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  1. Can *G but not flying on SA carrier still use airport benefits?
  2. RTW: New, lower, entry levels
  3. Entering *A FF when booking Asiana
  4. * Gold lounge at BEG (Belgrade) ?
  5. Lounge Access in Terminal 1 at LHR?
  6. AC/ StarGold Lounge Access SFO Intl Terminal A
  7. Lufthansa or TAP with non *A onwards connection?
  8. Austrian, Lufthansa, Swiss, United, or Egypt?
  9. Advice on Biz ZRH to BOS
  10. GlobalFirst vs. LH Business
  11. Change of *A membership upon relocation?
  12. LH Will Not Do Anything for Pax with UA Ticket Stock
  13. Different D class availability for RTW
  14. ~9k BIS earn, where to credit (other than UA)
  15. NH + GA partners?
  16. 90mins connection in HAN (hanoi)
  17. Lounge access at SFO & ICN, various service classes
  18. Best *A Lounge at LAX?
  19. Looking for a new mileage program
  20. LHR Lounge Situation
  21. HKG-CDG best award options?
  22. TPE Lounges
  23. Cheapest 1-way flight from KUL/SIN/BKK-JFK with *A?
  24. Intra-Alliance Connection/Booking
  25. Air India to join Star Alliance in July
  26. best ffp in *alliance for NYC based flyer
  27. [Newbie Question] Stick with Miles&More or swap?
  28. Asia Airpass
  29. US-booked TK Flight (name error)
  30. Any Other Airlines with US Airways Draconian FF Policy
  31. Best *A miles program to access OZ, NH F/C?
  32. NYC to NRT: United or ANA?
  33. Shower Me with Advice
  34. Unconventional itinerary question
  35. Entry into Air NZ club with UA *G?
  36. Best/Easiest Status Match for OW Sapphire?
  37. OZ award tickets showing 0 availability across *A system?
  38. OZ or TK?
  39. Lounge in Brussels
  40. *Gold Premium Economy Availability
  41. Trying to work out miles&bonus awards for B Flex
  42. AC mileage accural in Mileage Plus
  43. Baggage - *A -> US on separate tickets
  44. Best and Worst Looking *A Airline Livery?
  45. 3:20 layover at chopin as bc passenger
  46. *A Lounge at CLT
  47. *A void in Brazil ....
  48. MNL - SAN on *A
  49. LX Lounge at ORD
  50. Aeroplan to Krisflyer
  51. LHR: access T3 lounges if flying from T1?
  52. TG Gold status passenger flying Lufthansa
  53. what lounge can I visit in BUD? flying Egyptair Business
  54. Would this have worked?
  55. Restricting Lounges
  56. Switching from UA Mileage Plus, who do I choose now?
  57. Baggage allowance for "connecting" flights with 7-day gap
  58. Unable to use the Star Alliance Book & Fly
  59. Air India joining
  60. EVA Air members: Do you find it really hard to earn miles for *A redemption?
  61. which *A award route in F is the best to travel?
  62. UA or OZ better for redemption?
  63. Star Alliance - which Air line points are better?
  64. United or Austrian Airlines?
  65. Using *Gold benefits when booked on * carrier but flights on mixed metal
  66. Booking a RTW Award ticket in F
  67. Transferring miles from LH MM and AV LM to UA M+
  68. Remaining *A Partners Discontinuing Relationship with US Air After 3/30
  69. First flight out of Europe to US
  70. In the T1 *A lounge at LHR 09:10 - 10:15 3/22
  71. Which *A route/booking/partners would you pick IAD-CPT
  72. Can I accrue on one *Alliance program and enjoy benefits of another?
  73. Award Travelr Beta closure
  74. Mileage accumulation on US Airways codeshare with American
  75. Upgrading using UA miles on TK
  76. J Class Options - Toronto to Cairo?
  77. Star Alliance Mixed Carrier Award Ticket Rebooking Policies (Missed Connection)
  78. Star Alliance lounge access only on revenue tickets?
  79. Ethiopian Airlines - Tickets Sold Only In-Person
  80. UA E+ vs SAS Go Plus to ARN
  81. Business class award SFO -> BKK -> CGK, best airline?
  82. What happens to NZ? Very hard to get business class award seat nowadays!
  83. Circle Asia Escapade Fare ex-NAN
  84. Please Help!-Where to Book Actual Flights Found on Matrix Website?
  85. YYZ Senator vs. Maple Leaf Lounges?
  86. Different segments credit to different FFP?
  87. *A Gold, flying USAir code share on American, denied lounge access
  88. Star Alliance Codeshare Flight Mileage Accumulation - Based on Ticket or Airline?
  89. Is there an airline that accepts X,N or R fares?
  90. Largest Star Alliance Lounge?
  91. Need help to book flight on mixed airlines and have advanced seat assignment
  92. Status Match from QF
  93. Booking award travel on united.com for *A award travel on US Airways after 3/31/14
  94. *G benefits on Hong Kong Airlines (operated by EVA Air)
  95. Please Help with Itinerary - LAX->FCO and Back from ATH->LAX
  96. Need Help for Itinerary- IAD->FCO Back from ATH->IAD
  97. Codeshare Seat Assignments (UA/AC)
  98. Change from OneWorld to StartAliance
  99. UNITED vs Star Alliance
  100. United or Air France IAD to CDG
  101. Flight Options to Entebbe, Uganda from IAH on United/Star Alliance?
  102. Lounge access with a business first ticket SFO and JFK?
  103. Huge Difference of *G Checked Bag Allowance for Flights between US and Canada
  104. JFK *A Lounges
  105. Will Thai or ANA check me through to same-ticket UA reservations
  106. Which Asian Star partner reward back from BKK or SGN?
  107. Lounge Access limited due to award travel?
  108. *Gold Lounge in CGK (Jakarta)
  109. miles to US Airways
  110. Star Aliiance eh?
  111. UA Club - Lounge access question for : GIG -> IAH ->HNL
  112. Special Business Class Fare Promotion/Offer from First Class Flyer Newsletter?
  113. *G united premier 1K award ticket just 1 checked bag allowed ???
  114. Layover with *A or Direct with another carrier?
  115. Booking award travel on TAM (JJ) and finding available seats
  116. *A Options Boston to Melbourne
  117. LX lounge @ JFK with UC card, denied
  118. Mistakenly posted this in MR discussion...
  119. Need help with a cross *A award booking
  120. *a flight cdg to ATL advice needed
  121. Rebooking cross-airline
  122. Is SFO-CUN intl for *A? Do I have lounge access?
  123. Could the *A manage this tight connection?
  124. Intra-Europe C to Moscow - Which Airline
  125. Connecting/Onward boarding pass and Thru-checked luggage?
  126. Top quality European airlines?
  127. Denied Lounge Access on Intl F Award at JFK
  128. LH booking code of AC
  129. Please help me, Flyertalk gods!!
  130. MCO Exchange Coupon for Use on *A
  131. Star Alliance CEO: We don't need a Middle East partner
  132. Need some help with booking a *A trip
  133. New world traveler -- need help!
  134. LAX - TBIT star alliance lounge access
  135. LHR Star Alliance lounge eligibility during connection?
  136. Cairo Lounges - Showers?
  137. Looking at going to Maldives from the IAD/Was
  138. air canada 787 or Swiss a330-300 in economy?
  139. CLT --> BHM, options for final segment of tatl award?
  140. United Club @ SFO T.3
  141. Olympic Air an affiliate member of Aegean in Star Alliance
  142. Lounge Access Question *Alliance LHR
  143. Help with a circle the pacific fare
  144. Central Asia to Central Asia award using UA miles
  145. UA F vs LH J
  146. Tight connection in IST - will I make it?
  147. Newb question about the ANA award availability results conflicting with United agent
  148. Which program, please
  149. Fare Buckets on *A
  150. Best FFP for award from PEK- BOM
  151. IAD - LYR award ticket with long stop over
  152. ICN- Places to go, and Lounges to see.
  153. Brussels Air connecting to UA?
  154. TK or UA F?
  155. Australia - Domestic flights on Star Alliance airline?
  156. Best Star Alliance Lounge in Frankfurt for long layover?
  157. UA Miles and AMEX MP for 2-person trip
  158. J in TG and LH or UA?
  159. In which Asian city should I have my 23h 59m connection?
  160. Help needed for Star Alliance reward ticket change
  161. Help needed for Star Alliance reward ticket change
  162. Why isn't Air China expanding in Shanghai?
  163. Super impressed with *A Book and Fly email exchanges
  164. United Club Access
  165. Help with this Star Alliance Trip!
  166. best partner airline for biz to europe
  167. Future airline mile earning
  168. Free Luggag on Air Canada?
  169. Star Alliance Credit for US Air flights flown on March 31st?
  170. Sacramento (SMF) to Athens (ATH) 3/23
  171. Arrive in biz -> Lounge access? -> Depart in coach
  172. Star Alliance Asia Airpass question
  173. Connect in Cairo On Route from USA to Europe?
  174. C in LH or Air Canada
  175. No F Award seats on LH for *A partner FFPs within 2 weeks of departure?
  176. Last minute methods to earn UA miles before the devaluation?
  177. ANA Biz or United GlobalFirst from CA to Tokyo?
  178. Upgrade business class award to first class (LH)
  179. United award devaluation - transfer PRG to Aeroplan?
  180. Star Alliance lounges in Paris CDG
  181. *A speculation/rumors for 2014
  182. Is *A gold worth it over OW sapphire?
  183. Business Class: Turkish or Swiss?
  184. OZ F (77W) or ANA F (777)
  185. *A hole in South America
  186. Best first class product/route from us to china
  187. best *a member to Europe
  188. Chicago to Venice
  189. US airways Merger Last Day for alliance miles
  190. Black out period of award flight of NZ ?
  191. What Is The Best Star Alliance Carrier Credit Card for Miles Other Than United?
  192. DC to Australia Stopover Options (UA Miles)
  193. Do I get access to *A Lounge at PVG with UA Club Pass Card?
  194. 2 Adults 1 Toddler booking question
  195. Flying to Seoul - Which is a better option
  196. Looking for advice: Star Alliance - Does it matter which member?
  197. Earning *A (or UA) miles in Australia
  198. *A Extra Luggage before getting Gold Card delivered
  199. *A lounges before getting delivery of gold card
  200. Access LAX *Lounge in TBI when flight departs T6
  201. SFO-ICN: OZ Business or UA First?
  202. ET to TK transfer in Saudi
  203. long layover in Chicago - possible to use a better lounge?
  204. LH vs NH
  205. Redeem Miles from Airline A at Airline B (Star Alliance)
  206. Star Alliance direct to Hong Kong from Brisbane?
  207. Going to Kenya, which partner airline? Kenya Air?
  208. Advice sought: Star Alliance trip to SE Asia
  209. TAM/*A Lounge at Congonhas (CGH-Sao Paulo) and IGU - access for *A Gold
  210. Travelling YYZ to Delhi via Dubai - Recommended Star Alliance Route
  211. Am i nuts? (connection times in NRT and PEK)
  212. Good routing from DEN->GYE?
  213. honeymoon trip to Fiji, Bora, Moorea, Tahiti.....Questions on booking
  214. PHL/EWR -IST What's a good price?
  215. TPE Connection Time on EVA
  216. Delayed Baggage compensation; who do I file with UA or Eva
  217. Guesting into lounge Overseas
  218. Lounge access arriving in SFO on Lufthansa first class
  219. Round the world
  220. SFO to SVG in May/June
  221. Advice on fare code mapping
  222. Asia Question
  223. Good/Bad Karma with *A
  224. Leaving AC AP, should I go to UA MP or LH M&M?
  225. Question regarding flight times/ layover times
  226. Itinerary Advice PHL - DEL
  227. Worst Lounge Experience in DPS Bali
  228. All *A destinations within C1
  229. Star Alliance Search to Brazil (IAD --> GRU)
  230. *A Lounge in MVD??
  231. Better Business Class SYD-PEK Thai vs. Air China
  232. Short connections on reward travel?
  233. *A RTW with US Segment
  234. UA/TG F or OZ F for NYC-BKK
  235. Need routing advice to Malaga
  236. Advice on Premium Award Travel
  237. TAM A330/B773 or TP A343 in C?
  238. TG or SQ in C
  239. Ethopian SEZ flights cancelled?!
  240. DFW-KBV Award Availability - Help Needed
  241. LH A346 from MUC or TAM 773 from FRA in C?
  242. C Award from Germany-TPE
  243. F Award
  244. OZ/TG F or BR J from NYC to BKK
  245. Meals on Air China IAH-PEK?
  246. Best *A for LAX-NRT
  247. LH/LH/NZ connection at PVG
  248. Best *A partner for award redemption in J (Europe - Tokyo)
  249. Newbie questions on Star alliance and OneWorld
  250. Choosing LX, UA or New LH J for ORD-Europe