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  1. Best *A flight from US to HKG for upgrading to business class?
  2. NH F Square or OZ F Suites
  3. A Star Alliance Frustration
  4. Denied entrance at Perth SQ lounge
  5. Complicated *A Itin with Baggage Question
  6. RTW *A Award vs. Award One-ways
  7. Help: Find, Select options post medical treatment: BF Saver Award/ Upgrade: BOM > SFO
  8. Is there a business class lounge in DEL?
  9. Is there any way to split a PNR on a *A award?
  10. ICN-PUS award booking
  11. The Need For a New *A Status
  12. Star Alliance Booking Fees Help
  13. New Member Struggling
  14. T-Pac F: OZ suite vs "old" NH F
  15. Anyone need to be guested for lounge access? (Various dates/Cities)
  16. Star Alliance -- "Don't blame us!"
  17. United BusinessFirst vs Lufthansa old First Class
  18. In The * Gold Lounge Thread?
  19. Star Alliance out, One World home. Concerns?
  20. Can I transfer or combine several FF mile to one?
  21. Comparing International Business Class on * Alliance Partners
  22. Earning Star Gold Mid-Itinerary
  23. Maximizing Points - Need help with creativity...
  24. Award trip gone wrong thanks to Air China
  25. Crossing the Pond - United vs Brussels vs Lufthansa
  26. IAD-IST in Y: TK or LH?
  27. US *Silver on United flights
  28. *G Lounge Access on award ticket
  29. which airline to call for *A booking?
  30. Combined Turkish/United Airlines excess baggage fees from Istanbul to Washington
  31. Turkish Airways J vs. Air Canada J vs. UA J
  32. Best program for AirNZ award seats (US to NZ) through cards?
  33. EVA using JAL lounge in JFK
  34. CCS Travel Agency for RTW
  35. *G with little/no flying possible?
  36. Can't 'link' tickets between EVA Air and UA or AC?
  37. *G Baggage Fine Print?
  38. Need help using *A to get to India
  39. How to get to SEZ on a reward?
  40. Opinions: TK vs. more direct route on LH in Busn.?
  41. Best business class&route IAH-BWN?
  42. second post! Singapore to Boston recommendations
  43. RTW fares and downgrades
  44. NYC-BKK *A reward ticket advice
  45. Star Alliance options across the North Atlantic
  46. *G sent to VS lounge at IAD by TK
  47. New Years Suggestions
  48. ANA to invest in Myanmar airline
  49. help: Air China busn seat selection
  50. EWR-SIN
  51. Family Membership
  52. Star alliance Gold and ROP Gold status ?
  53. SEN at LH living in CLT, shall I move to US Air?
  54. Time to credit miles to BR from AC?
  55. Help me make a choice please!!!
  56. Want United points on a flight, but codeshare says AA?
  57. UA Silver or TK Elite for this year
  58. *G upgrade on UA international flights?
  59. Luggage Allowance on US Air/Swiss Flight
  60. OZ business vs UA global first?
  61. Best Business Class to Australia
  62. T1 lounge/shower advice with United Club pass
  63. Award Flight to Jakarta, Indonesia HELP NEEDED!
  64. Star Alliance Gold (with Air Canada) Upgrading on United
  65. Creative/effective itinerary from DFW to DPS on UA miles?
  66. Star Alliance North American airpass value?
  67. Which redemption USA to Asia via Europe: business or first?
  68. using the * alliance when AirNZ member
  69. LH, UA Baggage Interline
  70. *G @ FRA Lounge for Family Meet-up
  71. Advice on booking UA miles on US or start over on US
  72. What Lounges Do I Have Access To? JFK-FRA (LH) and FRA-BKG (TG) in J
  73. Earn EQM on Codeshare flights?
  74. Paris (fully lie-flat) or Vienna (angled lie-flat?)
  75. Flying in the 1960's
  76. Main luggage interlined - Additional baggage at stopover/transit destination?
  77. Best way to get to Brazil via Miles
  78. Alliance Rules for Lounge Access
  79. Advice needed for ATL > Tokyo & Seoul
  80. NEED ADVICE/ SPG to Aeroplan to United
  81. Fly SAA
  82. Lounge Access when charging miles to a different airline?
  83. NH or LH First?
  84. n00b question for *A award ticket
  85. *A timetable in PDF format
  86. Why is this fare from Eastern Seaboard only available from PHL?
  87. How to link a UA and OZ PNR
  88. Better Business Class: ANA 787 or Asiana 777 w/ Quadra Smartium?
  89. Cheapest Way to Get Revenue Ticket on Business Class from USA/Canada to AMS
  90. TG to NH (and vice versa) connection in HND?
  91. Anyone Know how to Get to TLV from Asia without Europe Connection?
  92. Anyone concerned about the future of *A?
  93. The Race to Build a Better Business Class
  94. Tracking baggage
  95. *A Airline Brisbane - Hong Kong?
  96. Tel Aviv to New York
  97. Most interesting C combination on *A NYC-HYD
  98. ADVICE: a better FF program for DEN-TPE
  99. MXP lounge access for *G
  100. New LH C vs SQ C - opinions?
  101. Round the world with Star*
  102. LAX to HND - NH or OZ?
  103. Re-accomodated on American; Still earn Star Alliance (USAir) miles?
  104. where can I get international upgrades?
  105. UA/LH busting my balls
  106. Star to GVA. TK or TP?
  107. TAM not releasing seats in anticipation of *A departure?
  108. United/Lufthansa question
  109. JFK-JNB-MRU connection time
  110. CA in F to PEK
  111. Beware Avianca - Safety Issues
  112. Swiss or Turkish from Male to NY?
  113. Transfer Amex rewards to book on Turkish Airlines
  114. Status Match with Star Alliance, what to do?
  115. complicated newbie question
  116. TPAC business class: ANA, Air Canada, EVA, or Asiana?
  117. Which *A Scheme?
  118. Gold baggage allowance
  119. ANA or LH F to TYO?
  120. Lounge in bahrain
  121. Day pass at lounge
  122. Which are some of the cheapest Star Carriers that fly to BOM
  123. Best strategy for switching from LH to TK
  124. Singapore to Doha on Star Alliance
  125. Star lounge arriving EZE on UA
  126. Find all direct flights from aiport X
  127. USA to ICN, BKK to USA on *A in C
  128. Any way to use EVA IML miles to book Star Alliance awards?
  129. *A Loyalty Questioned in Economy
  130. Which airline responsible for theft in luggage
  131. Cost to Airlines for Gold benefits
  132. Which FFP should I enroll in *A?
  133. Best airlines for SCL-GRU
  134. Best partner for Shanghai to London?
  135. Questioning about crediting miles to 2 segment flights
  136. Which Star Alliance carrier has the best transatlantic business class seat?
  137. United premium miles from Lufthansa - what happens when there is a conflict?
  138. Which airlines offer free upgrages to E+ or F for having Star alliance gold status?
  139. S* South Pacific Airpass gone?
  140. What *A route would you take?
  141. *A RTW optimisation
  142. How to get to KEF (Keflavík) on Star?
  143. econ points MIA-Europe-MIA impossible now?
  144. Best way to fly First Class from IAH-BKK using United miles?
  145. NYC-JNB multiple choice time
  146. Connection length in Frankfurt first class
  147. What *G lounges do you recommend in FRA and MAD?
  148. Connecting points NYC-DEL
  149. business class on transpacific flights
  150. *Gold Lounge Access Policy Question
  151. star alliance business on SAA via miles?
  152. SEA-PPT Award Routing Options?
  153. UA-TK baggage allowance question
  154. Routing options: USA - MLE
  155. 1K on UA, Diamond on NH, help me choose another program...
  156. EVA Economy upgrade to Premium Economy UA miles
  157. Booking an upgrade award from Europe to New Zealand
  158. Double Dip between partners
  159. Best Airline to fly from US to Rome ?
  160. Is there a star alliance Y seat comparison guide? Looking for a ranking.
  161. US Silver Flying on UA
  162. Which lounge departing ORD on ANA?
  163. Airline Alliances
  164. Adding infant to biz class reward seat
  165. A3 Gold. What Next?
  166. SFO-DEL Via UA, OZ, or NH (Y)
  167. Access to Lufthansa Frankfurt First Class Terminal
  168. Countries with no domestic lounge access for *G
  169. New LAX Star Alliance Lounge
  170. moving to MKE, which FF program?
  171. UA/SAS/SN Seat Selection
  172. Award Booking Problem
  173. *A EU Airpass Baggage Allowance Problems
  174. HELP!Europe trip check bags questions
  175. Booked via United, want to earn Lifemiles and operated by Air Japan??
  176. LIS check-in/security *G and companions
  177. Questions: UA No Status and BR Gold, flying domestic US
  178. Farefinder app discontinued
  179. Stacking lounge access
  180. Akl - lhr who?
  181. How to add Elite Status to Star Alliance Partner?
  182. RTW *1 FareJack
  183. Crediting UA flights to another Star Alliance program
  184. * Alliance Lounge at CDG
  185. best option/route in J from New york to west coast
  186. UA metal has to use UA lounge at NRT?
  187. NH or BR for Cantonese-(only)-Speaker?
  188. NYC-LLW/BLZ suggested stopover?
  189. NYC-CDG *A with kids in coach
  190. How do airlines share revenue on RTWs?
  191. baggage allowance for star alliance award ticket
  192. VERY EARLY check-in at YYZ on MS
  193. Best Seats for Overnight Flight - US Air vs. United?
  194. Lounge Access
  195. PEK -IAH ( or JFK)
  196. Best FF program to use inter-Europe
  197. Any Star carrier FF program accept claims for flights >12 months ago
  198. Can I use United Club passes to access *A lounge (LAX TBIT specifically)
  199. A photo taken outside PEK T3 CA domestic lounge
  200. HKG-DPS Xmas 2013
  201. question about baggage allowance in connecting flights
  202. Newbie query re award ticket from MEL to NBO or JNB
  203. Best J or F option NYC to HKG?
  204. LAX-HND-TPE via NH vs LAX-ICN-TPE via OZ in C?
  205. Best *A carrier to Zurich
  206. ORD Terminal 5 lounge
  207. SK via ORD or AC via YYZ to CPH in C?
  208. Schengen flight, Non-Schengen lounge access? (Amsterdam)
  209. LAX-PEK in F...UA or China
  210. No lounge at PRG?
  211. DEL-LAX LH+UA vs CA+OZ vs OZ in C
  212. *A Gold v Silver?
  213. Choosing between SQ/UA/LH
  214. US Airways gold status and united\brussels
  215. Help on elite status!
  216. Long UA-LH Layover in ORD: Possible/worth going to SWISS T5 lounge?
  217. Help Booking United/Thai Flights
  218. Planning March 2014 SFO-HKT - need help on reward options in C or F
  219. Asiana ticket - buy from them or Orbitz?
  220. BKK Lounge access on united award ticket?
  221. Newbie to *alliance Using singapore miles on UA ?
  222. turkish or united ?
  223. Do any *A LHR T-1 Lounges have computers for guests to use?
  224. EWR-LHR in biz: LH or AC?
  225. *G lounge advise in PHL
  226. WAW-ARN by LO and ARN-UME by SK on two diffrent tickets
  227. multiple airline baggage allowance
  228. How to know if miles purchased on a partner airline will transfer to main program?
  229. TAP Lounge Newark
  230. BRU-LHR-LAX connection, 1 hour enough?
  231. Need a Star Alliance CC
  232. New Star Alliance Terminal in London
  233. PVG or PEK Lounge for business class ticket
  234. UA LAX lounge access question
  235. Difference in miles for award travel between *A members
  236. Star Alliance lounge in LHR
  237. Award ticket advice for VCE-MNL-VCE
  238. Star Gold Lounge Access at SCL
  239. ANA vs. AC - which F is better?
  240. star alliance airline partners: benefits
  241. Avoid through checking of bags on Star Alliance
  242. Passport Question re: United Award Seat: Please Help
  243. EVA United FF # weirdness
  244. UA Award on AC and LH
  245. Booking a Trip with a Stopover
  246. Who is the official Star Alliance consolidator of First/Business travel
  247. RTW help needed please
  248. Is Silk Air a *Alliance carrier?
  249. Trip to Holland and Belgium
  250. *G with one carrier but not another?