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  1. Is *A Gold on eBay legit?
  2. SEA Lounge options on BR biz award
  3. "Hidden benefits" for star alliance diamonds?
  4. Seeking advice on UA/CA miscommunication
  5. Best *A FFP to Credit SQ Business Class Flights
  6. Minimum connecting time @GRU 30 minutes??
  7. PEK lounge access arriving on TG departing on CA
  8. How much miles do I earn? Booked LH, flying SQ
  9. YYC - DOH - ways to get *A credit
  10. Best intra european Star business class
  11. Best Star program to credit if I don't plan to fly UA?
  12. How to get to *Gold?
  13. *G benefits on Air Tahiti Nui op by NZ
  14. Star alliance Lounge EZE video review
  15. lounge advice in HND and KUL
  16. Which carrier BR, OZ or SQ on UA or AS award?
  17. Access to United global first lounge LHR?
  18. Mileage Credit on LX/SQ Codeshare Flights (K)
  19. *A RTW - No J fares SYD -> FRA?
  20. Choice of 330SN or 777UA in Premium Economy
  21. Is there a *G lounge at SJD?
  22. help from Star Alliance experts!
  23. Changing Airline within alliance still get perks if crediting miles to a new airline.
  24. Best J flight on points Europe - SFO
  25. Star Alliance Status
  26. Star Gold lounges access on codeshare flights?
  27. Best use of AMEX Companion Ticket (SAS EB)
  28. Star Alliance Lounge at YYZ
  29. Star Alliance Gold Track LAX Terminal 7?
  30. Multiple airlines (options to mix and match airlines)
  31. United doesn't have Thai record locator
  32. Will UA through check bags on Air China separate ticket?
  33. Interline *A to *A, separate Tx, different baggage restrictions
  34. Crediting to one program while using benefits of another
  35. RTW Trouble
  36. New Online Booking Tool
  37. Star Alliance Gold status & awards on different airline
  38. Best program (lowest miles) to book an intra-Europe award flight (~1500 miles)
  39. I Class Availability Q
  40. Crediting Star Alliance flight to non-Star Alliance program
  41. Turkish, Lufthansa or Avianca Business?
  42. Newbie Question
  43. Crediting segments on same ticket to different *A FF program
  44. One way business class United SFO - AKL on miles
  45. Best transatlantic premium economy?
  46. west coast to ICN, UA, AC or OZ?
  47. LX (SWISS) or EI (Aer Lingus) TATL in Biz? (UA MP award travel)
  48. Group discount on 8 Js?
  49. SEA Lounge Access
  50. AI vs CA in biz, which would you choose?
  51. FCO Rome Star Alliance Lounge
  52. United and Star Alliance RTW tickets
  53. Lima Lounge
  54. Is TK a second class *A citizen?
  55. LHR/BKK: maximize points/reaching status asap
  56. 4 hour DXB layover. Enough time to leave?
  57. Non-TG *A FF numbers on TG tickets problem
  58. Are LOT and AC Really That Bad?
  59. Is this a valid RTW itin or am I backtracking?
  60. CGK - SIN on SQ, SIN - NRT on NH
  61. Transit via BKK vs SIN?
  62. Best European airport for connection with toddlers
  63. Have Star Alliance Partners Stopped Rewarding Miles?
  64. Lounge access SIN on arrival
  65. LAX - DBV United, Lufthansa or ???
  66. Booking SQ Business class ticket Award using Miles and More
  67. KIX Lounge Access on Connection Intl/Domestic?
  68. *G Lounge Access EWR-YOW
  69. Long haul business class: Air Canada 787 vs Swiss A330
  70. Points based on ticket issuing airline or operating airline?
  71. SFO/SJC - BKK: EVA vs ANA in J
  72. I Should Have Signed Up For ANA's vs United's Loyalty Program, huh?
  73. *A Arrival lounge in NRT?
  74. UA v NZ for transatlantic business
  75. Biz Class Lounge Access in FRA When Transiting
  76. Which program?
  77. 28K miles later... I think I chose a wrong airline for miles?
  78. Contract lounge access
  79. *A RTW Redemption in Business Class with Krisflyer
  80. Star Alliance BA Gold Status Match
  81. Which airline is responsible for transferring bags between two members?
  82. Comparing Star Alliance Business Class Europe-USA
  83. most exotic award locations europe
  84. Best Lifetime *A program that accepts partners?
  85. Best Prem Econ on *A SFO-BKK
  86. Which *A program to credit trans-Atlantic business class trip to?
  87. There's no award saver business ticket between LAX>JFK
  88. Star Alliance warm direct destination in October 🙂
  89. *A Bucket List: SAA Fifth Freedom Routes?
  90. EU commission to file complaints..
  91. Star Alliance status match from BA Gold/GGL
  92. United Domestic First LAX Star Lounge Access
  93. SQ or LO?
  94. Contract lounge acces
  95. Thai Smile to join as Connecting Member
  96. miles in both A3 and AC - which one to go
  97. Arrivals lounge Madrid
  98. Another "where should I credit these flights" thread
  99. Lounge Access for Award Flight that Starts in Economy and Continues on to First Class
  100. Ethiopian Airlines - best star alliance program to credit P class miles to?
  101. Star Alliance Top 1000
  102. Cheap OW from PDX to AMS?
  103. Best SA Carrier for YYZ-TXL?
  104. LAX-TBIT check-in
  105. OZ a380 in J or SQ a350-900ULR in J?
  106. SK or LH J, Europe to Tokyo? Wildcard - never flown on a 747
  107. CX/NZ codeshare - where to post points?
  108. App to see all flights ?
  109. Star Alliance Members Not Syncing Flights on Websites
  110. N & R coded PE flights
  111. baggage allowance as *G, but crediting to different, non-Gold *A
  112. *A Gold with 1 J roundtrip?
  113. Transfer desk AMS?
  114. Maximising Miles for a AKL-Europe trip
  115. Round the World
  116. 19.500 air miles
  117. Upgrade (using M&M miles) business to first on NH booked via LH
  118. Star Alliance name and status verification?
  119. Eva Air vs Oman Air vs Vietnamese Airlines
  120. Usuable Lounge at EDI
  121. Which FFP should I choose?
  122. What Program to Book TG Flights Now That UA Does Not
  123. Unable to book LOT Business Class via LH.com
  124. Quick check in at MXP
  125. EWR Lounges
  126. Best way to buy ticket
  127. *Gold Lounge Hopping
  128. Star Alliance Gold For Sale?
  129. Where to credit NZ flight
  130. Quick poll: C class BRU-ORD on UA/LH/TK or TP
  131. BA Gold status match to Star
  132. Booking Lufthansa flight through United
  133. Question on Fare Rules
  134. Special meal Request to affect Air India buy up?
  135. AI award space to/from USA pulled?
  136. Lufthansa or LOT Business from Europe
  137. I am going to fly Swiss / Singapore 1Class - how to optomize
  138. Need advice on flight to choose from ICN
  139. United 77W or ANA 788?
  140. Start Alliance Route Map tool down
  141. help/advice in planning a trip and earning my silver status
  142. Rebook ?
  143. *A RTW adding non-alliance served airport?
  144. Arrival lounge JFK
  145. Star Alliance Program being based in VIE
  146. *A transatlantic premium economy
  147. Star Alliance Lounge Access with Amex Platinum
  148. Where to credit NZ miles for elite status
  149. Star Alliance Lounge Finder-does not work
  150. Best Star Alliance Program for Australians
  151. Priority boarding using a *G card while boarding pass has no *G designation
  152. Multiple frequent flyer numbers in a single ticket
  153. *G benefits on AirNZ
  154. Day of Travel responsibility...
  155. Help with an interesting challange
  156. Does Star Alliance Gold extend extra baggage allowance to your traveling com
  157. RTW fare rules still observed if NZ on strike & resulted into involuntary change?
  158. Upgrading Y to J using miles
  159. Need input DFW/SZG late Sept '19
  160. Which Star Alliance Program?
  161. Need inputs for my 2nd *A RTW J itinerary to maximize distance and segments!
  162. Best *A flights options MSP-TKO using UA miles
  163. Best Star Alliance FFP for EU-based occasional flyer
  164. Long layover in HKG can stay one day?
  165. Paid Business Class EWR-HKG-SIN-EWR - best way to go for Star Alliance miles?
  166. ET *G Seat Block confusion - help clarify?
  167. One hour connection or 7 hours connection in CGK
  168. A Requst for Reviews of *A Business
  169. ANA RTW vs RT award availability
  170. Another request for luggage, seat help LH and UA award tix
  171. *A FCL access on J feeder as part of F ticket?
  172. PG Marketed, TG operated
  173. US to Israel
  174. Aeroplan J TATL reward: Swiss vs Lufthansa
  175. *A Award Changes Allowed?
  176. MUC Lounge Access with EN flight purchased thru UN?
  177. RTW ticket search had disappearing SQ inventory
  178. Benefits from one FFP while crediting another
  179. Ethiopian Airlines Carry on Weight Enforcement
  180. * Alliance ROTW ticket - open dates/changing dates
  181. Cheapest ex EU country to begin a D RTW ticket?
  182. Connecting time questions (HND, KIX, BKK, SIN)
  183. Separate PNRs connecting via NRT
  184. Delhi aiport Star Alliance Lounge
  185. Bangkok Airways
  186. EuroAtlantic charter flights - *G benefits?
  187. 2019 Mileage run for *A gold
  188. Star Alliances Lounges - ORD
  189. LHR T2 arrival at 1540hrs
  190. New Star Alliance carriers??
  191. Help on Luggage
  192. NH or OZ first?
  193. Avianca Lifemiles or United Airlines for credit my upcoming trips?
  194. Easiest way to achieve Star Alliance Gold for someone based in Vancouver?
  195. OW flier with *A questions about best lounge/dining options in SFO and ZRH
  196. Case for a Star Alliance Lounge at TLV?
  197. RTW routing question
  198. Using *Gold benefits while transitioning to new Star Alliance Member?
  199. *G benefits on SAA's low-cost subsidiary Mango?
  200. Award J SFO-ZRH-GVA, but not SFO-ZRH
  201. What is Star Alliance - travel Florida to Philippines
  202. Problems upgrading to LH first using OZ miles
  203. Europe->SFO: Which city offer highest chance of Star Alliance Award Business Class ?
  204. EgyptAir /Etihad interline/link bookings?
  205. Best recemption for LH P flying MXP <-> SYD
  206. OZ vs. ANA - J Class to SFO
  207. SQ D class Lax-sin-del. Best earning plan advice
  208. Star Alliance need to add a higher elite level
  209. HKG Star Alliance lounge input for passenger flying AC business class
  210. SFO>HAN Award Ticket: EVA or Asiana?!
  211. No Credit For Past Flights on AC or NZ - Recommendations?
  212. UA flight/LH codeshare: avoid basic economy
  213. Best Premium Econ in Star Alliance EWR/JFK-BKK
  214. Lounge Multiple Guests Policy?
  215. Star Alliance expands connection service at Toronto International Airport
  216. Two Persian Gulf Carriers Working to Link Up With Star Alliance
  217. United, Brussels or Lufthansa?
  218. Best Star Alliance Business product (Transatlantic)
  219. Air Canada International Economy vs United Airlines International Economy
  220. Star Alliance Premium Economy Awards
  221. Urgent Help Needed
  222. Help! United Award on Avianca but canít checkin
  223. *A RTW Australia codeshares?
  224. Best/Lowest *A Redemption Rate in F on LF From FRA/MUC to US?
  225. Preferred business class on this route (DFW-xxx-FCO)
  226. Star Alliance Lounge || Pune|| India|| Priority Pass||
  227. Anyone successful in getting LX, LH, or SN to status match?
  228. codeshare lounge access
  229. FRA-MEX on Star Alliance in Business or First
  230. MEX-FRA Business or First Class in Dec 2018
  231. Star Alliance open lounge at FCO
  232. Final call Life Miles or United Mileage plus
  233. Which airline is best for accrual
  234. Which Airline gives No Expiry of Miles
  235. Should airlines who are part of an alliance keep their best lounges to themselves?
  236. RGN best *A lounge
  237. SA Africa pass?
  238. Cheapest *A intra-Europe award (ATH-ARN)
  239. Best *A lounge MEX
  240. Business or First in *A RTW?
  241. Vast difference in codeshare ticketing prices
  242. Check through baggage on mix of AC/NH paid and awards
  243. Not a single non-stop *A flight, MAD-LON??
  244. NH vs LH Premium Economy Comparison
  245. New Star Alliance Top Tier Level is coming / Dynamic Reward Pricing
  246. Business Class products with Star Alliance
  247. Advice requested: award travel IAD to SSH on *A
  248. Avianca lounge access
  249. Itineraries that transit Dakar, Senegal
  250. US -> Europe TATL, best biz class?