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  1. Best Western Mumbai / Bombay Emerald - cannot recommend
  2. Earning points with Travel cards?
  3. Assistance with points transfer please
  4. Bonus for converting points to miles
  5. Trouble w/ points from MC to BW; BIG PAIN!
  6. Point Posting Speed
  7. Using BW awards
  8. Deposit for French BWs
  9. Lifetime Diamond status BW Gold Club - US/Canada/Caribbean
  10. Gold Crown Club Promos and Bonuses Master Thread?
  11. Any new promotional codes?
  12. Points no longer expire
  13. Identifying nice properties in North America
  14. Best Western San Marcos Inn
  15. Points-->Miles conversion options?
  16. Can I trust Expedia ?
  17. Double Miles!
  18. New to the program
  19. Best Western Promos?
  20. Best Western Les Terrasses d'Eze Still Open?
  21. Diamond Room Upgrades
  22. New Changes to Gold Crown Club
  23. Anyone stayed at the Best Western Senator Hotel in Istanbul?
  24. New to the program: restriction on booking web sites for points/miles?
  25. UK Only- BOGOF Travelcards
  26. Mexico City Feedback
  27. Hotel Ambassadeur in Oslo?
  28. Best Western goes high speed -- except Australia
  29. Triple points/miles promo, plus 10% bonus & more
  30. Occupancy for Global Free Room Night Voucher
  31. Donate Point So Katrina Victims Can Stay in Best Western Properties
  32. Double Points or Miles 9/6- 12/14
  33. Geographical restrictions on earning AAdvantage miles
  34. BW Sunset Plaza - Los Angeles
  35. BW La Corona manila
  36. Montreal Best Western Europa anyone stayed?
  37. Best Western signed me up for GCC.. on their own?
  38. BW Trafalgar - Madrid
  39. Elite status for North Americans only?
  40. Has anyone received their Spring MC Bonus cert.s?
  41. Airline Transfers
  42. Is Cancun considered part of "Caribbean"?
  43. How many GCCI points needed?
  44. BW Gregory, Brooklyn, NY
  45. Gold Clown Club??? (trouble registering)
  46. BW Engimatt - Zurich
  47. Venice - Best BW hotel????
  48. Best Rate Guarantee? ...Bad Joke!~
  49. 250 miles PER NIGHT?
  50. GCC Newbie...
  51. Earn a $50 Travel Card with 5 nights stay
  52. BW too quick to pull your points
  53. BW hotels in Rome
  54. BW Hibiscus Key West?
  55. Best Western Arosa in Madrid. Any info?
  56. Best Western Morristown Inn
  57. Seeking comments on BW Merida, MX
  58. "We don't give airline miles, only points."
  59. Good Experience at Istanbul BW Hotel The President
  60. Annual Redemption Limit and other failings
  61. Staying at Hotel Multiple days- easy way to earn several stays?
  62. Problems with credits from International stays
  63. Advice on downtown Chicago
  64. Warning "unit" cards discontinued, BAD customer service
  65. BW Art Deco Rome
  66. Best Western Cape
  67. New Promo
  68. Can i use a certificate on someone else name
  69. Can You Tell What's Wrong in This Page?
  70. Annual Recognition Gift
  71. Best Western promos for Canada?
  72. Stuck with 499 points?
  73. Best Partner Programs
  74. New Zealand
  75. Triple American miles
  76. BW Greifswald
  77. California Points
  78. BW Tamarindo Vista Villas
  79. 2 great promos per stay till 11/30
  80. Discount Codes for Best Western??
  81. 10% Bonus on Best Western Travelcard
  82. Using Gift Card for stay vs. MasterCard Requirement:
  83. Elimination of Best Western GCCI forum
  84. Phoenix Central info sought
  85. Italy Best Western Hotel Bologna, Venice Hotels
  86. Points
  87. Need General Information and an Education about Best Western
  88. BW Cairns
  89. New Toiletries for BW?
  90. BW Detroit
  91. BW Double Up Promotion Returns For Fall 2004
  92. No invoice, no points
  93. Hotel Alt Heidelberg ?
  94. Corporate Rate
  95. Getting points for holding event at BW?
  96. BW Travel Card
  97. Redeaming points/Venice Italy
  98. Have to pay with MY money to earn points?
  99. booking multiple rooms, and getting pts??
  100. miles for someone else?
  101. Best western rio- Ipanema
  102. Discount Codes for Best Western?
  103. Need 3 points to top off account.
  104. Dublin, Shannon Ireland
  105. Nice Transfer Opportunity
  106. Best Western Newark Airport
  107. BW in Normandy
  108. While we're on the subject of airmiles.....
  109. Be sure to check that your earning preferences are what you originally asked for.
  110. No more UA miles.
  111. GCCIers! Got something to say about your program?
  112. BW. How difficult does this have to be?
  113. BW GCC Customer Service: Great!
  114. Fairly cheap hotel in Toronto Canada
  115. Clear Lake IA
  116. Best Western Website Question
  117. Status match.
  118. Best Western MasterCard
  119. Los Angeles Area BW hotel
  120. BW + Mastercard teaming up to offer free nights
  121. Travelocity bus/b/wstrn=discounted rates
  122. prague best westerns
  123. Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven, Springfield MO
  124. Best Western ends relationship with US Air
  125. Be careful with Best Western chains
  126. Best Western Airport Travel Inn Toronto
  127. Triple AS Miles at NW Bestwesterns
  128. Georgia Best Westerns
  129. Best Western GCCI "Quick" Points & Expiration
  130. Best Western mailer: Northwest PD735 cert.
  131. Up to Quadruple Miles at Best Westerns
  132. Best Western: Platinum or Diamond
  133. Best Western Takayama, Japan
  134. BestWestern Siena, Italy-Hotel Palazzo dei Priori
  135. Will Best Western Comp Plat/Diamond?
  136. 25 Best Western points for survey
  137. Best Western GCCI
  138. BW Ocean View in Seaside, OR
  139. Looking for help with GCI project
  140. Any promos to get Platinum?
  141. St. Thomas - Emerald Beach Resort
  142. Best Western Announces Enhanced Program Changes
  143. Triple Miles and more with Delta Air Lines
  144. Best Western triple Delta miles
  145. Reward miles (Delta)
  146. Best Western
  147. New to Best Western
  148. Corte Medera (Marin, CA)
  149. Rockville, MD
  150. Best Western NE US double dipping coupon
  151. any deals for booking online?
  152. New Best Western in HK
  153. Toronto Airport Hotels on the Block
  154. Gold Crown CS Only M-F?
  155. BW American Airlines
  156. Do they have an Elite status program?
  157. Can I use 150 points for anything?
  159. Best Western Plaza Intl, Orlando, FL
  160. Time to post?
  161. What's the currency rate for BW $ voucher ?
  162. What can I do with orphan points?
  163. Best Western Hawaii
  164. Amsterdam Best Western
  165. Triple Northwest WPs FF miles when you stay at a Minnesota BW
  166. Double Miles at BW by using MasterCard
  167. Difficulty getting miles to post from BW
  168. Best Western Cavalier - Hearst Castle
  169. Worst Best Worsten
  171. Bad experience
  172. Gold Crown Club - what's the point?
  173. Orlando BW worst ever
  174. Not a member yet at BW? Let me refer you.
  175. Want to join ~ Let me refer you ...
  176. Anyone Know Gold Crown Customer Service Fax Number
  177. Online Services
  178. Euro-Guestcheques
  179. 50 bonus points (and 25 more I've posted before ...)
  180. Best Western Rt. 66/ Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  181. Shrewood Hills Resort
  182. Problems with lodging
  183. Best Western Gold Crown International Review
  184. Hotel Bonuses
  185. 25 free GCCI points
  186. BW Visa
  187. Advice on using the points?
  188. BW get new GOLD CROWN CARD
  189. General Comments