem
  235. Winter 2014/2015 promo so feeble, you might as well stay in hibernation
  236. BW Premier Dua Sentral Kuala Lumpur
  237. Best Western In Scotland using points
  238. BW Announces 2 new brands.
  239. SuperSaver rates don't earn points/miles/promotions?
  240. Best BW point redemptions
  241. 2000 bonus points per night (up to 4 nts) for Michigan stays through 2014 (reg req'd)
  242. $100 offer for using Mastercard
  243. Push for upgrade?
  244. Reservation not honoured
  245. BW Rewards unresponsive to emails
  246. Fall 2014 promotion
  247. Best Western booking unavailable?
  248. Milbrae, CA location (SFO)
  249. Hotel over charged from booked rate. Won't fix
  250. BW Paris Rewards Availability?