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  1. Bw members get out the vote!!!
  2. Earn Bonus Points in IN, IL, IA, MI, MN & WI
  3. Bed Type Guarantee For Platinum?
  4. One Week Promotion - Seven days to book your European Winter Break!
  5. Elite "Diamond" special offers
  6. Top Best Western's in California?
  7. Glowing Reviews of Calistoga & South Lake Tahoe BW Properties
  8. Best Western unveils Premier and Plus Hotels for 2011
  9. If you can find an 8,000 point BW hotel
  10. Elite Members can get a $25 Macy's gift card at the discounted rate of 6,000 points
  11. Anyone Transfer Points to Another Person's Airline Account?
  12. How often do you check your point balance???
  13. Is a Free Night really Free?! Pathetic BW Customer Service (as usual)
  14. Best Western - New Member
  15. Cheapest point hotels?
  16. Who has the most points?
  17. Online reward statement
  18. 4% Instant Cash Offer Best Western Reservations
  19. Does bw affiliate with any websites like hotels.com, priceline, orbitz?
  20. Best western 2,000 point bonus - ftd
  21. Best western properties europe
  22. Hotel that is never available
  23. Best Western CAVALIERI DELLA: MXP (Milan): questions?
  24. Best airline partner with BW?
  25. ...And another positive post on BW!
  26. Best Western Dakota Ridge (MSP area)- recommended
  27. Does BW Rewards do exceptional credit card promotions??
  28. BW multiple rooms
  29. Purchase BW Points
  30. Best Western Soft Landing?
  31. Free 100-1000 points
  32. New to BW
  33. 8000 Bonus Points in the Southeast till 9/26
  34. Stay 2 separate times at any Best Western betw. 9/12 and 11/21/10 earn double points
  35. Stay Report: Best Western Papago Inn & Resort - Scottsdale, AZ
  36. Best Western Business Plus - Express Check-out
  37. hotel withoolds newspapers in the morning to give them to other elites that evening!!
  38. De Island Best Western, Lagos Nigeria
  39. B/W Promotion Code
  40. Why are BW travel cards such an ordeal to use?
  41. So how do you redeem points?
  42. 500 points for $100 BW travelcard purchase thru 25 Dec 10 (max 1)
  43. Travel Card User ID ?
  44. How much time for Bestwestern stay to post
  45. Nicest BWs
  46. Cant use Gift Card with Intenet Rate
  47. Any Success with Free Night Voucher?
  48. Canadian funds travel card charged in US funds
  49. BW Now Offering Water and Snack or Points at Checkin
  50. Bizarre experience with Best Western reservations
  51. Redeem this coupon for $20 off the “best available rate"
  52. Suggestions to get 500 more points?
  53. Why bother?
  54. Bonus airline rewards for purchasing BW Travel Cards 6/1-8/31/10
  55. Verona, Italy Properties
  56. Best Western Qualifying Nights
  57. Asia Best Deals Promotion
  58. Convert Best Western points to AA with 25%/35% bonus miles by 6/30/10
  59. Best Western Harbor Shores - Lake Geneva, WI
  60. Earn 1,000 bonus points for every qualified night @ Best Western Kansas
  61. Anyone stayed at BW Presidential in NYC
  62. Can BW $50 Gift Card from Prev. Promo be used for Stay 2 Get 1 Free Promo?
  63. Best Western Gift Card is expiring
  64. Does BW do guarantees for Diamonds on sold out hotels
  65. Best Western Website Member Account Issues
  66. Discover America® Daily Getaways: $100 BW Travel Card for $70, 5/13/10, 10am ET
  67. Status Match - 5k pts posting yet?
  68. current promo earn 50 travel card if you stay 2x by may 30
  69. Stay twice between 6/20 and 8/15/10 and earn 1 or 2 Free Night vouchers
  70. Double points for Florida stay under GM rate code 5/2-12/31/10
  71. Enter for a chance to win 1,000,000 Best Western Rewards® points!
  72. Has anyone used Best Western Advance Units
  73. BW would not award points
  74. Getting Delta Miles
  75. Buy $100 BW Travel Card by 31May + stay 1Jun-31Aug = 3000 pts
  76. Value of a BW Point?
  77. At what point does it become real "BU$INE$$"?
  78. Any Sign Up Bonus?
  79. Discount Best Western Travel Cards
  80. New Promotion - Stay Twice and receive $50 Gift Card
  81. Heads up: Best Western Rewards® MasterCard® changes effective 4/15/2010
  82. eligible rates?
  83. Elite with Another Hotel Program? We'll Match It!
  84. Best Western - Texas Promotion
  85. Do you usually need membership card at BWs?
  86. Best Western Shinjuku - Tokyo
  87. Any reports for the Best Western Hotel Medicis?
  88. 48 hour cancellation policy?
  89. Best Western GB 24 Hour Giveaway - From 8am on 9th Feb
  90. Albuquerque Airport Best Western
  91. threaten with arrest!!!
  92. GCC thanks me for being a frequent guest at a hotel I've never stayed at - concerns?
  93. double or triple rewards (up to 3 times, on 4 stays)
  94. Trip Report: Best Western Chateau Granville Vancouver
  95. Earn 500 Bonus Points on Your Next Stay!
  96. NYC Presidential
  97. Best Western Elite Status
  98. BAD - BW Mayfair Suites - Bangkok
  99. Is there any luxurious Best Western hotels?
  100. International reservation using POINTS
  101. BW Asia Area: 7 Day Sale 14 December - 20 December, 2009 Buy 2 Pay 1
  102. BW Les Theatres, Paris
  103. BW proposing tiered property subbrands
  104. BW and Airmiles
  105. BW Hotel le Galice in Aix En Provence
  106. Any trip reports on BW Lille Properties?
  107. Where on the BW Website Can I Find Hotel Point Rqts?
  108. Is the web site broken?
  109. Best Western Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK
  110. Fall Promo: Double, Triple, Quadruple Points
  111. Newbee to BW - Usually [email protected], Hyatt as Diamond
  112. State Specific Bonus Point Offers
  113. A promo for fall 09?
  114. any discounts or coupons
  115. Best Western Hotels in Asia BOGO Promotion
  116. Bonus Airline Miles for Gift Card Purchase
  117. Best Western Discounts?
  118. Best Western Hospitality House - New York City
  119. Ethical Hotels?
  120. Up to 11k points: "Poker Rewards" Promo
  121. New 16K promo June 21--Aug. 16!
  122. Best Western Europa Montreal Apartments Suites?
  123. Benefits for Plat?
  124. low rate guarantee?
  125. Best Western- Palm Beach Airport is a dump
  126. 12,000 point promo mentioned in IF and WebFlyer with no link doesn't seem to exist???
  127. Points never expire but deleted anyway
  128. Best Western Madrid Spain Hotels
  129. Zurich - arriving early from Delhi next week; reservation for the night
  130. What is was the 2009 Elite Reactivation Promo ???
  131. BW Spring/Summer Promos out now
  132. Can one make award reservations online?
  133. Platinum upgrades?
  134. Downside to switching to a racing membership?
  135. Getting BW Rewards to answer
  136. Complimentary Best Western Rewards Platinum Card
  137. Earn Double to Triple Rewards Points or Miles
  138. Getaway Escapes Rate
  139. Bonus points rounded down
  140. promo for January?
  141. Double points/miles promo Nov. 22 - Dec. 31, 2008
  142. Best Western renames program to Best Western Rewards
  143. have 25K points, what can i do with them
  144. One day sale on 23rd of October 2008, Rooms from 35 euro per night
  145. Earn double points between 1st Nov and 31st Dec 2008 at BW hotels in the UK
  146. $50 Best Western Travel Card
  147. Is "GCCI" level the same as Gold Tier?
  148. Best Eastern Hotels?
  149. Higher rate for 2 guests
  150. Diamond Elite recognition in Europe
  151. Mail recieving help!!
  152. Double Points promo w/MasterCard
  153. Can't guarantee non-smoking rooms??? (A bit of a rant...)
  154. Point posting problems
  155. Free Gold Elite Status
  156. Best Western Contest/ Rewards that Seem to be pretty awesome
  157. Best Western Carlyle Inn, Beverly Hills
  158. £ 30 British pounds per room per night in UK BW hotels 21st July to 7th September
  159. Avis is gone as a partner
  160. My first post here... 20% of Best Western Gift Cards.
  161. $50 Travel Card purchase gets 500 Aeroplan miles
  162. Summer Promo: $50 Travel Card for 5 or 6 Stays
  163. FEEE nights at selected BW hotels in Italy at DISCOUNTED point rates !
  164. Best Western Time hotel - Stockholm
  165. Points needed for hotel in Europe
  166. I made an award reservation without the points available, now I have the points
  167. Do BW points expire?
  168. Free Best Western Platinum Elite Membership
  169. Best Western is the strongest Hotel Brand Worldwide (source: ENP)
  170. Diamond Elite got me an upgrade on a points-paid room
  171. Easy way to get Gold Elite, Platinum, or Diamond?
  172. [Gone] Best Western Matsumoto, Nagano Japan
  173. BW Salzburg Elefant
  174. No points for extended stays?
  175. website claims 7 days for stays to post; CS says not true for miles-earning stays
  176. several questions about this program
  177. How is free night availability for BW?
  178. Best Western Maui
  179. Creepy new Policy?
  180. Complimentary upgrades
  181. Soft Landing in 2008
  182. new promos 2/10-4/6 (2008): double/triple points/miles
  183. BW inside San Juan airport
  184. Value of GC Point?
  185. Eurobonus members discount ?
  186. Buenos Aires Best Western?
  187. Membership year
  188. GCC points not posting
  189. Quick question for the veteran Best Westerners...
  190. Non Disclosure Law Info with hotels
  191. Inept Best Western
  192. beijing hotel otani RMB 450
  193. Points posting problem suggestion....
  194. Rate Best Western Gold Crown Club
  195. BW in London UK
  196. Earn up to Triple Points or Miles for 2 nights or more
  197. Best Western - Hannover Germany - Freezing cold and no one cares!
  198. Points or miles?
  199. List of "Best" Best Westerns
  200. BW Lone Pine or Bishop?
  201. BW reservation vs Venere... what is what ?
  202. Best Western Executive Houston
  203. BBW Commissionable Rate
  204. Best Western Plains Motel - Wall,SD
  205. Redeem Free Nights Online
  206. What happened to the 1000 AA miles for 5000 points option?
  207. 500 AA miles for $50 BW travel card
  208. 10 miles/$1 at BW when using a travel card
  209. Vacation SOS Contest
  210. Just one more hotel (perhaps chain) that i will avoid in future
  211. 500 Aeroplan points for CDN $50 TravelCard purchase
  212. credit for non-North American stays
  213. Best Western Summer Promotion - Stay 6 Nights, Earn $50
  214. ’Knock Knock' Who's there? Your Best Western hotel specials!
  215. How long to get nights into account
  216. 1,000 Bonus Points for New Members
  217. promo codes that work in Oslo?
  218. BW elite the fast way!
  219. Transfering point from other programs into Best Western?
  220. Did anyone qualify for the Diamond for life promo?
  221. Best Western Precious Moments Hotel
  222. MileMaven now supports GCCI
  223. i am 20 points off from a reward!!!! is there anything i can do to get it
  224. OK I may regret trying BW but a couple of ?
  225. No mileage option for Australia & NZ GCCI members
  226. Frequency of getting the "upgrade based on availability"?
  227. GGC Missing Credit
  228. New Best Western Canadian Mastercard from MBNA
  229. Best Western won’t honor low price guarantee
  230. BW just matched HHonors status
  231. St. Christopher Hotel, New Orleans
  232. Convert points to miles?
  233. So what happens when you earn Lifetime Diamond Status?
  234. Double points or double miles through to December 15
  235. Whats best, BW points, or airline points.
  236. AAA rates available at Ennis, Ireland hotel, but not online!
  237. Ireland trip
  238. Triple points/miles for AAA members, 10/10-12/16/06
  239. New to BW
  240. We're stuck with tracking forms.....
  241. Best Western Elysee Regencia Hotel, Paris
  242. How long to get a redemption in the mail?
  243. Award availability in Ireland
  244. What do I have to do to earn miles?!?
  245. Paris non smoking?
  246. Whats attractive about the Gold Crown Program
  247. Any Current Best Western Promo Codes valid in Europe?
  248. Would hit Diamond but not sure about LT Diamond
  249. Milan Italy BW Properties??
  250. Gold Card Required at Check In?